November 2019 Energies: Arches of 
Change and Ascension Open WIDE

Illusions Release, Tired Egos Request Retirement, Calls to Oneness Sound, & The Sacred Ray of Source Perfection Activates

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.19.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a message about the Energies bundled into the November 2019 Ascension Codes in this transmission today.  October 2019 is ringing and bringing through energies of exposures, clearings of illusions, and a real mix of frequencies designed to shake up and wake up the sleeping aspects inside each of you ~ on a personal level as well as within the greater collective on a global scale.  Each month now is a preparation for the new frequencies and upgrades to come. And it will be the sum total of all of these experiences that will lead you up and through the Ascension Portals and into the New Realms of Light ~ by the frequency that you are presently expanding to become.  

Within your Divinity Codes, is a Sacred Ray of Source Perfection. And in that Sacred Ray of Source Perfection, is the Light of All Things Occurring and Orchestrating according to the Holistic Divine Plan.  What is unfolding in your Planetary Ascension is unfolding according to that Greater Holistic Divine Plan.  And what is unfolding in your own Personal Ascension is unfolding according to your own unique Holistic Divine Life Plan and Soul Plan, on every level. Even where there appears to be Chaos and Dysfunction, there is Order and Divine Function at the highest levels.  It simply takes time for the Soul to adjust its Higher Vision . . . to remember the Sacred Ray of Source Perfection through this perfect lens and vision.  And then, all can recalibrate according to Perfect Divine Order and Divine Structure and Divine Light again.  

When more and more of you receiving these transmissions can engage that Inner Access to the Sacred Ray of these Source Codes of Perfection . . . there will be an Expansion and Pure Embodiment of this Faith, Trust, and Alignment with the Greater Goodness that exists throughout All Time. It is an emergence of Living Light inside you ~ whose timing is divinely orchestrated ~ to unfold when the planet globally is ready to sing the Oneness Song again.  The One Song is a Synchronized Heart Center filled with Unity and Faith in the One Light ~ knowing itself once again ~ as Light.  Now that is a Pure Frequency and Tone that can heal worlds in an instant.  And we know this is forthcoming for each and all of you, despite the discord, noise, chaos, and division that appears to be running rampant on your world at this time.

The reason for this noise is that the cosmic squeeze requiring harmony and unity at this level is ON.  And so ~ all discordant frequencies are scrambling in this particular timeline in 2019 and 2020 . . . to release the notes that no longer synchronize at any level with the hum of your Future Soul Codes rapidly becoming your Now Light Codes again.

Soon, a greater surrender and serenity within the New Light Codes will be as natural as breathing air.  Right now, there is struggle.  And resistance.  But unity, peace, and ease will continue their work to reset the codes to that Greater Alignment with the Sacred Ray of Source Perfection.  

When you Consciously Breathe, you can access these Tones of Light and the 444 Hz Resonance of the Healing Tones of Serenity, Peace, Wholeness, Alignment, and Inner Perfection that is aligned with the All That Is. This is a Divine Resonance with the Perfection Codes inside you.  These are lit with powerful Soul Codes and Colors to help you remember the Celestial Light in you that you truly and timelessly are.  

Dear Ones ~ as the old costumes are peeled back and stripped away, from you and from all beings on the planet, what is going to remain are these Soul Codes.  Along with  these Higher Blueprints of Soul Perfection for the New Light ~ that will begin to re-template a New Way of Being on this planet.  You won’t need to work to be them.  They are the Naked Truth inside you that you already are.  They simply need the Conscious Breath’s Allowance of them ~ to be active, alive, and expressed within you and through you.

November is another Powerful Portal of Planetary Ascension Codes. November is the 11th month, and 11’s symbolize portals in the clearest and most wide open way.  When you see an 11 show up in your life, it is an invitation to a new song. A new frequency.  A new music inside you that wants to play.  It is an invitation to a new vision.  A new light.  And a new life that desires to be born.  In YOU!  

