Nov-Dec 2020 Energy Update: A Deep Detox Is Unfolding ~ The Duality Divides, The Light Unites, The Zero Point Portal Integrates, & Freedom Must Be Chosen

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.14.2020



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Christ Consciousness and the Divine Color Frequencies of Sapphire Blue, White, Silver, and Golden Light to join you and to connect with you in this Divine Transmission today, in the month of November 2020, as the Earth’s Epic Emancipation continues to unfold.  For these are the times dear ones where much is being unlocked, much is being liberated, much is being released, and much is rising in quantum, epic, and expansive ways . . . too vast and too soulful . . . to language in words in this Now moment.  That is why we invite you to join us, to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us, for as you do . . . you can allow yourselves to feel and to receive these Living Light Codes of the Soul Awareness you each and all carry within.  Breathe in this Sacred Conscious Breath, allowing these Blue, White, Silver, and Golden Frequencies of Light to touch your hearts and to activate your Divine Remembrance that you ARE these Frequencies of Living Light, you ARE these Codes and Colors of Living Light, and you ARE the Grace and Wisdom of these Energies of Living Light.  Breathe in another Sacred Conscious Breath and allow your hearts to open and to allow this Sacred Gift of Receiving . . . for you are feeling again and allowing again . . . the Sacred Life Force that is the Living Essence of Who You Truly Are.  And in this Sacred Life Force, in your Conscious Breathing, you are reclaiming and receiving your own Inner Cosmic Keys as a Child of God, as a Child of the Universe, and as a Sacred Warrior and Embodier of the Living Light Codes, or the Living Christ Codes, here on the earth at this time.  The Earth’s Epic Emancipation . . . Is You!  It Is Your Epic Emancipation.  And as each and every one of you taps into this, feels this, awakens to this, and rises in embodying this, the Whole Earth is rising, renewing, and receiving its Higher Light Codes and it is Breathing a Single Source Breath in Unity and in Unison once more.  This is what we mean by the Epic Earth’s Emancipation unfolding on your world.  And you are the Sacred Instruments of Divine Light, Life, and Powerful Change ushering it forward! ~ november december 2020 ~ deep detox New Earth

The World Is Changing, isn’t it?  We focused on this frequency in the last transmission.  Some people are experiencing greater angst and a sense of a lack of oxygen in the old world, and old paradigm, aren’t they?  Some may want to believe that the old ways are coming back, that the old structures are prevailing, and that they can count on that rusty and antiquated structure to give them a sense of safety in a world that often breeds and breathes so much uncertainty and a lack of security.  When people give their power to something outside of themselves to “restore safety” or “reset security,” they already are breathing the illusion itself.  For they have aligned themselves with the uncertainty and lack of the 3D illusion.  And they have forgotten in a deeper, soulful way . . . Who They Truly Are. There are also some people who felt the lack of oxygen, the lack of sustenance, the lack of life force, safety, and security here over many months, years, and even decades, and they have gone in search of a Truer Oxygen, Life Force, Light Source, Meaning, and Re-Union with what is Real and True, and Timelessly Real and True.

And so you can see, palpate, know, and feel the Duality’s Divide in your world right now.  Yes?  And in one sense, there feels to be a crater between “the two sides”, yes?  That all might just tumble in and never return from.  And in another sense, there is a Powerful Zero Point Portal opening to all who are experiencing these global shifts and worldwide changes . . . that exudes a frequency of Great Cleansing, Alchemy, Unification, and Peace Beyond Measure.  And we would say that both are vibrational options and offerings in this moment and portal in time.  

Those Two Wolves are still offering their vibrational perspectives aren’t they?  And they are still inviting you each to contribute your attention and your “vote” if you will for their vibrational vision for humanity’s future, aren’t they?  And yet, if we zoom out a little bigger, if we see an even bigger picture than the duality playing out on your world, there is truly an offering where all sentient life is being offered the Emancipation of a Lifetime . . . where All Is One . . . where Diversity Is One . . . where Opposite Perspectives or Vibrations Live As One . . . and where the current Fragmentation in 3D is Unified as One in the Higher Soul Sighted Inner Connections that All Is Truly One, even in lower dimensional experiences of Fragmentation and Polarization.   

