March 2023 Is A Prepper Time, Be Ready! Through Ascension Alarms, Doubt, & Disbelief ~ Fortify Your Faith!

March 2023 Energy Update

March 2023 Is A Prepper Time: Be Ready

There May Be False Alarms, Ascension Doubt, & Disbelief
All Are Calls To Fortify Your Faith While Living In A Sleeping World
& Embrace Divine Preparation 

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.4.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Unity Consciousness, the God Codes within your Perfect Light Codes, and the Light Within The Music of the Spheres.  We are here with you today streaming through the Energies of March 2023 and the Emancipation that is Exponentially Unfolding for All of Sentient Kind on Planet Earth this year, this decade, and this millennium.  It is an extraordinary time to be alive.  And we will say it is an extraordinary time to be Consciously Breathing as an Awake, Alive, Aware Spirit Soul and Divine Presence on the Earth.  You dear ones are the Light Leaders, you are the Light Seeders, and you are the Light Builders of the New Dream for the New Earth.  The New Earth is here Now, in YOU and our desire is to empower you to keep rising and remembering Who You Are so that you can more fully claim it in this New Chapter of Life On Earth and in your Daily Experiences.

March 2023 Is A Prepper Month ~ Be Ready! ~ Frequencywriter.comSo let us first Breathe in a Conscious Divine Breath together.  And as you breathe in this luxurious luminous Light into your lungs, into your heart, into your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine aspects, we want you to feel this Prana, and this Gnosis, and this Truth, and this Light reaching every single particle of Divine Energy in your Cells and in your Energy Field as the Ultimate Divine Receiver of Divine Blessings in your life and in all of your lifetimes, right now.  Breathe in this Sacred Breath right here and right now and know that you are a Living God Spark, a Living God Particle, and a Living Divine Soul imbued with your Timeless Divine Talents and your Sacred Soul Light that is an Eternal Ember of Truth, Love, Union with Source, and Union with the Sacred Harmony in All of Creation.  This makes you one with the trees, the animals, the crystals and crystalline grids, the oceans, the waterways, water itself and in all of its myriads of forms, mountains, ocean creatures, the essence of sentient consciousness, the essence of your Star Being family and friends, and the essence of Unity in your Collective and Awakening Conscious Humanity.  This powerful Sacred Breath that you yourself are summoning into your heart, into your lungs, into your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects is nourishing the Allness of You to connect with the Allness of Divine Creation, so that you can know yourself as an Integral, Awake, Alive, Abundant, and Joyful Part of it All.

We invited you recently to feel your Light, to sense your Sight, and to embrace your abilities as Quantum Creators ~ Dreaming the New Divine Dream that is manifesting through you in your lives every day now.  You are Living Gardens of Eden in your Powerful Presence as an Incredible Divine Human Collective, remembering and recollecting your Divine Origins, and also your Origins in the Stars.  What a whirlwind it can be sometimes to see the swirls of illusion and the swirls of amplifying Light and Truth materializing in your lives and in your world . . . activating The Legend of the Two Wolves with greater relevance than ever before.  The Yin and Yang Energy of the Two Wolves is quickening and amplifying, and thus the Darkness and Light are as well.  Where can you be in these amplifying Vortexes and Whirlwinds of Epic Ascension and Change, where you and your loved ones are safe in the storms?  Where you can ground in Your Divine Eternal Light and Know that All Is Well, no matter the Roars of Revelations happening every day on all levels of your world cultures, world governments, and world systems and constructs?  It is in the Eye of the Storms.  It is in the Zero Point between the Two Wolves of 3D Duality.  It is in the Hammock Of Grace that lives, resides, and rests in your Sacred Heart Knowings.

