Mother Mary and El Morya: New Year’s Eve 2016 – Revelation

New Year’s Eve 2016
Mother Mary and El Morya, via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

We are here tonight, on the eve of the earth’s new year and on the eve of powerful unfoldments still yet to come.

2016 has been a powerful year.
Much has been re-oriented.  Re-defined.  Re-membered.
Re-activated.  And Re-connected.

On the eve of this new year, 2017, we see a brilliant light encircling this beloved star planet.  Within the dome of extraordinary love and fields of remembrance, there is also the frequency of Truth, Transparency, and Transcendence.

For some of you, still feeling trapped in the hamster wheel of perceived 3D reality .  .  . the walls of that world and that wheel are coming down.

The door to the cage is opening. 

And your wings are ready for flight.   

Our question to you today is . . .

Can you fill your heart with the vision of pure light?

Whilst your feet still seem shackled in a world that is fast de-materializing?

How will you become the Liberator and the Liberated?

How do you wish to embody that essence of the Infinite?

When you hear us speak of a world de-materializing beneath your feet, what are the first feelings that surface for you, as you conjure images of that new reality?









All of it, on some level, may be the truest answer.

And whatever it is that you may feel, we ask that you allow yourself
to know the Truth of yourself within yourself.

Dear Ones, 2017 is a year with all masks removed.

You are all returning to the Garden of Eden.

But first, you must allow yourselves the self knowledge of your nakedness.

You will be revealed to yourselves.  No masks, guises, deceptions, or concealments will remain by the year’s end.

The ones who make peace in the new terrain are the ones who come to a sense of self-acceptance, of all the layerings of soul that you have been, or portrayed, in this last vast journey of soul-volution.  Or Soul-Evolution.

This is the Revolution.  The Real Revolution.

Where the frequencies of the planet help you to reveal your self to evolve yourself.

Rev-olution . . . . It’s the Revealing that Creates the Growth or Evolvement

And that is the Living Essence of 2017.
A world becoming naked again.  Stripped of all masks, deceptions, and manipulations.

And left with it’s core.

It’s Star Seeded Organic and Divine Material.

It’s Innocence shall return, through the willingness to face and embrace all that has been and unfolded in the separation experience.

Those of the dark and the light, and all density ranges in between, shall meet therein in the nakedness of the separation experiment and experience.

And in that willingness, to be so clean, pure, transparent, exposed, and whole for what you were, and ARE, . . . the doors to the Garden will be revealed. 

And a new world will open within, as well as manifest on the planet around you. 

All will walk this path now, on the inner and outer planes.

So make peace most of all with the return journey . . .

The Adams and the Eves, and the Serpent’s Separation Spell, are all walking themselves Home . . .

to an inner plane of Divine Grace, . . . and Standing Tall . . . in the Extraordinary Light . . .

Of allowing All That You Are . . . to be Known Again . . .

So that your Soulprint and Soul Song, your unique ring tone on the planet, can be heard, through your willingness to lay down all of your cloaks and guises from the past theatre project you all most recently have known as Earth/Being Human/and Being “Real”. 

What are you saying to the parts of yourself, that you know are celebrated here?

What are you saying to the parts of yourself that are not so celebrated here?  Or that are perhaps mocked?  Or denied?  Or disavowed?

We would say, to all of it, let it be LOVE.

Let yourselves Love ALL of you.

Let the awarenesses and exposures reveal the Light in it all.

And those who fight the Light, allow that too.

For the Light knows how to Lead.  And the Light knows the Richness of a Soul’s Choice to choose it’s experiences.  All of it is part of, and contained within, a universe created from Light.  The Light Trusts the Light it is made of, to lead it All back to its Origins.

So, whether the Return to Light is one that is embraced, or resisted, the Light is the guiding energy through it all.

The less resistance, the easier it is.

The greater the resistance, the greater the revelations.

Allow 2017 to lead with Light, and bring the hearts of all ready for re-unification, peace, and oneness consciousness to reveal that Light in the world.

Those revelations will go a long way in shining a Light on the doors to the Great Garden.

And that Garden, that Divine Space of Infinite Knowledge, Abundance, Fruitfulness, and Love . . . is awaiting all sentient beings to usher in a new era of Peace and Prosperity for All.

Wear your nakedness, your transparency, your revelations, with as much humility, groundedness, and heart vision as you can find inside.

And be compassionate with others on various planes of comprehending this Time of Revelation.

It will take practice, but by mid-year, more and more will be awakening and feeling the Garden, and knowing that the Great Mother and the Divine Source Creator of All Things and All Light in the Universe are calling them Home.

Soon you will see that you all are on the same journey now . . . no one is alone . . . and all are doing their best to find their way back to the portal . . . of the new world . . . birthing on the planet and in every sacred heart dwelling upon her.

There may be bumps along the way, but there will be unbridled support for all in the journey. 

Stay steadfast, heart aware, and Light inspired.

For the Great Garden is ready to receive her children Home.

2017 is a Time of Coming Home. 

Welcome Home, Dear Ones. 

We in Spirit offer our love, support, and sustenance as you take the final turn, toward re-discovering the powerful and beautiful being you truly and divinely are.

All our Love.

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