May 2019 Energy Update: Something Big Is Coming

“Unearthing The Earth’s Golden Buddha ~ And Your Own”
A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received Earth Day ~ April 22, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Light on this beautiful Earth Day celebrated on your world today.  As we tune in to the frequencies of your planet, of your collective humanity, and of the month of May on the horizon, we feel the powerful energies of Independence and yet Interconnectedness rising all over the globe.  In the mayhem of disinformation, constant technological device utilization, and the dematerialization of so many of the old systems and structures presently unfolding, there is a very sweet and strong pulsing of Light that is summoning and that is actually creating a profound Emancipation and Weaving Together of what is common among all Sentient Life on your world;  and that is a Propensity to Love, to Feel, to Join, to Collaborate, to Help, and to Unite in all ways on all levels.  It may not appear that way in your outer worlds.  We know that some of you listening to this message today may think that our Arcturian Collective is reading and transmitting a message perhaps about some other planet in our galaxy.  But that is not the case.  Earth is rising in her frequencies to take her rightful place again in the Milky Way and in the cosmology of the Greater Oneness that all things truly are.  And therefore, the Rising and that Frequency Upgrade in her Heavenly and her Physical Body is Breathing New Life and Light into all Beings on Planet Earth at this time.

May 2019 is bringing through Higher Frequencies and Vibrations of Emancipation and thus . . . it is Pulsing Frequencies of Independence and Inter-Dependence at the same time.  It would seem that these Energetic Truths would detract from one another.  But in fact, they are perfectly complimentary.  For you see dear ones, all of the duality that you have journeyed for eons and eons of time is now weaving itself back into the Oneness that all things truly are.  And this May, you will see this rise in individuals and in the collective towards sovereignty, emancipation, liberation, freedom, and independence.  For all sentient life is calling in the Light to be Free.  To live Free.  To shine Free.  And to rise above any and all archaic energies of separation and enslavement that previously controlled or organized your lives there.  That is not the Earth’s Divine Blueprint.  Enslavement, Entrapment, Corruption, and Illusion are definitely NOT who the Earth Mother Soul Star is.  In fact, she is quite the opposite.  But in the theatre of 3D life and this past 3D world age and cycle, she disguised herself, so well in fact, that even she became accustomed for a time to the density she was carrying and swirling on and within her body temple as she journeyed through time and space this past 26,000+ years.  But the Light Codes streaming to the Earth and to the Heart of her Light Within are infusing the Earth Mother with Deep Remembrance of Her Divine Blueprint of Light.  She is a Star Planet of Higher Dimensional Light.  And it is Time for her to not only Remember This Again, but it is Time for her to Fully Embody This Again.  And so too, Shall All Of You. ~ Energy Updates

The Energies of May 2019 are not unlike the story of the Golden Buddha that this channel speaks about in her April 2019 Fireside Chats podcast for Whole Soul School and Foundation, as initially told by some wonderful storytellers in the film, Finding Joe.  You may wish to go and have a listen to that podcast once you have listened to our message here today.  The Story of the Golden Buddha as we understand it is that there once was a group of buddhist monks living in a monastery that at one point created an enormous statue of Buddha, made out of solid Gold.  Every day this Golden Buddha was a reminder and reflection of their own Inner Buddha, their own Inner Perfection, and their own Inner Golden Light.  But over time, the monks began to feel concerned that the Golden Buddha could be stolen, pillaged, plundered, or decimated in some way.  And so they decided to cover it up with clay.  And which of course, they did.  Over many hundreds of years passed, the Golden Buddha that had become a Clay Buddha . . . eventually became a Stone Buddha, as the clay baked day after day and year after year and century after century in the sun.  And then over even more periods of time, weeds, bushes, and other hearty seeds began to take root and grow on top of the Stone Buddha statue as well.  Until one day, many hundreds of years after the original monks covered that Golden Buddha in clay, another monk went out to pray in front the Stone Buddha.  Only on this day, when he went to kneel down, he noticed there was a crack in the stone.  When he looked closer, he saw Golden Light emanating from within that tiny crack in the stone.  He went to tell many of his fellow monks, who then consciously chiseled the stone exterior off of that Golden Buddha until it was finally Free At Last To Shine.  They had successfully Unearthed that Golden Buddha, that was a pure and perfect reflection of their own Inner Buddha, or their own Inner Golden Light.  

