October 2021+ Energy Update: The Spark Heard Around The World, The Greatest God Breath In All of History

October 2021+ Energy Update  

The Spark Heard Around The World:
The Time of the Greatest God Breath In All of History Is Here
& The Shock of the Greatest Illusions In All Of History Is Here

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.2.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Timeless, Enduring, and Exponential Light of the Central Suns and the Christ Consciousness that fills and fuels all Life, all Light, and all Time and Space in the Universe.  Humanity is in its Time of Deepest Expansion.  It may not feel this way right now but this is the Sacred Truth of Your Time.  You are in The Time of the Greatest God Breath ever before taken in and received on this Level and Epic Scale.  What has to happen for the world to take in the Greatest God Breath ever breathed in the history of All That Is?  The Greatest Contraction, the Deepest Breathlessness, and the Most Profound Challenges of Faith, which in a couple of words means, The Greatest and Most Epic Fear.  

How does one open to the immensity of Faith, Fortitude, Courage, Clarity, Grounding, and Union with Source from such a vast depth of Separation Consciousness such as what many on your world are living?  A Great Fear Event.  A series of Deep Pulsations of Catalyzing Heat and Triggers of All Things Believed and Thought to be Known.  The World of Duality that all here have inhabited for eons of time has become the norm of life on planet Earth, yes?  And in that duality, and those extremes of polarity, the serpent would indicate, manipulate, perpetrate, and perpetuate the immense fear that duality is stretched so far, so thin, and so vast . . . that it is incurable.  Unhealable.  And Un-Unite-able.  But this level of Unity Seeking, Healing, and Weaving of Polarities Is Truly God’s Specialty.  We have spoken of God/Source/Creator being The Ultimate Baker.  And part of God’s Ultimate Baking Skills includes the Infinite Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnivision to see all, know all, embrace all, and unify all.

october 2021 energy update ~ frequency writer ~ the power of the breath

So let us return once more as we begin this transmission today for October 2021 and beyond . . . to The Power of the Breath.  Let us take a Deep Divine Breath In Together. For as you breathe deeply, divinely, and consciously in this way . . . you are communicating with your Heart Center and you are connecting with the Godheart simultaneously, and communicating your willingness to be a conscious participant and a gracious recipient of God’s Great Weaving and God’s Great Baking already underway. You are saying to Source in your willingness to take a few but expansive Conscious Breaths every day . . . I am ready to come Home.  I am ready to relinquish my desire in any level of my being in any timeline in all directions of time . . . to live in Separation and to Experience any form of Spiritual Amnesia that puts me outside of God Consciousness.  That places me outside of Unity Consciousness.  With this Breath, I surrender my beliefs in Separation Consciousness.  And with this Deep Divine Conscious Breath, I fully embrace my Union with you God/Source/Creator, knowing and understanding that all beliefs in me that support the living and embodiment of Separation Consciousness are already undergoing the Great Alchemy of these Powerful Ascension Times.  I let go in this moment of this One True Breath my allegiance to the 3D Matrix, my alignment with the Serpent’s Vision for me and for humanity, and my resonance with pain, suffering, struggle, division, deceit, judgment, joylessness, illness etc for all time.  I AM One With Source.  I AM One With The Living Breath.  I AM Home in the Heart of God/Source/Creator in this Breath.  And I AM Alive and Aligned with the Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness In Me, each and every Breath I take and receive from this Eternal Fountain of Living Life Force and the Ultimate Enduring Love and Living Light of Source.  I AM The Breath Of Life.  And I AM A Sovereign Divine Child of the One True Creator Source once more.  I AM Free and I AM Home in this Breath.  I AM Healed, Whole, and Healthy in this One True Breath of the One True Source.  And today, I Breathe Union with All Of God’s Grace, Love, and Higher Sight for me, and for all sentient life on Planet Earth, so that I can be an active participant in God’s Great Weaving and God’s Great Baking of this World into One Unified Collective Whole once more.  

