October 2020 Energy Update: A World in Quantum Ascension ~ It Is Exhilaration Time on Planet Earth Now ~ With Changing Vibrational Landscapes, Surging Light Codes, & 2020 Clear Soul Sight as a Living Quantum Energy to Set Humanity Free

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.20.2020



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Divine Grace, Prana, and the Golden Portals of Christ Consciousness within each and all of you.  As we round the corner of September 2020 and enter October 2020, we are still riding the tailwinds of The Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies and their surge of Divine Light, Truth, Strength, Stealth, Sovereignty, and Empowerment in the most miraculous ways.  A World That Has Been Sleeping Under a Spell for thousands and thousands of years is Waking Up. And we are streaming through the Source-Light Infused Frequencies of the Christ Consciousness inside one and all at this auspicious time on the planet ~ to support and strengthen your resolve to activate, awaken, live, and be your Divine Gifts, Gnosis, and Avatar Essence in these next few weeks and months to come.  

frequencywriter.com ~ october 2020 energy update ~ sound healing meditation breathing singing bowl

So let us first take a Deep Divine Breath In together.  Allow this Sacred Breath to flow deep within . . . deep into your lungs, deep into your belly, and deep into all of your cells of your body.  Feel this Sacred Breath flowing to all of the parts of you seeking solace, comfort, healing, grounding, cleansing, releasing, rising, and activation. Feel this Conscious Breath flowing to all of the parts of you afraid to leave the 3D paradigm and at least the familiarity of what is “known” about it, for the perception of the comfort that it brings to you.  And feel this Conscious Breath activating inside you the exciting Grace and Gifts that breathing Divine Prana directly into your Spirit in this way brings to you and brings through youIt Is Exhilaration Time on Planet Earth right now.  You are increasingly breathing Divine Oxygen and Light directly from Source, in ways that you have not been able to access for eons. And yet here you are breathing this exciting and integrating energy, air, light, and prana with us, and feeling your chakra systems come alive with the joy of receiving this powerful, timeless, and eternal gift once more in the Center of your Being. Breathe in this Sacred Conscious Breath a moment more, and add any color or colors that you feel you desire right here and right now in this moment.  If you like, tone a sound as you do this, for you are Speaking the Language of the Universe in this Conscious Breathing Exercise.  Color, Light, Breath, and Sound are the magical elements that combine to create LIFE ANEW in any dimension and in any reality!  And here you are . . . accessing it with great ease, stealth, strength, and joy with us today.  We join you in this Conscious Bathing in Divine Frequencies through your Breath and your Conscious Intention to be here in this Grounding and Activational Energy in this perfect moment in the broader perspective of time.

September and October 2020, no matter where you live presently on planet Earth, are bringing Activational Energies and Divinity Codes to all of you.  The Earth herself is getting bathed, restored, and reset in all that is Holy, Divine, Celestial, and Sacred once more.  Mother Earth is being restored and reset as the Divine Mother and the Sacred Vessel of Divine and Sovereign Creation that She Truly Is.  And as you live and breathe upon her, you are being restored and reset as a Sacred Vessel of Divine and Sovereign Creation ~ that You Truly Are as well.

As this planet rises and is emancipated from the chains of 3D enslavement programs, cognitive distortions, and inner dissonance, there is a period of time where you are literally between the “no longer” and the “not yet.” Some of you may recall us speaking to this in an earlier transmission, where we vibrationally palpated this energy to you within the past year.  Those energies manifested and streamed through at the quantum level, and in streams of higher consciousness, that might have been audible to you or perceptible to you, previously or in recent months.  In September and October, you will be Living This ever more keenly and clearly.  

The 3D world that once organized your lives, your structures, your presence, and your understanding of yourselves in time and space is rapidly dematerializing on your world.  Things that “were always this way or that way” are not holding their structure well, are they?  The Foundations of Life and The Ways You Are Accustomed to Moving Within It are shifting, aren’t they?  But we would highlight this even clearer distinction. They aren’t just shifting, they are actually leaving this earth experience now.  For many of the old structures, governing procedures and protocols, and even age-old smoke screens that made things appear more palatable in the grand schemes and pictures of these “organizational structures” (despite most of them not serving the empowerment and sovereignty of the people) . . . are being exposed.  As things crumble, you will see things differently.  Because what is crumbling is the smoke and mirrors and the illusions that were able to be pulled off right in front of humanity’s eyes when they couldn’t fully see the depth of the mirror projects being masterfully engineered by the teams of dark wolves referenced in many other transmissions.  

frequencywriter.com ~ october 2020 energy update ~ theatre masks costumes pulling curtain back

And as things crumble, you are having to witness the Truth behind the masks, behind the mirrors, behind the curtains and costumes, and behind the facade of this false 3D theatre and the false 3D heroes of a world that never truly was what it appeared to be.  And this is bringing the shock, the discomfort, the agitation, and the unrest in people worldwide to the surface.

