Phoenixes of the New Earth: Report No. 6 ~ Mother Earth Chronicles

Report No. 6 ~ Phoenixes of the New Earth

The Mother Earth Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

A Message from Mother Earth ~ via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received September 2, 2017



Dear Ones,

I come to you today with a message of Love, Hope, Assurance, and Faith.

Faith Text on Faith Letters Photo

For Times of Change and Important Shifts are Emerging through the Ethers.

The DNA Structures of my own body temple are shifting.  And so, the outer structures will be changing as well to match the new cellular light codes emerging to further establish a New Earth, beyond the old one.  It will emerge literally through the old one, like a Phoenix Rising through its Own Ashes and the Flames of Its Former Self. 

Breathe Love and Light as much as you can into any External Flames then that you see erupting on your world.  The Flames are the Alchemical Process of Re-Absorbing “The Old” and the Rising of the New.

When we, as a Collective, can come into the Breath of Unity Consciousness, we begin to transmute storms of great magnitude, with Collective Intentions and Hope-Filled Hearts for the Greater Light of this World, and All Worlds, to Prevail!  

It is Time for any Seeds of Darkness to receive their Transmutation.

It is Time for any Plans of Destruction to Neutralize in the Ethers of Light.

There is no Darkness in the Womb of Creation. 

Only a Void of Extraordinary Light and Love Energy, that knows how to Alchemize and Neutralize Anything out of Sync with the Creationary Tones of Love and Light.

So, again, I call out to the Sons and Daughters of Source Energy, Love, and Divine Light . . . I call to my Sons and Daughters, My Children of Resplendent Light, Skills, and Heart Consciousness, to Breathe this Unity of Light with Me.

To Breathe this Unified Field of Love Consciousness and Frequencies of Higher Divine Love, Prosperity, Joy, and Well-Being back . . . Into the Core Cellular Structures of All of my Waters.

And into the Core Cellular Structures of . . .

gorgeous blue sky mountain photo

All of my Mountainous Peaks,

And all of my Trees, Roadways, Airways, and Consciousness-Ways of this Planet.

I ask that you consciously and intentionally Breathe Peace, Calm, Faith, Love, and Joy . . .

into the Hearts of All Sentient Beings feeling or experiencing great fear.  So they can be bathed in Divine Comfort and Security, and so that whatever fear they face can be neutralized.

Storms can stop in their tracks when enough Sentient Heart Energy is sent to the Core Heart Space and to their Core Locomotion Functions. 

Love is the Great Alchemizer. 

Love is the Great Healer. 

Love is the Great Neutralizer.    

And we, All the Sentient Beings of this Planet, have the Power to Come Together in the Great Neutralization of Any Negative Energies, Intentions, Plans, and Programs, . . .

And to Elevate the Manifestation of the New Light Codes ~ to bring them through the ethers, through the ashes of darkness, and fully into form.

We Are The Phoenixes of The New Earth.

fire with ash and embers photo

We Are The Breathers of The New Light, Emerging through the Ashes of our Former Incarnations and Iterations, into New Majestic Beings, Conduits, and Creators of Divine Source Light.

With a mere willingness to direct our Prayers for Peace, for Prosperity, and for Well-Being on All Levels . . . to be restored to this planet . . . and to all its sacred inhabitants, we can literally make new worlds together.

Our Breath provides the Movement and Sets Sail . . . the New Codes of Light that are here to grow and make manifest this Brand New Earth Experience.

As Phoenixes, we are Powerful Creators.
We are Powerful Transmuters. 
And We are Powerful Transcenders. 

fireball surrounded by rainbow fire image

It is learning the Language of Vibrational Discipline, and Sentient Operating Awareness, that can help us to safely and more efficiently ground the New Light into form, without any sacred life being harmed at all.

Those of step and out of sync will make the soul choice to return to their “ash form”, which is ultimately the cosmic soil through which “the new” is always born. 