In One Breath, I Create Union With Source.

In One Single Conscious Breath, I Manifest Unity Consciousness With Source.

In One Breath, I Seed With Source The Unity Consciousness that was always
designed to Be the Living Life Force Of Source in Form here on Planet Earth.  

In One Single Conscious Breath, God/Source/Creator resets All Life in Me
and on Planet Earth to the Original Garden of Eden Frequencies, that I AM
Feeling, Breathing, Being, and Knowing Again.

Remembering and Knowing the Power of the Breath alchemizes fear into Faith.  Remembering and Aligning with the Power of the Breath breathes God back into this planetary experience, that has lived for so long without it.  Breathing Prana Consciously and Being a Knower of God’s Life Force in the Breath is Being a Conscious Weaver of God’s Omnivision and Omnipresence into the World Again.  All are here at this time to become these Conscious Breathers of Unified Vision and Unified Life Force and Divine Perfection once more.  It is why you came at this time.  This is why you are here.  This is what you seek.  And this is what you Know already.  The God Breath IS The All That Is.  And when you Breathe Sacred Breath in this way, with reverence, with humility, with grace, and with activated soul vision within you, you breathe in that moment through God’s Eyes and through God’s Vision for this world.  And you begin to SEE God’s Vision for this world.  For God is then able to Breathe His Vision In You.  And through you.  

This is the Oneness of Spirit, this Oneness of Heart, and this Oneness of Sight that so many crave.  But that seems so elusive to the Individual and Collective Soul right now on your world.  When nearly an entire planet has been tricked and deceived by the serpent into the Complexities of Fear Patterning by the Serpent, as the living life force it wishes all to have as your own sense of Life Force, . . . for that is the life force of the serpent itself and it merely projects its ways onto the masses . . . there is a deeply serpent-seeded program running in most individuals that fear that this is all there is.  That stress is all there is.  That suffering is all there is.  That discord, division, and tension are all that is.  Because that is The Serpent’s World.  That IS The Serpent’s Way.

That is why messages such as these come through channels such as this one to remind all of God’s Children that The Breath Of Life is easy.  The Breath of Life is Freely Given.  The Breath of Life contains Nutrients that most human beings cannot even yet fathom.  And yet, in those Nutrients, are all of the solutions, safety, security, abundance, health, wellness, and well-being that any one could ever want or desire.  Through the Breath, God’s Miracles Manifest.  

Is your world ready for a Miracle?  We would say, A Resounding YES!

So why now?  Why would Humanity Believe This Truth about The Living Breath restoring Faith and Fortitude in this world now at this time?  When there is so much evidence to the contrary, that this world is headed in all of the wrong directions and to a place of no return?  Because Events Will Prove This So.  Events that are unfolding in your world in October will turn the tides of Separation Consciousness.  Revelations forthcoming in God’s Perfect Timing are designed to catalyze maximum Searching for Union with the Breath.  And they are designed to catalyze maximum Searching for Truth, for Life Force, for Redemption, and for Re-Union.  

Who can manifest such a thing on such an Epic Scale in the ways we are speaking and sharing today?  Only The Ultimate Source.  The Ultimate Baker.  The Ultimate Weaver.  The Ultimate Healer.  And The Ultimate Creator.  

october 2021 energy update ~ frequency writer ~ the powerless serpentUnfortunately for the Serpent, it has no True creative power.  It only has the power of its invisibility to infiltrate and then MANIPULATE power and manipulate those with life force to create ITS vision and bidding.  But at the end of the day, the Serpent is POWERLESS.  And the Serpent is BREATHLESS.  And the Serpent is LIFE-FORCE-LESS.  And this is what will be exposed more and more in Red October.  As things heat up in your lives and on the planet.  To expose ALL THINGS SERPENT manifested,  manipulated, and distorted.  The Serpent is preparing for this searing heat and exposure as well.  For it knows this day is coming.  It has known it since the beginning of this intense and epic cycle of separation consciousness and “serpent-usurped living” here in this realm.  This is the Ultimate Showdown of a much more subtle and multidimensional war that has been playing out since the beginning of this realm and cycle of creation.  Only its about to get a whole lot more public in humanity’s experiences.  No longer will this be battled out in the ethers.  The Battle is rising to the surface of your planet.  Your lives.  And your vision.  For All To See.  

