May 2024 Energy Update: Quantum Dreaming & Quantum Multidimensional Living, Change Your Frequencies ~ Change Your Life

May 2024 Energy Update

Quantum Dreaming & Quantum Multidimensional Living:
Change Your Vibrations, Change Your Story
Change Your Frequencies, Change Your Life!

A Message from 
 Frequency Writer ~ Marie Mohler

Received May 11, 2024



Dear Ones,

This is Your Time. This is Your Perfect and Powerful Portal of Time in All of Creation for you to express, be, do, and align with all that is yours to bring through into this realm, to bless this planet, your families, your friends, and all in the cosmos, simultaneously. You came this lifetime to Shine Your Light as bright as your most favorite eternal star. You are a reflection of the Light within the Stars and the Light within the Great Central Suns. Now Is Your Time To Shine, and All of the Benevolent Beings in the Cosmos, and All of the Benevolent Divine Beings that are presently in nonphysical form ~ Who Solely and Soul-ly Serve God/Creator/Source ~ are here to support you to be your best and brightest light in the Mid Way of Ascension. And it is vital right now for you to know just how cherished, seen, loved, and divinely empowered you are.

May 2024 Energy Update Quantum Multidimensional LivingSo let us breathe a Deep Divine Conscious breath In. And let us know that in this first Sacred Conscious Breath, is all of the prana, life force, and Divine Source Energy to fill your cup to overflowing with whatever it is that you need to activate the Allness of Who You Truly Are. In this Sacred Prana Breathing right here and now ~ you are invited to Know Yourself as a Fully Empowered, Sovereign, Cosmic, Multidimensional Being who has Multidimensional Gifts and Talents ready to create new things, new projects, new connections, and new extraordinary ways of playing here on Planet Earth, to bring higher dimensional consciousness as a way of living and being every day into this world. Breathe a few more Deep Divine Conscious Breaths In, and Know . . . that in these Breaths, you are All That You Truly Are and as such . . . you are Divine Creators of the One True Creator. There is nothing you cannot be, do, create, or have. You are a Universe of the Living Christed Light. You are a Vessel of this Divine Creative Life Force! And that means that you have Magic Within You that is ready to Color This World with Ascension Colors of Light, that will make even the most vibrant colors in 3D seem pale in comparison.

Breathe and Know that you are the Light of the World.

Breathe Deeply and Divinely and Know that you are the Colors of the World.

Breathe Deeply and Divinely, and Know that you are Divine Creators of this New Ascended 5D+ Earth.

And you are here to make manifest the Glory of All of that Radiant, Resplendent, Miraculous Energy here now, today, in May 2024, and as you focus forward in faith for the remainder of this year, and this decade.

The Entire Blueprint of Creation, and the Light of Creation, are within YOU. Remember this. Remember this.

Dear One, you are in the Time of the Great Turning! You are in the Time in which Divine Creator Source is summoning all souls to awaken to the Unique Spark of the Godheart you are. And that means you are summoned and called to now embrace the Changes unfolding in every moment in multidimensional ways on your world, effecting universes upon universes in the Great Multiverse that is God’s Precious Creation.

May 2024 and beyond will continue to invite you to seek within the Seed that was planted long ago for this special incarnation, that is perhaps the most significant part of Who You Are. You are summoned now to vibrationally time travel within your own conscious awareness and embrace the insights you see, feel, know, and sentiently can attune to ~ that has lived within you all this time FOR THIS TIME.

Many listening to a message like this one today have the awareness that old structures are decomposing. Deconstructing. And Dematerializing. For some of you, this is quite obvious. For others, it is a wish and a longing but still not readily apparent. For yet others, this may even be deemed fake news or misinformation.

The frequencies that stream through right now in messages like this one invite those willing to go further on the precipice of participating in Quantum Collective Change and Quantum Planetary Change . . . to make your mark. To make bold choices. To hold nothing back in expressing what you know is yours to bring through, to shine through, to create in this world, and to embody in this Mid Way of Ascension Times.