This story is a perfect metaphor for the journey unfolding in May 2019 on your world.  The Earth is like that Golden Buddha, whose Light, Spirit, and Perfect Divine Essence has been covered up by eons and eons of time, many storms, humanity’s forgetfulness and spiritual amnesia, and the sun-baked denser clay energies of unconsciousness, separation, ego-led living, and division.  But the Original Earth, the Original Divine Blueprint of the Earth, is that Perfect and Pure Golden Light Energy.  In the Creator’s Infinite Wisdom, the Earth herself was a reflection of the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, that collectively filled the Earth with a Purity of Golden Light so vast, so strong, so profound, that only High Frequencied Dimensional Living was the Organizational Energy of the Day and of the Planet for a long long period of time.  All sentient life that lived her for many many eons of time came to experience that Golden Light manifested in form here on Earth, to literally emanate and emit that Light in itself.  All Sentient Life and All Beings of Planet Earth lived in High Frequencied Light in a way ~ like that Original Golden Buddha ~ except in this case, in the case of all of you and the Earth Mother Herself, you were living breathing embodiments of the Source Light Codes and the Original Divine Golden Pure Light that reigned through the Central Sun Portals always and in every way.

And then, fast forward in time from that Original Golden Light Energy filling the Earth and all her inhabitants, to the time of this past 26,000+ year cycle and world age characterized by frequencies of spiritual dementia, spiritual amnesia, soul entrapment, lower density living, and deep corruption and illusion energies, and you can see how the Golden Glow of the Original Earth’s Light Codes and Perfection, and yours as well, got covered up, by the winds, sands, and storms that ravaged this world over a great period of time.  So much so, that no history books and no person would survive to tell the story of what originally was.  And what the True Origins of Earth really are.  And what the True Light of this Earth Star Planet really is.  

And here you are, many thousands of years later, in a timeline, where there is a crack in the “Earth Star’s” Stone Buddha, if you will.  Some of you have been walking along in your journey, and have noticed a few cracks in the Earth’s exterior.  Some of you have seen the Inner Light Codes shining through from within.  Some of you have glimpsed that teeny tiny emanation of Light and sought further.  Some of you have activated and awakened enough to know that the Earth’s cracks and subsequent emanations of Light are forecasting your own “cracks” and coming emanations of Light.   And some can feel the cracking, but have no awareness or palpable sense that the cracking is leading to the uncovering of a much greater Light.  Some only feel that in some ways . . . “The Sky Is Falling,” . . . “The Sky Is Falling.”  Isn’t that another tale on your world . . . about a character called Chicken Little?  In any case, all of your stories, all of your mythologies, have Truths and Pieces of Timeless Wisdom inside them, like little bread crumbs, to help you follow the Golden Light when the timing was right all the way back to your Original Blueprints of Perfection and Sun-Coded Light.  Its right there in the Hero’s Journey, or the Journeys of Personal Transformation that you all make, through eons of time, even in the greatest of density and adversity sometimes.  In fact, it is often BECAUSE OF density and adversity that becomes unlivable, intolerable, unacceptable, unpalatable, and unmanageable that many of you begin to see and begin to allow the cracks in the stone of your human history and the earth’s history . . . long enough to catch a glimpse of something Higher, something Lighter, something Brighter, and something way more magnificent than the stone cold presentation of separation and density believed to be all there is on your world.  

