October 2018 ~ Storm Surge: There’s a New Frequency In Town

October 2018 ~ Storm Surge

There is a New Frequency In Town
Clearing Planetary Pestilence and Restoring the Law of One

A Message from The Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler
Received September 20, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council here today.  We come through with the Message of Unity . . . of Unity, Light, and Collaboration in the Storm. For your world is in the Season of its Greatest Storms. There is a disordering and dismantling of the old paradigm and it structures, and a new ordering and further establishment of the New Paradigm’s Codes.

That extraordinary cleansing and release process is presently unfolding on your world. And the storm it is swirling globally at this time ~ in every country, government, leader, manager, worker, family, person, and heart on the planet ~ is going through this transition and transformation process.  Period.

Some might think the storms we are referring to are only physical ones related to weather patterns, to include hurricanes, tornadoes, and record snowfalls etc.

Yet the Storms of which we speak are of a much greater magnitude.


storm surge ~ frequencywriter.com ~ October 2018 Energy Update

They are literally storms designed to shake up every molecule of every living and non-living thing on the planet today, . . . to cleanse now, or be cleansed, to purge the density now, or be purged, and to embrace the New Light Codes or to be released from the stratosphere of this Earth Realm.

There is a New Frequency In Town so to speak, and it is a VAST BEAM and RAY OF LIGHT, so powerful, it creates and clears worlds of greater density, suffering, separation, division, and darkness.


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It’s the New Sheriff in Town, only it leads solely by Frequencies of Light. Like the sun, it doesn’t work hard, conspire, manipulate, or control . . . TO SHINE.  Shining and Alignment are ITS ESSENCE.

And you are like itself.  You are the Living Essence of that Very Same Light.  That VAST INFINITE RAY and BEAM of TIMELESS and ETERNAL LIGHT.

This New Light is the Law of the Planet.  It is the order and harmony of the planet. It is the Foundation upon which All New Structures and All New Communities and Global Citizenry is now based.

Birthing a New Earth ~ Frequencywriter.comWhy the storms then? Well . . . Even a perfect pregnancy and perfect unborn child must go through the birth process of labor and delivery. The home that housed and supported the life of the fetus (the uterus) receives the cue from the divinely ordered cosmos that it is time to release the perfect package and manifestation of a new life, into the world. In the uterus gets to work to contract and begin the uterine process of cleansing and purging new life from the previous home structure, the womb, that must now surrender to the New Light and New Life in the process of being born. The baby gets pushed and squeezed. The mother pushes and works hard to push the new life into the world. And the uterus gives its life to give life to the newborn child. The amniotic sac bursts through, and the baby with it, . . . and the new baby takes its first breaths in the new atmosphere and the new realm that is now it’s new incarnational home.

The amniotic sac and placenta are not saved, for the baby to crawl back into. It is released. It did its job. It manifested this new life. And its energy returns to the ethers to create new life again somewhere else in the cosmos for creation is ALWAYS creating. Forever and eternally.

And so ~ the Storms are part of that Creative Process. They are in a way the labor and delivery mechanism of the New Earth’s Birth.

The old structures are decaying. They are no longer receiving the energy and/or frequency support they need to thrive in the old ways.

Separation Consciousness has gasped a last breath. And the storms signal that gasp. A time of pain, suffering, and separation on this world is dying. And a Time of Unity, Light, and Collaboration is birthing.

The Storm is expelling the old, exposing the old, and embracing the New Light and New Paradigm emerging in its place.

We come through to speak these Insights and Vibrational Truths to those with ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts open enough to know.

For any transition times, it is important to know that there is an awakened ground crew midwifing and delivering the new, and consciously releasing the old. The cosmos needs lightworkers in metaphorical but yet real roles of conscious change agents and public servants (like firefighters, EMTs, police officers, teachers, leaders, and counselors) to provide a sense of strength, groundedness, stability, and positive direction and momentum as we ride out the storms ~ now is essential for the Earth’s Glorious New Birth.

Storm Surge ~ Frequencywriter.comFighting the storms only amplifies frequencies of resistance and division.

Acknowledging the storms, and their much more expensive purpose, allows them to flow through, destroying misaligned structures now, and moving the collective on this world into new construction of the New Light Codes into the very fiber of a New Unified Humanity and Heart Center for All Life on this world.

Will this time period and transition be easy? No.

But can the storms be loved and navigated to create the most Joy, the Highest Blessings, the Greatest Outcomes and Benefits for all . . . that Align with the New Frequency In Town . . . and the new Planetary Codes for Living in Harmony, Peace, and Prosperity in All Ways Now?  Yes.

