Mother Mary and the Arcturian Collective: The Call of Courage

Mother Mary & the Arcturian Collective ~ The Call of Courage

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Greetings friends!

Over the past week, I felt the word COURAGE pressing into my awareness.  I didn’t know why it came to me.  It just did.  And each time I felt the word COURAGE in my consciousness . . . I could also simultaneously feel my guides calling my attention to see or to simply witness the energy of its essence

As the universe would have it, several synchronicities also manifested over the course of last week. I found myself called to be a part of some experiences, events, interactions, and unfoldments with others that elicited or illustrated the vibration of courage in some way.  These experiences seemed almost designed to tell the story of courage to me through different people.

And so it went.  I would feel the word COURAGE.  I would witness its essence.  And then I would be given experiences where I saw or felt courage expressing itself in people and in life circumstances around me. 

awake aware meditator in sunshine photoAs last week unfolded, my Guides made sure I remained consciously awake and aware of Courage In Action in my daily activities and interactions.  

By the week’s end, I was definitely noticing the theme they were conveying to and through me.  (It would have been hard NOT to notice at that point.)

What I see only now this week is that several circumstances requiring my own courage seem to be lining up.  And thusly, I see an invitation to courage opening to me, in new forms and aspects of my life that I have not yet experienced. 

This may get interesting for me for a while.  But I also know that the universe always supports me.  As it did just last week in the preemptive teachings it called me to see.  As it has in countless ways over many years.  And as it will again in whatever it is that will emerge in my life experience in the coming weeks.  I know this Truth deeply.    

And the way that Spirit moved through me and spoke to me this past week is only one of the millions of ways that it tries to connect with all of us on a daily basis.  To help us and support us.  And to support our life lessons and journeys. 

The day we awaken to the comforting presence of our Guides and Universal Love and Support in our world, and in our own unique life paths, is a joyous day.

It is the day when the remembrance of life’s magic, and Source Infinite Support, begins again

And it is also the day that we are simultaneously called to courage. 

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For remembering the Truth of this Planet, this Universe, and our brilliant Soul Light requires a certain amount of courage . . .
to trust beyond what we can physically see.  And to go on a very important journey.  A journey into our Heart Centers.  Where our Spiritual Eyes, Ears, and Sentient Systems have been living all this time.  And where these divine gifts are ready to fully assist us in becoming the VAST, WHOLE, HEALTHY, ABUNDANT, JOYOUS, and INFINITE LIGHT BEINGS we truly are. 

As the planet continues to turn, as exposures of Truth and Un-Truth continue to be revealed, as life continues to change, and as the ascensional energies continue to rise, more invitations to step into COURAGE will likely come

Given this, I asked my Council of Guides this week to share their perspective on courage, and what it means in our lives here and now on Planet Earth.  This is what they shared with me. 

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I hope you can grab a cup of tea and settle in for some insights received this week from Mother Mary and the Arcturian Collective.

Please read with an open heart and with conscious discernment.  Listen with sentience for resonance. 

As always, remember to keep the best and release the rest.



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Mother Mary and the Arcturian Collective
“The Call of Courage”
via Channel Marie Mohler ~ 4/24/17

Dear One,

You ask about the living essence of courage and what it means to souls journeying on your Earth Star Planet?

We see courage from a higher vantage point, from our Arcturian Lens in this Galaxy.

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Arcturians are a Race of Star Beings that presently live outside the perceptual field of most humans.  We exist and thrive on a star planet approximately 20 light years into your future. Because our consciousness has evolved beyond the Confines of Time, we can communicate with Sentient Life in All Time, effortlessly, with a mere focused intention and directivity of consciousness. 

Courage, in our view, is the vibration emitted when a soul is willing to beam its higher organic light into a task or experience that will evolve consciousness for the better or that will serve a greater or higher good for the whole. 

Thus, courage in our world, in Arcturus, might look something like this.  A soul seeking to assist the evolvement of our own home star planet may consciously volunteer to join other galactic organizations, star planets, and efforts, to help earlier timelines evolve to their higher potential and their greater capacity for soul expansion, love, light, and harmony with Source Energy. 

Another example of courage on our world might be the decision to birth offspring and to parent, to facilitate the continued evolution of our species, and to bring new soul consciousness from Source into physical form within our community and planetary family. 

high sunflower amidst sunflower field photoIn your world, courage vibrates energy of stepping up, standing out, committing to, rising above, finding uncommon strength within, and sometimes swimming upstream or differently than the cultural mores or mass consciousness that that timeline expects.

In other words, courage on your world is still shown and experienced on an individual level for the most part, which effects the whole, but that often further advances a specific soul for a specific evolutionary advancement desired, which can impact, and at times, benefit others.