The Ego is a split, fractured, and fragmented part of your Whole Soul’s Essence, that manifested into form through the serpent indoctrinated mind and mind control, eons ago.  The Ego itself is split, dualistic, and fractured so that it cannot hold the Energy of Wholeness within its small skill sit and its shattered sight.  It can only feel the essence of Hot OR Cold.  Things are either only Hot or they are only ever Cold to the Ego.  There is no Luke Warm in the Ego’s Skill Set and Awareness.  And if it feels Hot, and your Ego decides that Hot is the “right” way to be, then Cold is “wrong,” because there are no shades of gray in the Ego’s Lenses of Perception and Perspective.  What is Right nearly automatically (with lifetimes of indoctrinations and 3D serpentine conditionings) makes “the other” Wrong.  And that is just the way life is in the 3D Matrix that can only succeed and live through Dualistic Thinking, Contracted Myopic Ego Sight, and Controlled Perceptions and Propaganda that leaves little room for “out of the box” perceptions.  The Ego is the Box of your lives.  We wish to invite you see past it now.  We invite you to see with Whole Vision Lenses, with God Vision if you will.  And thus, with 2020 Clear Sight that is here to be your Divine Escort through the Storms of the 2020’s and the storms of your lives right now in 2023.

Speaking of Wolves, do you remember the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf?  The Shepherd Boy who tricked the villagers into responding to his sounds of alarm when he cried wolf shouting that a wolf was attacking his sheep, when there really was no wolf?  But then, on a third occasion, a real wolf did come and attack his sheep.  But no one would listen.  And much of the flock was killed by the wolf, because the villagers could not believe a liar even when he was telling the Truth the third time around.

Have some of you experienced what you may have felt to be a “false alarm?”  Have you heard the Calls to Prepare?  Prepare like Noah.  To be a New Earth Noah in your lifetime right now?  Only to find that “nothing” seems to happen to warrant such a warning?  That you can see, or that gets the attention of the masses to any significant degree?

What does that feel like?  To hear the calls to prepare, to be ready, to be like Noah?  And to again and again, see nothing of any real consequence to you or to your loved ones to have happened.  Does that make you doubt?  Does that tire you out?  Does that create stress in your life?  Does it call you to question your discernment and your ability to hear God’s Voice in the Squalls and Wind Gusts blowing through your world?  Making you wonder if storms experienced on your world are just storms and not Ascension Storms at all?

March 2023 Is A Prepper Month ~ Be Ready! ~ Frequencywriter.comWe get it.  We hear you.  Your alarm system that woke you up to be ready at this time in the Grand Ascension Process underway seemed to have prepared you so early, so relentlessly, so steadfastly, that you expected to see evidence for the wisdom of your preparations by now.  And that kind of active preparation without direct confirmation and compensation (yet) can lead to tired adrenal glands.  This can lead to a sense of Ascension Weariness and Fatigue.  It can lead to Ascension Doubt and Disbelief, in the flickering waves of the Ascension happening now, with ever increasing veracity.

Preparedness is often only confirmed during the rise of the storms themselves and after the storms as well, yes?  And so there are people today who know inside at some level that they are New Earth Noahs, preparing this or preparing that, who may be at that point of weariness in the storms.  But let us acknowledge that you are IN The Storm.  You Are Already In It.  Just because your neighbor may not acknowledge the rain beating down on planet earth, the Light Codes flooding your world, the string of train derailments in close succession, supply chain issues happening all around the world, doesn’t mean that the the storm is not happening or unfolding.  It simply means they can’t see it.  Or that they won’t see it.  Yet personal power does not come from what other people say and do.  It comes from within.  Personal empowerment comes from listening to your soul’s nudges, knowings, and directives.  And despite being weary as an Awakened Soul in an Unawakened World at times, from time to time, or all the time, those knowings are perceiving the things that Noah sensed.  That David sensed.  That Moses sensed.  That Yeshua sensed.  That Mother Mary sensed.  And that many other Noahs in their time sensed too.  Higher Sight is a Rarity in a Sleeping World.  Awakened Heart Centers and Heart Vision are a Rarity in Sleeping Worlds too.