The Deniers can deny Truth all day long.  All lifetimes long.  And all of creation long.  But there comes a point when the war is on your shore . . . that Truth finds its way in the cracks of your illusions . . . and releases the lenses of lies once thought to be True . . . but now will be shown to be what they always were . . . smoke and mirrors of lies and deception that only a serpent committed to its own destruction again and again . . . can manifest at this level.  There will be a day in some time and some space where the Serpent will get right with God again.  However that plays out, whenever that plays out, it is part of the Creation Story that will rise and be revealed at some time.

The Time At Hand On YOUR World right now, and In YOUR life right now, is YOUR RETURN TO SOURCE.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to release the deceptions of the serpent that would tell you that Union with Source is hard?  Are you ready to release the programming of the serpent that mires many human beings still today in the fear of all of the what if’s about your safety and security . . . that it comes from the 3D matrix . . . and thus from the serpent’s matrix . . . and NOT your True Creator?  Are you ready to surrender all of the games, lies, tricks, distortions, judgements, and false sense of life force in this realm to re-discover the sweetness and ease of God’s Almighty and Enduring Grace and Love in your life once more?  THIS IS YOUR TIME OF REUNION. 

This is not the Time to Take Out The Serpent on your world.  This is the Time for you to focus Giving Your Energy and Attention Back to Source.  How does one do that?  They BREATHE THE BREATH OF GOD with conscious intent, humility, and a willingness to come Home into the Heart of God and Breathe In Union Once More, after all this time.  They Breathe A DEEP DIVINE CONSCIOUS BREATH IN With Source and when they do, they allow a Deep Inner Knowing that I Can Heal All Of My Separation and My Pain and Suffering Through THIS Union and THIS Faith and THIS Grace that God offers enduringly and eternally to all of His Children, when they are ready.  

October 2021 is a Time of Deep Alchemical Heat.  The Light of God is shining into every aspect of life on planet Earth this month and beyond.  The serpent can weave and bob, it can duck and project, it can smoke and it can mirror, but it can’t outrun the Light of the The Ultimate Creator.  The War at present being fought is about the Heart and Soul of God’s Children and God’s Creation.  And this is what is at stake.

The more of God’s Children that Hear this Call, and see this Battle surfacing now on the surface of your planet, and your lives, and also in Humanity’s Consciousness at this time, . . . the more the Serpent loses exponential power in this realm.  For it could only wield its power from a place of invisibility.  From a place of infiltration.  From a place of deception, shields, smokes, mirrors, lies, and manipulated words (propaganda).  When its tools are rendered null and void, there is nothing REAL whatsoever that the serpent can offer to those waking up from their slumber.  And from what we see coming in the near future, an awakening humanity is not only first going to be in shock.  They are going to be angry.  They are going to experience a myriad of human emotions.  And yet, the Ultimate Creator Knows that it is those emotions, while overwhelming at first, those emotions will ultimately spark the Living Life Force to activate and awaken in a large part of humanity on your world . . . in what will look like in future time . . . to have been A Single Breath.  A Single Moment.  This particular point in time, Red October 2021 and the remaining months of this year, is going to be seen in future time, as The Time God Gave The Living Breath Back To The People.

Why is so much energy going into mandates to stifle Breathing?  Why a virus that attacks the Respiratory System in Humanity?  Of all things?  Because the Battleground for Human Consciousness is being fought over The Living Breath.  The Serpent has distorted the facts.  The Serpent has its puppets to distort the Truth.  The Serpent plays games with the Truth.  With The Living Word.  And With The Living Breath.  

october 2021 energy update ~ frequency writer ~ unity consciousness

When the Word Becomes One, The World Becomes One Again.  

