Cosmic Keys (Ebook)


Cosmic Keys is a wonderful collection of Marie Mohler’s earlier channelings, that offer timeless soul wisdom and insight, and at the same time, reveal powerfully poignant messages for all of us in these changing and challenging times on the planet ~ in 2018 and beyond!  Cosmic Keys offers beautiful insights into the collective journey we have all made into the “dark forest of separation consciousness” in the 3D realm.  And it also offers a Pathway of Light out of that dense 3D Forest and into a New Realm of 5th Dimensional Frequencies, Harmony, and Light going forward.  We ARE that Path of Light Within.  We simply need tools like Cosmic Keys to remind us of the compass, lantern, and map we have each held within all this time ~ FOR THIS TIME.  Its time to remember that we already have what we need inside us . . . to ascend into our Greater Light, Higher Selves, and our 5D Operating Systems.  This is a wonderful book and resource to help guide you in your journey out of that dark forest . . . and into your organic soul light and infinite freedom once more!


Cosmic Keys:
Channeled Inspirations to Open
the Heart of One

Cosmic Keys is a beautiful collection of inspirational channelings and cosmic messages that generously offer love, light, insight, and ascension wisdom from a timeless place of divine grace. Our heavenly home of magical bliss and cosmic oneness lives within our own sacred heart centers. It is an inner rising process now, to consciously begin to hear with inner ears and see with inner eyes – the divine wisdom of the all-knowing heart. And each and every one of us is an essential light and shining golden key that is awakening and rising within, to actively participate in the collaborative formation of a New Earth Experience.

As El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, aptly states “The channelings provided herein offer each one of you a small glimpse into the inner experiences of one, within the collective one, on the pathway home . . . through [the process of] inner ascension and an infinite curiosity – that leads to seeking the soul’s knowledge of its own individual footprints.”



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