November 2018 Energy Update: The Grand Theatre

November 2018 Energy Update:
~ The Grande Theatre ~ 
Storms, Wolves, Sheep, and the Great Remedy of Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received November 3, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian Collective here today. We come as a Shining Star of Energy and Light to remind each of you of your own Sacred Starlight you carry within. It has been a long, long journey. And yet, your Starlight is Eternal.  It lives, plays, and thrives in the Infinite Grace of Source Energy. So always remember . . . you are a Divine Spark of Grace . . . here on Planet Earth . . . to now remember All That You Truly Are . . . and to co-create once more . . . a Shining Earth Star Planet that lives, breathes, and thrives in Unity Consciousness and Planetary Harmony again. 

November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre, frequencywriter.comIt is a Time of the Great Re-Turning.  It is a Time of the Great Restructuring.  And truly a Time of the Great Re-Activation of All of your Pure Source Light Codes ~ wired energetically, electrically, and perfectly for the tasks you all now face . . . to get up to speed with the New Earth’s Light Codes . . . for Living Lightly, Brightly, and Cohesively once more.

A Storm on your world is well underway. Can you hear the thunder? Can you see the lightning flashing, as more and more dualistic forces sound the alarm bells, and attempt to claim their right and role as the rightful leader of “the free world”?

In a realm such as the 3D Earth Planet that you all have played a part of now for millennia, there has been no such thing as a free world. For the matrix itself supporting the 3D world, which your world still presently understands as “reality,” is itself . . . an illusion.

And for All Life on Planet Earth to rise out of this Grand Illusion, the Frequencies of Duality must be alchemized into harmony. They must be sewn back into wholeness once more. And in that process of the Great Weaving underway in the Higher Realms of Consciousness, each side, or polarity, is rising up to claim its territory. Its right to beat the drum of its separated frequencies and its perceived power, place, and presence in the only reality it has known.


November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre,


The Truth is . . . that these Dualities are themselves the Illusion. 

The Truth is . . . that each side is only suffering because it is actually missing its other half.

In 3D, it would appear that Light itself is fighting the Darkness. And the Darkness is fighting the Light. It would appear that up is fighting down. And down is fighting up. In the duality that has run its course in 3D Living and 3D Density, this “battle” of opposing forces has been the “norm”.  It has been what “is,” for time immemorial, so much so that no one living on the planet today can recall a time in this realm where war, conflict, contrast, and duality were not the rule and reality of the day. 

The Truth is . . . that the Illusion of that was made to feel so real . . .
that it has been believed at a Collective Consciousness Level ~ TO BE REAL.

We are here to say . . . In the crumblings, chaos, and conflict so evident in every aspect of your lives right now, we invite you to see the Matrix of Illusion that is Unraveling.

The Truth is . . . that the Light has always and forever been.
Unity has always and forever lined your Souls and your Higher Heart’s Consciousness.

The Storms today are designed perfectly for these times to crack the Codes of Illusion, that were previously enacted and co-created, to facilitate the Experience of Separation, by creating a living reality where duality and separation were believed to be the ONLY reality. 

And it is Time for the People of the Earth to awaken from the Dream of Separation. 

It is Time to Awaken from the Living Codes of Illusion . . . That prevented each and all of you from perceiving yourself as . . . LIGHT.  As Union.  As Divine Grace and Perfection Embodied in Form.  For that IS Who You Truly Are.

Storms form and sweep the planet to clear and cleanse energy. Organic storms, in harmony with all of nature, have their part to play in the Earth Realm, which includes a Perfect Balance of Chaos and Order working together to cleanse that which no longer serves the Collective and the Whole, . . . and to re-vitalize, re-affirm, and fortify that which it does.

The storms that the collective has witnessed in recent days, months, years, and decades, in your lifetime especially, are illusory storms. Manufactured storms. Separation-spawned and created storms.  For the Greater Theatre of Illusion that the Collective at one point desired, to know itself, more deeply, by not knowing itself.

