Mother Mary: 2016 Solstice Message of Hope, Light, and Dream Seeds

“Solstice Message of Hope, Light, and Dream Seeds”
December 8, 2016
Mother Mary, via channel Marie Mohler


Dear Ones,

The Heart of the Earth is recalibrating.  At the Winter Solstice, a portal is closing.  And a new one, an entirely new experience, is opening.  To all of you.


Just as you cannot expect a new harvest from last year’s crop cycle – because you need new seeds to yield new fruits, you must open and become willing to believe in the new cycle and portal of prosperity opening to you.

You are here on the earth at this time to experience this new seed cycle.

Let the old seeds go.  Let them return to the Earth.  And become layers of rich soil for the evolution of the planet now.

Much is newly seeded, created, and coded now to birth a new wisdom, freedom, joy, and sovereignty than you can presently imagine.

And what you are invited to do this Winter Solstice is to vision any new seeds of light that stand for the good of humanity, growing through the new portal, and establishing an entirely new form of higher consciousness, global citizenry, and galactic citizenry really.


This December, you are invited to close out your past seed cycles.  To release harvests of those efforts and experiences. And to be willing to step up and step out into a new world and a new earth, that is ready to grow new species of flowers.  New versions of light-filled experiences.  New ways of inter-relating and co-creating.

The Winter Solstice 2016 is here to mark the transition from the old world and old codes into the new world and new codes.  These are entirely different evolutionary experiences.  And yet all are part of a much greater evolutionary whole.

Further creation in the old codes and old world frequencies will cease.

And the New Light will flower experiences you may have to see to believe. 

But believe, we believe, you will.

From now until the Solstice, picture your seeds.  See yourself release the old.  And the tired fields.  And then see yourself growing and loving your new, vibrant, magic seeds.  What color are they?  What shapes?


Seeds in the new earth might be entirely different than the shapes or varieties you are accustomed to.  So allow a new vision of light codes to emerge in your dreams of new seeds.

Allow the Light of Source to touch every seed, and vision a world manifest for all, fertilized in Light from the Source, and the Great Central Sun . . . that lives, breathes, and grows unity, love, prosperity, and joy for all.


Nurture your new seeds these next few weeks.  See them advancing and lighting up, through the frequencies of the Solstice portal 2016, to grow a new world.  A new planet.  A new light in the hearts of all living species here.  Physical and nonphysical.

And see this new garden on the other side of the portal, already thriving in this new color-infused, light-inspired, sacred space, that all in the coming few years will begin to know as their true Home. 


Back in the Heart Garden of Source Energy, where everything that is needed is provided, and every experience in the Unified Field of Light enriches and benefits all.

You are invited to the Playing Fields of Light, New Earth Dream Seeds. 

The Working Fields of the old dream structure stand down now, complete, and ready for the history books.

As you begin to see with Frequency Eyes, or Soul Vision, you will also begin to see many more of us in the realms of the nonphysical walking with you in this world.

The cosmos is way more populated with Goodness and Light than you have been led to believe.

So this Solstice, we welcome you into the realms of infinite color, exponential creative power, and divine blessings of goodness and well-being. 

This is your new home. 

This is your new light. 

This is your new frequency.

For you, Dear Dream Seeds, have literally seeded it into being.


Come join us on the other side of the portal.  We have some seeds to add into this Divine Planting as well. 

We will meet you there in the Garden of Hope and Light.  For a new Humanity.  And a New Earth Experience.

It’s going to be quite a joyous gathering and reunion.  And it only gets better from there. 

In the New Light, and your New Frequency, you may even find that you don’t recognize yourself.  And that’s okay.

It takes a little time to adjust to Light Fields of Joy again.

Be gentle with yourself.

Allow the portal to ground you and orient you, in these next sacred steps.

All our Love, Dream Seeds.

Safe journey.  Be well.

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