Re-visiting the Call of Sentience: We Need It Now More Than Ever

Re-Visiting the Call of Sentience:
We Need It Now More Than Ever

June 15, 2017

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Greetings friends,

Today I feel drawn to shine a light again on the concept
and the call of 

golden bridge amidst a green forest background imageAs I’ve written previously, we are living in the “bridge” or “in-between” times. 

The 3D world, with its corresponding separation consciousness and its “status quo,” density-laden frequencies that many of us were born into, is crumbling and chaotic now . . . en route to its full dematerialization and release.

The 5D world, and its higher 5D consciousness, freedom energies, peace, light, and expansiveness, is still in its early stages of emergence . . . growing, propagating, and expanding new root shoots . . . and beginning to take more magnificent, more full, and more expansive breaths.  These Deep Breaths of Light and Pure Life Force are literally breathing New Life into this New Earth Unfolding.  It is all part of the great birthing occurring now in this Grand Shift of the Ages.

As a channel and sentient being, I can consciously feel the tell-tale frequencies
of these two earths . . . existing within their own unique, distinct, and respective timelines.  For they each have a clear energetic blueprint and distinct essence. 

And as a channel and sentient being, I have lately found myself wondering . . .

What allows, and aids, some of us to “see” these two worlds? 
When some of us still can’t? 

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The first question beckons a second:  what then blocks some of us from accessing this higher perception and spiritual sight of the bigger picture?

Ultimately, both of these questions that I have been asking myself lately point to a very relevant third question for all of humanity today . . . which is:

What can create or illuminate the bridge between these two worlds . . . these two earths . . . to help us ALL TO SEE what exists in greater fields of awareness and perception? 

The Answer:


Sentience is our Original Sight. 

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It is our Original Language. 

It is our Innate Birthright.

Sentience houses our Spiritual Sight
and it is our Higher Perceptive Operating System of Light. 

As I have shared in a number of posts previously, sentience helps us to see, feel, hear, sense, and know the frequencies within and around us, the frequencies of other dimensional realms,  and the distinct frequencies on our own earth star planet.  It helps us to see and to know with greater cosmic clarity despite these murky times . . . the truth of some powerful energies that have successfully UP UNTIL NOW been clandestinely hidden from us, that have been kept beyond our abilities to perceive or detect them, and that have been made inaccessible to us.  The Good Energies as well as the Bad.  There is a much bigger story unfolding here, that requires our Sentience in order to SEE.

To me, it is the Gift of Sentience that allows and supports Intuitive Inquiry into who we really are, into multiple worlds and timelines, and into the Infinite Knowledge and True Transparency that is required now to shine a light on Divine Truth . . . regardless of how things appear on the surface or how things have been taught or told to humanity over many generations and over thousands of years. 

Sentience, and Sentient TRUTH, stands in a realm all its own.  It reveals exactly what the accurate energetic Truth of Things is, and what the illusions through time are as well.

It is only our Sentience that has the Ability to See beyond the limits of this world and into the Living Reality of Multiple Worlds and Realms, existing at the same time, in multiple and highly diverse energetic realities.

This is because Sentience can see and feel
the subtlest of vibrations that either:




Thus, Sentience helps us to uncover and re-discover the Living Essence of Pure Truth that is inherently, timelessly, and divinely designed to always set us free.  It is here to liberate us from low frequency planetary manipulations and traps, (un)consciousness, and enslavement programs, that for too long and for deeply dark purposes, have reigned here on the earth. 

Sentience, through Higher Frequency Aptitudes, Skills, and Abilities, helps us to lift off the page of human 3D lower density consciousness . . . and literally break free from the shackles we have unconsciously put ourselves in, given the level of collective consciousness that has reigned here on planet earth for a very long time. 

We are the Ones we have been Waiting For.

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And a new day, a new light, a new awakening, and
a new renaissance is here to greet all of us.

It is through the World of Sentience, that a whole new language
and pure source of unity, interconnectedness, and goodness
is here to birth within us all. 

To that end, Sentience is here to teach us about the vibrant essence of frequency,
vibration, energy, truth, transparency, connection, cooperation, prosperity, joy, goodness, and more.

And it is Sentience that has timelessly held the light codes for us and within us . . . that know exactly how to unlock our karmic armor, in order to glean the purifying and healing essence of the True Light that we deeply and infinitely ARE. 

As much as it may seem like I am going overboard
about the Gifts of Sentience here
, . . .

I believe it truly IS the BRIDGE FOR HUMANITY
that is needed in these critical times. 

There is no question that sentience is vital now to the expansion of our SPIRITUAL or SOUL SIGHT.  And it is critical today in the process of AWAKENING us from our DEEP, GROGGY, and COMPLICIT HUMAN SLUMBER, that traps us in many ways in a kind of “tuned out” or “less aware” consciousness than we would readily admit about ourselves in this day and age.  Yet it’s happening.  This slumbering state is still very prevalent today, even among people who might consider themselves highly aware and in tune with current events and today’s news.  Yet as they go about their day, living up in their heads instead of their expansive heart frequencies, slogging along in various vibrations of conformity, complacency, fear, stagnation, sentience amnesia and blindness, and “status quo” living, and following the bread crumbs that the old 3D world’s designers want them to see, many are missing a much bigger picture and more complete vibrational story that is right in front of their eyes. But they lack the spiritual sight to see it.   