In this way, human beings who are growing their courage, and stepping up to be courageous, are doing so at an individual level.  And because many are being called into courage at this unique time on the planet, a collective evolution and ultimately planetary revolution will occur. 

And through these experiences of “evolutionary-infused courage energies” . . .

Each who answers The Call of Courage will also be gifted the resonant blessings of collective expansion, purpose, power, and peace.

Each sentient being who answers The Call of Courage now . . . is actually practicing frequencies of higher resonance and unity consciousness, while living out their particular purpose or part to play in the greater unfoldment of living Source Energy.

So to be courageous on your world Now . . . has quite a different evolutionary tone than what you have deemed courage to be, as recently as just a few years ago. 

Courage that has previously been required of 1 ~ for the Soul Path of 1 ~ . . . is now alchemizing and transforming into conscious action
and inner rising for the benefit of
the Greater 1 ~ and thus the Greater Whole. 

You are the Rising Stars of your journeys.  As such, as you each listen to the Inner Calls to Courage, to Soul Expression, and to Conscious Participation in Planetary Change, . . . you will see that with every effort now . . . the planet’s vibratory rate shifts higher . . . and rises out of the greater density frequencies of this past revolutionary cycle . . . and into a New Earth and Higher-Frequencied State of Living, Breathing, and Being.  All of this is occurring on this very same world. 

Through Courage and Commitment, and Re-connection to Source Energy and Pure Source Light, each of you will literally experience the release of the old world’s energy and the fortification and birthing of a new world and new planetary frequency that is committed to Oneness, Peace, and Prosperity for all.

As Earth rises in this way, . . . as a Collective, . . .
so too do all worlds in the Universe. 

For we are all only as strong as the teeniest, youngest,
and most frail of our working, living, breathing parts.

This is why you will see in the Higher Dimensional Realms . . . great cooperation, collaboration, and reciprocation . . . with vibrant and powerful practices of higher light and exchange.

We know that Courage is a Vibration ~ ultimately of Service.
Service to others and Service to Source. 

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When each sentient being in the galaxy understands this, and we each then collectively engage in Service to Source, we literally become the Energy of Source working together . . . which is what created this Universe for us in the first place. 

Through Courage and Service, at this Higher Level, we literally become the Living Gears that organize and operationalize the Entire Universe.

So when we understand the Higher Dimensional Value of Courage in manifesting this entire multi-dimensionality, we understand that as Arcturians and as Earth Beings, and as all Sentient Beings and Timelines in Between, we are all Gears in a Higher Matrix of Source Infinite Wisdom, Expression, and Living Divine Reality. 

teamwork rainbow gears and people photoThis is why we come to visit with you.

And this is why we invite you to remember us, our Arcturian civilization in the stars again.  We are all Part of a much greater Whole.

Some aspects of our Service to the Light, and this Galaxy, include traveling in time to lend support and insight into evolutionary processes unfolding here.

And the question we now ask of you is . . .

What aspect of the Light is your service contract now?

That you pledged in spirit to bring through?  At this time?  To help the Whole?

Is it singing?  . . . New positive affirming songs?

Is it working in the healing arts?

Is it taking care of brothers and sisters, and helping the family?

Is it rising in new positions of conscious, greater-good, light-led leadership?

Is it being a story-teller, and documenting the Earth’s transitions?

Is it designing more Harmonious Methods of Transportation?  Or Types of Housing for Humanity?

Whatever IT is, is inside You.

And right now, few others, or possibly no others, can hear what IT is for you as well and as clearly as You can.

So take some time to tune in and listen. 
Listen to Courage’s Unique Message for You. 

Listen to the Call of Service within you. 

And then, when you hear it, or you hear what it is right now in your life,
find ways to BE it.  To BE that Courage and Service in Action. 

When you do, the Light will grow brighter in You. 

The Planet will too. 

Others will benefit.  And you will begin to feel yourself connected, in a real and meaningful way, to Source, and to Oneness, and to greater Unity, than previous efforts or actions have ever created before.

A New Light is weaving the interconnection matrix again . . . back into the Heart of the Earth.

And so, it is weaving in You.

We feel this New Light on Earth expanding, from our own Star Planet Arcturus. 

Your shifts are palpable to us and to other Higher Dimensional and Sentient Realms in the Cosmos. 

Keep going.

We appreciate the opportunity to connect with you today.  We know for some of you, it requires tremendous COURAGE and Participation to simply read through messages like this one, with information from benevolent Star Races in Future Time. 

We would like to say Thank You for your courage, and your service, to even be willing to hear another perspective on life here on Earth, that is different from your own and possibly what you have known.

All of this . . . that we are doing . . . is the Living Essence of Courage.

For we are Living Elements of Service to an Infinite and Powerful Source Energy, of which we all and each are a Powerful Part. 

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All Our Love. 


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