November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre, frequencywriter.comWhy do actors and actresses love to play roles in stories? In plays? In films? Because they love to be something other than themselves for a time, where they can be, act, believe, feel, and live as someone else, and invite others into that fantasy experience as well . . . to live it or feel it with them too. Actors and actresses eventually fulfill their roles in the play, and return to their regular personas and personalities once more, once the performance or job is complete.

The storms in your world at present are playing the role of the actors and actresses. They are rising up in your Conscious Awareness, individually and collectively, for you all to see more of the “wizard behind the curtain” so to speak. When you see a film, and watch a particular character play their part in a complex, dynamic, and engaging story, do most people hate the actor or actress personally when the film comes to a close? Or do most people see the character as having been a specific role played, for the purpose of illustrating that unique story? And can they view the talented actor or actress as having been a willing participant, in fact – a paid employee, of that project, that brought that particular tale or presentation to life?

In this same vein, the storms on your world are the actors and actresses designed to fully illuminate the “show” of 3D Earth and 3D Duality to the human collective now.

There are weather patterns and storms that are literally man-made weapons of mass destruction . . . that at their core . . . have served the “3D Film Company” if you will, in making Duality seem so incredibly real. There are also many conflicts and wars in your world that have also been manufactured for the “film,” to keep the illusion of duality, conflict, and perpetual separation storms at the forefront of human perception and in the psyche of the human collective.

If the “film” runs long enough, it simply becomes what IS. Because no one can recall a time when what IS . . . wasn’t.  When it wasn’t on the planet at all.

And that “film,” is literally a film, or distortion, on the lens of the Greater Collective Humanity, creating a spiritual astigmatism to varying degrees, where it has been very difficult through time to see that wizard behind the curtain with clarity. And the theater, that was once a story, became the “Living Reality,” without anyone able to maintain clarity of spiritual sight . . . of what once was. And what would be again.

And yet, here we are, in 2018 on your world, and the Light Codes are Drawing Back the Curtain.  The “Film” is being lifted.  The Production and Theatre of Mass Perpetration, Separation, Manipulation, and Illusion is being exposed and removed.


Because the Cosmic Cycle, The Timeline for the Earth Theater, has come to a close. 

When one goes to the movies, or goes to see a play, or a live show, one can expect to be entertained for approximately 1- 2 hours, yes?  And that is a generally well expected and anticipated time period that the theater and film companies meet and honor. Yes?

November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre, frequencywriter.comThe Same is True for this Last Cycle of Separation and the Storms that accompanied it. It was designed to be a 26,000+ year cycle. All attendees knew the duration of the expected cycle, experience, and “show.” And now, in November 2018, it is clear that the “show” is over. Its time is up. The story of separation is complete. A sign appropriately labeled “The End” was cosmically hung on December 21, 2012. The Grand 26,000+ Year Theatre and Film of Virtual Separation Experiences came to a dramatic close.

But what has occurred . . . Is that the actors and actresses in that story (also known as most – if not all – of you at one point in time or another) fell asleep in their consciousness in the journey. They forgot all of the “special effects” being “produced” or “manufactured” to make the theater seem so life-like.  So real.  They forgot their own soul’s knowledge, and sense of reality, falling deeper and deeper into spiritual vertigo and spiritual amnesia themselves.

Guess who those actors and actresses are? Yes. It is you. Each and every one of you on the planet today. Even including the animals and all sentient life on your world. The human collective effectively forgot themselves and their light ~ the deepest.  For they in truth were ~ the biggest cast and crew ~ in the whole collective operation. The animals, plants, and insects, were a part of the scenes and story too ~ only as “extras.”  So their forgetfulness is there too, but less skewed and less stigmatized. For they have little to no ego involvement in the Greater Story Whatsoever.

But the Human Collective has ingested the whole story at this point ~ as if it were the Only Living Reality. 

