Divine Oars


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This song (and/or product bundle) includes higher frequencied messages, sounds, and insights that are here to empower you in your journey as well as to sing the world awake in these epic Ascension Times. Spirit gave me over 60+ songs (some with accompanying transmissions) between 2009-2011.  I am not a musician or a singer, and yet these New Earth Soul Songs were gifted through me to humanity.  They wish to be sung through people all around the world, to raise the frequencies of this planet.  WE are their instruments, sounding through our unique voices and our conscious awareness when we sing these songs ~ the change we wish to see and to be.  We are these New Earth Soul Song Singers here to transmute the darkness of the old 3D matrix and to welcome in the new 5D loving, giving, and rising New Earth.  Thank you for joining me in singing these songs as a living alchemist transforming darkness to light, and as a living divine instrument sounding Unity Consciousness, Peace, Joy, and Freedom to all sentient life on Planet Earth.  Let’s join hands and hearts around the world each time we sing these soul songs in the shower, in small gatherings, as we drive each day in our commutes to and from the places we travel, and any time we are seeking a spiritual or soulful tune-up or desiring to be the positive change we wish to see!  I send my gratitude to you for giving your positive energy, your conscious attention, and divine breath and light in your expression and sound activation of these songs!  Let’s sing the world awake . . . knowing consciously within that . . . Together ~ We Are Rising!


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