May 2023 Energy Update: Spring Is Blooming Worldwide, Epic Support Is Leading You Through The Red Sea of Your Lifetime

May 2023 Energy Update

Spring Is Blooming Worldwide:

April Showers & May Flowers Are Raising The Truth in the Illusions
& Divine Life Force and Plant Medicine Are Here to Lead You
Through The Red Sea of Your Lifetime

Flowers & Divine Colors Are Here To Remind You To Shine!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.29.2023


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Elestial Sapphire Blue Frequencies of Arcturus and the Pure and Pristine Divine White Light of God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and the Living Christ Consciousness.  So much is unfolding on your world, and within your own inner worlds.  Can you feel it?  Can you feel the change?  Can you feel the sweeping and swirling energies of Ascension Change, Upgrades, and Transformation?  April’s Showers have been flooding your world with Higher Consciousness Filled Insights and Awakening Codes, calling each one of you to rise and participate in the Greatest Liberation and Emancipation ever to unfold.  May’s Flowers are summoning your conscious awareness to more fully embody your Becoming Beings of Light again.  There is a radiant sunlight that shines from within, and it lives in each of you.  That inner sun, that inner ember and flame of your divinity, wants to breathe fully again.  It wants to expand into your conscious experiences again.  It wants to manifest all aspects of your lives again.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ Spring Is Blooming WorldwideAnd it is through this living energy, this Higher Altitude of Living Consciousness that lives inside your Divine Blueprints and Templates, that is also summoning the other worldly frequencies of Andara Crystals today.  These are other worldly crystals that hold records and codes of life before humanity’s descent into a 3D consciousness and denser Serpent’s den of separation infused experiences.  The Andaras know the songs of your souls, before your incarcerations and entanglements on this 3D earth plane.  And they are coming through for you today to share their songs and their light with you, in the Colors of their Divine Magic that reflect the Colors of your own Divine Magic beginning to release within you.  If you are dreaming Higher Vibrational Dreams, the Andaras would like to support and empower you. If you are dreaming Higher Vibrational Humanitarian Projects and Visions of New Earth Life in your daily lives, the Andaras would like to sing through you their unique song and their unique note for your creative and co-creative endeavors.

So let us first breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together.  Let us feel the vibrance of the array of Andara Crystalline Colors as we take these deep Conscious Breaths together.  These sacred breaths and sacred soul colors are rising and shining in you . . . just for you right now in this moment.  This is akin to receiving a rainbow tune up of all of your chakras, and all of the Light that you are that comes from timeless time, that streams through the ethers from your Future Nows that wish to become your Present Nows.  Breathe these sacred soul colors and this sacred divine prana into the core of your being, and as much as you feel comfortable to, allow them to wake up any sleeping cells and any 3D amnesias that would be keeping you in a lower vibrational density that is not who you are.  Andaras shine.  Prana expands and breathes the Living Life Breath of Source into the core seat of your soul, which is your Sacred Heart Center.  We see your lungs, your cells, your hearts, and your very life force bathing in this glorious cosmic refreshment right now, reminding you that you are not truly “earthlings.” You come from the Stars.  And before that, you emanated and originated from Source Energy Itself!

