Declaration of Light & Quantum Independence Day July 4, 2019: Upgrades, Resets, & Reciprocal Blessings

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received July 13, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Hope, Light, and Incredible Blessings for the Human Collective . . . as the Arcturian Collective.  The Energies of July 4, 2019 brought through many seismic and catalyzing light infusions and transformative energies on your world.  The Earth herself was in a sense RESET to her new Ascension Codes of Light, as were all of you.  What is celebrated in the United States on July 4th as a National Independence Day . . . was celebrated globally and galactically as Independence Day on a whole other scale than perhaps many of you are aware or could see.  But we assure you that this most certainly occurred and the impacts of this RESET will be far reaching in the months and years ahead, and truthfully, in All Directions of Time, now at this time.  

So we would like to talk with you further about What IS Independence? And What IS Sovereignty? What is this Living Energy that we speak to many times in these channelings and that we highlight for many of you . . . on the leading edge of Earth’s Ascension and this complete Cosmic RESET?  

For many, many years, human beings have understood Independence to be a version of Freedom linked to wars, governments, political belief systems, and rules for behaving as a citizen of a particular country or geographical location on your physical world.  And in this way, Independence and Freedom have been quite muted down to match the 3D experiences you have been having.  

The vibration of the words Independence, Freedom, and Sovereignty, from a 3D perspective, is essentially a longing. It is something that is desired ~ but with a deep wistful vibration of a kind of yearning, that one can’t quite perhaps explain, but that is felt in this way by many of you.  Because the Truth is, anything felt or seen from a 3D perspective or understanding is limited energetically . . . because the sheer nature of words themselves are limited energetically and thus limited in their very nature.  

So to understand the Vibrations of Independence, Freedom, and Sovereignty in the New Ways that we are offering to you, you must begin to uncover and rediscover how the old 3D world created words as sounds that became divorced from their True Essence, their True Vibration, and their True Meaning in the cosmos.  

Thus Independence, Freedom, and Sovereignty in your world . . . from the sounds of these words themselves, and the pairing of the human collective’s consciousness with the muted meanings of those sounds . . . often vibrate or transmit vibrations of not truly having the essence of those things in your experience.  Just like we have referenced in previous channelings, . . . (how) the words Wealth, Finances, and Wealth Management often trigger their opposite ~ vibrationally speaking ~ in those who speak them . . . because for so long in this false 3D reality . . . there is a sense of living in an inverted matrix and thus living in an upside-down world . . . where even the notion of Wealth often conjures the experience of lack . . . and where even the notion of Freedom often conjures the deeper energetic awareness of not being free at all.  To even feel wealth, in the way your 3D world experiences that vibration, must indicate that someone else has less than you. For wealth, and the sound vibrations in the word wealth, indicate energetically that some have it and some do not, which leaves all of you in a perpetual place of seeking “more” from a vibrational knowing or a vibrational feeling that there is a finite amount of it, and thus that there could always potentially be a LACK of it.  

Thus, in the constructs and structures of your human language and understandings of words like Wealth, Health, Finances, Independence, Sovereignty, and Freedom, there is is a deeper sense of Lack within them.  This is largely because your world has been conditioned and programmed if you will to vibrate lack . . . based on the very duality that characterizes a 3D experience.  For some to have Freedom, others have to live in the absence of it.  From some to have Wealth, others have to live in the absence of it.  For some to have Independence, others have to live in the absence and the not having of it.  And for those things to occur, some among you have to work to maintain those things . . . the having of those things . . . to ensure that others of you live the experience of the not having of those things.

This is all part of the 3D landscape of the physical experiences of Life here on Earth.  

And we are here to call you all back to a time before this timeline . . . and for some of you who are willing and able . . . we are also here to call you forward to a new timeline, a future timeline, that is quickly emerging to become your Now, . . . in which the sounds of the words you spoke . . . in which the feelings you engaged . . . in which the vibrations you emitted in all ways . . . communicated the exact vibration of that which you naturally and truly are . . . Divinely Sovereign, Whole, Joyful, Expansive, Omnipotent, and Infinite.  These word essences are much more of a vibrational match to the living sounds that the Universe recognizes as the literal cosmic energies of those etheric expressions of the Divine.  

So ~ many of you listening to this transmission today may hear us talking about distinguishing between a 3D perception of Independence and Sovereignty and a 5D perception and lived experience of Independence and Sovereignty . . . and feel a bit confused about how to access, obtain, or simply BE the Higher Vibrational Aspects of the Organic and Light-filled Essences within you.  

