Mother Mary: Sentience, Allies, and Alchemy in 2017

2017:  Sentience, Allies, and Alchemy
December 26, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

I am here today with a Message of Living Oneness as all of Humanity prepares for the Dawn of a New Year, and a time of Massive Cleanup on your world.

Dear Ones, the Light and the Dark have been engaged in a rhythmic cycling for eons now.  In the previous cycle, the darkness rose in power, appearing to overshadow the Light, the Heart of Light’s Consciousness, and All That Is Good on the Earth.   

And now, the Light is getting ever increasing Source Power to amplify it’s codes and light rays, and to absorb the darkness, that has become so imbalanced in this last earth season of evolution.

In the New Year, the Light will more clearly, visibly, and manifest-fully clean up the darkness.  Clear away the shadows.  And expose everything into the Light of Soul Consciousness now.

Sentience is your medium to work with these shifts of light consciousness.

Anything less will leave you feeling disconnected, weak, disempowered, lost, and without hope.

Sentience is your ally.  She is your companion.  Sentience is the Earth Mother’s Divine Feminine Energy and Skills rising in you, to bring you and the Divine Masculine into greater balance. 

You will need her Clear Feeling, Clear Hearing, Clear Seeing, and Clear Knowing Skills that come from other worlds.  These are other worldly abilities.  And yet they are your abilities.  Coming through time to assist this essential cosmic clean up process for All. 

Trust the Earth Mother, and these Divine Feminine Frequencies, to stabilize your chakras.  To open your fields of perception.  To help you to take decisive action steps that are yours uniquely to take.

Each has a job to do now. 

Some beings holding the darkness are here now . . . to leave the planet.  Or to allow themselves to be taken in or down by the Light. 

Some beings are the restorers of the Light.

Some are amplifiers of the New Light Codes to set things right and in greater balance now.

The Darkness and Light will unify now, reset by the Light Codes flooding this world.

Neither “wins” as some might try to see it.  Rather, we would say, that the Light is All There Is, and all there ever was, and it now is being restored to its natural state of being . . . The Infinite Energy in All Worlds in this Universe.

Your invitation as you prepare this week to cross the threshold into 2017 . . . is . . . to inquire . . . what is my job in this clean up process?

How does the Divine Feminine wish to return and to express in me, through me, for the betterment of humanity?  For the grace of the whole cosmos and all species living in it?

What do I uniquely know how to do, or how to be, that can serve the whole?

Sentience is the Earth Mother’s Crystalline Light Codes re-awakened and re-activated in you . . . to help you to listen with all the cells in your soulular hearing abilities . . . to what is needed most now . . . from you.   

Sentience is how your heart hears the Earth Mother’s music in you, and what inspires you so compellingly to live your light.  To embrace it.  To be it, without hesitation now.

Your sentience already knows that which desires to express itself in you.

Sentience already knows the records of time, and what and how you chose to be in this next year unfolding.

For sentience is connected to the Light of All Knowingness and All Time.

Your job and your invitation now is to bravely, EYES WIDE OPEN, intuition streaming . . . see the work ahead.  And to steadfastly work with the Earth Mother, and her Essence of Sentience, lit in you, to bring this greater balance through.

So, we would say, you will first see the Light integrate in you, and engulf the parts of you still shrouded in darkness.  Those imbalanced male and female aspects will come into alignment and into your greater awareness, through your own inner housekeeping. 

Allow the shadows in you to rise up, into your heart’s consciousness, to be seen, and then, to instantaneously be absorbed by the Light of the Earth Mother’s Central Sun in you, in your Heart Center.

Feel it and know it as an inner sanctum, an inner beam of Divine Light, that knows how to cleanse at the deepest soul levels all density back into pure Light.

This Inner Alchemy is the Golden Fire of Purification known through the ages and through many prophecies by many names. 

And this is again being offered by this prophetess in this moment. 

Work with the Light in the ways you feel Mother Earth guides you the clearest. 

The Light, dear ones, simply IS.

It cannot be manipulated.  In these new energies.

Visualize in your own ways and your mind’s eye . . . your shadow aspects collected and poured into the forge of your very own inner Central Sun . . . to be alchemized in the Light of the new frequencies, and the new Light Codes.

And see yourself feeling more “Soul Whole” . . . feeling more integrated . . . as these old separated aspects of you no longer wrestle in your consciousness, for they have alchemized into ATONEMENT, or AT-ONE-MENT now.

This is your personal inner housekeeping to do in 2017.  At first, it may seem daunting.  Especially in the early months of the year.  And the work is just beginning.

But imagine, as the process becomes real for every being on the planet, on the inner and outer planes, what the world is becoming in the alchemization.

It literally is manifesting a Golden Earth in each of you, for the new Golden Age of Light.

Some are leaders, and in positions of leadership, who have pledged to Source and to the Allness – that they will be an agent of change, and facilitate this process on an external scale, in governments, and areas where Divine Leadership was previously corroded in darkness.

These are brave souls stepping up to model the process occurring at the leadership level.  To mirror the process occurring at the local, individual, and cellular levels.

All are entering this massive clean up alchemy and process together in 2017. 

Roll up your sleeves.  Open to the pulse of Sentience within.

Mother Earth knows exactly how to move through you, to activate your unique coding, into a Purified Field of Light.  An Integrated Field of Light.

Your shadow aspects have long been prepared for this transformational alchemization.  They are in communication with the Earth Mother in your Sentient Operating System.

The Light Codes and New Operating System have already been in place for a few years now, waiting on Stand By, for Divine Timing and Further Activation.

That Time for Activation, Integration, and Alchemy is NOW.

Allow all Soul Aspects to be poured into the core of your Central Sun within.

And allow Mother Earth to guide your inner eyes, and inner willingness, to see all aspects volunteer themselves now to be alchemized in liquid golden light.

Once poured into the New Operating System, your frequency will rise and move dimensionally higher, to 4D and to 5D+.

And you will have transcended the trap of the 3D Illusion in this mighty, cosmic, and wholistic healing ascendency. 

Dear Ones, you are all Central Suns of Divine Light and Universal Order.

You are all Living Embodiments of the Divine Light from the Stars.

In 2017, you will become Light’s Integration, Gnosis, and Wholeness again.

Do not fear a process designed to escort you Home.

As much as you can, ground in Source Light, in Mother Earth’s Crsytalline Light, and in your own Sacred Heart’s Central Sun Light.

With every shadow rising for witnessing, integration, and/or removal, know that The Light Leads All Things.

All aspects are being Reintegrated, or Relocated to a vibrationally matched resonance in this universe or others, depending on their chosen codes and design at this time.

Trust the Light to do this Organizational Work. 

Allow the Light to Unify this World out of the dimensional field of separation and into a greater unified field of Harmony, Resonance, and Oneness.

Trust those souls that volunteered to be Leaders of Light, to round up the dark souls and seeds of the former dimensional experience.

It is a big job.  And it will require great fortitude.

By mid year, you will see the great progress in the alchemization of the planet that will have been made.

Initially, focus on your personal alchemy and don’t get distracted by the cries of the darkness whose journey has been full and is now complete.

Your sentience is connected to the Earth Mother’s Guiding Light and Infinite Heart.

Your Sentience knows how to Let the Light Lead, and how to Embrace the Unity Unfolding Within.

We honor your reawakening dear ones to the more True, the more Divine, the more Wholistic Experience of You, that you truly are. 

Blessings and Showers of Light from all of us in Spirit, supporting the journey Home.

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