Mother Earth’s Earth Chronicles: The Power of the Breath

Mother Earth’s Earth Chronicles ~ 2nd Report

A Bimonthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With a Short Initial Greeting from Mother Mary, El Morya,
the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received July 5th, 2017


Mother Earth face looking up at cloud heart photo

Dear Ones,

We, Mother Mary, El Morya, the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth, are a core support team for the work you will increasingly be doing and we are delighted to be here to connect with you on a regular basis.

Mother Earth is here with a new Message for Humanity today. 

Blessings and Light to Illuminate your path.

All our love.

~ Mother Earth ~ 

Dear Ones,

Breathe with me a moment.

Breathe in the Light of All Time and the Light of No Time.

For all are one and the same in the Deep Heart of Source Energy that created this world, that created you and me, and that created even this conversation we are having today.

It is through the Power of the Breath that each Divine Being re-creates itself from Source Energy in every single moment.

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So when you B~R~E~A~T~H~E deep into the Core Heart of the Universe, you breathe Divine Refreshment, Divine Recalibration, and Divine Gnosis, to live your Light, Soul Path, and Core Heart TO ITS FULLEST.

Now, just as Humanity has forgotten its Sentience, it has also forgotten The Breath as a Bridge to connect into Life’s Allness . . . the Expansiveness of the Vast Universal Energy and Light that you are.   

And so today, and every day, I wish to call you back into a conscious connection with your Breath.  And I also wish to remind you that your Breath is a Key Bridge to Accessing your Gifts of Sentience;  Your Divine Operating System that helps you to feel another, to feel Source Energy inside you, to feel me ~ your loving Host on Planet Earth and Divine Ethereal Mother Frequency, and to feel yourself . . . and the True Expansive Nature that a Divine Soul and Perfect Light/Ember of the Creator always and eternally is

When you Breathe consciously in this way, take a deep breath in.  And as you do, allow all of your senses to feel its life giving essence.  Go deep into your heart, deep into your lungs, and deep into the consciousness of your frequency, at energetic and cellular levels. 

Let your breath refurbish and revitalize any systems in your body that need Pure Source Light and this Conscious Attention right now.

Allow yourself to do this consciously.

At first you may feel silly allowing the energies of the breath to consciously commune with you, your heart, and your mind.  Silly is an ego word;  And an egoic concept.  Designed to make re-connection feel wrong or trivial.

Allow your heart to help your mind flow past that transient feeling of silliness, for in feeling deeper into the Power of the Breath, you know and you feel deeply . . . that the Breath feels, smells, and exudes the Essence of your Divine Source Frequency.  Your Divine Home Place in the Heart of Source.

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When you Breathe consciously in this way, you allow your soulular frequencies (the etheric “cellular” components of you) to reconnect, recharge, and bathe in their Home Source and your Divine Living Battery of Consciousness that is Who You Really Are, an Extraordinary Aspect of the Greater Oneness, Wholeness, and Perfection that the Universe and All of its Inhabitants Timelessly Are and Ever Will Be

Can your mind even begin to help you tune in to such a Powerful Force, Knowing, and Sense of Being, in the Allness?

The answer is clearly . . . No . . . for the mind is only designed to be a receptive structure.  And thus to follow instructions that are given to it . . . From where?  Yes.  The All-Knowing, Source Connected, Sacred Heart that exists within each one of you.

So Dear Ones, engaging in Conscious Breathing each day, for even a mere few minutes per day, reconnects these Sacred Synapses to help you begin to return to the Wisdom, Oneness, Balance, and light that your Core Heart was designed to Be, and to Breathe, IN YOU

And as we breathe, consciously together in this way, we are re-weaving a core thread
back into the Heart of Humanity.  We are re-connecting the Collective Synapses,
and Interconnective Nature of Divine Source Light.

stars in the cosmos image

By Breathing this way, we are tuning into the Power of All Universes to re-unite,
re-organize, re-calibrate, and re-create themselves in the image of the Essence and
the Heart of the All Knowing, All Loving, All Light Creator Source Energy.   

I thank you for joining me in this new and loving exercise and loving daily practice . . . that takes mere minutes of your conscious attention each day . . . but that has the power to unite millions on this planet . . . into One Unified Stream of Hope, Peace, Prosperity, and Highest Good Dreams and Intentions for the Benefit of All. 

That is Powerful Breath. 

That is Powerful Light. 

This is but a tiny taste of Who You Really Are, and Who We Collective Are.

The Breath is thus an essential component in nurturing your Gifts of Sentience, that will need to emerge more and more within us all, to help us navigate through the old energies of the earth experience, and to ignite the new frequencies of Light still germinating and seeding an entire new paradigm for evolutionary experience in the next 100’s to 1000’s of years to come. 

Its big work.

It is evolved work

And we are the ones designed to bring it through. 

How perfect that we would be designed to automatically and nearly effortlessly B~R~E~A~T~H~E it into being?

Source Energy always loves the easiest, most loving, and most synergistic way to manifest creation and beauty.

The Breathe is no exception.

So breathe consciously each day, even for just a few moments.

As you do, breathe hope, healing, and light to all of your cells, concerns, and challenges on the IN BREATH.

And then, allow yourself to breathe this transmuted energy in frequencies of colorful living light, on the OUTBREATH, that breathes peace, unity, joy, and positive possibilities for all of planet earth, as we rise together in every days’s and every breath’s New Perfect Order and Perfect Positive Creation . . . for the New Light-Coded Evolutionary Experiences we are meant to Co-Create to be in this new Now ~ Together

earth with white dove holding olive branch imageThank you.  Thank you for breathing with me, the consciousness of the Pure Light that we are, and that our Brand New Earth is Birthing together.

Stay tuned to this channel for more conscious messages about assisting the Great Ascension Process occurring in me and within us all. 

I AM another you, and YOU ARE another me.


When we breathe in Unity and in Unison, we breathe this Living Essence of Energy. 

We breathe this Living Essence of Sentience.

And we breathe the Unified Field of Love and Light back into the Hearts of Every Living Being that Resides here with Us, Together, in every new Now.

That is Powerful Breath.

We are Powerful Breath.

In Lak’Ech.

All My Love.

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