May 2023 Energy Update: The Quickening of Change, Storms of Truth & Transparency, Go Within & Rise!

May 2023 Energy Update

The Quickening of Change:

Storms of Truth, Storms of Heavy Rains
& Light Infusions, Go Within,
& There You Will Have All That You Need

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.13.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Christ Consciousness and the Oneness that you all truly are.  We asked in the last transmission if you can feel The Energies of Change.  Today we will ask if you can feel The Quickening of Change?  Can you feel Divine Source Creator on the move in All Aspects of Creation now, and more specifically for you, on Planet Earth in every direction and in every corner of the globe?  It is happening.  The Crucifixion process has been playing out for several years now on your world.  And soon, the Resurrection Process will rise into all of your lives and you will be amazed at how quickly the world expands into its proper form, timeline, and destiny for the Earth . . . and All Souls Living Upon Her.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ The Quickening of Change

So let us Breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In.  Let’s invite this breath to flow to all of the places inside you and to those on your world today who feel challenged by doubt, fatigue, soul sight weariness, awakeness weariness, fear, stress, and overwhelm.  We know that it has been a long, long journey to this Now moment in the vastness of Time and Space, and in the vastness of Timelessness beyond Time and Space.  And we know that your human egos are tired.  They try to retire (meaning to let go and take a vacation). But unfortunately the spell casting on your world with every word people speak . . . those who say retire . . . they are casting an intention to TIRE AGAIN.  So the word “retire” doesn’t mean what many think it means.  It’s a command to the universe to keep the tiredness going!  So let’s consciously breathe in right here and right now together, and see all people in the sea of humanity receiving some extra oxygenated divine prana from Creator Source such that even their worn out ego perceptions and lenses get a rest for just a moment.  No need to “re-tire” the ego any further.  We are simply allowing the ego to bathe in what it feels like when Divine Source is aligning all things for truly the benefit of that person as well as the entire collective, all in these simple, easy, and generous Deep Divine Breaths In.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ The Quickening of ChangeWe talked about the Springtime that is blooming on your world right now, on a global scale, in the last transmission.  We want you to tune into the feeling of being a flower again, tuning your attention to the sun.  Feeling its warmth on your face.  Your shoulders.  Your heart.  Your vision.  Your entire beingness.  And feel how good it feels to be oriented fully and faithfully to the only things you need . . . Sunlight and the Heavens Rains.  Good soil is grounding and important too.  But do you see how simple it is for a flower to grow to be its perfect Divine Design?  Sunlight, water, and soil.  Three key ingredients.  And flowers that have them, thrive.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, beyond any neurotoxins sprayed on them and around them, the Light of God and the Rain of Heaven and the Soil of Mother Earth are all stronger frequencies than the toxic nature of the Serpent’s Systems that create such despair and lower vibrations on your world.  Flowers stand tall in otherworldly sustenance.  And you are invited to do so as well.

This summer (this energetic summer for all on your world) may bring more heat, and shine a light on the Truth in Illusions and Illusions in the Truth. God’s Truth and Love are a healing balm in a sea of swirling distortions and epic change.  When more and more crumbling of the old matrix becomes increasingly visible to you, to other awakened souls, and also to the masses who are just stirring from their deep deep sleep, Ground in the True Truth of God’s Truth and the Sun-Lit Light Frequencies that can flow into your every breath on a continuous basis.  Remember ~ Conscious Breathing is Soul Skill #1 in Ascension Times.  And thus, it is your “go to” soul skill when more begins to crumble.

Feeling stressed?  Consciously Breathe. 

Feeling overwhelmed?  Consciously Breathe.

Feeling angry or frustrated?  Consciously Breathe. 

Whatever may ail you, we recommend connecting with your Breath, with the Prana in your breath, with your heart, your lungs, and your amazing body temple that knows how to ground in Ascension Storms, because it has prepared in many lifetimes for this moment that is now.  All will learn to breathe like this in the swirls of the summer and fall storms.  The old is dying.  The old is crumbling.  The old energies are serpentine energies that ultimately need to die, and crumble.  But those energies also have memories for many.  And within memories, there are attachments.