Greatness and Creationary Bliss are calling. And while 3D matrix-laden distractions also will call, higher frequencies of Light within YOU wish to align with the Truth of Who You Are and Why You Came so you step beyond those 3D distractions and empower the Divine Soul Shine you came to be and light up the world with, in these incredible times.

Dear ones, a whole new Quantum Universe welcomes you! And that means a Whole New Innerstanding of Divine Creation welcomes you. Listen for where people are speaking about Quantum Creation, and where their messages resonate, align yourself there. Become the Frequency of Greatness and Soul Expansion that you always knew

you wanted to be! Because you always knew that Frequency of Greatness and Soul Expansion is what you have always known ~ You Actually Are!

Quantum Assets and Sound Money are available to all who listen . . . NOW. There is no waiting on their arrival. Everything in the Allness of Time exists NOW. And that includes the True Reality of Your Divine Abundance, God Funded “Bank Account” and Wealth Portfolio, and Internal Experience of Multidimensional Wealth and Well Being.

May 2024 Energy Update Quantum Multidimensional Living3D Earth, in its lack and scarcity, is the anomaly of the cosmos. Yet as more awaken and take their True Place in Divine Creation, more will be receiving their True Divine Inheritance once more. Which is a Wealth beyond what most can fathom. It is a Frequency of Being Everything You Have Ever Desired, x 1000. For some, it will feel like x 1,000,000. This is what is in Divine Escrow for you NOW. And the question then remains, how do you tune into it? How do you access it?

You first, Consciously Breathe. Breath is your portal into Realms of Light, Joy, Creative Expression, and Multidimensional Wealth, Health, and Well Being.

Second, you listen for where you see, feel, know, and can connect with messages and messengers of Quantum Principles, Inspirations, Creativity, Collaborations, and Leading Edge Wealth Building and Humanitarian Project Building.

If in the 3D Earth, the whole world is a stage . . . In the 5D+ New Earth, the whole world is a Humanitarian Creation. Or series of Humanitarian Co-Creations. Feel into those frequencies for a moment. The 3D earth is a stage, an illusion, and a very dense reality as well. The 5D+ New Earth is a multidimensional earth offering everything to humanity once more, including time travel, space travel, infinite creation, and an abundance of wealth in every area of your lives. If you can dream it, you can be it, have it, build it, and experience it.

As the Energy Tides on Planet Earth Shift from Density back to Light, dreaming in this conscious and engaged soulful way will manifest many things much more quickly into form. Some of the quantum manifestations will come through the power of conscious and multidimensional intention and awareness. And some will come from technologies of the future entering more of your Now.

In the Broader Perspective of Time, nothing has been withheld from you that you did not withhold from yourself, through agreement with the 3D Matrix’s purpose, mission, and vision at some level. What is happening now is that all of those soul contracts have expired. And thus the only thing that is keeping people in a state of smallness, contracted-ness, and limitation is the rehearsed and practiced 3D ways of being, thinking, and existing.

Frequency Sets You Free! Higher Frequencies Set You Free!

May 2024 and beyond will continue to offer humanity opportunities to engage, observe, entertain, and participate in the failing 3D Serpentine Matrix.

May 2024 and beyond will continue to offer humanity opportunities to consciously breathe beyond any perceived limitations playing out on the “stage” of 3D Earth and 3D consciousness, and to quantumly travel into the life, skills, gifts, talents, relationships and more that were always a part of your 5D+ Consciousness, whether that anchors you here on Earth in brilliant and beautiful ways or whether that opens up universes of opportunities for you to live in totally new realms in time and space, within your quantum creationary abilities and also quite literally ~ in other realms within the cosmos.

What is coming through today is the Energy of Exponential Free Will, Sovereignty, and Choice. The choice to feel limited within the 3D matrix of corruption and control (especially mind control) is offered to every soul on the planet right now.

And simultaneously the choice to breathe, know, and live beyond the confines of 3D linear time is right there, within you, right here and now.