And this is what is in the process of reconciling itself dear ones.  This is the process unfolding in the Elections in the USA, that are deeply and expansively impacting every other country on the planet right now.  For as we have said before, this is a Spiritual War if you will in 3D matrix’s Duality Game.  It is a Multidimensional Chess Match.  And there are many steps that are being taken by many beings throughout the galaxy and on your world to reset the Earth into a Whole and Unified Expression of Divine Light and Unity once more.  Evil is battling the Light, and struggling now for its survival.  It has been very successful in its dark caverns and caves of mind control and propaganda and feeding off of humanity’s fears for eons of time.  And it is not giving up control without a fight.  It knows many tricks, tales, and ways to play on the heartstrings of a humanity that deep down DOES deeply care about the collective, that DOES deeply care about the Earth, and that DOES deeply care about the Future of the Earth’s Children.  Evil itself does not care about those things.  But it is a powerful luciferian skill in a 3D matrix to polarize the masses, extract the maximum amount of compliance through fear and mass manipulations, and to appear to be the hero and champion of fighting for those very things.  That is why it is challenging to say the least to see the snake in the Light Warrior’s Clothing.  For many, they can only see through conditioned 3D sight and vision . . . a Light Warrior heralding positive energy and change in the ways people have been conditioned to receive positive energy and change.  And yet, on the other side of that polarity and this 3D war in this 3D matrix, there exists the Timeless and Eternal Truth, Divine Truth, that shines Eternally, in its Higher Dimensional Light and with its Bold Clarity of Sight, Its Empowered Shining Cosmic Keys, and Its Multidimensional Strength, Stealth, Grace, Power, and Fortitude.  The Light Is Unapologetic.  The Light Is Bold.  It is Brazen.  It is Golden.  And it Stands like a Majestic Lion, Golden in its Power and Stealth, Confident in its Powerful Abilities, and Kingly (or Queenly) in its Command of Embodying and Emitting that much power throughout All Time, Space, and Sentient Kingdoms or Lands.  The Lion’s Gate Portals are still walking with you dear ones, to remind you of this Inner Lion Medicine all have been infused with this year in 2020, more than any other year in recent history.  You ARE Golden.  You Are This Golden Truth and Living Light.  And yet the darkness, the evil that has attempted to live outside of the Light attempting to create its own Power Source in the Universe and to manifest itself as its own God and Master of Illusions, is not powerful enough to make its darkness appeal to the masses in the same way that Light and the Majestic Frequencies of Lion Medicine and Unity Consciousness can.  And so, the darkness and those that pledge loyalty to it, must often wear Costumes of Light, Costumes of Truth, and Costumes of Powerful Lion Energy if you will to borrow from the True Light, the True Creator, and the True Essence of Power in the All That Is, to fool the masses into following their messages and messaging systems, . . . to create their followingFor the darkness cannot win the masses on its own merit.  Humanity, even in a 3D realm, is too wired, and too clear, and too Divinely Connected in its Core Heart and in its Core Design, to truly seek anything else. ~ november december 2020 ~ Sheep Wolf New Earth

And this is why your world is presently in the state of Division or Duality that it appears to be in at the moment.  The Dark Wolf in sheep’s clothing is doing its best to literally and figuratively pull the wool over people’s eyes, so they do not see the false wizard behind its dark curtains.  But soon, they will.  For infusions of God’s Perfect Light are pouring into your world as we speak.  Infusions of Pure Divine White Light, and Pure Divine Christ Light, and Pure Divine Unified Light are pouring into your world as we speak.  And the darkness cannot even hold 1 candle to that level of Cosmic Power.  That level of Source Power.  That level of Infinite Divine Power.  And it knows it.

But does the dark wolf and the dark matrix want to be revealed for its false costume?  Its trickery?  Its shenanigans?  Of course not!  That is the only way it is has been able to survive and gain “control” and “dominion” over this entire 3D earth realm for such a long time.  It requires cunning calculations, long term plots, schemes, and visions, and masking its reptilian and snake-like dark agendas by wrapping them in bouquets of flowers and promises of safety, unity, truth (with a lower case t ~ where people aren’t taught about these tricks of language and propaganda), inclusiveness, and peace.  It creates triggers and events of deep and primal fear to corral the global perceptions and perspectives of people worldwide into joining their corrupt and nefarious plans of world dominance and dominion over the soul of all sentient life on this incredible earth planet.  