And those that have had the opportunity to see the Golden Light shining through that Buddha, to see that Golden Light shining from within the Earth under all of those weeds, that corruption, and that illusion, and to see the Golden Light shining underneath all of the ego’s conditionings, armor, and defense mechanisms, can feel that something BIG is COMING. Something new is RISING.  Something extraordinary is HAPPENING.  Those of you that feel this way know that we are in a timeline of immense change now and of profound spiritual archeology, where the cracks in the stone of the false lives and understandings and ego protections that have been manufactured for eons of time . . . are revealing themselves for the “false gods” that they are . . . and that the True Light, the True Light Codes, and the True Golden Frequencies of Perfection that organically know how to template Golden Ages of Infinite Wonder and Divine Light . . . are re-emerging now in all of you.  In every one and in every thing.  In the Earth Mother herself.  And ultimately, in the Collective Consciousness of All Sentient Life here on and within the Earth.

May 2019 rings the sound of the Return of that Immense Light . . . as a clearer bell of Truth, of Resurrection, of Resetting the Earth to her Original Independence, Sovereignty, Freedom, Joy, Perfection, and Bliss in more and more palpable ways now.

When the monks set out to excavate the Golden Buddha from its Stone Exterior (and essentially its overbaked false covering, codes, and disguise) . . . did it at first get messier, dustier, and crumblier, than when the Stone Statue sat for eons in one big piece?  Sure.  Did it require some effort on the monks parts to consciously engage the excavation process, to unearth the Golden Buddha underneath years and years of cloaking, hiding, and dormancy?  Yes.  But did that change the fact that the Golden Buddha was inside it all along?  No.  And did that change the fact that the Golden Buddha patiently waited for all that time, for the right time, when it summoned forth the ability to shine and reign its Light all over the world again?  No.  

And here we are ~ telling you all this story today ~ to connect your Hearts and Souls and Minds with the Light Energies streaming forth in May.  And how perfect that this message can come through on Earth Day, April 22, 2019, ringing its Light through the ethers and through all of you, to remember . . . and to awaken . . . to the fact that the Earth Is Rising and Unearthing Herself in this Grand Birth now . . . in the Galaxy . . . to rise and reset and reclaim her Soul Presence and Soul Essence of Divine Sovereignty, Divine Perfection, and Divine Blueprints that take their Infinite Instructions from the Expansive Light of the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, that are always, always, always infinitely connected to the Heart of God, the Heart of Source, and the Heart of One, from which you all came as well.  

The Earth Mother’s Spiritual Excavation in the Month of May 2019 and beyond reflects, summons, and mirrors your own Spiritual Excavations in the Month of May 2019.  World structures will crack if they are the false structures and narratives from the past world age and cycle.  Only those structures that were the original templates of living light on this planet . . . that have been held in a state of dormancy and captivity all this time . . . will be able to rise up and out of that clay, stone, or false exterior . . . and emerge as its Original Blueprints of Perfection, that anyone with eyes to see will see the Authenticity and Light and Love in their Original Codes.  False Structures will continue to fall away.  Authentic Light and Divine Structures will re-emerge to shine in Truth for All Time.  And New Structures of Light will rise as well, to template and support the New 5D+ Earth Light Codes flowing forth to re-organize and re-orient all sentient life here to what is perfect, what is divine, what is sovereign, and what is true on your world.  

The Golden Buddha has risen!  The Earth’s Light Coded Original Perfection is rising!  Your own Inner Golden Buddhas are Rising.  And so too, are your Earth Encoded Light Codes Within YOU rising into the perfection that Humanity and All Sentient Life here was always designed and templated to be.

The Sun Portals are doing their work, streaming through the atmospheric debris, strengthening by the day, clearing a path for the Higher Frequencies of Independence, Divine Sovereignty, Unified Light, and Interconnectedness, Oneness, Joy, and Prosperity to be the new order of the day.  The new blueprint that all begin to live by.  

There’s a New Sheriff in town that governs all of the cellular and soulular functions of the New Earth . . . and that leader . . . is The Light.  The Pure and Infinite Light of Source Energy in All Time.  That is who is returning.  That is who is revealing itself through the cracks in the stones of your lives and your structures all over the world. 

That which was never true, that was falsely implanted into the psyche, heart, and mind of the sentient collective here on earth, is being removed, rock by rock, lie by lie, disguise by disguise.  To reveal corruption, separation, manipulation, and division at its core.

