Master Beings and Souls of Light: Its Time to Unify our 3D and 5D Operating Systems

Master Beings and Souls of Light:
Its Time to Acknowledge and Unify our 3D and 5D Operating Systems

A Message from El Morya and Mother Mary

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received February 24, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, and Mother Mary here today.

Today we serve as Divine Ambassadors and Representations of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  And we are here as a Unified Energy to bring a Sense of Calm and Peace to your Hearts.  We bring a Sense of Union and Wholeness into your Conscious Awareness.  Because as many of you know, we are all One.  And in that Supreme Essence of Oneness, that is the Foundation of All Life, All Energy, In All Realms, we can transmit energetically our Knowing and our Being the Essence of Perfect Union; the Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine . . . and/or the Union of Yang and Yin Energy.

We are Perfect and Whole, individually and together.  And so are each and every one of you!

Feeling this, Breathing this, Allowing this Energy, and the Light of Divine Wholeness, to fill every cell in your body temple and every particle of your Conscious Awareness and Thought Forms, allows your Sacred Heart Center to Tap into the Greater One.  The Greater Cosmic Collective, that exists beyond the Time-Space Reality that is currently running your world, but will not be for much longer. 

After the December 21, 2012 Portal, All Energies from the Old 3D Paradigm and Timelines were Sealed in the Old Paradigm

And a New Paradigm was Seeded as a Template for a New Living, Breathing, Harmonious, and Joyous New Earth. 

With the Wholeness of the Yin and Yang Energies of the Greater Cosmos pouring into the Earth’s Energy Field every day since December 21, 2012 . . . A New Consciousness of Divine Union is Breathing New Light and Life here.  And That Union is dissolving the duality consciousness that has defined this planet in the more recent and accessible world ages and cycles that your soul consciously remembers. 

We essentially jumped timelines on December 21, 2012.

And we jumped consciousnesses.

So, since that powerful day and shift on your world, there have been 2 Operating Systems in your Consciousness and in your Energy Fields. 

You have continued to hold awareness of your 3D Operating System ~ your system of Separation Consciousness, your Fight or Flight Consciousness, and your Sympathetic Nervous System ~ that AUTOMATICALLY sees the world as divided, that sees black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark, and all sorts of dualistic frequencies that the 3rd Dimensional “You” is wired and programmed to create and to see.  Your “3D Operating System” is your Fragmented Self.  Your “Either/Or Self”.  Your Compartmentalized Self.  And that is the self that has previously helped you to define yourself as either male or female.  As either more Yang or more Yin.  And that has ascribed to the behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes that that gender and that that energy consciousness is templated to “be”. 

rainbow colorful yin yang symbol image

Your 5D Operating System activated as the clock struck its 12th gong on December 21, 2012 . . . .  And for some of you . . . it brought back a Divine Circuitry that you knew was there, but simply couldn’t energetically access or connect with previously or fully.  For some, this 5D Operating System did activate on a Higher Plane Inside the Awareness of your Higher Self . . . but it has not yet fully activated in your Daily Life Experience.  This is your Parasympathetic Nervous System.  Your Free Will System.  Your Wholeness System.  And Your Gnosis System of Divine Male/Female Union.  And Divine Yin/Yang Harmony, Wholeness, and Integrated Light. 

It is from this place of Consciousness, of a Higher Union that lives inside
your Higher Self’s Heart-Centered Gnosis, that we come to you today,
to plant more Awakened and Activated Seeds now, to Embrace
the Core of your Own Unified Light Center Within

For as the Old 3D Operating Systems are called into the Light of 5D Unified and Enlightened Operating Systems of Consciousness and Collective Awareness, all that has been functioning on autopilot and autoprogramming, based on a core design of duality and polarity, is being called and summoned to the surface, and to the Greater “Court” or “Tribunal” of Public Awareness.  And Public Scrutiny.  And Public Review.

It is not possible to enter the Higher Frequencied Realms of Greater Light, Integration, Wholeness, and Advanced Soul Sight . . . and NOT SEE the Effects of the 3D Operating System for its Collective Purpose in this last world age and cycle now . . . and for its current dematerialization back to the Heart of the Godheart at this time. 

It is in the Knowing Of It, the Acknowledging Of It, to One’s Self, to One’s Soul, to One’s Gnosis, . . . where it is acknowledged, witnessed, observed, felt, accepted, and released to the Higher Realms, . . . that it CAN be released. 

So we invite you today . . . to do simply that.  Acknowledge your 2 Halves.  Acknowledge your 3D Operating System, that also has 2 Halves . . . Your Divine Yin and Your Divine Yang Energy.  Working through Opposite-try.  Duality.  Polarity.  AND at the same timeAcknowledge Your 5D Operating SystemYour Integrated Divine Yin and Divine Yang Energy. Your Activated Wholeness.  And see the New Lens of Unified Light and Greater Expanded Sight through which your Soul Self, your Higher Self, invites you to live, breathe, and see through now. 