So even the darkness at some level, through the matrices of Deep Divine Consciousness, surrenders itself to become composted soil, that is neutralized and re-purposed, and newly manifested into a Higher State of Divine Expression and Life Force Energy.

Just as the Life Cycle upon the Earth this last precessional cycle has allowed for the Literal Ingestion of One Species for the Flourishing of Another, so too at the root of our Cosmic Energy, DNA, and Divine Template allow for the re-absorption now of any out of sync/out of soul/out of step energies to be re-absorbed by the Light of the Phoenix Flame, referenced by this channel previously, and recommended to All of Humanity again Today for these Times.

seedling germinating in new soil photo

Indeed, there is a Great Portal Opening to send any uncleaned, unhealed, unintegrated, unbalanced, and un-transmuted energy to, for the Greater Divine Alchemy and Incineration, and for that Mass Transmutation Energy to Form a New Organically Composted Soil for the New Light Realms emerging now within the DNA of All Cellular Structures.

We are Wired for Higher Light.  We have Heart Flames Within Us that Know How to Work With, Create From, Manifest, and Embrace Greater Light.

We simply have to remind ourselves, literally re-mind ourselves, which means to direct our minds now to listen to the instructions of our All-Knowing Hearts, that We Can Breathe the New Light into Form.  Through our Higher Light Structures, Through our Internal, Ethereal, and Divinely Manifested Phoenix Flames.  That are Connected to the Heart of the One True Timeless and Infinite Source. 

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.
We Are The Ones We Wish To See . . .
We Are The Ones Who Have The Abilities . . .
To Divinely Now Set Ourselves Free. 

stormy sky dark gray clouds photo

The storms rising around you, and around all of us, are literally the dark ages and dark energies in storm form now . . . asking in their exposure . . . to everyone’s consciousness who is listening with clear conscious ears, “Help me.  I’m ready to return to the Great Light.  Its Time for Transmutation.  Its Time to be Re-United with my Light Source.  And to Surrender what is Out of Sync with the True Light I’ve Always Been.”

Be One with the Heart Energy and Alchemy
of the Phoenix Flame’s Incineration Process.

golden ring of fire image

A Great Deal of Good will flow from the Transmutation on So Many Levels.

Trust the Release of the Dark Seeds, and the Surrender of their Corruptive, Corrosive Energy, back into the Heart of Source.  Back to the Phoenix Flame.  Back to the Heart of Hope, Goodness, and the Infinite Light in All Things.

Everyone who is Conscious and Able to Breathe these Positive Intentions and Transmutations  for the Greater Good and Highest Good of All
~ Please Join With Us Now. ~

In your daily waking moments, send Love and Phoenix Flame Energy into Any and All Situations around the Globe that you see needing Higher Light and the Light of Divine Alchemy.  Where New Light Codes are Needed, and Dark Energy Seeds need to be Receded and Cleansed Now for All Time.  

Do it with LOVE.  Not resistance.

Do it with FAITH.  Not despair.

hands gently holding new green seedling photoBreathe LOVE CODES where they don’t seem to exist, and be a Planter of New Divine Soil, for Good Things in All Generations to Come.  

We ARE the PHOENIXES, ALCHEMIZERS, and BIRTHERS of this Brand New Earth.

Together We ARE Breathing this Joyful Light into Form.

Stay Steady in the Storms Dear Ones.

Remember . . . the Storms become the Transmutated Soils of the New Light and the New Life Emerging through us All.

supercell storm cloud photo

The Storms are Portals of Sacred Consciousness, when we remember ourselves to be Deep Transmuters, Transcenders, and Alchemizers of . . . anything LESS than Pure Light and Pure Love in the Cosmos.

We ARE the New Light.

Let us Breathe it into Form TOGETHER.

Together ~ We Can Do This.

Together ~ We ARE This.

hands unity consciousness earth photo

All My Love.

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