We are here, as a cosmic collective, today, and every two weeks, to be part of an Etheric Force and Team of Immense Light, to Ring the Bell of Source Reality of the Timeless Truth of Living Light . . . and of the Divine Perfection that each and all of you Truly Are.

We are the Show Closers.  The Voice of the End Credits. 
And the Announcers and MC’s of the New Earth’s Birth.

The Greatest Show on Earth has come to a close.  And the Greatest Invitation to Return to your True Light, Divine Talents, and Cosmic Unity is summoning all of you.

The Storms you see now . . . planetarily, politically, governmentally, financially, educationally, pharmaceutically, spiritually, and more . . . are the final curtain calls . . . signaling to the last remaining audience members that the show is over. The play is complete. The illusion is over.

It is disorienting and unsettling for those so deep in the Matrix of Illusion that they can’t find the exit doors in the theater. But we are here to remind you and to whisper in your individual and collective ears ~ that they [the exit doors] are clearly marked.

Notice where duality calls you into the theater and the matrix of the old illusion to take this side or that side. 

Notice where duality calls you to root for this team or that team, in the matrix of the old grand illusion.

Notice where the duality of amplifying and yet atrophying political rhetoric calls you to hate this group, or vilify that group.

It’s all part of the crumbling theater’s final curtain calls.

These are activation codes actually. In the increasingly obvious fabricated wars, conflicts, storms, stories, and more, people are awakening to the wizards behind the curtains . . . and to the dark deeds done behind the curtains . . . and to the enslavement embedded into the illusion of a free world. And free reality.

When each and all of you do wake up from the “show” of this past 26,000+ year cycle, then and only then, will you as a collective be truly FREE.

So remain aware of your Inner Callings to Higher Light.

Be vigilant and aware of your own outdated separation consciousness and codes that activate in response to invitations to duality and calls to fight this injustice or that injustice.

The mainstream media paired up with governments and film producing corporations all-around the world . . . long ago . . . to extend the Life Force and Lifespan of the Illusion of Separation and Duality for as long as possible.  There is nothing in those “organizations” organizing anything . . . but separation, duality, fear, conflict, drama, scarcity, lack, and disconnection.

Listen for where is the Light is.  Listen for new voices creating
Art and Artistic Projects that embody and inspire Unity.


November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre,

Listen deeply for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
And for the sheep in the wolves’ clothing.

There are still some last acts on the global stage to be played. There are still some crescendos of exposures and final showdowns to play out.

If you can tune into a much Grander Essence of Light in these channelings and others, if you can find time to breathe deeply and connect to the Heart and Soul of Nature in its most organic and free form, if you can find a time in your busy day to breathe light and a conscious willingness to connect with your Timeless and True Heart Center Within . . . you will begin to see the outer world and the illusions much more clearly.

In time, you will have compassion at some level within, for each and every one of you, playing your roles perfectly and with precision, to create this vast, complex, rich, and  dualistic story of separation from Source Energy and what that Consciousness Collectively has the Power to Create. 

A great deal of pain, power, suffering, misunderstanding, division, and competition has successfully been wielded on this planet, effecting all colors, creeds, ages, orientations, abilities, and more.

And now, the remedy, and antidote to all of that chaos, conflict,
and powerful separation-infused  collective co-creation, . . . IS . . .
Listening TO the Light.  Listening FOR the Light. 

For now, it means opening to see the True Creations of Separation Consciousness . . . The contrived freedom . . . The mass control and enslavement of the collective . . . And the manipulation of the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of this Living Collective . . . in the various uncomfortable and unpleasant ways that that surfaces, reveals, and unveils itself to the awakening and rising New Earth Collective.

We are the audience and actors of the old paradigm.  And we are now rising to be the witnesses of its dematerialization and alchemization.  For we are the Eternal Light Beings that ULTIMATELY called the entire story into physical form and full manifestation in the first place.

We will witness the Great Crumbling together.  We will see the exposure of the “villains” and the pain their present day actions have caused.