2020 is the year where much of this deep, insidious, nefarious behavior and these agendas are being flushed to the surface. Because 2020 Clear Soul Sight and Source Transparency is the only way forward in the New Earth where All of God’s Children are empowered and emancipated to REMEMBER Who They Truly Are!  Dark wolves in sheep’s clothing will no longer be allowed the serpent behaviors and tactics that manipulate the masses any longer.  

The question really is . . . did the manipulations create a spell?  A sense of false security?  A drug if you will that has been sprayed over the entire human collective and truly all life on your world?  Yes.  

So here we are in November 2020 . . . and humanity is being roused by Source Creator . . . through Light Warriors all around the globe . . . to Rise.  To Awaken.  To Activate their Clear Soul Sight.  For it is simply time in the larger cycles of Creation . . . for All Souls To Reset into their Highest Light.  Their Truest Vibration.  Their Sacred Sovereignty.  And what happens in that process?  Some of those Light Warriors are being vilified, while the dark wolves continue narratives of their own deification.  The dark wolves are doing their best to VILIFY the Light Warriors sent through the Ethers of Time to emancipate humanity at this time.  And the dark wolves are also fully indulging their network of serpentry and their centuries-old, well-worn pathways of Social Conditioning and Mass Manipulations . . . to DEIFY their dark ways by hiding in the covers of the Light they have staged all around the planet for eons.  

The Light can be comforting to some, but it can be blinding to others.  And this is also part of your earth experiences right now, as two worlds become one.  As Source shines in the Reigning Light of Christ Consciousness and the 3D matrix’s dimness and darkness gets more and more doses of this powerful, sovereign, and timelessly True Divine Source Light.

True Oxygen is returning to your world.  True Divine Light is returning to your world.  True Christ Consciousness is returning to this Earth.  God’s Luminous Light is reigning through the Ethers and from the Heart of Gaia once more to reset and raise this Earth Frequency once more . . . to be its Timeless Essence of Divine Grace.       

It takes time and clarity to reset one’s inner soul sight to the Truth of God’s Light and these Divine Frequencies of Sovereignty, Abundance, Emancipation, and Empowerment.  There is a Great Quickening unfolding in November and December 2020, and it will continue into 2021 as well.  All are required now to Come Home to the Heart of One in the Heart of God.  In the Heart of Source.  In the Heart of Creation.  

The wresting inside each and all in humanity now is not the Dark and Light Wolves outside yourselves.  It is the wrestling within between all of the false patterning and programs that have accrued like time-traveling barnacles inside your cells.  Inside your vibrational fields.  Inside your chakra portals and centers of powerful energies.  And every time you see something that is a vibrational match to your own inner work in the outer world, and thus ~ that is a match to your own inner war of good versus evil, sleeping versus wakefulness, shadow versus light, it can be painful.  It can be uncomfortable.  It can be disconcerting.  It can even erupt a howl . . . either a howl of victory or a howl of defeat in that moment.  In that experience.

And yet, what is known to many reading or listening to this transmission today, is that God Wins.  God has ALREADY Won.  The Light Wins.  The Light has ALREADY Won.  Christ Consciousness Wins.  Christ Consciousness has ALREADY Won.  Unity Consciousness Wins.  For Unity Consciousness has ALREADY Won.  

Deep down, every American, and every person worldwide, knows this.  

Because you are already wired intrinsically with God’s Wisdom,
God’s Gnosis, God’s Timeless Truth inside you.  

And you already know deep down how this plays out.  You already know the outcome. ~ november december 2020 ~ 5D Chess

The Eternal Truth and the Eternal Light prevail in all that is unfolding right now in this 3D spiritual war that is more of a multidimensional chess game than many can imagine.  

But knowing that Eternal Truth and Eternal Light prevail in your heart, and in your prayers, and in your intentions, will go a long way in manifesting it to be physically and fruitfully and celestially so on your world.

Fighting polarity isn’t what is going to arrive you in this place of universal harmonious higher dimensional peace, well-being, light, and abundance for all.  

Allowing God’s Hands, Allowing God’s Heart, Allowing God’s Sword of Truth and Light to enter your world and to expose all of the corrupt entities, leaders, costume wearing serpentined propaganda, corruption, and dark agendas masquerading as the True Living Light IS what will facilitate this Ascension Process with Greater Peace, Tranquility, Joy, and Celebration.  FOR ALL.