And this is truly an expected part of the journey Home to your True Selves, your Divine Aspects and Abilities that have been awaiting your conscious and cosmic attention all this time . . . while being stored in a kind of Cosmic Escrow . . . until it was time for the re-activation and re-awakening of them.

Dear ones, we would say, post July 4, 2019, that time is here.  That time is upon you.  YOUR TIME of re-activation and re-awakening is upon you.  And your time of re-activating the conscious awareness of the living energies within sound, within all you say, feel, and do, is upon you.  

As this awakens and exposes the old false matrix, that had literally embedded false codes and false sounds to embroil all sentient life into a realm of lack, limitation, and of course duality, you are being summoned dear ones to activate a desire for the true energies and the true light of your Infinite Abundance, your Infinite Freedom, and your Divine Birthright to be Sovereign, Whole, Happy, and Filled with Light on every level of your being.

The old flat language of 3D earth, that would have you repeatedly, through lifetimes, sound the energies of lack, limitation, and competition through the very words you spoke and still speak today . . . is dematerializing too . . . along with the countless structures (political, financial, educational, pharmaceutical, etc.) that were created to reinforce this false sense of separation and duality in the first place.

So in these times of profound transformation and ascension on your world today, as the entire climate and consciousness of the planet shifts into higher gears and higher frequencies by the day, by the hour, by the minute, one of the things you can actively engage in your own inner shifting and ascension that is occurring . . . is to become aware of how you use your language every day.  

Are you using it to liberate yourself from the old, antiquated, separated, flat, life-force-less, duality-based 3D language and system of communication and communicating energy across vast groups of people and vast eons of time?  

Or are you using it to perpetuate the old, antiquated, separated, flat, life-force-less, duality-based 3D language and system of communication and communicating your needs and desires across vast eons of time?  And in your daily life, now, and going forward?

Sounds have energy.  

Thus words have energy.  

You are energy.  

Light is energy.  

Light and Sound are the basis of how you create your world and living reality.  

So it stands to reason in our view, that in the pathway Home to Divine Independence, Divine Sovereignty, Divine Wholeness, and Divine Joy . . . to experience more of yourselves as an Expansive, Infinite, Enlightened Soul and Spark of the Godheart, . . . there is this Higher Activation and Awakening to the Power of Words to either ~ continue to entrap you in the old 3D matrix that is riddled with separation consciousness, pain, suffering, and lack ~ or to more fully awaken and elevate your sense of the Infinite, your sense of something More, your sense of Being so Much More of Who You Really Are . . . that leaves you feeling incredibly open to positive energy, positive possibilities, pure light manifestation, pure light magic and miracles finding you and escorting you through every aspect of your day, your life experiences, and the life experiences you have with any other living being on the earth at this time.  

Blessings of this High Vibrational Nature
are reciprocal.  

When you activate the Divine Living Life Force in the power of sound, light, and thus the spoken language, you activate this Living and Infinite Sense that every point of contact you have with yourself and other sentient beings on this planet, is a blessing for you and for the other being experiencing that communication and that connection.  

That is why when two beings connect across the internet, from a place of Divine Resonance and Light, a magic unfolds and you recognize each other’s Light in the blessings OF those connections.  This is why when those of you who tune into this channel’s transmissions here . . . you may feel an activation, or an inspiration, or some kind of cosmic movement, shifting, or resonance inside you. It is because there is always, and has always been, Living Light Energy within the Sacred Sounds, Words, and Essences of her communications.  Because they are coming from a Fifth Dimensional Resonance and Higher, and therefore, they are connected to the Universal Heart that Interweaves and Interconnects All Life and All Realms.  

The Blessings of that Level of Light, Union, and Sacred Sound are reciprocal. 

And that exchange of that High Level of Energy is what you all experience as Resonance.  This is the sentient explanation of the experience of resonance.  There are others who can explain to a clearer degree the science of resonance. 

The Sentience of Resonance is the Lived Experience of Exchanging
the Blessings of Infinite and Activated Light in the contacts, communications,
and connections you experience with yourself or with another being.  

This is why we have spoken so many times about the Essence of Living Light.  We remind you that YOU ARE LIVING LIGHT.  Living Light has immensely high vibrations within it.  And that level of Light has the power to lead, to create, and to sustain worlds.

