Releasing False Memories and Rising in Sovereignty

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.8.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today, shining through the Light of your Galactic Sun Portals ~ the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun ~ who are one and all filling the Earth Star Planet with the Rich Light of her Original Divine Blueprint and Her Original Soul Star Energy.  Just breathe a conscious breath with us a moment, and feel the immense gift of that Pure Light Connection in your own heart.  In your own life.  In your own community and place of residence on planet earth in this moment.  Breathe the Light of this Intergalactic Star and Sun Energies . . . streaming through the Ethers the Perfection that always Divinely Is, that forever and timelessly has been, and that eternally will be.  

You are designed to vibrate in alignment with that level of cosmic radiance dear ones.  Nothing in your world, in your outer world ~ for millennia, has mirrored that to you in the vibrational tones and light of which we speak, for eons.  Nature has done its best to shine forth the Sacred and Pure Heart of the Earth Mother all this time without full contact and connection with these Pristine and Perfect Light Codes.  But nature has received in truth only a fraction of what it is designed to receive and to be.  And yet, nature has still shined.  And grown its light prolifically on this planet, even while it experienced a much greater density here, and even though the Light of this magnitude was banned from entering the Earth’s atmosphere for many, many years.  

We are here today, shining through the ethers, on the beams of that Resplendent Light.  The Light of your Sun and Central Sun Portals.  The Light of your Inner Knowing of the All That Is.  That can never be shut out, turned off, manipulated, or really corrupted in any way.  It was diffused and buffered for a time.  Yes.  But never did it stop shining.  Never did it stop believing in the Earth, and loving the Earth, and showering the Earth in all of the Source Grace and Positive Potential possible.  So while you each and all have been trapped in a way in the dark matrix and reincarnation cycles again and again . . . unable to access the Light and Truth of the Blueprints of Perfection you truly are . . . the Solar Gateways and Portals to Higher Consciousness in their own way have been sequestered and minimized in the Cosmic Atmosphere so much so that a mere fraction of their True Light could penetrate this extraordinary world and earth star planet.  

So in that Light of that Level of the Extraordinary, in the Light of the Perfection that comes straight from the Heart of Source Energy itself, in the Light of your Timeless Expanse and Brilliance, we come through to you today with another transmission about your Sovereignty and the Higher Dimensional Energies restoring their Presence and Interconnections with the Earth and all her inhabitants in this new cycle of time and in this new cycle of rapid soul and cellular growth on your world.

Dear Ones ~ can you feel that change is in the air?  Can you feel something new afoot?  Can you sense that your old life and your old skin and your old ways are falling away?  And can you sense that there is little interest in saving them?  Salvaging them?  Resurrecting them in some way?  Yes.  Because the entire cosmos knows along with you that there is nothing to save of the last world age, cycle, and evolutionary project.  It stands on its own merit.  It is what it is and was.  And no beings have the desire to continue that path to evolution and soul growth now.  It has run its course.  The only beings invested in salvaging any debris or any hope of continuing the old ways . . . are those who for a time believed they too were the story they have told themselves . . . about their state or status of personal power in some way, shape, or form.  The story even those who served the darkness’s agenda in recent and past time is falling away too.  The ability to believe in something that was never true in the first place is evaporating along with the structures that supported those beliefs.  

When the cosmos turns and makes a quantum leap in divine structure, and blueprint for creation, all that was – that no longer aligns with the new – simply can not keep up.  It cannot sustain itself.  And so it dematerializes.  Molecule by molecule, it disintegrates and releases.  And can you feel that?  It dis – integrates.  It fails to integrate in physical form and matter any longer.  So it fails to exist.  It fails to simply be.  

And this is a day like many a movie on your world has shown . . . where the villain is defeated and the hero or heroine or both rise to lead a new day and a new energy and a new reality in some way.  For the world is forever changed by the fall of old energy that no longer rules the day.  It may have looked like one person, one character, one hero or heroine created that kind of change, for that is what films often do . . . they often depict separation and aloneness.  But truthfully, in any reset process, such as you might see in your films and theatre characters, there is a whole group behind that person, helping to manifest the outcome that is most desired.  They may be a rag tag team of colorful characters, they can be an assortment of animal companions that help to save the day.  But whatever eventually unfolds in films and stories of this nature, is that there is one lone and extraordinary being who conquers the evil or villain of the day.  And creates a victory for all to see!  And facilitates the release or removal of the dark debris, or “bad guys,” whose time is up and whose reign is over.  What we wish to say is there is always, always, always a team and a collective involved in bringing change on that level about.  