Remember when Dorothy discovers that the “Wizard of Oz” isn’t really a wizard at all?  Do you remember her shock at how what she had worked so hard to achieve and what she had worked so hard to believe went up in a “puff of smoke” so to speak, and she realized that the “Wizard of Oz” was just a man, a mortal like herself, with no greater or less abilities than she had . . . to help her to find a way Home from the Land of Oz?  

And do you remember the solution to that shocking Truth and Revelation she uncovered?  It was that the Truth and A Pathway Home had been within her The Whole Time.  She just had to REMEMBER this.  And it took that journey into the twists and turns essentially of a false reality and a dream reality if you will . . . for her to remember what the TRUTH actually was.  It was within her The Whole Time.

Now we are here to relate that story to each and all of you.  The curtain has been pulling back for some time now.  Some of you have been aware of this, and some of you have peaked behind that curtain to varying degrees and depths related to your own recovery and rediscovery of your Clear Soul Sight ~ and hence ~ your own Search for Truth.  

In September and October of 2020, and onward towards the end of 2020, you yourselves will not simply be thinking about changing vibrational landscapes.  You will be experiencing them.  Structures that once anchored and organized your banking systems, your medical systems, your political systems, and your daily lives are in fact changing at exponential levels now.  Because what they were founded upon, with the aid of smoke screens, distorted mirrors, false narratives, etc. for centuries simply isn’t the Divine Truth of Creation.  Much of these structures are based on the narratives needed to perpetrate and perpetuate the illusion of a 3D reality, by a very select few of the human population.  And yet, these masterminded schemes were very effective in ruling and enslaving the mass majority of the human population, especially with their “carrots of perceived freedoms” doled out to the global citizenry with a certain regularity, to keep the masses content, controlled, and managed in order to better serve their 3D agendas.  

And it is in the experiencing of these changing vibrational landscapes that you may witness or endure yourself . . . the pain, discomfort, shock, fear, restlessness, etc . . . . that are the symptoms or really the consequences of the “3D smoke and mirrors” that are no longer working.  The Wizard cannot just zip the curtain back up once Dorothy exposes the Truth of the Game.  And nor can the 3D Puppeteers that serve the Agendas of a 3D Illusion and Dark Matrix simply zip back up their proverbial curtains either.  

What was once conceptual dear ones, for those in the Light Worker and Light Warrior community, is now steadily emerging to be the Living Reality of a World in Quantum Transition.  Or a World in Quantum Ascension.  Those who know the Curtains were and are failing and falling ~ are more equipped now to steady themselves in the revelations this brings.  Those who do not know the Curtains were and are failing and falling ~ are more susceptible to the shock and uprooting nature of revelations unfolding on such a grand scale.

Humanity is living in a time then where the Concepts of Life, and what life was understood to be “as reality,” are actually now not just in question, but are more and more emerging to be under the microscope of people’s True Sight.  What could previously be “mirrored away,” or distorted away, or “spun away” with a particular narrative through your media moguls and your news networks, cannot spin enough to evade and escape the nakedness of their narratives in Clear Daylight and through Clear Soul Sight.  In other words, the narratives become much more transparent . . . as the curtains and mechanisms of deflection are pulled back or simply dematerialized by the surging Light Codes infusing this world.  

2020 ~ The Ultimate Year of Clear Sight ~ then is not just a metaphor to inspire dear ones.  It is a Living Quantum Energy that is rising in your Heart Centers now to set humanity free.  The smoke and mirrors of ages gone by only work on the masses when spiritual amnesia and spiritual astigmatism are seeded routinely in the consciousness of people worldwide. But with the Living Light Codes that have been streaming in with increasing frequency and increasing potency as the Earth Mother takes her rightful place in the Milky Way and in the Galaxy once more, all that is FALSE is being exposed through the Scrutiny of that Blinding Celestial Light of Truth, that is emanating from the Central Sun Energies and the Central Suns’ Light Codes themselves.