It is this Light that was reactivated on July 4, 2019 on your world.  The old, dying, and dematerializing energies of the old 3D flat earth’s understanding itself as flat, as finite, as limited, as lacking what it needs to thrive, . . . was alchemized, reset, and re-activated in the new Higher Light Vibrations of the Living 5D Earth . . . and the Living Multidimensional Universe.  

Now, when you are walking along in your day every day, can you see the Light Energies in the Sounds you hear?  Or can you see the Light energies in the conversations you have with others?  Probably not yet.  BUT ~ can you FEEL them?  Right now, at this time, could you tune in and make it a priority in your life To Feel Them?  We would say a re-sounding YES!

And we would invite you to allow yourself to embrace the energies of this transmission today . . . the understanding at whatever level you feel comfortable . . . that a MAJOR COSMIC RESET occurred on your world on July 4, 2019.  That the Vibrations in Everything in this world got activated in the Living Light Energies they truly are.  And that means . . . that the Living Light Energies in Who YOU Truly Are got activated and reset as well.  

Is there going to be one and only one Ascension Moment or Activation of your planet and you . . . on this world?  No.  There have been many essential activations of the entire planet, including you, up until now.  And July 4, 2019 is one of and within a hugely impactful series of Higher Light activations, that are presently now systematically and joyfully liberating this planet . . . from its tethers to the old 3D systems . . . and emancipating its own Sentient Perceptions of Itself as an Infinite, Expansive, Extraordinarily Powerful and Loving Divine Spark of the Godheart.  In every moment.  In every connection.  In every exchange.  In every creation. 

This is what was further emancipated and liberated on your world . . . on July 4, 2019.  

Whether you are American, French, Canadian, Mexican, Hungarian, Chinese, or any other national or provincial denomination or identification, it doesn’t matter.  

The United States’ Declaration of Independence was an Energetic Declaration of Independence from the Old
3D Matrix and Dense Systems of Divisive and Lack-Oriented Governance, and into a New and Re-Activated Higher 5th Dimensional Cosmic Living Energy of Light, Interconnectedness, Sovereignty, Wholeness, Joy, Love, and Abundance for all life on this Sacred Planet Earth.

These are not 3D vibrational words we are utilizing in this channeled transmission.  These are 5D+ Multidimensional words and sound vibrations we are sharing with you today, to give you a peek and a small glimpse at the Living Light Language you are returning to, inside yourselves, inside your Sense of Sovereignty, inside your Inner Sense of Self Governance, Interconnectedness, Abundance and Amazing Access to Infinite Resources (within and without), and Soul Expansion and Self Expression of the Gifts and Divine Grace of your Infinite Soul Light and Soul Presence on this world at this time.  

You hold the power and the keys within to be anything, to manifest anything, to communicate anything, to access anything, or to share anything that your Highest Heart truly desires.  You have the power and the keys to be this Living Light in form.  You have the power and the keys to let go of all the old energies that would hold you back . . . and that your words previously reinforced TO HOLD YOU BACK.  You have the power and the keys to embrace the Higher Sovereignty and Independence that is your Living Birthright.  

Many Sacred Texts through the Halls and Records of Time have spoken of your Divine and Sovereign Birthright.  Many Governments and Countries of this world have spoken of this Living Essence.

But on July 4, 2019, the United States President declared your Divine Sovereign Birthright together, as One Collective, as One Humanity, as One Heart, and as One Light that is restoring and resetting its original Light Codes in this world and in this cosmos . . . and for the Greater Good of the Entire Galaxy and Beyond.  The New 5D Light was declared, claimed, activated, and embodied on July 4, 2019.  

And while these Living Sounds, and this Living Light might have gone unnoticed by some on that very auspicious day, it was not unnoticed by the entire cosmos and the entire Infinite Light in the All That Is.  It was a Declaration heard around the Creation, that the Earth is Free.  That the Earth is Divinely Sovereign.  That the Earth is further and formally releasing any ties to the old 3D matrix and systems that previously ensnared, entangled, or enslaved her in any way. 

If you missed it, you can allow yourself to simply tune in to the Living Light that was reclaimed.  You can simply allow yourself to bathe in the Healing Vibrations and the Loving Essence of that Level of Infinite Light being welcomed back into the Earth’s Living Atmosphere.  You can simply let yourself Breathe In that New and Infinite Essence of Living Light, into your heart, into your cells, and into your soul path, that will soon continue to come more and more to life in your inner life.  

