Red October and 
the Emperor’s New Clothes Exposed: Waking From Illusions

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.6.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, to assist each of you in grounding the Infusions of Light coming from the Higher Realms and the Entire Cosmos into the core of your soul star and into the core of your physical being.  In all of the ways we have spoken with you about the Energies of Change, there has never been a time such as is happening and unfolding on your world right now today, where change on every level within the very fiber of your beingness is manifesting and magnifying within you personally and within the collective as well.  With every inbreath, these Extraordinary Light Codes are flooding the Soul Light within each and every one of you.  And with every outbreath, the old paradigm’s codes of illusion, density, scarcity, struggle, and separation are releasing and clearing from you.  It is a time of immense clearing, and a time of extraordinary receiving too.  

We are here today in this transmission to walk with you in this acceleration of your upgrades now.  We are here to BREATHE with you all that is rising in your conscious awareness to lead you back to the rediscovery of who you really are.  We are here to BE with you as you release more and more of the costumes that no longer serve the vitality, truth, magnificence, and pure divinity that you truly are . . . and have always been.

Do you remember the story . . . The Emperor’s New Clothes? . . . And do you remember the illusion of those clothes at the most basic level?  

Where there actually were no clothes at all made for the emperor, but rather the illusion that was generated by the weavers of the “clothes” . . . that anyone who couldn’t see them . . . wasn’t fit for their position on his staff or in that community?  This is how illusions are perpetrated and perpetuated in timelines of 3D density and separation.  You create a condition of illusion, and then you create a mechanism of division around that condition of illusion, such that no one wants to either be left out of believing the illusion for fear of being ostracized, OR . . . such that you can get two sides bickering over who is right or wrong about any topic or belief known to man.  

You all are in the Now Time of experiencing a Real Life version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Centuries old family lineages of swindlers have been weaving the “emperor’s new clothing” for all of humankind “to see” for eons.  Essentially this means that they have been weaving cultural conditionings, divisions, separations, competitions, scarcity, suffering, chaos, and confusion for time immemorial.  They have told their “tales” in books, political campaigns, educational curriculums, medical schools, religious organizations and communities of faith, and more.  And now, the Time has come for the Naked Truth to re-emerge in people’s consciousness and in their collective awareness.

This October brings the first of a number of powerful Ascension Gateways for all of Humanity.  It also brings the expansion and further expression of a number of Cosmic and Celestial Alignments.  The 10:10, 11:11, and the 12:12:12 will be very significant activational portals into your conscious awareness’s embodiment of a much Higher, Revelatory, and Divine Light and Truth than the world has seen for millenia.  

What happens when a world begins to wake-up together, after many, many lifetimes and centuries of tyrannical rule over the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciousness?  Grief, loss, shame, anger, embarressment, confusion, discord, blame, denial, and a whole host of human emotions come to the surface.  

But what could happen?  In the most positive light and viewpoint of this very same phenomenon on your world?  People can access freedom, sovereignty, awareness, enlightenment, soul activation, joy, re-union, community, connection, collaboration on a whole new level, that would be a very welcome change for many of you!

During times of immense change dear ones, there needs to be a grounding rock in your physical body temples.  A kind of touchstone to go within and reconnect with, as energies around you whirl and swirl in streams of revelations that are uncomfortable and unsettling at first to see.  And to hear and know about.  

This is why we continue to speak with you about the Soul Skill of Conscious Breathing . . . for no matter where you are . . . no matter what you hear . . . no matter what is unearthed and revealed and unveiled . . . on the surface of your every day lives . . . you have a deep, perfect, timeless, ever-present Soul Skill that can never be taken from you . . . it can only be forgotten or suppressed by you.  

And so, our first message for you today is to continue to exercise your Soul Knowings of the Power of Conscious Breathing as more storms and global revelations begin to expose themselves and begin to increasingly unravel.  

If Earth was the “Emporer” like in the fairytale we have mentioned, the old “clothes” she wore in the last world age and cycle are all illusionary garments that are going to unravel, illusionary thread by illusionary thread.  Its as if the True Earth, our Divine Mother Earth, was covered up by an invisibility cloak.  And its as if some master puppeteers were able to create all sorts of costumes of illusions to entertain the people, the “commoners” in this realm (also a grand illusion), with story after story, that has just never been true about any of you, including the Earth herself, until now.  