What gives Ascended Master Beings living in a 3D Matrix back their Skills of Mastery?  Their Skills of Higher Level Manifestation, Safety, Security, and Peace, Calm, and Joy no matter the circumstances on Planet Earth?  Their Access to Divine Knowings and Divine Union through the Breath, teaching them, leading them, and empowering them to see Bigger, Deeper, Clearer, and Purer than ever before.

These Calls to Action in the form of Calls to Preparation and Preparedness are Divine Guidance, dear ones.  Those who prepare today are ready to receive God’s Insights, Divine Blessings, Divine Guidance, Divine Protection, and Divine Deliverance into the Newness of God’s Creation in its Original Blueprint in their timeline.  2023 Is Your Timeline Now.  You are living the transformation of this earth planet into her Ascended Form.  And thus, you are living your own transformation into your God Form.  You are living your own transformation into your Ascended Mastery Form and Consciousness.

These Calls to Divine Preparation are not false alarms.  They are Divine Guidance that those with the most attuned ears and hearts can hear.  Perhaps the Boy Who Cried Wolf was a seed planting of a narrative for future Conspiracy Theory accusations towards those who sense “the wolves?”  Such that when those who would cry out higher perceptionary Truth, saying can’t you see it?  The wolves are here, the supply chain is crumbling (or at best it is under attack), health and well being are under attack, freedom and sovereignty are under attack, and wealth and abundance for every being on this planet is under attack.  And yet many have heard those calls and cries before.  In this life and other lifetimes.  Seeing nothing that their 3D vision can detect, they confirm in their own experience that is led by their own myopic vision, there is no attack and there is nothing to see here.  The cries of those with Higher Soul Sight then seem to fall on blind eyes and deaf ears.  And the Ones with Deeper Soul Sight are left wondering how to actually prepare for what they know they intuitively see, or whether they imagined the whole thing in the first place and answered a “false alarm.”

What if we are all at some level aspects of the Boy Who Cried Wolf?  What if there are times where it seems like things are happening to create Massive Change on our planet, and then “nothing” seems to come of it.  No justice is served.  No culprits are caught.  No victory of the Living Light is observed, not from what they can see.  And so within you all, when this happens, there is a retreat.  There is a withdrawal from sentient alertness.  There is a discouragement in the heart and soul of the person who is trying to be faithful in a sleeping world, who is trying to listen to Source in a sleeping world, and who is trying to take action based on the guidance received in a sleeping world.  Because sometimes they just feel silly, different, estranged, and ridiculed for seeing deeper, knowing deeper, trusting deeper, and not having their Trust in God confirmed in any outer 3D linear time defined way.

Yet what if this whole time ~ everything was happening through those Practices in Fortifying Your Faith ~ no matter what?  What if the very soul skills you needed to develop was actually the Prepper Practice that ultimately God was seeding in you?  What if you were being mentored and also tested in the Way of the Divine Prepper?  The Divine Listener?  The Ability to Sentiently Know What To Do and How To Be and Who To Help or Connect with in wild and crazy times when there is no other source of information but SOURCE?  What if the preparations are far bigger than having flashlights, candles, water, and food on hand?   

We would say, they are bigger.  Much bigger. 

And those listening, we will say, keep prepping.  Keep listening.  Keep consciously breathing.  And keep practicing getting still long enough to hear the still quiet and powerful voice of your All Knowing Heart, that is connected in inexplicable eternal ways with Divine Source.

March 2023 Is A Prepper Month ~ Be Ready! ~ Frequencywriter.comMarch is a Prepper Time.  March is a Shaking Time. March is a Time where greater Cracks in the 3D Illusion will take place.  God Preppers, New Earth Noahs, and Divine Souls of Activated Light must continue to listen to their Heart Centers.  Jesus said a couple thousand years ago . . . Be Ready.  That was Truly a Timeless and Timely True Statement, when souls live and access the realms outside of time.  For in a blink (within roughly 2000 years), the world would change forever.  And it is.  That is happening right now.