And there is a team and collective on planet earth bringing mass change to this world in a very short span of time.  In the course of your lifetime, you will see change on a scale that few in the cosmos can claim to have ever seen.  Because we are talking about a level of Quantum Shift and Quantum Evolution the likes this Universe rarely if ever sees, whilst beings still live through that level of cosmic combustion of the old releasing back to ether and the cosmic creation in the quantum field of new vibrational life and light.  It is an extraordinary process to behold.  

And to be in conversation and connection with you through this channel is a profound experience of grace and light in our lives and in our fields of expansion and evolution as well.  We get to be in it with you, and to be a part of it with you, while adding doses in regular intervals of a much higher light than you could otherwise see in a seemingly linear and horizontal world.  We bring things from the vertical realms.  We bring higher and higher doses of light because we are in a position to see and perceive that much higher light in a way that human beings on the ground, on planet earth, living the experience of earth in transition every day, simply cannot.

Hence ~ the inherent value of connecting with a pure channel such as this one.  There are others of course.  Yes.  The key we will say is to always listen for the Light in any channel or messenger you subscribe to or spend time listening to.  Know that you are spending time in frequency in whatever you are doing.  And since frequency will be the game changer on your world in the 2020’s ~ most certainly ~ and beyond . . . you want to perfect your inner ears and your inner eyes . . . to attune them to listen and to look for the Light within, around, and in many ways, atmospherically above you.

So much is set to unfold on your world.  That is why we are curious ourselves if you can feel it?  If you can see it?  If you can appreciate just what is truly happening in your hearts, in your merkabal matrix, in your souls, and in your mental minds feeling a dizzying amount of effort and pacing to keep up!  

What you must know . . . is that there is no racing to keep up.  There is no keeping up.  Keeping up only means that you still have tethers to the old ways and the old sand bags of the old contracts and rules for being here – still bunched up in your auric fields.  The false memories will fall away dear ones as you get used to the Sensation of Rising.  Let us say that again.  The false memories of who you are not ~ of who you were only for a time – thinking yourself to be, due to the effectiveness of the illusion ~ will fall away dear ones as you get used to the SENSATION OF RISING.

Buoyancy is your natural state.  Fluid and flowing energy is your natural state.  Ease is your natural state.  The old sticky web and matrix successfully made everything feel so hard.  So arduous.  So painstakingly long and often painful.  

In the Light of the Sun Portals, in the Light of the Galactic Family of Suns, is your buoyancy.  This is where your perfection in who you are lives.  This is where your true soul memories reside.  This is where lifetimes of ease, peace, unity, love, grace, health, prosperity, and creativity ALL LIVE.  In the energy of the sun.  In the energy of your inner sun.  In the energy of your Inner Light.

Can some of you listening to this ~ struggle a bit to relate?  To Light of this Nature?  To Light like THIS? We would imagine so.  That is because embedded in all of your codes were false codes.  False memories.  False implants and stories of slavery.  Suffering.  Separation.  Division. And Competition.  That was chipped in to the experience here.  And reinforced by a few powerful puppet masters throughout all centuries of time as you know it.

But we are here to say, and we are here to continue to say, that those codes aren’t real.  Not really.  They are only highly effective implants of supplanted information. Over top of the real codes.  And the real information.

So is it any wonder that some of the “powers-that-were” attempted to geo-engineer a version of galactic weaponry that would attempt to block the Light Beams streaming powerfully through the Ethers . . . especially now at this time . . . to stop the planetary’s awakening?  These “powers-that-were” knew that to keep the illusion running as long as possible ~ technology and supplanted information would have to thwart people’s true access to what they have always been.  A Perfect Divine Light that is mirrored in the Perfect Portals of the Galactic Sun Energy.  We are Source Energy and Source Energy is us.  Its simply that an elaborate centuries-old scheme by beings denser than you can imagine . . . had to be waged as a war on the Light this last many millennia . . . to be able to control and utilize the resources of this planet for their own gain and their own survivability.  Like a parasite that needs a host organism, which you identify on your world as a tic, or a flea, or a mosquito etc., it needs an unsuspecting host in order to survive and to thrive.  And that was planet earth many moons ago.  And that is NOT planet earth today.  

