Mother Earth 6/13/17: The Sentience of Things

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Mother Earth’s Earth Chronicles ~ A Bimonthly Channeling About
. . . The Sentience of Things

With a Short Greeting from Mother Mary, El Morya, and Mother Earth

via Channel Marie Mohler
Received June 13, 2017

Dear Ones,

Mother Earth wishes to share a message with Humanity today, this 13th day of June, 2017.  For there is great change expected on the planet and remaining weeks of June. 

And Mother Earth would like to begin to share biweekly earth chronicles with you, to celebrate the work we’ve all been doing, and to honor the work still unfolding and yet to come.

We are all in this together now.

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And coming together in these intimate gatherings as a Collective will give voice to the Light expanding and guiding the Path of Light in all of us . . . returning us to the Heart of Source that the Human MIND has all but forgotten. But that the Human HEART has always remained connected with. 

In these biweekly gatherings, we will give voice to The Sentience of Things, which will offer a broad space and topic area to cover a whole host of energies, creations, positive possibilities, conscious re-affirmations, collaborations that are working on behalf of the Light, and the progress of our collective energies working together to harmonize the One True Heart again

So without further ado, El Morya (the Keeper of the Eternal Golden Flame) and I (Mother Mary) present to you now . . . the Earth Mother and Divine Feminine Source of our Heavenly Soul Feminine Aspects . . . bolstering our journeys . . . while we are all incarnate on this extraordinary living and breathing planet, that many of us know to be . . . Mama Gaia

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Mother Earth:

Thank you Mother Mary and El Morya, and all who may listen to our greeting today, in order to anchor this consciousness in the Hearts of Humanity going forward. 

We have so much to celebrate together. 

We have so much light to shine.

For many thousands of years, we as a collective have had to grow dim, in the experience of lower frequencies, to be able to accommodate the vibrations of 3D reality in our soul consciousness and our human or physical forms.

Some have even had lifetimes where their soul light went out completely.

It has been a time of terror, separation, exploration, expansion, and entrapment – the likes of which the cosmic consciousness has never seen.

And yet, through it all, in the highs and lows, the karmic cyclings, and the Soulful Cleansings, souls like you and like myself, . . . have persevered.

We have persevered in our Remembrance at the Highest Levels . . . of the Light. As a Collective. 

Our success today is derived from the fact that Lightworkers through time have carried the torch . . . of Remembrance and High Self Awareness . . . while others had to step down into deeper densities, to journey the chasms of separation and forgetfulness.  

torch lit with dark sunset at the beach image

We have done both – the light bearing for each other
and the darkness experiencing.

And now, the cycle is over. 

It has been, really since 2012.

But today in 2017, the germinations of the past 4 years
have seeded quantum leaps in the Light. 

And consciousness is rebounding. 

And growing in strength and amplitude.

soul map and stars imageOne of the reminders I wish to call out in each of my daughters and in each of my sons, and in all light-centered beings worldwide, . . . is to begin to open to the Path of Sentience, that has always been the Stellar Soul Map of the Timeless Ages.  

It is through Sentience that you can feel me, and that I feel you.

It is through Sentience that we can know that the density of planetary experience is OVER.

And that Light is amplifying to REIGN once more.

It is through Sentience that we will begin to call our Heart’s Consciousness back to the Fore, and Rebuild this planet, and the Heavenly Body of Divine Frequencies, from the Roots Up, to literally seed a brand new earth together.

Waterways and Oceans will heal. 

Trees will grow anew.

Wildlife will return and expand in new and colorful ways.

Everything will shine again when the pitch of mass consciousness leans toward the sun for its light coded directives, visions, and manifestations of Heaven on Earth. 

We are so much greater when we stand together
as One Collective Frequency of Light.

Even a willingness to try to be the light in every now moment . . . is participating. 

So what stops us?

From being this heavenly hope, light, and vibrance?

Our cultural conditioning. Our karmic remembrances of times when we held the light only to be destroyed or injured because of it.

We have soul wounds, you and me. 

But the Light is here to heal and soothe those weary, wounded places.

The Light is here to round the edges of this former square, egoic, and chaotic world.

circles within circles on bright yellow ball image

And to make us a holistic sphere again. 

Individually and together.

So there is much to heal.
And to bring together.  Yes.

There are things known in the cosmos in the Higher Realms of Frequency and Light that many of us just cannot fathom yet . . . especially the How of the Healing . . . and the Timelines . . . etc.

But I say to you today, the How has NEVER been our job to figure or determine.

The How is the job of the Infinite Intelligence of Source Light Energy.

And all we need to do is to open to trusting it

To open to trusting the Divine Design.

And that means . . .

We must open To Sentience.

To the Living, Vibrational, Operating System you are, and we all incredible are.

To hear, see, feel, know, and identify what is TRUTH, what is GOODNESS, and what is WHOLE, and RIGHT to do or be in any given moment.

This channel, Marie Mohler, is a Channel of Sentient Timelines.

She can thus share a Story of Sentience through Time

In these sharings, a great remembrance of the earth’s past, present, and future can be known in an instant, despite comprising billions of years of time. 

This is but one of millions of examples of the Gifts of Sentience.

space time clock with earth in center image

Sentience transcends time, space, and the how’s of all the inner workings of the universe.

If you want to learn to feel the essence of vibration, of your soul path, of your soul wounds, of the light you desire to expand to become again, tune in to this channel weekly or biweekly for her offerings. 

Each is a Divine Download from the Realms of “No Time”, where All is Light and All is Well in the Eternalness that every Particle of Source Energy Truly Is.

Today is a Call of Remembrance.

Today is a Call to Come Further Back in the Collective Light together. 

lens flare light rays photo

Today is a Call to join our twice soul monthly gatherings, to talk about the Sentience of Things occurring in our biology, and in our cosmic family, and in our Cellular Structures as individuals in a much greater Collective Soul Experience than our minds know how to handle. 

These are heart centered gatherings.

These are light centered sharings.

Those interested in feeling the frequency through their Highest Light, please come.

Those interested in other experiences than this channel, there is a buffet of extraordinary diversity in the cosmos.

Each must begin to choose the “frequency stations” or channels or realities that they wish to participate in now.

For through our focus, our sentience chauffeurs us into the Realms of Deeper and Deeper Experiences. 

For many, the Call of their Focus will resonate with Light.

Whatever your resonance is, embrace it.
Grow with it.
Learn from it.

And participate in the Great Expansion of the Cosmos Now . . . as an Active Co-Creator and Participant.  starship earth image with light beaming from its center

For we are Sovereign Beings now – freshly liberated from the snares of separation and density and lack.

The abundance, freedom, joy, love, and diversity are unlimited once more.  

I welcome you to spend some time here with us, on the Earth Channel, to feel, sense, and grow the Light of Unity, Goodness, and Wholeness once more.

All my love. 

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