We have been speaking about April Showers, Ascension Storms, Noah’s Floods, and May Flowers for some time now.  For your world is in a massive upgrade process, getting up to speed physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and vibrationally with the New Codes of what the New Upgraded Earth in her 5th Dimensional Glory is meant to be.  As the Earth Mother breathes in and out the prana of this new level of Wholistic Living where all is aligned with Source, all desire to live in service to Source, and all desire to feel the blessings of being in alignment with Divine Source, so too are you invited to embrace this level of Breath Synergy.  For every Higher Vibrational Breath breathed in this way is a Divine Exchange.  It is a giving and receiving of Divine Energy.  It is a lesson in living in the Flow, that teaches you in the gentlest of waves and gentlest of ways . . . Who You Really Are.  Just like waves lap up upon the shores of beaches all around the globe, continually rising, and ebbing, and flowing, and rising up on shore again, the Divine Breath of Source is continually rising in the core of your body, ebbing and flowing through your lung power, and through all of the organs and aspects of your physical body, that must work together in harmony to sustain Life in You.  It is a seamless, timeless, and vivacious process.   This thing in all of your lives . . . called LIFE.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ Spring Is Blooming WorldwideSo we ask you today . . . as April 2023 begins to wind down and May 2023 percolates at the door of your heart’s consciousness . . . with God/Source/Creator in the middle of all of that energy . . . what is your heart’s desire?  What is the thing you love most and desire MOST to do and to create anew in your life going forward?  What Sacred Newness is desiring to birth and emerge through you?  Though your Heart’s Awareness?  What Andara song, full of color, full of life, full of light, wants to sing you?  Wants to sing through you?  What is the fullness of life from Source Energy itself that desires to express through you?  You are that Divine Breather.  You are that Divine Singer.  You are that Divine Instrument that God/Source/Creator knows is here in form right now to shine something.  And whatever that something is, it is calling to you.  Each of you.  Isn’t it?  Maybe you feel it in a whisper on the wind?  In a breeze on the beach?  In a song on a favorite soundtrack?  And maybe, just maybe, it’s an entirely NEW tune.  Maybe just maybe it is an entirely NEW sound that speaks to your soul in a way that you are not yet accustomed to.  But your soul remembers.  Because when the unknown feels known to you, it’s a remembering.  And many of you are in a Deep and Exponential Process of Remembering.  And the Andara Frequencies of Light that we are bringing into this transmission today want to assist you with that remembrance process.

The Colors you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and experience in these coming weeks are You.  They are your own souls gifts returning from a great deal of time swimming in Cosmic Waters, suspended in Divine Grace, while the version of you that has been on the earth for many lifetimes at this point, are waking up to the Reunion that is Called Forth in May 2023 and the remainder of 2023.  A Grand Reunion is coming.  It is happening.  And the Whispers of How You Will Create Your Life Anew in these New and Higher Frequencies are flowing into this planet and into your lives, first through the Breath.  And then, through Sacred Soul Colors.

So notice what colors you are wearing.  Notice what colors you are attracted to.  Notice what you experience when you tune into the frequencies of colors.  Their sounds.  Their vividness.  Their electromagnetism. You are attracted to them with such clarity, the ones that are meant for you, right now.  And they too are attracted to you.

What else is colorful on your world?  What do people give on special occasions?  What do actors and actresses receive after a stunning or stellar performance?  What might that be?  We would say . . . Flowers.  Flowers are the Colorful Expressions of many of humanity’s soul gifts, expressing through the Elemental Kingdom, and thus through Nature.  Flowers naturally shine. Who doesn’t love the vibrance of an open bloomed fully sentient and fully trusting Flower, turning its center, its core, its heart directly into the Sun.  To receive! Flowers receive all that they need to shine their magnificent colors for their time in bloom.  They aren’t bashful about their openness, their receptivity, and their vibrational emissions either.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ Spring Is Blooming WorldwideMany who are highly attuned to plant medicine and to flower medicine and remedies in particular know how highly refined their healing properties are, in the frequency medicine they provide to this planet.  We might say that the aspects of you, and the aspects of all in humanity and all sentient life, that have been swimming outside of this 3D dimension because they were simply too high vibrational to exist here in this realm in the density that the Serpent’s Matrix requires are represented in your flower essences.  They are represented in your plant medicines.  That is how God flowed in all that life on earth needs and requires, even in this extensive cycle of separation consciousness that that world has lived in for as far back as most can remember.