For those choosing to Breathe Beyond the 3D Theater, and the 3D Man-ipulations, what is your deepest wish? Your greatest dream? The feeling you have when you see yourself living in that timeline? Thriving? In-Joy-ing Life? Being the Divine Soul Essence and Presence who is Expressing Your Gifts to the Fullest? Unbound by working for wages and survival, as was the case in the 3D matrix? And Completely Free to live and create in the Quantum Field in ways that benefit you and the Great Sentient Cosmos?

What limitations do you still feel tugging on your 3D creationary sleeves, as a child of God still aware of all that plagues this 3D earth and illusion? Where do you entertain those limitations? How do you empower them? And what would you be willing to do to clear them out?

What dreams light up your heart when you experience frequencies in a transmission like this one, or a movie that moves and stirs your soul with inspiration, or a workshop you attend that spotlights the message that anything is possible and that you are the soul here to create all that IS divinely possible in partnership with Source in the most amazing ways?

The 3D Theater and Movie if you will will continue to play on and play out for those seeking to go to the 3D version of Theater, and play in that lack filled and scare-city filled sandbox. 2024+ will continue to offer experiences for people not ready to leave the story and the life experience of what is known, even if what is known is an illusion as well as a dematerializing realm of existence each and every day.

 May 2024 Energy Update Quantum Multidimensional LivingThe 5D Truth and Timeline of God that invites you to go and grow higher with pure divine inspiration, participation, and divine soul expression is a wonderful alternative,

and one that is gaining momentum for those that continue to seek and participate at the precipice of Quantum Co-Creation with Source in all highest good ways!

You are here in the Mid Way of Ascension being offered another series of Bifurcations to enter more and more of your Quantum Abundance and Multidimensional Sovereignty, and embrace more of your Divine Destiny that requires a series of Conscious Higher Dimensional Choices to open those very portals within you.

Will you go? Will you engage those Multidimensional Portals through Cosmic Choicepoints within you? Will you remain open to the Beckonings and Summonings to Greatness that are calling to each and every one of you?

Will you remain aware when a small sliver or slice of lower consciousness within you chirps or yells louder than your calls to Multidimensional Freedom, Sovereignty, and Wealth Building, in order to sabotage your departure from this 3D matrix and prison of linear timed thinking and ego contracts that have truly expired but that still will have life force, if each one of you gives it life force?

Who and what are you empowering now? What timeline are you living in, with the frequencies you devote to it, on a daily and regular basis?

You choose your Timeline and thus your Experiences with the life force you give to your thoughts, your dreams, your sacred seeds, and your gifts and talents! What timeline are you nurturing? What timeline are you inhabiting?

And what timeline do you WANT to be inhabiting?

Change your vibrations, change your story. Change your frequencies, change your life. Choose your vibrations and frequencies, and quantumly leap dimensionally to the realm where you most desire to live, be, and breathe in this new Multidimensional Reality that is quickly becoming Humanity’s Now Experience.

These Frequency Writings today are all about Time Travel. They are about your ability through your own Divine Merkaba to travel as a Christed Being of Divine Source Light through Time and Space, and to live in all of the ways you most desire (that simultaneously serve and benefit the Greater Whole of Creation).

As more revelations unfold in the 3D illusions of News-Casting (Spell-Casting) on popular Main Stream channels, as well as in the 4D Bridge Times of the Exposures and Disclosures of Truth Spanning All Time Space Realities, you are gifted with the knowing that you can time travel your way through your conscious breathing, through your conscious attention, through your divine intentions, and through your willingness to know yourself as a multidimensional being living in God’s Creation . . . to any Vibrational Timeline you wish to experience and embody in these Ascension Times.

You are the Perceiver of your Reality. You are the Creator of your Life Experiences. You are the Dreamer of your Future Experiences, that are seeded right here, right now, every day, in the Now of your feelings, your thoughts, and your very vibrations.

The 3D Matrix’s movie and theater may continue to spin and engage those desiring to watch and be in that “show.” And for those seeking that, that is their rightful place until such time as they desire more Truth in their lives and more Source Aligned Ways of Living and Being. Everyone has the Power of Choice to create their Reality, and some may choose their Reality to be engaged in Illusion.