Attachments create cords.  Energetic cords. That lasso you and velcro you to those cords.  It’s hard to leave a cord behind because that cord is like a rubber band.  You can stretch yourself away from it, but the band or the “bond” in the band flings you back to your starting point, again and again and again.

You don’t need cords where you are going.  You will have Truth at heights you cannot imagine now.  Truth and Transparency are the pathway forward for humanity.  Those uncomfortable with Truth and Transparency will get some quick lessons in the new frequencies about how it all works.  It doesn’t take long for Ascending Beings to learn the Way of the Truthful Warrior and the Way of the Transparent Humanitarian once all the curtains are gone.  No smoke.  No mirrors.  No curtains.  None of that exists in the land you are moving into.  Only fresh pure sun and light.  Only transparency.  Only Truth.

Many on this world have become addicted to coping.  To being resilient.  To getting up and dusting off after an unfortunate manifestation.  Humanity sees this as strength.  As life force.  As toughening you up and helping you to survive and make it in this 3D circus.

This new life?  That is inviting all of you?  Isn’t about coping.  Or attracting ways to need to be resilient.  There are no grades in the New Earth.  There are no haves and have nots, once you all make your ascension leaps into the New Timeline.  There is only frequency.  And Freedom of Frequency.  What you vibrate as energy, you are.  And everyone will know it.  You can’t sell snake oils in God’s Timeline.  Everyone knows about the snake.  And everyone can smell any attempts to push a product like that through perpetration and propagandized means.  Its all so clear in the higher realms.  Only in the lower realms do people get disoriented because you have been living in a kind of Serpentine Kaleidoscope.

When you don’t want to be in that realm any more, take a breath.  And intend your Clear Soul Sight.  Intend your life that shines octaves beyond coping. Beyond resilience.  Beyond survival of the fittest.  Darwin’s Theories of Evolution have no place in a God World.  In God’s Timeline, every soul thrives.  Everyone.  It is the way the Garden of Eden is.  It always was this way.  The Serpent’s Handiwork just aided a mass forgetfulness that got reinforced over the centuries by one minion or another.

We will invite you to allow yourselves to be Free.  Allow yourself to Breathe.  Allow others room to Breathe.  And know if they need help or grounding or whatever it may be, that their inner guidance and activating freedom from fear and ego contracts will help them to find what they most need.

You are not Help-Less.  You are Help-Full.  All of you are.  And one of the best ways to Help others and to serve Source, is to Be Who You Are.  That means to rise to the occasion of being You.  Storms will come and storms will go.  Many other courageous beings faced Spiritual Storms in their timelines.  And many of those souls are here again now.  You might just be one of them.  We think you all are in a Collective of Immensely Courageous and Creative Souls, here for these times, to Know what you Inwardly Know, no matter what your outer world says and shows to you.

You are here to make manifest the Glory of Source in multidimensional ways, now and in the coming weeks and months.  Where there is fear, let there be faith.  Where there is doubt, let there be clear vision and strength.  Where there is illness, let there be health.  Where there is anger, let there be calm and peace.

You each are creating your own experience of the God Experience now.  It’s up to you . . . what do you want to feel as the old world crumbles and the serpent wizard is exposed behind the curtains of it all?  Who do you want to be when God’s Truth comes knocking on your heart and on your ego’s lenses?  How do you want to know the Truth of Who You Are while more rattles, shakes, and quakes around you?  What do you need from Source to be that Grounding Light?  What do you need from your Higher Self to be your special soul skills expressed through the best of Source in you in these times?

