Sentience: A New Language for the New Earth


We are living in super extraordinary times.  And they require a new language and new skills.

We are currently receiving incredible cosmic upgrades to our DNA, our cellular structures, our consciousness, our operating system, and our physical/emotional/mental/spiritual energy bodies at a speed and rate that is pretty incomprehensible to our conscious minds. 

We are literally shifting into a new frequency, form, and consciousness before our very own eyes. 

These potent shifts are effecting every area, aspect, and experience of our lives.

To some, the shifts are happening with degrees of conscious awareness and participation. 

To others, these unfoldments still seem more like fable than fact.

Yet to ALL, an invitation has been extended from Source Energy itself; summoning us to participate and evolve in whatever ways we feel called, and where we especially resonate, to form a new planetary consciousness, a new language and way of relating and interconnecting, and a whole new way of living, being, exchanging, growing, and divinely thriving together on planet Earth.

This, my friend, is Big. 

It’s bigger than big.  It’s HUGE

It’s a massive Shift and Invitation to Collaboration for All Life on Earth. 

So to supportively bridge the old world’s ways with the new ones now birthing . . . a new, living, conscious, vibrant, and luminous power is growing and expanding inside us. 


We are literally becoming our very own living exponents, as we on many levels become the “extraordinary exponential of our greatest potential”

What does that mean?

It means that we are becoming more of our divine selves to a higher power!

Can you picture that?

I AM10

(“I AM” to the 10th Power)


What about . . . I AM1000  

(“I AM” to the 1000th Power)

Can you even imagine yourself in this new form?  In this new light? 

In this new energetic expression of you in your life?

You may at this point be asking – why.  Why or how could this be true?

Because as more and more old ways and outdated systems crumble on the “outside,” upgrades, new ways, and new expanded codes if you will, are growing and emerging on the “inside.” 

It’s the “As Above, So Below” + “As Within, So Without” phenomenon. 

What you see happening without, is mirrored and reflected within. 

And vice versa.

As the old codes and systems deteriorate and/or fail in our local and global communities, and in our personal lives, the new codes are stepping up in a big way.

We are rapidly entering this whole new state of being, a new kind of cosmic energetics, and really, a whole new frequency. 

As a planet.  As a species.  As a global community. 

As one part within a much greater Collective Whole.

And your unique part, your super, awesome, powerful, sacred self, voice, and talents, are needed now in this divinely timed planetary upgrade.

And what will you need skill-wise to adapt, evolve, and communicate in this brand new planetary conversation? 

A new language and vibrationally-tuned operating system known as:  Sentience


It is this language that we are waking up to, because it is the universal language that is here to help us bridge the gap of our present differences, our personal struggles, our global divisions, our challenges, our joys, our dreams, and our best visions for these critical next few years of planetary change . . . en route to a much more cohesive, collective, and collaborative planetary whole.

Why is sentience essential, important, and relevant to you now in your life today? 

Because we are all experiencing these system-wide, light-coded, vibrational upgrades that are a planetary requirement to be on the earth at this point.

Previously, they were a choice.  Made by a select few.  They are people we think of as the ascended masters or avatars in our history books.

Now, WE are the avatars.  The ascending masters.  The light beings we have been waiting for. 

And WE have a silent and invisible revolution unfolding inside us. 

But one whose effects are beginning to get louder.

And whose effects will only continue to get louder, until we do, in fact, listen.  


That’s the great power, precision, and persistence of the soul’s navigational system.

It quietly, patiently, and persistently nudges us forward, gently at first, and then eventually (sometimes) not-so-gently, to ultimately get our attention, . . . so we can listen to its higher callings for our own greater good. 

Now, of course, we can try to not listen.

By ignoring its cues, guidances, calls, signs, messages, re-routes, blocks, etc.

I can say that I’ve tried this myself a few times as well, quite unsuccessfully.

Because the effects of that “not listening” just get louder and louder AND Louder in our lives. 

Until they are undeniable . . . by us and to us.

And this is occurring to many of us now, as our light codes activate more prominently in our lives.  And greater awareness grows by the day.

Denial and “deaf ears” are losing their effectiveness and grip on our lives.

And we almost can’t help but open to the truth that our souls want us now to know about who we are.  What our path is.  What our sacred purpose for being on this earth is.

So I ask you for a moment’s self reflection, to consider these questions:

  • Have you experienced any job changes lately? 
  • Had some key relationships challenged . . . or perhaps ending? 
  • Have you felt a compelling call to do something completely new and uncharacteristically daring? 
  • Are you desiring more meaning in your life, but not quite sure what it is? 
  • Do you feel an increasing urge to stop living small? And to stand up for your truer values?  And what is important to you? 
  • Can you sense a purpose that is aligning to meet you?
  • Are you aware that more of your “people” or “tribe” are finding you?
  • Has something intolerable occurred in your life that is requiring you to express what you previously might have allowed yourself to sweep under the proverbial rug?  And now there is no holding back?  You can’t help yourself but to take action or tell the truth, to attempt to clear what has been stuck or tolerated?
  • Or perhaps some of these shifts, and calls to attention, have moved through some recent health issues?
  • Perhaps you are feeling squeezed financially, and have had some income streams dry up or float away? 