Countless factors converged in this last world age and cycle to create an illusion of gigantic proportions so as to appear real . . . and to appear insurmountable, unchangeable, and requiring a collective soul submission to make the whole show and the false narrative work.  And they did.  Converge, that is.  And all did work according to plan, to create this vast illusion that 3D earth has been.  

So we wish to re-affirm for you now that WHAT is UNRAVELING is the ILLUSION of the OLD EMPEROR’S FALSE CLOTHING.  It is an unwrapping of the collective story of separation from Source.  It is the unveiling of yourselves ~ and the revealing of yourselves ~ as DIVINE SOVEREIGN BEINGS who are made of Infinite Light, Star Wisdom, and Source Wisdom, Gifts, Talents, and Grace.  

So as these Activational Portals and Celestial Alignments do their part to create the convergences needed for The Great Awakening, . . . so too will the de-robing unfold . . . of the vast collective illusion that mesmerized an entire planet in a global show . . . of a false narrative . . . thought to be true . . . perpetrated to be human history and all that exists here . . . and perpetuated by certain factions of very talented swindlers who have utilized this earth, its resources, its people, and all sentient life on this planet for their own personal gain, enrichment, and agendas.  

October will see an acceleration of Individual and Collective Nakedness.  It will see deeper revelations of the dark wizards behind some critical curtains.  Who are these wizards?  What are those curtains?  What are we talking about?  What show has been unfolding that you might not think you unconsciously purchased tickets to attend?  These are all very good questions and this is the unraveling that is accelerating again, to ultimately reveal a humanity that has always desired the Return of Its Divine Sovereignty, Perfection, Union with Source, and Union with the All That Is, when the show was over and when the cosmic alignments supported and allowed this Great Cosmic Reset again.  

That Time is Increasingly Upon You, Dear Ones. 

So if you feel the Energies of the Unravelings, if you are beginning to see the Curtains that the 3D Dark Wizards have been hiding behind, if you are witnessing some of your own Curtains in your Own Life begin to come crashing down, or even unravel more and more by the day, . . . take a Deep Divine Breath In With Us. Put your hand over your heart center . . . and affirm . . . I AM Perfect As I AM.  I AM Whole As I AM.  I AM Blessed As I AM.  I AM FREE As I AM.  I AM Safe As I AM.  I AM TRUTH As I AM.  I AM Clarity As I AM.  I AM Timeless As I AM.  I AM Light As I Am.

Breathe another Divine Breath In.  

Allow your Breath to stabilize your Source Life Force inside you, and reset your inner coordinates to the Timeline that you are, where all is revealed, all is peace, all is whole, and all is re-aligned with the Heart of Source once more inside YOU.  

Is the landscape under your feet going to feel as if it is shapeshifting?  Perhaps.  Are details in your current life going through some powerful changes?  Likely so.  Are relationships realigning and recalibrating?  Most definitely.  Are jobs changing, shifting, disappearing, or re-aligning?  Absolutely.  Are your beliefs destabilizing, from the onslaught of new information and new revelations?  If they haven’t, they likely will.  

An Entire World of Illusion and Density is releasing from your Inner Worlds and your Outer Experiential Lives.  

The Earth’s 3D Costume is unraveling because it was never true in the first place.  The Earth IS NOT a 3D Being.  She is a Higher Dimensional Sovereign 5D+ Being of Divine Love, Consciousness, Unity, and Light, who for a time, was dressed up in a 3D costume, like all the rest of you.  

Have you ever been to a play?  Have you ever attended the theatre?  Have you seen a movie?  Do you know what actors are?  Do you know the work that goes into creating a film?  Or manifesting the magic of a live musical performance, with seamless song and dance performances and choreographed movements?  

Well you are getting a front row seat at the 3D earth play.  It is a musical.  A film.  A play.  A dance.  A concert.  A Grand Theatre of Every Version and Variety imaginable.  Now coming to a close after its final performances coming up this month, through the end of 2019, and through the year 2020.  This is it, for all of humanity.  This is it for the Earth Mother.  This is it for all sentient life and life force on planet Earth.  

Its the final act.  And you have a front row seat to see its culminations.  Its that time in its story arc for Conflict Resolutions, Twists, Revelations, and Liberations.  

Are you ready?  Do you have your Conscious Breathing in your Inner Light’s Awareness?  To ground you, no matter the waves of change that will be washing through?  Do you have your connection with Spirit, as your True Partner this lifetime, as your True Guidance System when all other 3D Navigational Systems are revealed to be mass manipulations? 