More will unfold in the coming weeks and into the Months of April and May.  It is not specific confirmation outside of you that nudges you to see this and to know this and to confirm this.  Many of you listening to this transmission Know that events are coming that will shift this world forever, in a very evident, clear, and obvious way. They are also happening now too, for those with eyes to see.  Who is leading this clear and epic stream of global events?  Source.  So is that your job to create those events?  Or to merely be a witness to them and Knower of them?  It is the latter.  Source is ultimately leading this epic emancipation. And you are the Emancipation-ee.  You are the Receiver of this Grand Emancipation and Elevation Process.

What are you really prepping for?  To be healthy, alive, awake, and aware to RECEIVE your emancipation that is just for you.  Each one of you has a God Promise inside you that you will be set free in Divine Timing.  Well Divine Timing is here.  More and more are feeling these Light Codes and these Calls to Be Free.  More and more thus are also seeing the increasingly obvious spiritual battle reaching the surface of humanity’s consciousness and conscious awareness.

March 2023 Is A Prepper Month ~ Be Ready! ~ Frequencywriter.comThe Boy That Cried Wolf in the end was telling the Truth.  There was a Wolf.  He ultimately did come and attack the sheep.  There has been a wolf among you that you would know as the biblical serpent, who has been attacking God’s sheep unbeknownst to the Shepard, to the Townspeople, and to the Sheep even this whole time.  Since the Garden of Eden.  Perhaps the Mischievous Boy who initially cried wolf as a game was actually a prepper in his own right, calling to the villagers to wake up and stay alert.  Because a Wolf Would Be Coming.  Perhaps it was also part of the Serpent’s Games to tire out the Townspeople from wanting to respond at all to calls for help, when they continued to outwardly see only false alarms.  What if the Boy was a liar and a Truth Teller?  What if that was all part of the Final Battle between Good and Evil on planet Earth?  What if the War is a War of Information, Insights, Disinformation, and Deception?

What if the War is a War of Lies and Truth, and a swirling vortex of both, playing out in multidimensional ways?  What if The Boy Who Cried Wolf story that Aesop told was a prophetic account of the times you are living in?

Would you want to prepare like Jesus invited humanity to, in these times?  Would you want to BE prepared by Source to hear SOURCE when the swirls of storms are too loud to hear anything externally?  And the hearing must solely and soul-ly coming from Within?

We invite you to consider the symbology in the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and to potentially feel and see and sense it from a multidimensional perspective.  And also invite you to hear the words of Jesus who knew this time would come.  And who knew preparation was imminent.  Then and now.

Noah was a prepper.  Moses then was a prepper.  Mary was a prepper.  Sarah was a prepper.  So many beautiful souls who accessed their Divine Mastery were prepped and thus prepared for what was their’s to do when it was time.  Divine Timing is an ever present essence in your world.  And thus Divine Timing is God’s Timing, that is present in an eternal now.

It is Time to Prepare, dear ones.

Prepare with food, water, resources, and especially conscious breathing, faith, fortitude,  prayer, intention, and Divine Union.

The Storms Are Here.  And will only increase in 2023.  These are Spiritual Storms.  Ascension Storms.  As well as Physical Storms too.

You each and all have Mastery Within to know how to listen for what is yours to do, be, and breathe in any moment.

Awaken Your Inner Prepper, Embrace the Truth within the Storms of Illusions, and Embrace the Light that is leading you all to a Grand Emancipation and Epic Earth Experience in the months and years ahead.

Trust.  Trust your inner guidance system to hear the Voice of Source and the Light of Source Within.  It is your Essence.  It is your Divine Codes and Gnosis in these times.   

You are here to Rise and Reclaim Your Garden of Eden and Divinely Blueprinted Life that your Godsight Knows and Can See, with ease.  Allow it in!

Be ready, dear ones.  Breathe deeply, dear ones.  And Be Well.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, March 11th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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