Because the New Light is Living Energy on a scale we haven’t felt or seen for millenia.  But you can know today and on every level of your being . . . that this Living Light and Life Force is steadily restoring itself here on the planet.  And it is steadily restoring and resetting itself in you.  And it is steadily restoring and resetting itself in your frequencies, in your choices, and in your spoken words. 

So the wisdom that the well-known author Don Miguel Ruiz shared in his book, The Four Agreements, . . . Be Impeccable With Your Word . . . is more relevant now on your world than at any other time in human history.  Think about that insight and instruction a moment.  Be impeccable with your word.  This is not a 3D commandment.  It is a 5D+ soul understanding that your Living Light, your Soul Presence and Frequency, and your Soul Gifts and Purpose were just activated on a level that you can’t quite see . . . but that your sacred body temple and mind-body-spirit divine matrix . . . can feel and can transmit on a higher level now.  And that means, that all of that energy is being transmitted on a more reflective and impactful level now.  

What you emit in your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions now . . . can either be an exponential blessing for you and for this world . . . or it can be a greater weapon if you will.

The mainstream media companies of your world and the individuals that own and govern those entities . . . have long known the power of the spoken word to either inspire and activate the people of this world . . . or to control and mute down the people of this world.  

In this New Living Light Matrix that is infusing Planet Earth more and more every day now, until every last sentient being and every last soul is awakened to the Truth of Who They Really Are, is the Truth of Your Organic Birthright and Sacred Sovereign Power to Live, Breathe, and BE Who You Really Are.  

And in this New Energy and Living Light Matrix, more of the False Disinformation will be squeezed to the surface by the Living Light to ultimately alchemize and return it to the Living Light of the Godheart, for the restoration and resetting of an entire universe ready to Live in this Extraordinary Golden Life, Golden Age, and Golden New Earth once more.

Do not be surprised then if more activates in your world to reset a Golden Standard on all levels of your being and on all levels of your newly emerging systems of Divine Governance and Sacred Sovereignty.  There will be a return to the Gold Standard for Financial Wealth and Prosperity for All.  There will be a return to the Golden Rule which understands at its core the Essence of Reciprocal Blessings . . . and that therefore advises human beings to remember to act in accordance with the Divine Living Light that is returning to and restoring this Earth to her Higher Vibrational Organic and Sovereign Nature:  Do unto others as you would have done to you.  In other words, bless others as you would like to be blessed.  Love others as you would like to be loved.  Help others as you would like to be helped.  Inspire others as you would like to be inspired. 

The Law of One is a Universal Cosmic Golden Rule that
is returning and resetting on your world.  And thus within the Core Heart of this Sacred Law of Divine Sovereignty and Sacred Light Governance, is the Soulful Understanding that the Light Infinitely Leads All Things.  All Source Expressions.  All Human Life.  All Sentient Life.  All Cosmic Life.  All Physical Life.  And All NonPhysical Life.  In All Realms.  In All Universes. 
In All Directions of Time.

So take a deep divine breath in with us a moment more.  And just allow yourself to FEEL the magnitude of THAT Declaration of Independence. It is a little different than simply waving an American Flag on July 4th, celebrating America’s declared 3D “independence” from Great Britain several hundred years ago.

This is a Quantum Declaration of Independence, whose impact and influence may as yet seem invisible to the naked eye.  But who will usher in this new Golden Age, Golden Era, and Golden Cycle of Peace, Prosperity, Light, Love, Unity, and Joy for ALL in all of Creation in All Highest Good Ways.

Tune into this frequency of Golden Light when the 3D world around you continues to crumble and the New Earth Light finds new pathways of establishing the New Light in New Structures, New Leadership, and New Laws of Empowering Self Governance, and New Ways of Being Entirely on this planet at this time.  These New Ways of Being will be increasingly informed by the increasing activations of your Divine Soul Gifts and your increasing understandings of Divine Wealth, Cosmic Wealth, and Cosmic Joy and Freedom on a level so long forgotten it may feel more like fantasy than fact or lived experience in the immediate future.  But unfold ~ IT WILL.

For this is the Time on Planet Earth that ALL would
set themselves FREE . . . from the Dark Matrix that infiltrated this beautiful, lush, and balanced Mother Earth so long ago.  

The Time has come for the Active Release of All That Aligned in the Old Matrix . . . and the Active Restoration and Reset of All That Aligns in the New Earth Matrix . . . now joyfully birthing and emerging in every individual’s Sacred Heart Consciousness.