Do you have an awareness of your chakra system . . . at least your core chakra pillar that provides your alignment with Source Energy, Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart and Divine Center, and the Truth of Who You Really Are?  Are you connected with your Divine Talents, your bliss for being a living being on this Earth at this time?  Are you tapped into the feeling of your Divine Talents as a compass and guiding light in your life that connects and partners you with Source Energy directly . . . any time . . . in all timelines that may present themselves in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead?  Are you connected with your Soul Purpose through the love of your most accessible soul gifts, appreciations, expressions, and alignments?  

These are the intangibles, the invisibles if you will that are the MOST REAL and the MOST TRUE essences inside you.  These are your Soul Skills that will assist you immensely in the coming shifts that are getting more real, more out loud, more physical, and more undeniable by the day!   

The Emporer’s New Clothes were never real at all.  They were a false narrative and a propaganda story perpetrated on an entire village in that story, including the emperor himself.  In that same vein, 3D Illusions of Separation, Scarcity, Struggle, Suffering, Slavery, War, Division, and Competition . . . were and are a false narrative and a propaganda story perpetrated on an entire planet in a global story presently called “History” or “Reality.”  But nothing could be farther from the Truth.

Cosmic Cleansing is streaming through your world in unprecedented amounts.  Infusions of Light are pouring in to every cell, every soul, every atom, and every particle in your physical and nonphysical world today.  Cosmic wash cycles are spinning and swirling in everyone’s lives, within and without.  The big 3D puppet masters, actors, players, and theatre, film, and music conductors are being exposed for the roles they have played.  A few have trickled to the surface already.  More will come.  More will get spun up in the cosmic wash cycles for transparent exposure, cleansing, accountability, legal processing, and higher cosmic alchemization in some form or another.

That which was a lower 3D density will not remain in this ascending 5D earth planet.  

All the people on this beautiful earth planet will rise into this new Higher Light and adorn New Robes of Purified and Alchemized 5D and Higher Light . . . to become the new gardeners, builders, templaters, stewards, and leaders of this New Earth Experience.

Will we have to see the Final Act of this Grand Theatre Play Out on the World Stage? Yes.

There is no way out but through now.

All that is out of alignment with the True Higher Dimensional Light Codes that the Earth Truly Is is being flushed to the surface for this Divine Cleansing, Clearing, Resetting, Rebalancing, and Re-Union with Source once more.

The Earth is Ready to Receive and to BE her Divine 5D+ Light Robes again. She is ready to Receive and to BE her Divine 5D+ Light Codes again.  

Humanity is Ready to Receive and to BE its Divine 5D+ Light Robes again. It is ready to Receive and to BE its Divine 5D+ Light Codes again.  

And so too is all sentient life now, ready to receive and to be its Higher Light Robes and Codes again.  

Its time to be what the Light timelessly, tirelessly, and truly has always been!  

You are that Living Light!

The Theatre of 3D has come to its final chapter and its final act.  People will see the swindlers, the villains, the perpetrators of this 3D earth come to justice, which means to us, come to transparency . . . into the Light of Higher Dimensional Sight . . . and into the Light of Activated Soul Sight . . . through the Awakened Heart Centers of Every Being on this planet.  

In 3D life, in a 3D realm of lived duality and polarity, it requires a protagonist and antagonist to have a storyline. To create the theatre that countless people participate in and enjoy.  And so, there have had to be many protagonists and many antagonists to keep that storyline going through many, many centuries.   

Now, in the Rising into the Great Return of 5D Integration and Re-Union with Source Energy . . . the human collective no longer needs the duality to evolve in this new realm of Higher Consciousness.  Other frequencies will lay the foundation for the framework of soul growth in this new dimensional realm. We can discuss that new template another day and in another transmission.  

For now, what is most relevant in your world and in your daily lives . . . is that there is no longer a need for the antagonists of your world.  And there is actually no need for the theatre, in its 3D versions, on your world.  Real Life, Real Light, Real Union, Real Love, Real Community, Real Joy, Real Collaboration, and Real Planetary Balance and Harmony is so much more fun!  

Do not fear the Naked Truth that is rising to the surface as the “Emperor’s Nakedness” rising to the forefront of humanity’s collective awareness.  The Emperor’s Nakedness is the Antagonists’ Nakedness.  AND the Protagonists’ Nakedness too.  ALL have been a vital part of this Grand Theatre.  Including the Earth Mother Herself.  Whose True Identify as a Living, Whole, Higher Dimensional, Spiritual Being has also been masked, hidden, distorted, and abused as well in this grand story and theatre through a great many millenia.

