Mother Mary – December 14, 2016: The Great Flickering

“The Great Flickering”
December 14, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel, Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here with a Message of Hope and Light today.

We again see hearts in the process of the great flickering.  Where some see with much higher sight.  And then . . . the world around them reflects something much lower or much more painful, and they lose sight of the higher light for a time. 


We would say to all who resonate with this now . . .

Do not worry. 

We are there to catch you when you fall and remind you again of the higher light that is real

And we are here to expose the illusion that you just “saw”. 

Truly you innately and organically are a much higher light. 

So the light you have the ability to see, that is so powerful, is really . . .
a mirrored reflection of you

And the illusion you see, when you witness greater density in the world around you, is a refection of the
separation experience and experiment now coming to a close.

Try to remember which one is real. 

It’s the one you see, when no illusion grabs your attention.  That is what is real.

That is what we want you to remember.

There will be more attempts to ratchet up the illusion over the next couple of months.  So much is wriggling to the surface, so that the whole body of the entire serpent of illusion can be seen.  Glimpses of scales of darkness have not awakened humanity to the levels of light needed.  So used to slumber and enslavement programs most have been.


Now the whole snake will need to be seen.   

The pipeline, “the Black Snake”, as the Native Americans call it, is another mirror of the illusion of the separation experience.


The black snake represents all of it. It represents All of the density in our journeys, the dark regimes, the killings, the wickedness in the hearts of many throughout this powerful cycle of soul-volution or soul evolution. 

Breathe the Light you are, even in the black atmosphere and times, when needed.

Even the most wicked beings acting out atrocities are, in a number of ways, “victims” of the illusion. For they do not know the scam of the illusion they are and have been “sold”. 

They believe it brings them power.

And power only comes truly from the Light

The Black Snake will emerge in full view in the coming months.


Stay grounded.  Breathe Light.  Sing Light.  Vision Light. 

And Know that Light is leading every shocking revelation or unfoldment, for the great cleansing and liberation of all.


All my love Dear Ones.

I am with you always.

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