Yes, there are those who will spin false narratives until their last breath, for they too were conditioned by the false beliefs, narratives, and programming by their predecessors ~ who promised them fame, jewels, power, money, sex, and all kinds of false promises and even shocking atrocities, that may have been temporarily fulfilled ~ while the masses slept.  But that kind of false power is rising into the limelight now at the end of 2020 for all to see.  And the machines that protected or insulated the Truth about that false power . . . smoke screening them from public scrutiny and from public awareness and awakeness . . . are failing. The machines and mechanisms of protecting the false power sources, false narratives, and dark ways of being are in fact themselves failing, sputtering, and crumbling now.  

frequencywriter.com ~ october 2020 energy update ~ snowflakes blue white truth

As this channel has said, the Snowflakes of Divine Truth are falling.  No one knows which snowflake will be the one to crash the party that the 3D controllers once masterfully manifested into existence.  But the Snowflakes of Divine Truth have been falling for some time now.  You can feel them in your own experiences of the Conceptual Understandings of Ascension shifting into Vibrational Requirements to Live A New Way, yes?  And therefore, these Vibrational Requirements to Live A New Way are requiring you to first and foremost See and Perceive in A New Way.  

It can be shocking to see, perhaps for the first time, The Truth of many individuals who have been raised and positioned in global narratives and in the public eye for many, many years ~ to be the Heroes of this world, to be the Protectors of this world, to be the Wizards of this world ~ actually exposed as the dark wolves of this world.  In a world of smoke and mirrors, and masterful machines of deflection, projection, and the defamation of others to deflect the Heat of Truth off of those projecting the false matrix, it has been easy to enter the mind control programs and “field of poppies” sleepiness and spiritual amnesia that the 3D matrix orchestrated over many decades and centuries of time.  It is a Time requiring Deep Compassion, . . . Deep Self Compassion and Deep Compassion for the Collective . . . who simply didn’t know and couldn’t see what they simply didn’t know or couldn’t see.

For there was a time when “sleeping” was the more comfortable option. There was a time when denial and avoiding Truth was the more comfortable way of belonging and existing here on a prison planet, when souls have become experts in “doing time.”

But a Time of The Great Awakening is already here dear ones.  A Time of Great Revelations is already here.  And sleeping is increasingly becoming the harder and more challenging option . . . as a pathway and map for “doing time” anywhere on the Earth Plane and Planet.

Do you really think that the Divine Source Creator and Divine Creation Itself has in its best vision for this Whole Earth and All Life Living Upon Her . . . do you really think that Source Creator Itself envisioned a prison planet complete with smoke, mirrors, chronic pain, suffering, chronic disease, poverty, abuse, lack, scarcity, etc. as its Best Vision?  For All of Its Cosmic Children?  For All Life It Ever Created?  Do you really think humanity is here to “Do Time?”

We would say . . . the reality that was manifested in a 3D matrix that is pure illusion . . . wants you to believe that.  It is very invested in you believing that. And it has taken countless steps to attempt to remove the Omnipotent Power and Loving Presence of Source Energy, of God Energy, out of humanity’s conversations and daily lives, as much as possible.  Think about the movies that many have grown up watching.  Think about the books that often become best sellers.  Think about the religious holidays that have been eradicated slowly over time, so that perhaps the masses wouldn’t notice.  Think about the way deep Divine values in every human being have been eroded in community conversations, familial conversations, and educational conversations.  A moment of reflection might offer each and every one of you pause, to simply allow a deep soul awareness and remembrance of the opportunity to emerge and begin to reset to Divine Truth inside you.

frequencywriter.com ~ october 2020 energy update ~ central suns light clarity truth

2020 is the Ultimate Year of Clear Soul Sight for a reason dear ones.  A Deep Divine Reason. 

Source Is Beaming Its Light of Higher Soul Sight in every way possible now!  The Time of Separation, the Dream of Separation, and the Illusion of 3D Darkness as the Only Living Reality is crashing and crumbling.  It cannot withstand the Eternal and Timeless Scrutiny of Source Light in the Transparency of Humanity’s Conscious Awareness now much longer.  Why?  Because anything Un-True crumbles and vaporizes in the Light of That Much Light and That Much Truth!  The Converse of that is also True.  Anything TRUE always rises and stands eternally Tall and True in the Light of That Much Truth and That Much Light!

So dear ones, we invite you as more unfoldments emerge in the last week or two of September 2020 . . . and as more Light rises in the unfoldments in October 2020 . . . ask yourself . . . are you ready to Stand in the Light of Truth?  Are you ready to Ground in the Light of Truth Within . . . no matter what gets exposed, or what revelations may conflict with your 3D conditioning, and no matter what is dematerializing in the Light of Source Truth?  And the Truth of All That Is?  

This is The Time of Truth that is emerging on your world. For many, it is an Epic Emancipation Time.  For yet many others, it may be a time of Deep Overwhelm and Deep Confusion . . . as they seek to find a new way to Breathe, to Be, to See, to Orient to the True Light and the True Truth, and to the New Cosmic Coordinates of a Divine Earth Planet claiming her rightful place in the True Atmosphere of God’s Prana-Filled, Light-Filled, Blessing-Filled, Abundance-Filled, and Love-Filled Creation.    