Some of you may remember this Vibrational Parcel of Energy we have given in a previous transmission.  The Word Is The Word, as in the Sound of God.  Sound Is Life Force.  Sound Is Creation.  And yet, there is no word ever uttered without what? Without The Breath.  So let us say this phrase again, only slightly differently. 

When the Breath Becomes One, The World Becomes One Again.

Are you beginning to see more clearly that this Spiritual Battle is becoming a Battle Of The Breath?  The Battle For The Breath?  The Serpent wants the stop the Living Breath in whatever ways it must.  Humanity’s Well Being has never been a consideration of the Narcissistic and Sociopathic Serpent.  In whatever ways the Serpent believes it can stop the Living Life Breath of this world, it is going for.  Because the War is with God.  And the Stakes are WINNER GAINS ALL.  For God/Source/Creator this means, WINNER EMANCIPATES ALL.  For the Serpent, the already known Loser of this epic battle in future time, its perception is WINNER TAKES ALL.  For the Serpent is only ever about Power, Acquisition of Power, and its ability to Manipulate to Maintain its Power.  And it never has enough.  On the other side of that polarity, God/Creator/Source IS by His Nature All-Mighty.  Omnipresent.  Omnipotent.  Omniscient.  This Divinely and Eternally IS.  And this will never manifest to be anything less.

The Serpent never owned this Earth.  It just projected its games, tricks, mirrors, and manipulations to make it appear so.  It tempted Adam.  It tempted Eve.  It tempted Christ.  It tempted the Buddha.  It tempted Moses.  It tempted Noah.  It is interesting that the root word temp in the word tempt means time.  Thus temp in action has to do with timing.  If Tempt in this biblical sense means luring, and temp as a word essence meaning time and timing, the Serpent has used a cycle of time to lure souls of the Living God Energy into its lair and vision for its world and its ways.  And the serpent’s temptations also include the root word temp as in temporary (meaning transient and not eternal) as well as temperature (meaning a scale of hot and cold).  And here we are . . . on the cusp of Epic and Profound Change, and the Serpent is being called out and up to the surface of Humanity’s Consciousness more and more and more . . . bringing the HEAT of the Serpent’s Temptations to the Surface and ALSO . . . bringing the EXPIRATION date of the Serpent to the Surface as well.  For The Serpent’s Cycle of Time to thrive in Separation Consciousness and all of the manipulations it could wield in that time while the majority of humanity has largely been asleep to all of its planning and programming is OVER.  

Thus the Cosmic Temperature of October will be hot. But the surfacing of this intense energy will be Temporary in the Greater and Broader Understanding of Time.  Temp is a root word meaning Time.  And the Serpent’s Time Is Up.

If the Serpent Knows This, and if it Knows that It and Its Perceived Reign Is Due to Expire, it also knows that not only is it OUT OF TIME, but IT ITSELF is OUT OF BREATH.  The Definition of Expire can literally be said to Breathe One’s Last Breath, or in other words, to Die.  There is a mass projection unfolding on your world, which is the serpent’s way and always has been, of its expiration.  And thus its nefarious plans including warring with God over the energetic manifestations of this Grand Expiration Date looming on your world at this time.  And thus it is manifesting the play on words and vibrational word essences which is a hallmark of the serpent’s playbook.  Expiration meaning end times (for the Serpent) as well as Expiration meaning Breathing One’s Last Breath.  

Why is the world wearing masks?  Why are many world leaders mandating masks?  Why is the world in crisis over the Fear of Not Breathing?  Why is the Breath the topic that has dominated the world’s air waves (no pun intended) over the past nearly two years time?  Because this War is Ultimately Being Fought for The Breath of God, The Life Force of God, the Living Creation of God, and the Soul of this Planet which is all made in God’s Likeness and through God’s Creation, which is Through God’s Breath.  