All are rising and reawakening to their True Light.  

Have compassion for yourselves, the Earth, All Sentient Life on this planet, and all of the key public figures through history . . . and throughout the world today . . . whose costumes are failing.  Whose costumes are falling away.  Leaving only the Truth of What You Each Have Been in this last cycle and the Truth of Who You Each Truly Are . . . under those costumes now going forward.

No one said that this Ascension Story and Experience was going to be easy.  The 3D Earth Experiment and the Earth’s Great Return to its 5D and Higher Organic Divine Sovereign State was going to be one of the Greatest Shows in the Galaxy.  And it has proven to be so, time and time again.

Now it is Time for you to RISE dear ones, and SHINE in all that is DIVINE and TRUE in YOU.      

And Now it is Time for you to RISE and SHINE the necessary spotlights on all of the characters, actors, players, swindlers, controllers, and catalysts of the great change at this time . . . so you can collectively set yourselves FREE.

For FREEDOM is what All Souls most deeply desire now.  

Separation is OVER.

Corruption, Control, Manipulation, Perpetration, Propaganda, Slavery, Struggle, Division, Competition, and War are over.   

The New Light is the Nakedness that is a refreshing alternative to the Greater Collective.  

The New Light is a Celebration of Being What You Already Are and Have Always Been!

Let the Light Lead!

Let the Light Lead the Exposures of All That Is and Has Always Been Timelessly True.

Let the Curtains fail and fall in the old 3D theaters of propaganda, false narratives, mass control, and mass enslavement and incarceration on some level in some way, shape, or form.

New stories will emerge!  New templates for new ways of living collaboratively are already finding their footings and their foundations.  

Many of you are involved in the New Light Storytelling.  Many of you are involved in the Healing, Reseting, Rebuilding, and Re-Balancing of the New Earth.

Trust the Light to reveal the Core Nakedness that is bringing everyone Home.  To Source.  To 5D Frequencies of Unity, Light, and Love Consciousness. 

Trust that those Getting Exposed for the Corruption and Suffering they created in the Roles of the 3D Antagonists and Villians they have been . . . will receive the spotlights, reviews, accountability, clearings, and alchemizations needed . . . so that the Greater Collective can move forward in a new Story, a new Light, a new Life, a new Wholeness, and new Love Based Intentions for Daily Living now on Planet Earth.

October is bringing an even brighter spotlight on the Nakedness and Exposures needed for Humanity to Wake Up out of the 3D Dream of Separation and into a new Dream of 5D+ Integration, Wholeness, Collective Well-Being, and Peace!

Ground Dear Ones in your Soul Skills, in the ones we have suggested to date, and the ones you know that uniquely work for you!

You are this Living Light!  You are this Higher Sight!  You are this Divine Soul Re-Union that is resetting in each and every one of you.

Welcome Home to Wholeness, and to 5D Soul Skills and Soul Light.   

Welcome Home to Soul Mastery.

Welcome Home to Transparency.

Welcome Home to your Divine Thrivability.  

You Are Loved, Dear Ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

8 Responses to “Red October and 
the Emperor’s New Clothes Exposed: Waking From Illusions

  • Isdra
    5 years ago

    Beautiful, delightful, and at some point began reading it out loud.
    Thank you 🙂
    I love you,
    Many blessings
    in this amazing moment in eternity. What a show it has been/is! Isdra

    • Hi Isdra! Your energy is so beautiful! Thank you for your positive reflections and appreciation. I’m so happy to hear the transmission resonated with you. It has been quite a show! And now we will witness the unveiling, exposing, and releasing of the old guard and the old matrix to make room for all of the new light coming into this realm! How fabulous it is to shine together again! Sending you love, appreciation, joy, and blessings! ❤️✨🙏😊

  • We have been following your channel for over a year now and we love the messages you present. We watched your new video yesterday and wow… it really resonated with me and I feel like it gave me some direction for my life. Thank you for sharing and for stepping out front in your videos. Your personal message was just as powerful as the channeled message and we look forward to your new platform. Peace Love and Light ~ Carl & Julie