Stay aware of the storms continuing this purging, clearing, and cleansing.

Those out of step and misaligned with the New Light Codes and New Earth Frequencies will be cleaned and cleared, in All Highest Good Ways. 

The Earth herself is claiming her body back. She will no longer house parasitic frequencies in or on her physical body temple.

And it is that declaration . . . and that journey to liberation . . . that is in some ways . . . erupting the storm.  For happy parasites just slowly deteriorate their once vibrant and healthy hosts, doing their damage and dirty parasitic work over vast segments (literally centuries) of time . . . So much so that new generations of people and workers . . . don’t even know about the parasites that live in the shadows, day in and day out, among them.

Storm surge ~ frequencywriter.com
But the Earth knows. And Awakened Ones know.
And even the parasites themselves know.

The Earth signaled her Declaration on December 21, 2012.
And now in September and October 2018 the time for a more active phase
of that declaration and quest for liberation is at hand.

The parasites will cry foul . . . and rise up and out of the shadows to attempt
to block or thwart the great cleansing and clearing now thoroughly underway.

And it may seem that one leader is doing this or that . . . and hurting “the people.” 

What has done the most damage over a great deal of time, damage enduring for centuries and truly millennia, is the parasitic termites, who have essentially eaten their own Home, our Beloved Mother Earth, and have nowhere to go at this point.

The storms have torn the “bark” off the termites, shined a light deep into the centuries-old creepy colony within, and are now taking swift action steps to clear the pestilence once and for all. 

The Earth Mother is not angry about the pestilence. The storms are not punitive. They’re simply now proactively cleansing and clearing what doesn’t belong on the planet at this time, as we enter a new stage of collective evolution . . .

5D Light and Higher Frequencied Unity, Community, . . . and a Desire to Co-Create a New World for the Benefit of Every Living Being on this Planet.

Parasites live outside of that Sacred Frequency of Light. They live in direct contrast to that Frequency of Light.  Their lives depend on the destruction, corruption, and consumption of another . . . to feed themselves and their own. 

The Principals of Oneness, Alignment, Highest Good, Peace,
Prosperity, Miracles, Unity, and Love are the New Sheriff in Town.


Sun rays ~ Frequencywriter.com

They are the New Law of the New Earth.
They are the Law of One ~ returned and restored in the
Earth Realm . . . now and forever in eternal perpetuity. 

The storms are here to re-establish that beautiful Law of One on the Earth once more.

Be prepared. Be patient. Be aware.

Listen. Listen beyond the din of the parasitic cries a foul play.

Listen for the Truth of where the Light shines brightest on the Facts and the Truth of the Purge. The Cleansing. Look at what IS clearing. Look at the deep destruction that did occur secretly in the walls and halls of governments, over decades and centuries, while most of the masses were busy working, raising families, and doing for the most part, what an inherently sentient species does.

Notice the evidence of the termites’ trail. The deep tunnels and sawdust trails speak transparently for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts open wide to the healing this planet requires at this time.

It is time for Mother Earth to rise out of this evolutionary period of 3D density, pestilence, and separation. It is time for humanity to rise too!

We the Arcturian High Council speak to you from a perspective of Compassion, Love, Foresight, and Higher Light.

Purges, Cleansings, and Ascensions have occurred other times in other realms for eons.  What makes Earth’s Ascension such a spectacle in the cosmos . . . is that never before has it been done on this scale.  This magnitude. From such a place of density. Rising to such a Brilliant Place of Higher Frequencied Light.

The Storms are stark because the chasm between 3D consciousness and 5D Consciousness IS stark. And complacency, survival, and sleepiness have been the order of operations and the modus operandi conditioned by the termites on the masses, for their maximum benefit.

Yet in the New Law of One ~ there is no “their” . . . For everything is for the Benefit of the Collective One.  The Greater Good.

There is no “us” or “them.” Anyone speaking in these terms is caught in a 3D language. And caught in the old 3D paradigm.

Those speaking of “One,” “All,” “Unity,” and Collective Collaboration and Harmony are those moving in the direction the Earth is moving.

We must become Frequency Specific to the New Earth.

That means ~ we must rise in our consciousness, and change our ways
through the vibrational choices we make on a moment to moment basis,
to continue to live and thrive here on earth.

shining new earth ~ frequencywriter.com
Nothing less will be tolerated or accepted by the planetary’s new energetic requirements.