Will there be those who resist and refuse the Insights and the Infusions of this Higher Light?  Yes, this may be so.  But will the Light Lead Them In Divine Right Timing back to their Organic Light, when that Timing Is Divinely Right for Them?  Yes, it will.  For it always, always, always does.   

Remember there is NO LINEAR TIME in DIVINE TIMING.  Only Perfection at the Highest Levels of Light Leadership.   

So again, we advise you . . .
To Let The Light Lead.

Let the Golden Standard return.  Let the Golden Rule Return.  Let the Golden Light of your Higher Divine Light reset and restore all life and all light on this planet to its organic perfection and its organic abundance and its organic bliss, blessings, and miraculous light.

Be impeccable with your words.  Notice the vibrations you are releasing into your life on a daily, hourly, moment to moment basis.  Do you like the way your words feel?  Do you like the way your words are being received by others around you?  Do you like the way your life is manifesting your experiences?

If so, keep going.  If not, consciously breathe a sacred divine breath into your heart.  Invite the Light of the Godheart to Reset your Vibrations to the Light.  Invite any Sacred Color of Light to fill your Heart and your Whole Mind-Body-Spirit Matrix to more fully embrace and embody the Multidimensional Sacred Sovereign Light that is your Divine Birthright.  And Invite that Sacred Infinite Light to fill your words with clarity, kindness, compassion, love, light, healing, wholeness, and abundance consciousness in your words going forward for the day.  

Just breathe that intention in, and feel your sovereignty activating on whatever level is comfortable for you that day.  Say a prayer or intention of gratitude for the Gift of this Reset in your whole body.  In your whole heart.  And in your Living Matrix of the Living Light today.  Light is such a gift.  Light activates Love In Action, when we consciously invite it to, ever more so.  

You are all Living Light in Action now.  There will be some necessary protocols and procedures for removing those unwilling to activate and to serve the Light in their Sacred Heart Centers at this unique time of evolution and ascension.  

So there will be continued attempts at disinformation in the mainstream media . . . attempting to call to others hovering on the fence of awakening their own Inner Light and their own Living Light Divine Matrix.  There will be moments of confusion and calls for deep and divine discernment activating in people worldwide.

Who to listen to?  When there are so many versions of “truth” out there?  

Your Inner Light knows the Deepest Truth in all of it.  

It may take practice to hear it again.  It may take further activations to engage it more fully.

But hear it, YOU WILL.  Because the Light is the ONLY THING that is increasing and infusing your world now.  So it will rise to a level of sound that will be impossible at some point not to hear.  

In the meantime, Trust the Light.  Trust YOUR Inner Light.  Trust your Higher Sight’s Return.  Even if you can’t see or hear it yet.  Ask your Heart Center to be in the steady receiving of it.  And to cue you in whatever ways will lovingly help and support you now . . . to activate in the Golden Standards and the Golden Rules of the Living Light’s Essence of the Law of One.

You are each and all a Living Expression of the Law of One.  It may not always appear so.  But the Light in All Things is Restoring it TO BE SO.

So it is a Faith Walk now.  A Faith Walk that lives beyond 3D words and descriptions of religions.  It is a Walking into the New Light without Seeing, without maybe hearing, without the ability to fully know it yet in your own life and in your world.  But walking nonetheless with a willingness to BE this Level of Light and Unity on this planet at this time.  

That is the Loving Essence of the Spiritual Warrior and the Spiritual Fortitude it is requiring to trust the Light beyond all else and beyond all other demonstrations of energy on the planet at this time.

It is easy to falsify a narrative to the masses.  It is much harder to live, breathe, and be the Divine Truth of The True Light . . . while most are still entrenched in the beliefs of the false narratives.  

The Light will transform it all.  Step by step.  Courageous action by courageous action.  Many light leaders and light weavers across the globe will continue to support and serve the light, even when unpopular as of yet to do so.

If you are one of these, we see you.  We know you.  We love you.  And we support you.  

Your Light is increasing the Blessings that are Reciprocal for you, and for every living being on the planet, in the cosmos, and beyond!

You are this Living Light.

You are embued with the Unalienable Divine Right to be Sovereign and Independent, showered in Golden Light, and emitting that very same Golden Light to others, ready and re-activated to be in a Divine State of Receiving and Transmitting these Blessings for the Highest Good of All Humanity and All Life in All Realms.    

Happy Quantum Independence Day!

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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