Your Higher Aspects are here.  In Color Frequencies all around you.  And especially in the Plant and specifically Flower Kingdoms.  People’s attraction to flowers is no accident.  People’s attraction to well landscaped homesteads and gardens are no accident.  When fruits and vegetables grow, what do they first grow and birth through?  Flowering buds. Flowers represent LIFE.  They shine and brim with Divine Life Force, overflowing.  Their radiance reflects your radiance.  Their divine blueprint is your divine blueprint.  And they remind you to look to the sun, the central suns, your own inner suns, and the many places that Light and Life Force shines around and within you.

When people have creative ideas, what image do we often associate with that brightness of vibration?  A Light Bulb.  How do some flowers begin their journeys on planet earth?  They arrive as Flower Bulbs.  And from this, radiant colors and new life emerges with proper soil, water, and sunshine.

Humanity is in a time of remembering its roots.  You are all in a time of being called to remember Truth in your core roots.  Truth in your Divine Ancestry.  Truth in your Divine Nature as a Living Breathing expression of Divine Soul Colors, Life Force, and Perfect Blueprints.

The Serpent moved into this world, in this planet, and into your Consciousnesses as individuals and collectives . . . graying out what was once a vibrant, divine Eden.  The fact that you still have colors in this realm is simply because the Serpent was not yet successful in stamping out all of the God Codes around the globe the way the Serpent desired to.  Which is an indication that despite the Serpent’s cunningness, and tenacious grip on this planet and the agendas it aimed to propagate, he couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t succeed in wiping God out from the face and the life force of this world.  The Serpent’s impossible task, while still wreaking havoc in this realm for thousands of years, endured to be in fact impossible.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ Spring Is Blooming WorldwideThe God Code is here.  The God Code is You.  The Divine Blueprint for Life on Earth still lives and breathes and shines in you, and all life here.  Because the Divine Design is strong.  The Divine Design carries an other worldly intelligence and frequency that cannot be eradicated.  Some people and species on your world have suffered.  Yes.  And suffered greatly.  But enduring in that suffering is the simple Truth that the God Code still shines on, no matter the trials and tribulations that humanity goes and grows through.  Not all who have lived on planet Earth have had an easy time.  Many have faced struggles.  Many have been tempted and tested by the biblical serpent.  And yet, the Light returns again and again, even in people who have accepted apples from the serpent in this lifetime or another.  Those inner Light Bulbs of the God Codes continue to persevere on, don’t they?  Those Flower Bulbs still rise and shine, even with genetic modifications and toxic chemicals sprayed upon them again and again and again.

For the God Code is Unbreakable.  Just like Truth.  Truth is unbreakable.  Light is unbreakable.  But do you know what is breakable?  Shakable?  Quakable?  Deceit.  Lies.  Corruption.  Shadows.  Illusion.  Those latter energies and vibrations fear the Sunlight.  They fear the Heaven’s Rains.  For they melt and dematerialize in the Truth of the Light of this Creation.  They melt and crumble in the Truth of the Light of the Divine Design that can never truly be tainted or eradicated.

In the Christian Faith, all life in the universe is reminded about the strength, the grace, the miracle of God Seeded Resilience, through the story of Christ’s Divine Resurrection.  Flowers tell that story in the annual blooms that come back year after year, after dying to themselves in the seasons of Fall and Winter, and rising again every Spring and Summer to receive, receive, receive all of the bounty of God’s Divine Abundance and Glory.

The Andaras are here today as powerful messengers of Divine Faith, Divine Resilience, and Divine Remembrance Codes of Who You Are in your Sacred Soul Colors that tell the Truth Story of You . . . reuniting and healing the suppressed, repressed, or even ashamed aspects in the illusions that you might believe yourself to be.  You are Divine Beings of an Expansive and Infinitely Intelligent Universe and Creation.  You are Divine Sacred Souls of an Infinite and Expansive Divine Creator Source, who is celebrating your return and your own Christ-like resurrection process, that can only come after a deeper crucifixion of the lies, deceptions, and illusions the biblical serpent has sown in your lifetimes and on this world.  After the rainshowers, what often appears?  Rainbows.  Divine Color Promises that your own Soul’s Story Arc, that Bow, that Bow, that arrives after the rains, to tell a new Majestic Story of You.  About your resilience.  About your legacy.  About your Truth.  And about your Passion Projects to serve Creation in unique ways as messengers and creators of One True Divine Source.