Much will need to play out . . . as God’s Living Life Force and Living Light Codes work their miracles.

Many still are sleeping, even though the timer for sleeping in a 3D matrix ran out months ago.  

The Spells, the Drugs, and the Mechanisms of 3D Mind Control are still effective, as long as their projectors still are allowed to perpetrate these agendas on the sleeping masses.  What happens when the projectors cease to run?  What happens when the injections of the false narratives cease to play 24/7 into the minds and hearts of people everywhere?

Unity Happens.  That is what happens.

We shared in a recent transmission that Propaganda is a third dimensional word with multidimensional consequences.  

That has been Timelessly True since the dawn of this very 3D world age and cycle. 

It is the propaganda that is the poison that powers the spells of this 3D matrix.

It is dark magic to the ultimate degree.  

Is it time for the projectors to cease?  Yes.  It is.  

It is time to stop the relentless poison of propaganda that has been feeding the minds and souls of humanity and this world since the inception of this 3D matrix . . . to fuel this 3D matrix?  Yes.  It is.

What happens when you stop the drug that has sustained the illusion of an entire planet for decades, hundreds, and thousands of years?

It can trigger a withdrawal response.  It can trigger unpleasant symptoms. 

It can trigger all kinds of symptoms and effects.

Source, along with all of the Multidimensional Light Warrior Beings in the Cosmos, and all of the Incredible Light Warrior Beings in this realm as well . . . are doing their best to wake a sleeping humanity . . . that is not only sleeping . . . but that has been multidimensionally drugged, poisoned, and controlled for eons.  

Its a big job.  No question.  It IS a big job.

Yet God is a Big Picture Creator.  Source is a Wholeness Vision Seer.  Source Knows the Gifts and Value of Zero Point Vision.  And it is this very God Energy that is manifesting now in the world we experience today as life on Earth . . . the Light’s Return and the Reset of our World in Divine Light, Sovereignty, Empowerment, Joy, Grace, and Celebration.  

There is a deep detox process unfolding.  Celebration for many will first require a deep detox from the illusions and falsehoods of this 3D corrupt matrix.  

So not all are dancing and feeling the Grace and Gifts of this Epic Emancipation.

For it is unfolding in a way that is counter to what they were told and sold through the propaganda infused projectors and deeply corrupt wolves in sheep’s clothing that they truly believed and ingested as truth.  

And so, the culmination of 2020 will appear to be a mixed blessing on your world in many ways.  Many will celebrate and many will begin a deep detoxification process at the same time.  

The Tsunami of Divine and Sacred Truth, Light, Joy, and Emancipation is upon you.

How each will respond to it will be determined by the level of allowed and accepted propaganda still operating inside each and every person.

The Truth Is Ultimately Setting ALL on this planet Free!

And yet, Freedom Must Be Chosen. For Gates of Emancipation will be opened. But it may require some extra time for some in the collective to expand their soul sight to see them for the Truth that they are.  

Be compassionate with yourselves. 

Be compassionate with your human collective.

Remember the Art and Gifts of Conscious Breathing.  Remember your Tools of Divine Grounding.  Remember your Allies in your Divine Talents and Gifts.  Remember your Tools of Self Awareness, Divine Flexibility, Creativity, Neutrality, Inspiration, Positive Intentions, Prayer, and Reunion with Source Energy. ~ november december 2020 ~ Beautiful Sunrise New Earth

The Light Is Already Victorious dear ones. 

God wins each and every day in our courage to rise,
to wake up, and to remember Who We Truly Are!

As much as you can, drink that Elixir of Divine Truth.  Breathe in Sacred Oxygen that comes straight from the Heart of Source.  Remember the gifts in Sacred Colors, Sounds, Soulful Music, and Sacred Silence too.  

Remember you can always Breathe, Ground, Connect with your Heart Center, Ask for Divine Truth, Receive Divine Light and Truth, and Breath once more to integrate all of that Divine Loving Support and Inspiration in your life.

You are here to be The Living Light you were ALWAYS Divinely Designed to Be.

And remember ~ You Came For These Times.