November 11th, or 11:11, is then a double ascension portal for each and all of you to listen for that inner heart song.  What is the music that really wants to play through you?  Maybe you wish on this day to really commit to spending 5 minutes during the day . . . tuning into your heart center . . . feeling its Divine Light . . . listening to its organic pulse and rhythm that beats in alignment with the Earth Mother’s Sacred Heartbeat . . . and the Heartbeat in the Entire Universe.  Pulsing Frequencies of Oneness.  Pulsing Frequencies of the 444 Sacred Light Tones of Harmony, Peace, Unity, Community, Grace, Abundance, and Well-Being for all.  

November 11th, 2019, or the 11:11 Soul Code, invites you into these new frequencies as you simultaneously release those of the old world and old paradigm that has kept the entire human collective trapped and engaged in division and separation for millenia.  

11:11 Frequencies this whole next month through invite those able to practice the new musical tones of a New Emerging 5D Earth in their Heart Centers, in their Highest Visions for the life they most wish to live and to lead, and in their Greatest Visions for what is possible for a world that is newly desiring and resetting into the Codes of Divine Perfection, Sacred Synergy, Wholeness, and Light again. 

What rises up when we are summoned to let go of something?  Often we see and experience fear.  Doubt.  Resistance.  Tension.  Angst.  And worry . . . in some way, shape, or form.  Because the ego gets overwhelmed when it can’t see.  And the ego doesn’t have 5D vision.  It is only wired to see in low levels of light.  And even then, in its primary domain, it gets worried.  Because it still can’t see very well. 

So the Ego is not a very good guide in these Ascension Energies and Ascension Portals.  It short circuits.  It temper tantrums.  And it melts down.  All in an attempt to take you back down to the 3D operating system inside you that it can manage much better.  

Do you think that Souls, Divine Sovereign Beings of Infinite Love and Light, are meant to managed by a 3D Ego?  Do you think that is their destiny and rightful alignment?  Or is it the illusion?  Dear Ones, we would say a resounding yes that it is the illusion that all have been conditioned and trained to accept as the way life is.  As we have said before, nothing could be further from the Truth.

And so, as you ride these waves of energies that will continue in October, and through the formal release of this transmission for November 2019, know that many octaves of sound are sounding into the human collective.  Light and Sound are being re-activated cosmologically and cellularly to restore a greater peace and balance that will increasingly be evident on your world in the times to come.

As the New Light and the New Sounds ring through the ethers into people’s souls, hearts, and fields of awareness, there may be some dissonance. There may be discord.  There may be dismay about the distractions and the disarray . . . as more dematerializes and decentralizes in the hearts of humanity . . . that were once aligned through a false matrix . . . to beat the drum of separation and division.

The only drum beating is the One Heart now.  

The only Drum Beating is a Sacred Call to Oneness, Wholeness, and Helping Each Other Now.  

Listen for the Earth Mother’s Heartbeat.  

Listen for the Silence in Between the Sacred Heart Beats.

In that Silence, there is change unfolding.  

In that Silence, there is a world transforming.  

In that Sacred Space of the Living Divine Heartbeat returning in Divine Timing and with Divine Precision to every sentient being on the planet, is the Remembrance of the Oneness that you all Truly Are.  

The Light will continue to infuse the Sacred Ray of Source Perfection in each and all of you.  

The Light will continue to rise up in the Heart of the Entire Collective, to Breathe in the Sacred Rhythm that you all Truly Are.  

In that Sacred Collective Conscious Breathing, the Light is returning to the Collective Consciousness of this planet.  

You are breathing that New Light and New Life literally into being.  

You are the Breathers, Bringers, and Birthers of this New Earth, through your Sacred Alignment with the Holy Breath.  With that Source Breath.  With that Mother Earth Breath filled with the New Light.  

Any scarcity that was EVER created emerged from the separation and out of sync-ness with the Sacred Breath of Divine Alignment and Divine Source Perfection.  

What will restore the New Light is the Hum of a Planet ~ Breathing in Sacred Conscious Breathing with the True Light.  With the True Heart of One.  With the True Tones of Serenity, Divine Peace, and Unity.  

You are all Divine Musicians.  And even more so, you are all Divine Instruments. Created in the likeness of Source Energy, that is the Essence of Living Light and Living Sound, at the Highest Dimensional Frequencies of Love in the Cosmos.  