But those ready for the Truth of God’s Creation, the Truth of Multidimensional Abilities, Awareness, Wealth, Co-Creation, and Abundance, it is simply a Breath Away from the Illusion you might presently be experiencing in the Multidimensionality of these Ascension Times . . . and into Foundations of a New Quantum 5D+ Life filled with the freedom, grace, ease, peace, and co-creative bliss of your heart’s highest dreams.

And that is what wants to seed in your conscious awareness today. That you are the Seeder, Knower, Grower, and Live-er of your Heart’s Greatest Dreams. You are the Portal and the Portal-er. You are the Dream and the Dream-er. You are the Light and the Light-er. And you are the Ascension and Ascension-er.

You are the concept/vision/dream/or thought . . . and the action . . . simultaneously. So what do you want to dream? What octave do you want to resonate in? What song do you want to sing in your Ascension Dream? What relationship(s) do you desire to multidimensionally dream-manifest into your higher timelined life and your Now?

May 2024 Energy Update Quantum Multidimensional LivingAnd know that in May 2024 . . . empowering your Breath as your Wand, as your Portal into Higher Consciousness and Higher Frequencied Living . . . is vital to your releasing more and more of the old 3D matrix every day . . . and to your embodying the True Divine Perfectly Blueprinted Creator of the One True Creator Source every day.

When you are breathing, visioning, dreaming, embodying, participating, and sustaining the Frequency you most desire to live, breathe, and be, . . . in all of God’s Realms and Universes, that is where you will be. This is the Timeline you will vibrationally inhabit. And this is the Way you can experience yourself as a Divine Soul in God’s Perfect Creation, in your Now.

There is no lag. There is no waiting. Now is the Timeline to practice Vibrationally Timeline Surfing through your Conscious Breathing and through Intentionally Portaling into the World you desire to Know and Live In, right now.

If you don’t want to experience Ascension Stress from the disparity between the 3D Earth’s Theater and the Greatness of your own personal experience of the 5D+ God Timeline, don’t write, think, feel, or emote your way into that Realm of Experience.

Explore vibrationally all that you want to feel in your pure and perfect timeline of Higher Dimensional Experiences post-Ascension . . . and inhabit those frequencies as much as you can!

You are the Bridge, the Conduit, the Creator, and the Portal into your own multidimensional experiences. And as such, make it the best Portal and the best Activation of your Divine Merkaba that you could ever imagine.

Quantum Abundance is a Wealth beyond 3D bank accounts and dollar balances in bank ledgers. Quantum Abundance is SO MUCH MORE!

The only way to experience more of what Cosmic Wealth and Quantum Abundance are . . . is by vibrationally leaving the illusion of 3D currencies that were all serpent created or manipulated at their core.

The more you align with 5D+ currencies, and 5D+ tools and avenues of Divine Wealth Creation, the more all of that life and life force becomes a living reality in your daily experience.

You have to be it vibrationally, to manifest it into your experience.

You must believe it (or vibrationally vision it shall we say) in order TO see it made manifest.

This is True of Multidimensional Time Travel. This is True of Thriving in Ascension Times. This is True of Releasing as fully as possible the 3D illusion and theater as best you can. And this is True of building and creating epic 5D+ humanitarian projects on the earth and in the cosmos, that is the True Bliss of the Awakening Process, and where souls arrive back in their 5D and higher consciousness, as if the entire 3D journey into the darkness and despair that that type of theater brings . . . was all just a misguided or mis-created dream . . . that was never real in the first place.

You are each and all coming Home to Source. Ascension in the Time of the Great Turning, and ultimately the Great Return.

Vibrationally know your God Timeline more than the 3D Timeline, and that will go a long way in dis-appearing the 3D illusion from your consciousness, and from your experience! Feel more, think less. Consciously Breathe. And Partner in Union with Source. And magic will be your life experience, in realms you have only dreamed of, but whose time has come to be a reality again!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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