Humanity has been taught and conditioned in more recent centuries that energy isn’t real. Certainly not in daily life. Only in science, right?  Humanity has been trained to believe only in experts outside themselves. And only what they say. They have been discouraged, shamed, and even ridiculed for and from believing in their own intuition. And yet all of this can’t be further from the Truth.

We are Sentient Beings. Humanity is divinely created and wired to feel and to connect and to collaborate. We instinctively want to help each other. We intuitively feel compassion for another’s suffering.

And the parasites know it. So we have been distracted, ridiculed, and conditioned ad nauseam to ensure we would not come together ~ ever ~ to truly see the parasitic activity taking place . . . while we were distracted, ridiculed, and conditioned for so long. 

The storms, inside and out, are coming. The wounds, inside and out, are rising to the surface. The crimes against this planet and all of humanity are being exposed, one by one, and will be, until all is exposed and the great clearing of these lower 3D frequencies is complete.

Listen to your Heart. Not your mind. Your mind is the tool of “their” conditioning. Your Heart is a Tool of the Greater Collective Light and Infinite Cosmos. Listen to your Heart for the Truth. Discern the Truth with your Heart’s Eyes, Ears, and Wisdom.

Parasites eventually expose themselves.
Their handiwork leaves a clear and decisive trail of the Truth of what and who they are.

The Earth is continuing to rise in frequency and to amplify the new requirements for abiding by the Original Laws of One, that established and birthed this planet countless ages ago.

The Law of One Returns.  To the Earth.  And to all Sentient Life on this planet.

Listening to your minds may lead to getting swept up in the ensuing storms. Listening to your intuition, your gut, and your heart can lead to clearer discernment on what True Truth looks like.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen it.

That’s why it makes many of us so uncomfortable. We are simply not used to seeing what the REAL TRUTH, TRUE TRUTH, not conditioned truth, looks like.

The Storms can flow through and benefit all of Humanity if we can remember how to ground and listen to the Light of Truth in our Hearts.

We the Arcturians, and the Arcturian High Council, are here to support you in that journey, from your ego minds to your True Heart Center’s Infinite Intelligence and Light once more.  Call on us when you need support making this transition or when you feel scared or lost in a journey.

We will help you “get the bugs out” of your system and continue to affirm your wiser, infinite, and timeless light.

This is the Inner Storm that is upon you.

The Outer Storms merely reflect the global inner ones.

As you each step up, and go within to do your part to Clean out the bugs in your own conditioned selves, and as you liberate the Truth of your Soul or Spiritual Selves, you will see the storms pass more easily and quickly.

You will see a world begin to come together to work for the first time a very long time for the Greater Collective Good.

And you will ultimately see a planet successfully rise and take its perfect place back in the Heart of the Milky Way, that was always designed to be its higher 5D light.

It’s time to rise and reclaim your rightful place in the universe.

The invitation to all on the planet now is:

New Earth Rising ~ frequencywriter.com

Will you do the work to debug your energy system and reclaim your 5D Operating System’s Pure, Perfect, and Organic Light once more?

We are here to steadfastly support you to do just that.

Be safe in the storms.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

4 Responses to “October 2018 ~ Storm Surge: There’s a New Frequency In Town

  • Lisette
    6 years ago

    You resonate with every cell in my body. Your words are truth and love. Love your work lots of Lovies lisette

    • Thank you Lisette ??? I am grateful for your Light and your Reflection of Light in the world. Together ~ we are nourishing and birthing a beautiful New Earth! Blessings and Sprinkles of Luminous Light your way! ??

  • Rebecca Willging
    6 years ago

    I have enjoyed your videos and found them to be enlightening. This one, however, was disturbing. It sounds very positive and comforting but my gut tells me it’s an illusion. I literally got goosebumps watching this. And not the enjoyable kind. For any lie to be believable it must contain a thread of truth and this was very believable. Therefore, there must be truth in the message contained in this video. My question is why the mask/lies? What is the real truth that is being so beautifully covered and do I really want to know it? I honestly hope that I’m mistaken because your messages of hope and love are comforting. A much welcomed balm to my battered soul. But the message my gut is getting is so strong that I’m literally getting a migraine from it. Even the ringing in my ears changed pitch…