The 3D Energies of the Old Paradigm of Lack, Pain, Conflict, and Duality will
continue to come up in your daily “news,” your daily experiences, and your daily awareness.
To help you accelerate your willingness and awareness of desiring to
acknowledge it, for what it is and was, and for its greater
release or integration into your own Greater Wholeness. 

man at bright red sunset image

The 5D Frequencies of your Rapidly Awakening Higher Light
are ready to assist this Greater Cleansing and Release Process.

Its already wired into your DNA and Light Codes. 

You dear ones must only begin to turn your conscious attention to it,
to love it, to see it, observe it, embrace it, and activate it.

Your 3D and 5D Operating Systems do not need to fight each other for your attention and focus now. 

What your Higher Self desires . . . is for your Greater Soul Self to Acknowledge BOTH.  And their Co-Existence inside you at this time. 

What you are asked to do at this time in the Earth’s Ascension ~ is to notice, to simply notice, which consciousness is operating, and responding, to whatever experience you are having in your day. 

Suffering, judgement, worry, struggle, reacting, drama-ing, low energy, and low frequency energies are part of the 3D Operating System’s blueprint.  These are part of the old paradigm. 

You can recognize them by a lack of joy in your life experience.  For 3D, by its nature, is a physical reality where Source Connection is Disconnected and where Separation Consciousness Reigns.  And therefore, joylessness at some level is the experience.

When you feel Sovereign, Empowered, Light, Open, Free, and Joy-full ~ you are activating your 5D Powers of Wholeness, Integration, Divine Union, and Higher Light Frequencies.

There is no need to judge one operating system as better or worse than the other.  They are simply fields, frequencies, and timelines of experience.

What we invite you to do today . . . is to expand your awareness of when your 3D Operating System is activated in your Conscious Participation in your Daily Experiences.  And notice when your 5D Operating System is inviting you into Higher Light and Sight in your Daily Experiences. 

We are going to get really comfortable with Unifying our Operating Systems.  At first, we may experience an invitation into the discomfort of really seeing the stark paradigmal differences of 3D vs. 5D. 

And the shock of what 3D Living has really been, versus the spell of the programming we’ve been told and sold.

But with practice and vibrational discipline we can begin to allow our Soul Sight to emerge more and more, and to simply acknowledge our 3D Limited Operating Systems for what they are and were;  Perfect matrixes of energy for the Previous Paradigmal Experience. 

And we can now see the vast limitations of a 3D Operating System in the Transparency and Higher Light of a 5D Operating System and New Earth Living Reality.

It IS Time for Greater Union.

It IS Time for Greater Wholeness.

earth interconnection light waves imageTo ride these waves of Soul Integration, we must know and be willing to remain aware of the Soulular Processing, Powerful Detoxing, and Greater Integration Unfolding now . . . as 2 Worlds Inside Us Become One Again.

Our 3D and 5D Operating Systems are Mirrors of the Yin Yang Reunification Process.  All Aspects of Us, All Separated Bits of Consciousness of Us, are coming back into a Greater One.  The Divine One.  The All-That-Is-One. 

We are Wholeness ~ Embodied in Physical Light Now . . .

As 5th Dimensional Beings Remembering the Truth of our Godlight and the Truth of the Godheart that lives in US.  That IS Us. 

El Morya and I are here today as Symbols and Living Essences to call your Heart Centers into that Conscious Union with Yourselves now.

As the Soul Fragments and Dualisitic Aspects of You are called up to consciousness so you can witness, observe, accept, release, and/or integrate them . . . more and more healing will take place in the Greater Collective.

This is your Soul Work now.
This is your Sole Work now.

It is the reason you are all here at this time.

Stay tuned to this channel for the doses you need to hear and connect with, for your own Soul’s Greater Integration.

The more integration, the less pain you will feel in your daily experience.  And the more Joy you will see manifest in your life experiences.

Integration allows the Organic Nature of Joy to Flow. 

Wholeness IS the Vibration of Joy.

Welcome back to your Divine Wholeness, dear ones. 

Welcome back to your Divine Origins of Joy.

Each time your life exhibits manifestations of Separation and Duality, follow the steps we’ve shared.  Breathe.  And invite the Light and Aid of your 5D Higher Soul Presence to help soothe and integrate your limited 3D Soul Self’s wrinkles, fragments, and challenges in that moment.

Awareness is key now to this Ascension.

Compassion is key now to your ability to witness the lower 3D you and to invite your Higher 5D Self to facilitate the needed healing and integration.

You are all Master Souls who know how to integrate and
merge your operating systems into Wholeness. 

Deep inside ~ you know this.
For you ARE this.

sunshine tree joy sparkles image

Follow the Essence of Joy. 

Notice where it is absent.

And then focus on where you can find it in your life in your conscious awareness.  Allow old energies to rise into the Greater Collective Healing and Integration. 

And then . . . Return your Conscious Attention to Joy.  To a Willingness to feel Joy.  To a Willingness to BE Divine Union ~ EMBODIED ~ in an emerging 5th Dimensional New Earth Experience.

You are the Essence of Living Wholeness.
Welcome back to Being the Expression of Light that is Perfectly Who You Really Are.

All Our Love.

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