So notice the May Flowers around you, regardless of where you live on planet earth and whatever season you might be in in your physical life in a 3D earth.  It is a Cosmic Spring Time on your world, for all of you.  The Color Codes are rising.  The aspects of you from other Higher Dimensional Realms are communicating with you in many ways, and one of those ways is the Light of the Color Codes finding you in this Divine Spring Time.  Integration is happening.  The old illusions are decaying in the light of so much solar and lunar power.  Day and night, the Serpent’s Den is being eradicated.  And Day and Night, God’s Perfect Eden is being restored.  Re-templated. And resurrected.

Tune in and feel the Songs of the Flowers, singing the songs of the Cosmos in their color codes, their fragrances, and their ability to shine through Divine Soil, Rain, and Light. 

Find your Rainbow in your Epic Journeys right now.  Where do you see your skills and strengths beaming and shining in you and in your life?  Where do you see and feel your deceptions and illusions being summoned to the surface of your awareness to release them or fully cleanse them to release them?  There is so much goodness flowering into your lives every day, from the depths of Divine Creation, that only knows Divine Glory, Pure Life Force, and Perfection.

Any pain surfacing for any reason is the 3D matrix’s expression in your life of the weeds it propagandized to be God’s Divine Flowers.  Yes, many weeds will be seen this month, and will wilt and crumble in the Light of Truth, as more God Codes come to life in the May Flowers of your lives right now. 

Embrace the Colors Rising, and Trust that Truth is clearing and unveiling anything false in this incarcerated matrix so that those frequencies can release and this world can begin to heal.  Truly heal.

Remember the plants and flowers shining their Other Worldly Light Codes.  And remember that they are here to help Humanity and all sentient life heal into Wholeness again.  This world will need otherworldly divine support to raise the Truth in all of you from the Weeds of Illusions and the depths of Corruption and Serpent Deception.  Yet that other worldly support in pure Divine Life Force and plant medicine is here to lead all of you through the Red Sea of your Lifetime, and into the Promised Land of God’s True Timeline again. 

Faith and Fortitude will be tested, in this Ascension Journey, and as righting an upside down world continues.

Yet all of the healing remedies, inspirations, Truth, Prana, and Life Force are here as well, if you just know where to look.

Nature, Conscious Breathing, Plant Medicine, God’s Flowers, Sacred Soul Colors, Sound Healing, and more are here to support, empower, and emancipate all of you as all seek to rise into Higher Frequencies of Love, Harmony, Peace, Leisure, Abundance, Community, Wealth, Health, and Grace.

This Restoration Process is Happening!

April’s Showers seeded many May Flowers!

Find the Flowers emerging in your gardens, and consciously remove the weeds that may attempt to usurp the Life Force of God’s Original Garden and the Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, and Magic that always resided there.

You are in a Vast Coming Home Process, dear ones.

Breathe and feel the Colors all around you, knowing that everything you need for this leg of the journey is being provided.  Trust.  Open.  Turn and orient to the Light of Divine Grace.  With an Open Heart.  Surrender your Ego’s Will.  And embrace Divine Will, in your most trying times.  And have Faith that all is being righted and uplifted through your courage that is rising in 2023, to re-align with all that is Good.  All that is God/Source/Creator.  And all that is Quantum in the New Conscious Creations your soul is here to seed and make manifest in this blooming New Earth before you.

Continue to embrace your own inner rising!

And allow what needs to fall away, . . . to fall away.  Like leaves in the Autumns of your lives.

For Spring is blooming worldwide.  Receive the Colors, the Healings, the Rememberings, and the Light of Christ Consciousness sowing seeds of Unity and Harmony, Compassion and Well Being, and Love and Respect for All Life once more.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, May 6, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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