That which was ALWAYS TRUE, even when it was submerged, hidden, forced underground, and deep into the recesses of the human psyche, heart, and mind of the sentient collective is unearthing, is RISING, and is SHINING, crack by crack, summoning by summoning, and emancipation by emancipation.  

All in the Cosmos are watching and witnessing and supporting the Earth’s Unearthing and the Earth’s Rising at this time.  A Star Planet is breaking out of its False Density and Rising into its Organic and Original Light.  Every being wants a front row seat at this miraculous unfoldment.

Many may think that it is taking a long time to break free.  And we would say, it is happening in cosmic and quantum seconds.  Stay awake.  Stay alert.  Exponential change is happening every day.  Cracks in the old codes are revealing themselves daily, and the crumbles and crumbling structures are showing you this to be true.

Notice where your attachments lie.  Notice where you are still resonating in the old codes and worry about the structures leaving your world.  Notice where you find it difficult to release the heavy stone in exchange for the recovery of your True Light.  

The Golden Buddha didn’t fight the monks working to set it free.  Nor should the Earth.  Nor should you.  Be discerning in your judgment of what is crumbling.  Be discerning in the energy you expend fighting the inevitability of the change and the rising.  

True Light always shines.  It can be covered up, but it has NEVER stopped shining.  Never.

False light, false promises, false structures and narratives may look or sound appealing, for they have been formulated to look and feel that way.  But their true nature will always reveal itself, in one way or another.

So watch for Revelations in the Month of May.  Witness the further emancipation of the Earth from heavy dense vibrations of illusion and corruption.  Embrace the sightings of the Golden Light found all over the world, in people waking up to the Truth of their Golden Inner Buddha or their Golden Inner Organic Light.  This Light is free from Religion, free from Dogma, free from Corrupt Rules and Old Codes.  This Light is Sovereign.  Because this Light is DIVINE.  

And the Living Essence of Light is DIVINE.  It is by its nature FREE, and JOYFUL, and Emanating LOVE.

In those frequencies of True Light, the World is Independent and Sovereign and it is Interdependent and Organized by Oneness and Synergy.  

Let the Earth restructure herself.  Allow the Rising in the Codes of Light we speak of today.

And mostly, take the inner action steps that you can take, . . . to be a witness of yourself, of your old stone codes falling away.  These shifts are happening to every one of you.  The more you can turn to your conscious breath, to your Inner Light, to your Inner Guidance System, and to your Capacity to Love, to Heal, to Help, and to come together with others in the Spirit of Unity, Kindness, Compassion, and Conscious Creativity for the Highest Good of the Whole, the more you will ride these waves of change with a Lightness of Spirit, a Joy in your Heart, a Prosperity in your Lived Experience, and a Peace in the Greater Unfoldment and Divine Plan that always knows, sees, and organizes all things.  

You are loved Dear Ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

8 Responses to “May 2019 Energy Update: Something Big Is Coming

  • Vernon S. Kennedy
    5 years ago

    Extremely Well Written and Spoken, Life Changing – Informative and So Very True!

  • thank you! Eric Holzman

  • Thank you for this inspiring Message. It rings so true for me. I am tired of 3D and ready to move on. I want to be of service to others. This brings me such joy. The truth is coming out everywhere and the Pandora’s box has been opened and cannot be shut. Those who do not want to come to the light. So be it

    • Thank you Eve 🙏Yes, the Truth is shining everywhere. Light is leading all things once again! It may take time for the full impact and revelation of that Living Light to be self evident to those not yet awakened. But it is here and it is celebrating its return to our conscious awareness every day! I’m honored to hear that the message resonated with you as well! Have a beautiful day Eve! Love and Blessings 💕

  • Leesa
    5 years ago

    Thank You, Mother Mary, the Arcturian Council. Thank you all for your love and assistance. I’m loving these changes and see and experience the rising of consciousness over my current lifetime. It’s so beautiful and so exciting as we increase our vibrations and lightness and ascend to a higher dimension, a time in space , a space without time.