You are graduating the old dense 3D earth school now.  You are releasing it, many of you, for all time.  As you graduate, what do you want to celebrate each day that is an intangible but revered and beloved part of you . . . that can empower you when Ascension Winds of Change Blow Some Gale Force Winds of Truth into Humanity’s Consciousness?  These Epic Winds and Floods of Light were long foretold.  You need Quantum Arks to surf them.  You require Deep Inner Faith and Grounding to rise above and beyond them.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ The Quickening of ChangeTemptations will come to stay and replay the debris in the storms coming and already unfolding.  We would say . . . let what needs to pass through humanity’s conscious awareness . . . to do just that.  Let it pass through.  But don’t hold onto it.  Allow the suppressed layers of Truth to rise beyond their Shadow Captors and be seen.  It is only in seeing it and experiencing it one’s self that allows the shadows to fade from power and fade from positioning, such that God’s True Light and True Leaders can emerge to create this new 1000 years of peace so many have heard about for eons and eons of time.

Ground in God’s Truth.  That is a bigger Truth than what most of you carry around in your pocket every day.

Ground in God’s Light.  That is a bigger Light than what most of you carry around in your pocket every day.

Know that you were born to make manifest ~ The Soul Gifts ~ that only YOU came to uniquely shine.

Ascension Is A Time of Expansion.  So . . . EXPAND!

Breathe.  Trust.  Discern.  Allow.  Open.  And Love.  Love God.  Love the God in You more than ever before.  And Love the God in Sentient Life around you, even if it has been suppressed, hidden, contorted, and distorted.

The Gnarly Knots of Distorted Vision that the serpent tangled everyone up in became your own Nets of Deception.  And now it is time for the Deceived, the Dis-Eved if you remember many of the Adam and Eve channelings from before, to rise and reclaim their Truth.  So they too can release the pain of the past and so they too can embrace the promise of God’s Creation.

All have shadows to clear.  All have ego distortions and contracts to clear.  Do you need to go to the contracts now and work hard to clear each one?  We don’t believe so.  What we will say is you do need a steady commitment to Breathe Prana.  Breathe Light.  Breathe God/Source/Creator’s Gifts of mentors, awakened ones, teachers, healers, and those who stayed awake in the deepest serpent storms of all time ~ to be here now ~ and to assist others in their reorientation to the True God Timeline.

There is so much love and support for all you.

Storms will swirl.  Storms of Truth.  Storms of Revelations.  Storms of Heavy Rains and Light Infusions on your world.  It’s all part of the Ascension Well Underway.

And yet you have it all inside you.  You have God inside you.  And the many heart inspired ways you find to connect with that Living Light, will be your mentors in the Journey Home to God’s Heart once more.

It is happening.  Now through the Fall of 2023.  The magnitude of the crumbling of the old matrix is proportionate to the rising in consciousness and the joy of New Earth Living on the other side of all of this.  So breathe knowing God’s Glory, even when you don’t feel glorious.  Even when the atmosphere is dark and heavy for a while.  You know how to stand tall and face the sun like those flowers, even in the greatest storms.

May 2023 Energy Update ~ ~ The Quickening of Change

So do so.  Stand Tall. 

Rise and Shine, orienting and training your focus to the Living Light. 

Allow what needs to release, even if there are shards of distortions in your own personal vision that have created judgements and separations for lifetimes.

It’s a Great Clearing.  A Great Healing.  And a Great Rising for All.

Deep Breaths.  You’ve got this.  You came for this.  You are this.  And God/Source/Creator knows this.  He knows the Light and the Power in you to be your God Essence as much as you can, and to let the rest of the lower vibrational debris go and clear with the last vestiges of the serpent.

A Collective Created this experience and this experiment.

And a Collective Is Creating with Source ~ A Way Out.

The Way Out Now?  Is IN.  Go within.  There you will have all that you need.  Truly.  We say this to you.  There you will have all that you need.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, May 20th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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  • Renee Taintor
    1 year ago

    Oh wow. This is so powerful. I’m so grateful that you continue to access the Guides to share treasured tools that we need to navigate this unprecedented journey back Home. The only way out? Is in! Forever Thank you thank you thank you!