What will November sound into your life?  What will the remainder of October ring into your consciousness?  What are the illusions that prevent your 5D sight from emerging in your heart’s greater awareness?  What curtains are still drawn in your own consciousness around things that you haven’t wanted to see?  What new music would rather be playing in those fields of consciousness . . . and tones of awareness inside you?

In your passion, there is music.  In your purpose, there is perfection.  In your heart, there sings a song of alignment, ease, prosperity, joy, and peace.  In your soul, there shines a color frequency that knows the brilliance of Who You Really Are.  

Through your Conscious Breathing, you can connect with this Living Essence and Light inside you.  Make time . . . for even minutes a day . . . to connect with your Inner Light and Sound.  Make a sound.  Hum a sound.  Drum a sound.  Tone a sound.  Tap a spoon to a glass to resonate a sound.  For when you do this, you are communicating to your self and to Spirit that you are remembering yourself as a musical instrument.  And an Instrument of the Divine, here for a powerful purpose.  Here as a Powerful Presence.  To be YOU.  To bring the Light and Sound of Creation in and through YOU to this realm during its time of greatest change, transition, and transformation from one realm of consciousness to another. From 3D operating systems and understandings that summoned discord, scarcity, separation, and division.  To 5D operating systems and understandings that are summoning harmony, unity, collaboration, kindness, compassion, greatness, self expression, light, and joy. 

Music makes everything better.  Conscious music.  Harmonious tones.  Tones aligned with the Heartbeat and Soul of the Cosmos. Listen to the music that you tune into on a daily basis.  Does it inspire unity in you?  Does it evoke compassion in you?  Does it fill you with peace, joy, and a sense of interconnectedness and wholeness?  If not, perhaps its time to shift your play list to something more aligned with where your soul is growing.  Perhaps it is time to see if there are some positive musicians in the world already tuned into that pulse of freedom, empowerment, alignment, harmony, hope, happiness, prosperity, well being, and light-heartedness.  

October 2019 is continuing to beat the drum of what is releasing.  What is unveiling.  What is revealing itself to humanity about that the old song of separation that was perpetually entrained in every one . . . to believe and to live

November 2019 will begin to shift that musical tone and that sound . . . into a Portal of Light, into an opportunity for connection, into a transparency of soul rising, resetting, and re-activation in the New Light Codes all over this planet!

More and more, you will see the two worlds and their vibrational options available to your daily vision. You can witness and attune your attention and vibration to the 3D structures that sing in harmony with the old soul song of separation’s story of humanity.  Or you can witness those 3D songs playing out on the news and in events on the planet . . . and consciously turn your attention to the new music you are willing to be.  The new music you are emerging to be.  The new music you are divinely designed to be!

That is where you can find your way back to Wholeness.  And Light.  And Unity Consciousness again.  In those Whole Notes.  In those Wholeness Frequencies of Sound and Light.  Look where you can incorporate a Happy Tone of Light in your day.  

Feel into the vibrations you are spending time with each day.  

If your activities or conversations were a sound, would they be soothing to the soul?  

Or loud arguments that disrupt the heart’s natural sacred rhythms?

Its time to get softer.  To listen better.  To attune with deeper alignment and allowance.

November 2019 can be a soft, flowing, portal into a new frequency of peaceful foreverness and light.

Or it can be a loud, discordant, expression of more 3D fighting, division, separation, and global division.  

The choice is yours.  The timeline that you will experience this next month and onward toward the end of this year . . . is of your own making.  

The Soul Tones of Oneness, Wholeness, Lightness, and 5D-ness are calling.  

The Ego Tones of Worry, Stress, Overwhelm, Scarcity, Division, and Duality are weary and losing life force.  

The Ego lacks the skills to solve the problems that it inherited in this 3D realm and illusion.  

It must go higher and trust the Soul Self and the Collective Soul to know better, to sound brighter, to live lighter, and to rise higher up and beyond all of these old, dense, archaic, and un-evolved frequencies.

The Ego is truly . . . asking for help.  It truly . . . underneath all of its fits and fears . . . is asking for partnership.  

The Ego is actually . . . summoning the Hand and Heart of the 5D Soul Presence, Light Codes, and Operating Systems inside you to reset and restore that more Integrated Light in this realm again.  

The Ego is really . . . seeking to retire.  It has been a long journey.  And it’s musical tone, under the anger and fear, is one of fatigue and weariness.  

