Mother Earth Chronicles: The New Light

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Mother Earth’s ~ Earth Chronicles ~ Report No. 3

A Bimonthly Channeling About
The Sentience of Things

This message is a Collective Greeting from Mother Mary, El Morya,
the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017

Received July 15, 2017



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, El Morya, the Arcturian High Council, and Mother Earth, coming as a TEAM, as your TEAM, to offer guidance to you and through you FOR HUMANITY at this time.

Dear Ones, we know this is a time of unprecedented change and unrest on your world.

We also know it is a Time of Unprecedented Light

sunrise with lots of light and nature photo

The vision we see for all of earth’s inhabitants is very very bright.

Those with the inner eyes to vision and to see . . . are welcome to join in this vision with us.  For the one we are seeing is one that manifests.

And it manifests magnificently.  Despite the dark.  And because of the dark.  And therefore, Through The Dark

The Age of Being Bound, Tethered, and Jailed here is over.  The structures of the Old World remain.  But have NO Energetic Support.  Whatsoever.

So they are merely timber.  That will fall and become part of the Earth’s record and rich soil, as a past participle so to speak. 

It’s day is done.

The unrest is great.  We know this.  We feel it with you.

Those asleep ~ sleep on.
Those dark ~ chaos on.
And those awake ~ believe and hope on

So what’s the deal?
What’s the Truth in the chaos of all of these timelines converging?

The Truth is . . . there are serious, profound, and mind boggling events still yet to hit your stratosphere. 

Right now – you are kind of in a Timeline of Roll Call.

All Timelines are being called to the Table . . . in non-visible cosmic meetings.

So it’s as if we are calling the:

PAST . . . here
PRESENT . . . here
FUTURE . . . here

LEMURIA . . . here
ATLANTIS . . . here
the UNITED STATES . . . here

SUMERIA . . . here
BABYLON . . . here

WWI . . . here
WWII . . . here
WWIII . . . NOT here

So . . . as all timelines, co-defendents, co-inhabitants, and co-conspirators all step up for the great All Time Roll Call, what isn’t here is WWIII.

And there will not be.

For many soldiers, conspirants, and victims etc. of WWI are here.  And the same of WWII are here.  And all know that WWIII simply cannot be.  It will not be.

For lessons have been learned.
Its all been done.

And the Earth, your host, is breathing with New Light.

beautiful earth with subtle space background image

That New Light blows out the candle of war possibility
every time someone gets a little flame going.

The New Light isn’t powered by Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Carbon.

The New Light is Powered by Source.  Source Energy is a Power that cannot be manufactured, duplicated, or simulated.

And therefore it cannot be molested in any way.

And it can not be synthesized on your world, as a synthetic power to be used and abused. 

The New Light is Cosmic.
It is Universal.
It is Healing.
It is Expansive.
It is Other Worldly.
And it is All Worldly.

Source is taking Roll Call.

For it is Source that wants All Souls, All Eyes, All Beings in every form in the Cosmos to take a good look at the old world.  And All of its Layers.  The Good, the Bad, the Tragic, and the Transcendent.

And to see that it is not the lower soul aspects of us that Create Light, and thus that Create Worlds.

It is the Divinely Lit parts of us, the stuff of us that is not tangible substance, that manifests greatness, brilliance, and powerful new portals of experience, beyond this [most recent] one, whose time and flame we are witnessing . . . going out

It is the seeing from inner eyes that can know, feel, see, touch, and stream this New Light.

It is seeing from inner eyes the knowing that the old energies of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen defined this former world.

It is from our inner eyes that we can see the technologies of Crystalline Frequencies of Light saving your planet and planetary experience from the brink of its despair.

It is through crystals that you will hold your frequencies to power New Light here.

It is in Crystalline Intentions and the Clarity of Love that will bring Unity back into the Greater Awareness for the Greater Whole.

rose quartz candle and flame photoThe New Light is in some ways a Crystalline Flame, that will get its Power from Source, once more.

And so, you must allow your outer eyes, or at least your outer awareness, to see the old earth set to rest.

The old earth is dying.  For there is not enough life force to sustain it.  And it’s frequency is not where you are going.

Those in alignment with the old earth’s energies will transition accordingly.  And reincarnate a new way a new day elsewhere to play those frequencies out again, and again, and again, until to Source, they will return, when ready.  The Desire for Light will burn strong in their hearts from this contrast in creation at the lowest levels.

Those readying for the Higher Light now, the Crystalline Pure Frequencies of the New Earth, must prepare for New Energy.  New Sustenance.  New Focuses.  New Projects.  New Ways of Being that will be other worldly and that will require humility, trust, and allowing to come through and propagate here. 

Mother Earth is a witness to this channeling today, as well as a live participant in it.

Her new body, her new family, her New Light is being born.  In US.  Her children.  Her family.  Her kin.  Right now.  lit up interconnected earth energy photo

She knows it requires Belief . . . the Power of many Central Suns to accomplish these goals.

AND YET – we are!

We Light Warriors are doing it for all beings in All Time, Everywhere.

The Light Warriors, who have devoted their entire incarnation here to being Crystalline Amplifiers of Light, . . . are doing it.   With Mother Earth.  And with all Star Nations of Light Participating.

We are Calling in the Light together.

We are Calling in the Crystalline Frequencies to Remake of this Earth . . . a City, a World, . . . of Immense of Light, Joy, Unity, and Abundance Again.

Hold your visions of Light with us Dear Ones.  Hold steady the News and the Frequencies of Crystalline Technologies here now to literally power New Worlds.

The people will no longer be the back-breaking slaves they’ve been.

In this New World, the Crystalline Light, emitted from a Core Resonance Unified in Light as a Planet, will be what powers, informs, structures, and leads this new world.

You are Light Generators and Amplifiers
~ each and everyone one of you. ~

Hold your Point of Light.
Shine it Bright.

a single powerful serene candle with subtle starlights in background photo

Today and every new day, the new frequencies release more of the old structures – literally and structurally now.  Soon, the Light will convert it all to Ash. Ash that will return to the Heart of Source for Alchemy and Transmutation.

But each one of you today – is a Sacred Breath of the New Flame of the Light Breathing the Earth Mother’s New Form into Full Manifestation. 

As Sacred Breath, you hold the power together, as Unified Light, to Power, Create, and Sustain New Worlds. 

Thank you for Holding and Visioning this New Light with us, each day, through your Sacred Hearts and Your Sacred Breath.

See the New Light in your Breath, and then see your Sacred Breath Powering the Heartbeat and the New Pulse of this New Brilliant Planet. 

We are Breathing this with You.
We are all Breathing this New Earth into Form Together.

Thank you.
All Our Love. 

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