Many are missing the very deeply embedded Spiritual Elements of an Epic Battle unfolding.  Source has been allowing the Serpent to continue to destroy itself, because Source knows that the Serpent is Out of Time.  Temptation is in essence a Lure of Time.  A Time Lure.  Or even a Lore of Time.  One Story of Time.  And in this way, if you follow the word essences, and you pay more attention to the words used, you will always dear ones, find your way back to the Living Breath of Source.  But first you will journey through the Valley of Death so to speak, which is where the Serpent Lives and infiltrates from, . . . as individuals and a collective.  Because this 3D Matrix is largely an illusion of consciousness that was once deeply usurped through the manipulation of time and sound (words), and the Heart and Soul of Adam and Eve, whose living Life Force of Children of God became the source of Serpentine Enslavement, trapping people (their descendants) in lifetimes of karmic cycles, unending karmic debt (to the serpent), and mental and societal programming that holds an inherent belief in labor, work, servitude, slavery, and in essence being incarcerated and disempowered as a collective.  

When you realize that there IS this epic battle playing out multidimensionally, and spiritually, and soulfully, the entire game board changes.  The chess board flips.  Revelations click into place.  New Life Force enters your sight.  Your life. Your perceptions.  And purpose activates in your Heart Center as well.  

God/Source/Creator knows that you were not born to serve this matrix.  To work as a slave in its systems.  To serve the requirements of payment to the serpent.  That was never God’s Creation.  This is the illusion that the serpent has craftily manifested to appear to be God’s Creation.  It gave you the Creation Story.  It just didn’t tell you that it was boring holes in every aspect of what you believed it to be, so you would never rediscover the Truth that you are by your very nature, a Sovereign Divine Creator of the Creator.  That You Are Free.  And that you are Here To Make Manifest The Glory of The Creator’s Creation by being the Divine Spark You Truly Are! 

Some of you reading this might say this is really dark and nefarious information in this Red October Transmission.  Some of you reading this know all about the Ultimate Showdown taking place in October 2021 and the remainder of this year.  More revelations will reverberate for decades to come.  But the Spark heard around the world will be in this month of October 2021.  That Spark is the Alchemy of Red October.  The Heat of All Illusions Past will rise to the surface this month.  The Hidden Serpent will be pushed into Humanity’s Consciousness.  And what happens when the Serpent Surfaces?  A lot of distressing emotions come to the fore as well.  But then what happens?  Unity.  Unity is what happens when the Serpent and its Nefarious Deeds, Deceptions, Games, and Soullessness Flush to the Surface.  

Out of the Heat of Revelations, and the distressing exposures and disclosures that this is activating in people’s awareness to wake up a planet that has been losing life force through the centuries, . . . comes the Will, Remembrance, and Openness to BREATHE A LIVING DIVINE BREATH AGAIN.  It activates the WILL, the REMEMBRANCE, the RESONANCE, and the OPENNESS of Soul, Spirit, and Heart Centers within . . . to BREATHE much more SPIRITUALLY, HOLISTICALLY, CONSCIOUSLY, and With Great HEART and HUMILITY.

And that is the New Story of Humanity.  That is the True Story of Humanity.  You are the Souls on the Planet in October 2021 that will hear the Spark of Alchemy this Month, activating Divine Breath Worldwide.  At first, there might be a moment of breathlessness, a moment of shock and disbelief.  And then, as God/Source/Creator Knows, a New Life Breath will flow in.  A New Light will flow in.  A New Life Force that hasn’t been felt or known or received in many of you for lifetimes will flow in.  

This will be a Spark Heard Around The World. The Time of the Greatest God Breath In All Of History Is Here.  The Shock of the Thickest Illusions in All Of History Is Here As Well.