    • Hi Rebecca ? I am sorry to hear that the latest message from the Arcturian High Council for October 2018 was so uncomfortable for you. From what I have been receiving from the Guides for many years now, it is clear that a time of great revelation, exposure, clearing, and re-building is here. The 3D earth has had its challenges, its densities, its discomforts, and its comfort. Human beings, and likely all sentient beings, like the comfort and stability of what we know, think, and believe over time. The question is . . . what if what we have been taught to believe . . . and conditioned to believe . . . is the illusion? There is tremendous strength inside us in the Light we organically are, that knows All Time, and that thus knows THIS timeline as well. We may, or may not, have officially signed a consent form with Spirit and with our Council of Guides when we were prepping to incarnate this go round, during a Time where the Earth would make her Ascension and all lower frequencies would either need to heal, cleanse, and/or release, . . . and all Higher Frequencies would be flowing in to facilitate these very upgrades. But the Truth is that we are here to help clean up this planet and re-set the frequencies of this planet . . . from a 3D false matrix and vibrational field of density and illusion to a much more beautiful 5D Frequency of Light, Unity, and Conscious and Cooperative Co-Creation for the Highest Good of All on the planet. The storms are here as part of that clean up process. As part of that exposure process of the “old paradigm”. What many of us have been taught, conditioned, or reinforced to believe by living life on planet earth thus far ~ is embedded in a great deal of illusion. And while that illusion has played out, there have been beings who have played the roles of living, perpetrating, and conditioning submission to their lower frequencied agendas. Much of this has occurred while most human and sentient beings have been busy living their lives. Doing their work. Raising their families. But this is not freedom. The Conditioning, the Institutions, and the Systems all around the world in many places over many centuries of time, including recent decades likely in your and my lifetime, are in large part not based in 5D frequencies. And there are many disturbing and unsettling truths that are going to be revealed about individuals we may have once trusted. Or believed in. Its all part of our Ascension Process to go through the Great Cleansing these storms will bring. Not every one wants to know about the unfortunate truths and industry that the darker forces (and darker players in the 3D earth theatre) have been involved in. But exposures will come nonetheless. The only way up, out, and in to the Higher Frequencies on this planet is THROUGH. We will all go through this together. And that is the one great comfort perhaps that I receive . . . in the channeling connections I have with the Guides and with people on the ground here to help Mother Earth reclaim her physical body temple back . . . and rise into the Higher Light. Will it be easy? Probably not. All that we have believed in will be under a massive cosmic and universal life review. All that is not aligned with the Heart of One will be exposed, cleared, and/or removed. That includes a great deal of darkness. Just think of the perpetual wars. The violence on this planet. The suffering over a great deal of time on this 3D earth that has occurred. This is not the True Energy and Vitality and Frequency of the Earth Mother. It is an illusion. And a dark energy whose journey and time to thrive here is over. But that dark energy had to play itself out through participants in that part of the story. That part of our collective evolution. And now, their deeds, their perpetrations will no longer be hidden. And that will be a shock for many. As the next Level of Awakening and Cleansing begins. I do not know if any of this provides you any further comfort. I am sorry it is causing you great discomfort. You don’t have to take my word for it, or the Arcturians messages as truth, if they do not resonate. But as Sonia Choquette (a Hay House Inc. speaker, author, and teacher) once said in one of her books,”truth withstands scrutiny very well.” And I know the Truth of that statement in the core of my being. And in the core of my channelings. And I believe a Greater Self Evident and Vibrationally Sound Truth is forthcoming to the people of planet earth. So we each must tune in to our own inner guidance now for what resonates and what does not. And we must learn to cultivate our inner ears and our Higher Heart Centers to become willing to hear the Truth, True Truth, even when it conflicts with what we may have believed or still want to believe. We are going to learn more about the Truth of Higher Frequencied Vibrations in the coming weeks and months and revelations ahead. Its a time where some deep spiritual stamina, faith, love, and light will be required. I’m sure that was in the fine print of our consent forms in Spirit, that we may have missed in our excitement to get here. But I think it was there, regardless. We have the Light inside us to lead us, through whatever we as a Collective Humanity must now acknowledge and work together to openly and consciously heal. I am trusting that Light to lead. And I believe it will bolster you in your journey in all Highest Good ways too, if you can trust that too. Your Heart Center knows what you most need. I encourage you to invite the Light of your Heart Center to lead you to whatever, whomever, and wherever you are meant to be, to be an Agent and Instrument of the Light for yourself and your loved ones through the changes. You have tremendous and timeless support within your Heart Center and through your special team of Guides. I hope this helps. Blessings to you Rebecca, and to all reading this today! In the Light, we are Truly One. The Light is our Eternal Home and Who We Truly and Timelessly ARE. ?