    • Hi Carl and Julie! Thank you for your awesome positive energy and appreciation! 🙏✨I’m happy to hear that both messages that I shared in this recent post really resonated with you guys. 🙏🌈 This transmission is offering many of us a clarity in the storms to come so to speak. Through connecting with our talents, our purpose, and our heart center’s guidance system . . . when the winds of change and bigger exposures blow through . . . we can remain calm and grounded in the center of all that energy swirling around us. We can be IN it but NOT OF IT. If that makes sense. The gifts forthcoming will emerge through the clearing of these illusions and our ability to rise in the Greater Truth we all truly are. So cheers to those gifts that live inside us already! And cheers to the grounding that is available to us through our connections with Spirit, our Conscious Breathing, and the Oneness we are! And cheers to loving ever more clearly what you guys most love to do and to bring through into this world! Its time to manifest our dreams more fully in the most fun, joyful, and abundant ways possible! Huge light and blessings to you both from my heart to yours! ❤️🙏😊 PS ~ Thanks for holding the light for the happy manifestation of this new Whole Soul Mastery platform too! 🙏 Very soon ~ we hopefully will have a seedling site built! 😊😉🙏✨🌎

  • Maria, It’s Nora from Oregon. LOVED the message and especially you in front of the camera. Thank you for showing us how it’s done girl. I checked out the Whole Soul School place and listened to that wonderful video that Lacy led and Jeff Jones was the guest (and you). Wonderful. I so resonate with you and Lacy and appreciate your service to humanity. Growing so fast over here and am loving the journey!!!

    • Hi Nora! Its so good to see you here and to receive your amazing support, affirmations, and appreciation! I’m stepping into some new offerings and experiences in October 2019, supported by these increasing light codes and frequencies, and I think we are ALL invited to embrace that next level inside ourselves . . . whatever that looks and feels like that is best for us and our unique soul path and service to the light! We are the Warriors of Light here to stay steady and grounded in the 3D storms and to rise into the creativity and expansion of our 5D light! And we are the witnesses too of the removal of the 3D illusions as well. SO much is unfolding within and through us now! ✨🌎✨❤️💙😊 I love that you came over to Whole Soul School and Foundation and found our podcasts there! The men are amazing beings and here to share a huge message about light, shadow, integration, and transformation! Makes my heart sing that you listened to the podcast/video of Lacy, Jeff, and I! He is an amazing human being! Sending you love and light Nora! You are rising and raising the frequencies on the west coast in miraculous ways! Keep shining bright! ❤️✨🌈💛🧡

  • Hi Marie,
    I found you only a couple of months ago and really resonate with your messages. I enjoy many teachers, but I dont resonate with most of them, like this.

    There is so much sincerity and gentle empowerment in your presentation.

    I truly appreciate all your work on this blog and gift to us. It was great to see you today. Thank you!

    I am truly honored to be here during your growth. Especially in front of the camera. I respect the difficulty in that.

    Thank you for your honesty and openness — and courage. I don’t have that just yet.
    I look forward to your membership site. When will it open?
    With Love, Mary

    • Hi Mary! I’m so glad you found me! I think the universe is stepping up to support all of us in the most extraordinary ways now so we can better align with whatever is meant to support our soul path, our gifts and talents, our personal expansions, and our light! And so, through that lens, I guess we could say ~ of course you found me so these awesome connections could be made! 😉✨🙏😊 Thank you for your beautiful message, appreciation, and support. It is so very uplifting and affirming of my path and my next steps . . . and others too on the path of expressing their own pure and perfect light and gifts. It was a big step to actually get on camera ~ and now that that is complete ~ it doesn’t feel so big any more. It feels like the way it should be. Like I just aligned with a greater wholeness in my own soul that was always there! Its funny how we make these growth steps seem so big or inaccessible. But they really aren’t! Its just the ego’s perception of this realm being so scary. The soul knows it is always perfect as it is and I think October invites us to remember that. To rekindle that. ✨ And to re-ignite that part of us in our daily lives wherever we can. 🌟

      I’m delighted to connect with you Mary! And yes ~ I aim to have the footprint and foundation of the new membership site up and running in the next few weeks. That is an ambitious goal at this point. But I will keep stepping up to create the content for it . . . to launch Whole Soul Mastery with some beginning seedling inspirations and grow the offerings from there! So perhaps early to mid November ~ I hope to be able to open it up ~ with much support from the Guides and the Higher Dimensional Realms! Thanks for your encouragement and your positive energy supporting this new endeavor!

      Have a beautiful day today Mary and a blessing-filled October!
      Its time to shine ~ for us all!
      Love and Blessings,
      Marie 💕✨🌈❤️