Remember as things continue to pour forth, and to rise to the surface of humanity’s consciousness in the coming hours, days, and weeks, to BREATHE as revelations unfold.  This Spiritual War is for the Life Breath of God and the Life Breath and Soul of Humanity and this whole planet.  Take a look at your masks.  Ask yourself, what are they masking?  What are they masking, really?  

october 2021 energy update ~ frequency writer ~ The Great AwakeningAnd when more of you begin to awaken, and the collective begins to awaken, imagine what a world can do When the Breath Is One Again.  When the Spiritual Focus within One and All of You is on Cultivating a Connecting with the Divine Breath and Never Losing Sight of its God Given Grace, Blessings, and Union again. 

The Lure of the Serpent is its Lore.  Its illusion.  A convincing one all this time, but an illusion nonetheless.  

The temptations of the Serpent are out of time.  Expired.  Out of breath.

Who is out of breath?  

Is it You?  Or is it the Serpent projecting its failing plans and programs onto an unsuspecting humanity and sentient world?  

Will the serpent succeed through many of its followers and puppets to instill fear and breathing issues in some groups within the human collective?  Yes.  

But will enough remain strong, unyielding, incorruptible, and aligned with the God Breath?  The God Codes?  The God Gnosis?  And The Union with God?  YES.

You each and all came for these times.  The Grand Theater of this Serpent Lore and Lure is playing out.  And do you know what else is playing out?  God’s Victory!  And that is what we wish for each of you to know today.  God has already won.  

How can you win?  Take some Deep Conscious Breaths and in those breaths commune with Source and invite Source Life Force into your Heart and your Divine Essence.  Ask to be shown what is yours to be, to do, and to breathe.  Ask for Divine Faith, Fortitude, and the Living Light within you to show you The Way of Godsight now in these times.  Ask for the courage, the support, the compass, and the guidance of Spirit . . . that has only your Divine Highest Good in its Heart and Sight, to lead you.  To guide your words.  To guide your healing.  Your integration.  Your Journey Back to Union.  

There will be the Heat of the Exposures of these Revelations in these times.  But it is Time for Alchemy.  It is Time for Divine Breathing.  It is Time for the Liberation of this Planet.  And liberating The Breath has everything to do with Liberating Humanity.  And Liberating this World in Epic Expansive Ways in these times.

Call in the Light of Christ Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness to Breathe You.  To Walk With You.  To Help You and Support You to Rise when more revelations surface that are distressing or uncomfortable.  You have ALL OF THE BREATH you need if you will breathe it in.

Fear suppresses nutrients in your organic breathing.  Fear creates cracks that allow toxins into your awareness, your energy fields, and your experiences.  Faith, while experiencing fear, is a shield of God.  Faith is a source of Protection from God.  Faith is God’s Armor.  And Conscious Breathing is God’s Healing and God’s Alchemy in you.  

Learn to witness yourself without judgment but with curiosity.  What am I breathing, you might ask yourself?  Prana?  Or Fear?  Divine Sight or Propaganda?  How can I see deeper to know the Truth?  To discern the Truth?  To seek the Truth?  

Freedom is coming dear ones.  Your Conscious Breathing is your First Preparation.  It is Your Ark in these times.  AND it is your ARMOR in these times too.  

We are continuing to see Humanity and all life here on planet earth gifted with God’s Breath, God’s Protection, God’s Gifts, God’s Blessings, and Divine Life Force during The Great Awakening and Ascension underway.  

When the Breath becomes One, the World Becomes One again.

When the Word becomes One, the World Becomes One again.

When Creation becomes One, the World Becomes One Again.

You are on the Path of Unity Consciousness and Divine Union right here and right now.

No matter what the collective must journey this month and beyond to clear, to heal, to rise, and to rebuild a brand New Earth, your Divine and Sacred Breath is always here to partner with you to manifest Living The Garden of Eden once more.

Let the Light In. Let Conscious Breathing In.  Prepare Your Arks, dear ones. Know the Expiration Date of the Serpent’s Reign is here.  See your world through more expanded Soul Vision and you will see more of what you are called to do and to be in these times.  

You came for these times.  You are reading this at this time for these times. 

You are loved, dear ones, in all ways, IN THESE TIMES.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post this Saturday on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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