We remind you in this powerful time and timeline on your world right now . . . to partner with your Conscious Breathing.  Seeding yourself with this Level of Conscious Breath and the Light and Prana that lives within it . . . can go a long way in grounding you in the Vibrational Storms unfolding as the old paradigm falls away and the New Earth Light rises. 

We also remind you of your Divine Soul Skills that we have seeded and helped you to grow your Divine Satchels over the past many months and years.  Partnering your with your Higher Self, your Unique Council of Guides, your connection with Source, your connection with the Earth Mother, and with all of Nature and the Earth Elements around you . . . will go a long way in helping you to feel grounding in Higher Dimensional Light, Love, and Support in these times.

Remember your Divine Talents as a way of channeling Source Life Force and Creativity inside you, and aligning with the Higher Vibrations of 5D+ Creation in these times.  

Remember to appreciate and nurture your Chakra Pillar (your core 7 chakras from your root to your crown) that not only Feeds your Spirit with the Divine Light of Truth and Connects you into Higher Dimensional Frequencies and Understandings Within . . . but that also . . . is part of your Celestial Breathing Tube . . . that assists you in Breathing More and More Divine Light, Truth, and Prana into your Holy Vessel, and thus into your Divine Merkaba, that is activating as well in these times.

Remember your Witness-Observing Skills, that invite you into your Heart Center’s Neutrality and Sovereignty, so you can see more clearly what is unfolding in front of you in the end times of The Duality Game and the War or Chess Game at this time Between Good and Evil.  Being a Witness Observer helps you to be IN this world but not OF it.  And that gives you the perspective and higher sight to live in a deeper state of neutrality and grounding, without attachment to people, “perceived heroes” now being dethroned and de-pedestaled through exposures now and those to come, and 3D structures falling away to make room for newer and Truer 5D structures here to truly support the best of the best of all of humanity. 

Remember your innate skills of Divine Flexibility, that can help you roll, move, and rise, without tethers to the old ways of being and seeing in the 3D illusion.

And remember your Soul Skills of Divine Inspiration and the Power of Conscious Choice in every moment. Both are here to guide you in your own Self and Soul Awareness such that in every moment you can live True to Source’s Plan, or God’s Plan, for your Life, for your Purpose, for your Mission, and Your Presence on the planet at this time.  And also, in every moment, it is vital to remember that you always and forever have the Power of Conscious Choice . . . when triggered, when fear erupts inside, when an attachment is pushed to the surface, etc.  Can you in those moments . . . take a Conscious Breath and breathe in God’s Perfect and Pure Life Force inside you . . . as we have shared and practiced many times together?  Can you allow that Sacred Breath to flow to all of the parts of you in need of Divine Support, Divine Grounding, and Truly Divine Oxygen in moments of Deep Challenge, Fear, and Divisive Energy in this world right now?  

Ask the Guides of 5D+ Light to help you ahead of time, so when an unexpected or a trigger comes into your life, you are already grounded in the Light of Divine Truth and your Desire to Be A Living Expression of Divine Truth and Love, no matter the challenge(s) at hand.

Ground in the 5D Golden Crystalline Energies of the Earth Mother. She knows your Divine Footprint on this Earth.  She knows your Divine Soul Signature and Who You Were BEFORE all of this 3D Illusion, Chaos, Karma, and Challenge. She knows your Divinity.  You are her Divine Child.  You are her Divine Daughter or Son, and She Knows Who You Are for You, until you are able to fully reclaim this Knowledge for Yourself.  Invite her in.  Ask for her support and grounding in her Sacred Heart’s Wisdom. She loves you very much.

And lastly, Ground in the Sovereignty, Grace, and Gifts of the Living Light that You Truly, Eternally, and Infinitely Are!  You ALREADY ARE this Living Sacred Light.  

It Is Simply Time To Remember.  

Deep Breaths.  Storms of Information and Disinformation will continue to release and rise in the Hearts of Humanity.  3D Codes are swirling.  5D Codes are rising in that swirling like Lighthouses, standing strong to show The Way to a Greater and More Eternal Truth, Light, and Life.   

Breathe, Listen, and Discern with Inner Ears for the Deeper Truths to Emerge, in you.

Be ready to let go of truths with a lower case t that you thought were Truths with a capital T. Be ready to embrace Truth with a capital T, when the feeling of 5D Knowing Rises with Crystal Clarity in the Core of Your Being.

Be Compassionate with yourself and others.  It is a BIG, BIG Journey Home now for all of you.  

October 2020 will further assist you in that Inner Rising Process.  Open to becoming Lighter, and to releasing the density that is not who you truly are.

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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