Introducing a New Earth Soul Song and Resource for Energy Attunement: The Sounds of Circles

The Sounds of Circles

Listen to this Sacred Soul Song for a weekly (or daily!)
Vibrational Tune-Up

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Greetings friends,

It’s been a powerful couple of weeks for me, and I imagine it has been for you as well.  There is so much energy stirring and surging from so many timelines for all of us – individually and collectively . . . and thus surging from a good many soul aspects inside us that are connected to those multidimensional timelines . . . that it can be disorienting, challenging, cleansing, and illuminating all at the same time.

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As we all continue to ride the ascension waves and allow our Higher Light and Insight to emerge within us and to expand through us, I heard the energies of one of my New Earth Soul Songs whispering to my heart’s consciousness this week, wanting to be sung and shared. 

It is a pretty awesome (and humbling) experience for me as a channel to have received these soul songs in the first place.  For I do not have a professional musical background, singing aptitude, or song writing skill within my “talent palette”, at least in this life anyway. But still, they came. The universe gave and I received.  

Now that I have sung and recorded all of the soul songs that I have received over the years, and have literally brought their unique frequencies out of the ethers and into form, . . . one of them seems to periodically tap into my conscious awareness and sing me,” making of me their divine instrument.

What I mean by that is that sometimes a particular song will press INTO my consciousness versus my conscious awareness calling them to consciousness.

When this occurs, I feel my sentient operating system guiding me once again to what my soul needs or desires, or what the light of the world needs or desires, at any given time. 

These New Earth Soul Songs as I have come to call them  . . . have really highly attuned vibrations.  They share a story with us.  Vibrationally as well as linguistically.  In a sense, they offer us all a unique form of “frequency stories” or “energy downloads” that are available now on the planet . . . to softly support each of us in our journeys Home . . . and to help awaken humanity as a whole in these bridge times.

So . . . as this New Earth Soul Song entitled The Sounds of Circles sang through me this week, it seemed clear that it desired to be shared in the blog as well. 

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It is a Remembrance Song.  It is a Reminder Song.  It is a Call from our Collective Heart Song to remember . . . who we are, the core purpose of our circular journeys in the most recent evolutionary cycle, and the cosmic completion of this pattern of karmic cycling now for many of us. 

It is a Call from Within Now to Commitedly Hear the Whisperings of our Inner Rising Star and Heart . . . to begin taking the conscious action steps now to allow Higher Consciousness, Truth, Transparency, and Greater Light to vibrationally free us from the limitations, lack, separation experiences, and suffering that the past 26,000+ year cycle of 3D Living has wrought.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for. 

We are the Sounds of Circles coming around the final bends of karma, to consciously liberate ourselves from the previous world/evolutionary cycle’s densities and entrapments, and to literally birth a brand new earth experience that is filled with expansive Light, Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Joy, Well-Being, and Wholeness for us all.

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You are the Rising Star in your life, and in your own Karmic Cycles, receiving an invitation to greater integration.  You are invited to ascend to a Higher Light and the Embodiment of a Much Greater Consciousness and Vaster Stream of Talents and Abilities than we have previously thought possible on this planet and in our daily lives. 

It is an exciting time.
 is a chaotic time as well.

Yet out of the current disorder and chaos, the precision and infinite wisdom of the universe will manifest perfect divine order once more. 

We simply have to remain open, aware, willing, and active in our awakening, ascension, and soul activation process. 

New Earth Soul Songs like The Sounds of Circles can help us to breathe vital life force energy and divine remembrance into the consciousness of our cells each day . . . as we vibrationally make the inner quantum leaps necessary . . . from 3D frequencies, patternings, beliefs, and struggles to 5D frequencies, blessings, abilities, and unity consciousness, all while many of us will remain in physical form on the planet.  

This is a vibrational shift that our minds simply cannot conceive.