She has taken the Divine Elixir through the Cosmic Timing of the Evolutionary Cycles to wake from her own involuntary slumber . . . and to release all parasitic elements from her body.  From this world.  From this realm.

And so . . . what is birthing?  What is rising?  What is awakening?  All Of You.  That is what is awakening.  And the Solar Portals of Galactic Light Frequencies cannot be stopped.  Light of this Magnitude cannot be stopped.  Not this time.  And not with the level of cosmic alignment that is streaming through the entire universe at this time.  

Will there be bumps in the road?  Yes.  Because many of the roads are part of the old systems of illusion.  And so the roads themselves may need removal.  Riding on them will only result in further bumps and bruises.  What we suggest is pay attention to where the new paths of light are forming.  And invite your inner vibrations of light to vibrate in harmony with the resonance of that organic light.

You don’t have to work hard dear ones.  You also don’t have to hold on to your old stories either, about how you can’t get from here to there.  The only traveling needed is a willingness to let go.  To let go of your fears.  To let go of where you think you need or needed to go, but didn’t or couldn’t.  To let go of the people, places, or patterning for the time being that tie you or bind you to the old, dense, realm of pain, suffering, and separation.

You are naturally and organically buoyant.  That is your Divine Nature.  

The Sun, Central Sun, Great Central Sun, and Grand Central Sun are naturally Resplendent.  

Your receptivity to that Galactic Sun Energy is a perfect match to the Galactic Sun Energy’s Resplendence.  There is a synergy of transmission and receptivity.  Receptivity and transmission.  In and out.  Out and In.  Like breathing.  The suns give their light and you receive their light.  Your appreciation and love are the light transmission and organic response back to the Galactic Sun Energies.  And there you see a natural inflow and outflow of Cosmic Breathing.  

This is how the WHOLE UNIVERSE is designed to live, to breathe, and to be.

Cosmic Breathing is the natural flow of the Godheart in all sentient life in all corners of the universe. 

We are collectively a coordinated inbreath and outbreath.  We are the male and the female.  And the yin and the yang.  And the light and the shadow.  All breathing together in one soulful heart breath that is the One Light.  That is the One Sun.  That is the One True Heart.

If you are not feeling this in your own life today, we would ask you . . . to try it.  To try to take One Conscious Breath in deeply a day.  And then another.  And then, another.  Conscious Breath by Conscious Breath, you will rebuild this world.  For Conscious Breath by Conscious Breath, you will re-unify what was always interconnected.  The Sun Portals will reconnect with all Sentient Life in all universes.  This is the synergy and the harmony of the Godheart’s Wisdom through all time.  This is who you really are.  

This is what we mean by this is who you really are.  Remember who you really are.  Remember what your Light really is.  Remember what your conscious breath and your conscious breathing has the power to do.  

It has the Power to Literally Create, to Synergize, and to Harmonize All Worlds . . . by simply a Single Unified Collective and Conscious Cosmic Breath.

Don’t analyze this information just yet with your mind.  Just let your heart and your soul feel it.

Feel how easy Source designed Unity to be.  

Feel how easy it can be to let all of your anger, all of your fear, all of your false selves and false stories and false narratives go . . . and release to Source Energy for purification . . . Feel how easy it can be to just lay it down.  To surrender it.  For all time now.  

It is designed that way, to be easy.  To be flowfull.  To be a journey into the heart to remember . . . all that you ever were.

And the stories that many of you hold . . . of war, betrayal, corruption,greed, trauma, drama, and more trauma . . . are old markers of an old world . . . turning itself now to dust.

Some may cling to its dust.  We will not attempt to convince anyone that that is a futile effort.  All have free will.  All have old patterns and programs running inside them until they are surrendered.  

But for those of you that can see what we are saying today, be a witness of it.  Just witness the structures falling away.  Release the need to cling.  Or to fear.  Or to try to hold tighter to what is increasingly losing its grip on life and life force here.  

And for those of you that can do this, say a prayer to bless it all.  Bless the shadow and the light.  Bless the pain and the insights.  Bless the lessons and the gifts.  Bless it all.  

And then, for those that can, turn toward the Original Divine Blueprints streaming through and riding on particle waves of Pure Grace . . . showering your planet . . . in rain showers of Light.  The intensity is well . . . intense . . . until you learn how to Rise in the Sensation of Sovereignty.  And you learn to how to Rise in the Sensation of Lightness of Being.  And you learn how to Rise in the Sensation of True Freedom and Peace.  