We appreciate you Light Warriors all over the Globe for all that you do, breathe, say, feel, and embody right now, as Messengers and Empowered Beings of Light in these profound shifts and times.  The Light and the Love of Creator Source is ALWAYS within you.  Even when things can appear to be at their darkest.  Source is ALWAYS shining the Sword of Truth and the Replenishment of Light and the Power of Life Force flowing in your Conscious Breath in every moment.  

The World Is Changing . . . into a Resplendent, New, Loving, Giving, 5D+ Earth once more!

Breathe into the Light of Zero Point Vision as often as you can in the days and weeks ahead.

Trust the Revelations of Truth to assist those Sleeping in Humanity to awaken and to breathe God’s Sacred Breath and God’s True Light, with as much ease, peace, and grace as divinely possible!

We are Breathing The Great Awakening With You!  

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.


4 Responses to “Nov-Dec 2020 Energy Update: A Deep Detox Is Unfolding ~ The Duality Divides, The Light Unites, The Zero Point Portal Integrates, & Freedom Must Be Chosen

  • hi Marie, thank you so much for your recent post. I have been listening to you on YouTube for awhile and really appreciate your perspective. I needed to hear these words today as it aligns with my internal truth that I’m clinging to while watching the big final squeeze on the collective here in the last bits of 2020. Your message gave me support. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Stacey! Thank YOU 🙏🏻✨ It is an honor to connect with you and I am glad to hear that this transmission affirmed your Inner Truth . . . as we witness the final squeeze on the collective as you say in the last days and weeks of 2020! As many have said, it is going to be biblical. And the new transmission coming out tomorrow (12/6/2020) affirms this even more. It is a Time of Grounding, Conscious Breathing, Accessing our Soul Skills, Seeing with our Clear Soul Sight as best we can!, and Choosing Vibrationally the Timeline we most desire to experience and inhabit now and in the future. Thank you for your light and appreciation. I am grateful to connect and I send blessings and light your way! 💙🙏🏻🌠😊🌎🦋

  • Hello Marie,

    There is tremendous resonance in these visions which I sense are profound expressions of the divine energies infusing into our existence. As you state:

    “there exists the Timeless and Eternal Truth, Divine Truth, that shines Eternally, in its Higher Dimensional Light and with its Bold Clarity of Sight, Its Empowered Shining Cosmic Keys, and Its Multidimensional Strength, Stealth, Grace, Power, and Fortitude. The Light Is Unapologetic. The Light Is Bold. It is Brazen. It is Golden. And it Stands like a Majestic Lion, Golden in its Power and Stealth, Confident in its Powerful Abilities, and Kingly (or Queenly) in its Command of Embodying and Emitting that much power throughout All Time, Space, and Sentient Kingdoms or Lands. The Lion’s Gate Portals are still walking with you dear ones, to remind you of this Inner Lion Medicine all have been infused with this year in 2020, more than any other year in recent history. You ARE Golden. You Are This Golden Truth and Living Light.”

    The Astrology of the time is quite extraordinary and the Solstice energies of this winter promise to be as spectacular as you are describing. For, there will be a Grand Conjunction of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine birthing the child of Christed consciousness and the Spirit of Unconditional Giving at the very same moment when the Solar energies of the Logos will be configured in magnificent alignment shining its light within the deepest aspects of human soul.

    The dark wolves are howling, yet I too sense that we are on the verge of a great spiritual wakening, as my intuitions, personal vision, and the astrology suggest.

    The change is irresistible and is nothing less than the Christed Aquarian energies of the New Time that is now commencing.

    May it be so.

    Paul P.

    • Hi Paul! Thank you 🙏🏻🌟 Thank you for the generous wisdom you gift me and truly this community as a whole. Your insights and intuition reach deep into our human history here, and inspire a depth of awakening in equal measure! It indeed feels as if this month, December 2020, is a culmination and crescendo, as in a Great Cosmic Birth, of Christ Consciousness flooding and gifting our world with new oxygen, higher light, clarity of sight, and union with God/Source/Creator Energy once more. What sweet joy it is to come Home inside ourselves, with the support and catalytic empowerment of these profound events and activations unfolding. I join you in this vision of a Great Spiritual Awakening that is exponentially expanding and emerging as we speak. May it be so. Aho! Much Gratitude and Blessings to you my friend 🙏🏻🌠💙🌎