Even the words Slogging and Groggy and Spiritual Amnesia emit a heavy, foggy vibration.  Can you see it?  Can you feel that?  Just allow yourself a moment to pause and tune in to the energy in those words.  Tune in to how they feel.  Are they light and feathery?  Or sludgy, thick, and trudgy?  Your Sentience knows the difference.  Its simply a matter of time, commitment, and practice . . . to more fully engage it and see it on a regular basis.

This is the task before us. 

Happy Girl in Blue Sparkling Light PhotoWE MUST WAKE UP to the Incredible Power, the Higher Sighted Awesomeness, and the Energetic Astuteness that resides in each one of us. 

Sentience IS that bridge, that holistic language, AND that essential activation frequency that is needed now for us to rise into a more perfect and precise harmony with the New Earth’s Light Codes, Requirements, and Resplendent Joy. 

How can sentience accomplish this?
How can it truly be that essential divine bridge? 

people on bridge dock at sunset imageIt can because it speaks to us from the Eternal, All-Knowing, All-Loving Nature of our Souls, that have transcended the limitations of time-space realities and illusions . . . again and again and again.

It can because it uniquely knows how to awaken us to its perfect vibrational language and higher understanding, beyond the confines of linear time’s frameworks and matrices that have organized 3D living, behavior, limitation, lack, and separation spawned experiences.

Whether we like the changes presently
occurring on the earth now or not
they are happening. 

Whether we like the changes and exposures of governments, world “leaders”,  and corrupt government systems worldwide now or not,
they too are happening. 

They are all part of the much bigger cleansing occurring at
every level of life on the planet.

And they are escorting us from Density’s Disorder
to Divine Perfect Order once more. 

Our Sentience is here to lead the way in our every day lives, as we seek to navigate these highly turbulent waters and find a brighter, safer shore (“sure”)
in the New Earth that is Rising.

SOON, we will no longer be able to “NOT SEE”. 
Because we are becoming more and more of our divine abilities
and clear soul sight every day.    

girl with hat over eyes and face photo

So . . . this can be a positive transition in our soul’s journeyings
that we can embrace.

Or it can be riddled with resistance, challenges,
and increasing hardship. 

The choice is ours.  At a soul level.
To decide what we want to experience in these bridge times. 

How we want to SHOW UP Vibrationally

Even if a conscious choice is not made, a vibrational one will be.

And that will determine the frequency range of our experiences,
and these two diverging earths, going forward.

The things we have not wanted to see, but that are still vibrationally TRUE, and LOWER FREQUENCIED, from this Past Age of Evolutionary Experience, will at some level be exposed and seen, . . . and ever increasingly so

This includes aspects of each of us that are unhealed and that remain in the lower frequency range, as well as unhealed aspects of our world and collective experience that are lower, denser, or darker frequencies. 

As I have channeled and posted previously, the “Whole Snake” must now be seen.  (Follow the above link to read more about that.) 

This Great Exposure, Cleansing, and Clearing will continue as the Earth continues to spin off the veils of time and the illusions of separation consciousness from the past world age.  It will continue as Mama Gaia embraces the New Energies of Light arriving to ameliorate this most recent evolutionary cycle. 

She is powerfully stepping up in the new frequencies to invigorate and activate a much higher consciousness inside us all . . . . that knows a better and brighter way to participate in the Collective Consciousness and the Greater Good of the Cosmos. 

As I muse about the energies I myself feel, sense, and experience, and the energies that my guides share with me in my channelings, I find it amazing that even today, in June 2017, I continue to witness the fact that still ~ the majority of people ~ from all walks of life ~  . . . walk around in a pre-activation, heart shielded, soul slumbering, sentient sleeping state of consciousness.   

Their Higher Sight and Sentient Light
are still not yet awakened, engaged, or activated.

man isolated and alone in city image

It is no wonder that so many people feel a great deal of
fear, anger, blame, tension, duality, judgement, confusion, and stress. 

They can’t see.

They can’t see because there is a lack of higher connectivity and understanding at a frequency level of the holistic shifts occurring now on the planet, and within each person and sentient being that lives upon it.

Without Sentience, without this activated infinite and expansive soul operating system, communing and communicating with our higher selves and inner sight on a daily basis, most can see only 1 earth.

The earth that has been taught to them,
and the earth that they have repeatedly experienced.  

It is the only reality they see so it is the only one that is known.   

Most only know the sufferings and rat race of linear time.
Many only witness, day in and day out, the false
or conflicting news portrayed in the media.
Many haven’t the foggiest clue how to listen to the frequencies of the earth
with inner ears, through inner light, and through sentient sight,
that already innately knows how to see the 5D earth birthing through it ALL. 