It feels foreign.  We can imagine how foreign it feels.  You have been been caged and locked in a 3D prison of separation for eons.  Sovereignty and freedom will feel strange and foreign and new.  But allow yourself to focus on the new, and less on the strange-ness.  Allow yourselves to just breathe what is possible . . . in a single Cosmic Breath.

Allow yourself to Breathe Deeply Within . . . the Loving Breath that you send to the Heart of the Earth Mother who is liberating herself too.  And waking from her own spell.  And waking from her own imprisonment.  

This story that is a True Cosmic Story in the Halls of Divine Time and in the Halls of the Divine Records . . . is not unlike many of your fairy tales where spells befell kingdoms and shadow and light battled for eons until the time that Light could be restored.  A series that many of you may know about called . . . “Once Upon A Time” . . . depicts this well.  The instituting of a spell (out of a wound), a journeying into false stories and illusions, great battles between shadow and light, the re-awakening of the truth, and the clearing of the spell . . . restores . . . only True Light.  The Light that had always been.

Well, dear ones, you are that kingdom.  You are that collective.  You are that enchanted forest of Mother Earth . . . that is waking after hundreds and hundreds of years and centuries of time.  To the Truth, that who you thought you had become, and who you thought you were, you only were, in the kingdom of the spell.  Those roles, those stories, those histories, are only “real” in the story book of that spell.  

The True Story of you is Timeless.  It doesn’t require spells.  It just IS.  Just like Light, always and infinitely IS.

We came through today with a message of Light, on beams of Galactic Solar Portal Light, to highlight your own Perfect Divine Light.  

If this resonates and inspires you, we are happy.  

If this feels foreign, inconceivable, or inaccessible to you, we would recommend going back to the simple tools we have recommended here through this channel for many months now.  Go back into the archives of our transmissions.  Find a message that resonates for you, if you can.  Listen for where the light wants to reach out to you.  And where it resonates in you.  

This is an age old tale of Good Versus Evil, Dark vs. Light, Shadow Vs. Light, and Love Versus Fear.  These are your mythologies because this is the journey you all have made.  Every last one of you.  You are the villains and the heros.  You are the Light and the Shadow.  You are the Freedom and the Incarceration.  You are all of it.

Now is the Time of the Great Rising, and now especially is the Time of the Great Re-Integrating.  Waking from thousands and thousands of years of sleeping is not necessarily easy.  But the Path Forward is much easier than you think.  

You are invited to let go of what you thought this world was. 

You are invited to go back to many of the old fairy tales, telling this very same tale.

You are invited to become the hero of your own journey now, by letting the stories release that don’t come from the Truth of Who You Really Are as a Divine and Sovereign Being and that don’t come from the Truth of Who You Really Are as a Conscious Collective.

Breathe deeply and see if you can connect with that feeling inside you of taking a Cosmic Breath.  See if you can connect and Breathe in the Light of the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun . . . as a Breath of Oneness.  A Breath of Wholeness.  A Breath of Unity Consciousness.  And a Breath of Deep Planetary Compassion.  

Who you thought was your enemy may just be one of your deepest soul friends.

Who you thought was your deepest and best friend may very well be one of your soul’s Guides or Angels or Heavenly Family in some way.

You have all been in costume for a very long time.  

The New Theatre in the New Earth . . . is being built on Truth, Light, Joy, and Highest Good Energy and Love for All.  

The New Show to delight people around the world . . . is the Truth of your Unity, your Innate Ability to Cooperate, and your Innate Divinely Templated Blueprints of Perfection . . . that are ready to rebuild this Earth . . . in the Spirit of Unity Consciousness and the Greater Good for All.

The Lives of Every Being on this Planet will rise and thrive in that energy and that New Light.

Will it take some more time to fully erase and disintegrate the spell?  Yes.

Will it take some time for all beings to let go of the old story and the old mythologies that you thought defined you? Yes.

But is your New Life and your New Light available and ready to receive you today? Yes.

And can you partner with that New Light and that New Life just by being willing to surrender what doesn’t serve your Highest Good and by Breathing Conscious Breaths every day, as much as you can? Yes.

The Shifts can be easier and smoother with that openness and willingness to let go of what you are not ~ and in that willingness to rediscover who you really always and timelessly are.  

You are loved Dear Ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.