AND . . . we will RISE each new day increasingly hearing the Earth Mother’s Heart Beat, Light, Life, and Love pulsing in our own Hearts, . . . as we take the first baby steps to remember ourselves . . . as LIGHT.  As LIFE.  As Wholeness.  And Cooperation.  And Love Incarnate.

November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre, Marie Mohler - www.frequencywriter.comA New Earth Story is birthing for All.

We are the Co-Creators and thus the Script Writers of that New Light-Filled Living Source Energy Reality.

We now are invited to Listen to the Light Codes pulsing in our Heart’s Awareness.  And to align with the Frequencies and Power of Peace and Prosperity that lives, shines, and reigns above and beyond the old theater and show of duality.

Ask yourself ~ are you ready to release pain, uncertainty, fear, scarcity, suffering, competition, and duality from your life?

If so, discipline and discernment of your own old paradigmal codes and old theatre activations will be required within you . . . to see the sheep and the wolves . . . and the wolves and the sheep . . . mixing, mingling, and shape-shifting . . . as all of the world’s old paradigm’s wounds and True History rises to the surface on the Grand Stage for healing and transmutation. 

And the discipline and willingness to consciously choose to rise up into the Higher Frequencies of 5th Dimensional Light, Heart Connection, and Collaborative Union . . . over the calls and din of separation . . . to successfully build New Earth Light manifested in form . . . as a healthy, loving, giving, grateful, united New Earth Collective begins to rise and pulse new creations . . . of what love looks like when it has the chance to manifest without the duality the old earth seeped into each former creation.

Love, Source Love, by its nature ~ is Pure.

Light, Source Light, by its nature ~ is Joyful.

Souls, Source Created Souls, by their nature are cooperative, loving, service oriented, and generous beings.

Creativity, Source Creativity, is a Divine and Sovereign Soul Skill, we are all intrinsically designed to have and to be, for the Highest Good of All.

November 2018 Energy Update ~ The Grand Theatre, Marie Mohler - www.frequencywriter.comThe Earth Mother loves us all, vastly and deeply.

She is calling to our Higher Awareness and Attunement to Love, Light, Soul, and Source Creativity to now turn inside our Hearts to the Truth of the Divinity We Are. 

It is Time to let the old 3D theater and film companies go.

It is Time to release our own inner attractions and investments in the 3D Dramas and Dualities go.

No one has done this theater, to us, when we witness this last cycle from a very Soul  Perspective and Aerial View. 

We are the actors in it and the audience of it ~ ourselves.

Now, it is simply our choice to leave it behind.

We don’t have to fight it.

Its already crumbling and returning to ashes on its own.

The Collective has chosen a new experience.

One based on Light, Love, Soul, and Conscious Co-Creation for the Highest Good of All.

The invitation is to join the Rising Collective, and re-take your place in this Conscious Living Universe, as a Sacred StarLight in Full Conscious Awareness once more, of the Living Light.

Breathe Peace in your Heart and Soul, when discord and duality beckon.

Breathe Peace and Willingness when the Light of Truth and Conscious Love-Filled Co-Creation summons the release of the old, and the manifestation of the New.

We are the Living Stars of the One True Heart . . . that Pulses the Light of the All That Is.

We join you and your Sacred Starlight as you make the conscious turn within . . . To allow the New Light to upgrade your Heart Energies, to heal your wounds, and to re-integrate your Soul Vision ~ to see with Unified Soul-Integrated Sight once more.

As you rise within in the Truth of that Light, you will see beautiful signs of baby new saplings growing in the hearts of the healing and ascended collective . . . seeds of hope, cooperation, generosity, blessings, unity, compassion, abundance, joy, and well-being for all.

That is our Happy, Loving, Giving, Embracing New Earth Birth and Mother Earth . . . Welcoming her children ~ all of her Wonderful and Beautiful Star Children Home.

Welcome Home to the New Earth Light that is Real, Free, Sovereign, Loving, and  Embracing . . . of the Expanded Soul Light you all Truly Are.    

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE love.
All our love.

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