It is okay.  All is truly well in the much bigger picture.
We can take some deep breaths.
For we are all playing our unique part in the grand theatre
of the Earth Shifts right now.
Our Sentience knows this even if our Minds and our Nervous Systems don’t.

There are literally billions of roles being played right now.

And from that lens, it feels important to me
to repeat as much and as often as I can,
to those who will listen ~

ticket home image

SENTIENCE is your TICKET and INTERSTELLAR/INTERDIMENSIONAL SOUL SHIP designed to take you HOME inside yourself . . . if you will simply allow these New Earth Frequencies of Light and this Higher 5D Consciousness into your Greater Awareness and Daily Life.

Sentience IS your Innate Gift and Birthright, that can help you to awaken, to better comprehend this shift of worlds, and to embrace the amazing blessings of these bridge times. 

Sentience holds the Sacred Space of God’s Comforting Light inside us, that knows all things in all directions of time. And thus, it knows unequivocally ~ that despite the chaos we can see in one world, ~ divine order and perfection are being restored in another.

We simply have to ride these powerful waves
through the wings of our sentience.   

It is this Extraordinary Sentience and this Level of Empowered Light that gives me, in my own life, the power and the in-sight to consciously and courageously hope, know, and see brilliance, wonder, and splendor . . . beyond the dark masks of illusion in many life and world situations now.  

And it helps me to palpably perceive these amazing frequencies and incredible cosmic worlds, that are way beyond what our limited 3D human sight can fathom. 

Hence it is no wonder that our limited human sight and human ego repeatedly and automatically requires many of us to discount, discredit, devalue, judge, and/or condemn any higher sight or evidence of higher light, exposure, transparency, and/or greater goodness in the world, simply because . . . THIS level of Sentient Perception is beyond the range and scope of the standard “status quo” sight.

With a mere willingness to see more, to experience higher versions of Truth in our lives, and to embrace the Cleansing that Divine Light wishes to bring through to all of us incarnated on the planet now, . . . .

. . . new worlds can begin to open to us.  New life can begin to expand within us.  And New Light can begin to guide and align us with our Truest Soul Path in these Shifting Times, with the Greater Good of Source Energy, and with more Bountiful Blessings than our minds in 3D frequencies could ever allow into our experience and believe.    

REMEMBER:  It has always required the Gift of Sentience, Higher Light, Intuition, and More Expansive Extra-Sensory Perception to bring through time to this earth stage . . . new ideas, innovations, solutions, inventions, and understandings . . . through courageous and sentiently-connected souls . . . that have helped immensely to further the evolution of humanity at critical times in our history.

planets and innovators align in the cosmos photo

We need those Courageous and Sentient Souls NOW.  As many of us as possible.

Today is NO DIFFERENT than DaVinci’s timeline, or Einstein’s lifetime, or the Ancient Egyptians Incredible Architectural Feats. 

Every single one of us is needed now to awaken, to step up, and to do our part . . . the one we pledged to play and to do, before we incarnated in this current lifetime.

We ARE the SENTIENT BEINGS we have been waiting for . . . from our past, present, and future timelines, . . . here now, . . . to powerfully assist this Quantum Leap in Human Consciousness and New Earth Rising. 

The Two Earths offer a stark vibrational contrast now. . . so that we can more clearly see where we’ve been and where we are vibrationally headed. 

I am one of this world’s greatest advocates of Activating and Embodying the Living Gifts of SENTIENCE. 

Sentience has offered me my own ticket Home to Source Energy . . . through all of my karmic challenges . . . my soul journeyings . . . and my daily tasks . . . while still allowing me to remain IN BODY in physical form through these powerful earth shifts.  The Truth of That is a Miracle. 

It is True for Me AND TRUE FOR YOU as well. 

For I deeply believe that SENTIENCE is offering all of us a ticket to Awakening, Seeing, and Perceiving a Vast New 5D+ Earth that is Emerging NOW through the Ethers to Usher in our Original Language, our Remembrance of the Infinite ~ from which we come, and our Sacred Wholeness and Perfection that we have always and eternally been.

I hope you will please consider Sentience as a Tool and a Bridge in your own life to Reclaim Who You Really Are
and what the Earth has really always been designed to be . . . 

A Perfect Embodiment of Living Source Energy, Starlight,
Miracles, Abundance, Health, Wealth, Love, Unity, and Joy.

Your Sentience Welcomes You.  Today, and Every Day.

It is who you are and what you have always been.
It is who we all all truly and divinely are. 

In love and luminous light,

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2 Responses to “Re-visiting the Call of Sentience: We Need It Now More Than Ever

  • Had not heard about this reality until this week when I experienced a connection with my heart and higher self that I had not previously allowed myself. Thank you for your gift of hearing and experiencing this for yourself and for sharing it with our world. Cosmic blessings.

    • Thank you David 🙏 It is a profound gift when we allow ourselves to connect with our heart center’s timeless wisdom, that ultimately connects us with our Higher Selves. I’m so glad you opened to that experience! Blessings and Light to you ✨