Our minds simply need to take directives now from our all-knowing, highly-gifted, and infinitely-interconnected hearts and sentient operating systems, in order to understand the magnitude and the tasks required of this extraordinary “in-body” soulful ascension process.

When we reach for tools like New Earth Soul Songs to bathe us in frequencies of remembrance and reassurance, and to fortify us with the soul strength and knowledge that we already are deeply prepared for the unique tasks and purpose that we agreed to do, to transcend, and/or to bring through at this time of the earth’s ascension, we are literally bathing in the higher frequencies of the new life and new light that we are rapidly, cellularly, and soulularly becoming, as a member of the Unified Field of Light in the Galaxy and as Conscious Stewards of this resplendent Earth Star Planet.   

So without further ado, I will include a video of “The Sounds of Circles” via my Color The Magic YouTube Channel.   I will also post the lyrics below the video for you to read along as you listen, should you desire to do so. 

Singing these “remembrance frequencies” and “soulular reminders” helps to vibrationally re-orient your cells and thus to attune your physical temple and your divine merkaba (your multi-dimensional soul starship vehicle – if you will) to the Higher Light of who you truly are, and who you have timelessly and eternally ever been.  So remember, you are invited to not only listen to me singing The Sounds of Circles.  You are invited to learn and sing the song too.  


The Sounds of Circles ©2010 Marie Mohler/Shine Your Light Gifts

In the circle of our journeys
There is a rising star
We may wonder now if we’re complete
But it’s time to be what we are

For we are each aglow with magic
The kind that lights the heart
When we see all life through Source eyes
We know our circles’ve done their part

Each footprint had its place
Each lesson lived and learned
We’ve expanded up down all around
And to our True Selves we’ve returned

The Dark, the Light, the In-Between
We’ve played so many roles
But as we round each edge and corner
We are time and again made whole!

For we are all living Sounds of Circles
And we are all living Circles of Sound
Yes we are
In our hearts
We’re the sound of circles coming round
Yes we are
Bright Circles of Sound
Coming Round

As living Sounds of Circles
We’re here to sing harmony
Each journey represents a different note
In a sacred symphony

In the Coming Home bend of our journeys
We remember who we really are
All of the years and miles traveled
Have formed our Inner Star

Our Circles of Light and Circles of Love
Sound the call of Unity within
They ignite the Light of our Rising Stars
And the graceful gifts we’ve been giv’n

As Cosmic Sounds of Circles
We together chime with grace
We can smile and know that we’re complete
And the world’s a better place!

For we are all living Sounds of Circles
And we are all living Circles of Sound
Yes we are
In our hearts
We’re the sound of circles coming round
Yes we are
Bright Circles of Sound
Coming Round

Yes we are
Bright Circles of Sound
Coming Round

If you have further interest in reading more about the Concept of Circles and the Wheel of Karma, from various world perspectives, I wanted to include a couple of links to a few interesting articles to get you started. 

A Buddhist Perspective of Bhavacakra:

The Concept of Chakras:  The Wheels/Spheres of Life Force Energy in our Bodies
via a video by Anodea Judith/Hay House Inc.

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A Native American Description of the Medicine Wheel

An Additional Native American Understanding of the Medicine Wheel

A Commentary on Shakespeare’s King Lear, in which one can find the Magic of the Circle and the Wheel expressed:

We ARE these Living Sounds of Circles.  They are reflected in our different world religions, the spinning wheels of our chakra systems, our literature, our karmic cycles, and much more.

Keep surfing the waves!

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And remember . . .

Consciously Breathe the Light of your Heart’s Higher Consciousness into your daily life experiences, choices, actions, interactions, thoughts, and feelings now.  It knows the Allness That You Are, and it is here to assist your own perfect Sacred Circle in coming ‘round to Perfect Wholeness, Love, Joy, and Bliss . . . as we rise up and beyond the confines of the 3D chaos, limitation, and lack, and into a whole new 5D amazing vibrational reality!

Shine on!
Blessings and Luminous Light,

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