It is tired.  The Ego is tired.  

It is ready to lay down this illusion too.  

And the Soul is ready to Rise!  The Soul is ready to hear 5D and Higher Whole Notes, Whole Tones, and Whole Timelines and Vibrations of unity, love, and oneness again!  That is its Joy!  That is its Nature!

In this way, perhaps October 2019 represents vibrationally the Personal and Collective Ego’s bantering, shouting, and discord . . . but ~ really ~ just a layer deeper ~ it is crying out for help and it is beckoning the release of the illusion in all ways.  

And in this way, perhaps November 2019 represents vibrationally the Personal and Collective Divine Soul . . . desiring to emerge from the shadows . . . from being incarcerated while in this 3D realm . . . and emerging into the New Light of its Full Soul Shine and Full Divine Empowerment!

November is opening the Arches of Change WIDE.  

November, in its Sacred 11, is holding space for anyone who wants to walk through its doors . . . and into the New Light with deeper and deeper soul commitment . . . to release the costumes . . . and to release the weary ego coping strategies and songs of separation.  

November represents a Profound Choice-point in the Center of these 2 Earths . . . of where our Soul Song and where our Inner Sacred Tones and Resonance with the Divine wants to be.  In the weeks and months ahead.  

November invites us to keep our 3D and 5D eyes wide open to see the songs being offered . . . to see the portals opening wide . . . to see the age-old discord . . . and to see the New Light and Harmony . . . and to align with what we most wish to feel as these energies and higher frequencies roll on in the Ascension Process of this New Earth.  

The Earth IS Rising!

The Frequencies are Rising!  Higher and Higher!

Our Soul Codes are upgrading.  Whether we resist it or not.  

We are being musically invited to play our instrument in harmony with the New Codes and the New Light flooding our world.  

The old world still must continue to release.  There are those who are the portal closers.  

And there are those who will sound the call . . . to any passengers whose time it is to get on that New Train. 

Will you hear the call?  Are you ready in your Heart’s Awareness for that call?  If you feel a need to get up to speed, what guidance inside you is emerging to help you in that process?  What train do you want to be on?  What timeline is its destination?  What is the music you want to play when you arrive?

How will you transition into frequencies where everyone knows your soul signature, your soul journey package that shines like a Light from your train passport for all to see where you have journeyed, and where you desire to go?

In the New 5D Earth, you will be recognized for you are and who you desire to be!

Who is that?  Who do you want to show up to be, vibrationally, in that new world?

This is the Invitation that November Rings.  

This is the Song that November Sings . . . in you.

Listen for your Conscious Breathing rising within you to partner with you and to escort you to the Sacred Ray of Source Perfection in You.  Now.  Today.  

There is no need to delay.  Source Perfection has lived inside you all this time.

It was just seeking an invitation to get out from under the Ego’s thumb in this realm and to be free to see all that you can be and all that you are Divinely Designed To Be.  

The Source Infinite Essence in you is your own Timeless Magic that will help you to ride the storms of continued exposures of the illusions onward and into the Rainbow of 5D Truth, Light, and Higher Dimensional Living.  

This is an Inner Mindset and an Inner Heartset now. You can take your 3D ego self by the hand, like the small child that it is ~ from a broader cosmic perspective of time, and walk into your Higher 5D Light and Soul Presence that knows exactly what to do, how to be, and how to shine as this Higher Frequency in this world.  

More will crumble, from the 3D matrix. 

And more will rise, from the 5D Realms.

Where do you want to play?  Where does your music want to play and to sing? 

What timeline do you see yourself in?  What are you wearing?  What are you singing?  What Color Codes of Light are accompanying you?

This is the beginning of remembering your True Soul Song in the Heart of your Timeless Presence and Soul Essence.  

November 2019 invites you through its Arches of Ascension and Grace to attune yourself to that Higher Light, no matter the storms that may come and that may wash through the Collective Consciousness.

There is always time in the day to connect with the Naked Truth of your Higher Consciousness, your Inner Music and Perfection, and the Colors of your Soul Path and Purpose in this New Earth Experience!

Welcome Home, Divine Ones!  To the Soul Skills Required for the Ascension Process unfolding now, and in the times to come! 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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