Our soul self, our higher self, has an infinite amount of ways through our sentient operating system to connect with us.  To get our attention.  And to guide us.  So that we can attune our inner ears, our inner eyes, and our sacred heart center to this higher aspect of who we are.


Once we listen, and begin to decipher this new language within ourselves, a richness develops.  One we could never have imagined being so good to us. 

So informing.  So accepting.  So whole.  And so authentic for us.

So let’s take another minute to look again at what sentience means for us.  Right now.  In our lives. 

For the tasks we face in our planetary upgrades.

That are ultimately leading us to a brighter, cleaner, more connected, and more love-filled experience.

So briefly now, I want to share a little bit about what I believe sentience is.  I want to share some sentient thoughts about where it comes from.  And where it is leading us. 

For in our deeper history, there are ancient codes that will help us to uncover . . . the truth . . . that we have been this extraordinary sentient being . . . all this time

All we have to do . . . is REMEMBER.


Sentience is . . . 

Our original language.  It is the language of the heart.  From our earliest origins on the earth.  From our home in the stars.  And from our divine Home beyond the stars

So it connects us through All Time with ALL THAT WE ARE. 

It is an ancient language that is coming Home inside us now, to be the *new* language . . . of this new age . . . for the new earth.  It is the language of the soul.  And thus it is the language that connects us with our innate divinity. 

It is perfect that it’s waking up inside us now, with precision, as the planet accelerates, ascends, and integrates more and more of the new light frequencies that are a planetary energetic requirement now.  Kind of like when your computer receives the “updates available” prompt.  It’s simply time for new code to remain current in the online communication world.  Your system of course can function for a while with the old code.  But after a while, the outdated system simply becomes obsolete

We are in that transition time right now.  The old code is receding.  The new code is coming online.  And the upgrades are here, on time, to help us incorporate these essential changes to adapt and evolve in these bridge times.    

Our Sentience then is here to HELP US adjust to the new system requirements.

It is here to assist us with creating a richer, brighter, and higher conversation, intracellularly, in our bodies, to maintain our health and well being. 

And it is here to help us interconnectively, so that we can work together with each other, throughout the shifts that are occurring steadily now, personally, as well as globally and collectively. 

Remember:  As within, so without. 

And Sentience is here to help support ALL of the upgrades on all levels of our being, so that we can feel, sense, know, perceive, and connect with ourselves and the world around us at a higher level of consciousness than we’ve known in a very long time. 


So . . . given the Significance of Sentience in our lives . . . what more specifically is it?

I will do my best to share with you what I know and feel it is. 

And then I will share in my next post, what my spirit guides describe it to be.

To me, in the fluid realms of higher consciousness, sentience is our ability to perceive, feel, sense, and deeply know things in our universe and in our experience, even beyond our conscious (mind-derived) knowings

It is a core language and operating system, that cues us multi-sensorially every day, through our feelings, our gut reactions, our vibes, and our sense of ourselves and those around us. 

It is a highly attuned energy reader and rader, as well as communication system, where our biocircuitry knows all things at higher levels than our limited mind could ever understand


WHO is sentient? 

All of us. 

All living beings, including Mother Earth herself. 

That means, that animals are sentient beings.  Insects are sentient beings.  Plants are sentient beings.  Fish are sentient beings.  Humans of course are sentient beings. 

We are all sentient beings.  Created from a Sacred Source Energy, that is infinitely sentient as well.  For our sacred apples don’t fall far from our Divine Mother/Father Apple Tree. 


As our sentience re-awakens, we begin to feel things that we may have previously been unaware of.  In our lives.  In our partnerships.  In our friendships.  In our jobs.  Some wonderful things.  Some unpleasant things.  And even some inconvenient things.  But all are sentient things.  And they are rising to the surface for us to know about them.  So we can acknowledge them.  Address them.  Honor them.  Clear them.  Release them.  Or Reconcile them.   

As we awaken to our sentient selves, with greater and greater perception abilities, we simply begin to see more.  Feel more.  Know more.  And receive more

Like little antennas.  Suddenly picking up 200+ more channels. 

Our abilities increasingly emerge, grow, and expand from there.  With patience, persistence, attunement, and practice.

You can see in a world that appears so divided on so many issues, and in so many ways, . . . what awakening into the greater gifts and abilities of sentience might do. 

It might just help us HEAL.  And begin to HOPE again. 

As we FEEL our way into caring for each other.  And this planet. 

In ways that seemed overwhelmingly inaccessible before.

Sentience is like a cosmic current of universal electricity, that pulses a sacred life force, that inherently unites us all.

Once we activate it, we can begin to feel, sense, and weave our way into a new way of living, being, and breathing on this planet together.

And that is my hope, my dream, and my greatest desire.

Thank you for listening to YOUR soul’s callings as well.  To be here Now. 

To begin a soul process to engage your sentient self. 

Your higher self

Your living breathing awakened exponential self! 

And to begin your journey back into the greater Oneness that we have always been.  Even when we forgot.

We have all of the necessary skills within us to be what we have always been, underneath the forgetfulness.

And we can gather here to support each other through the grand awakening of our greater gifts, to help us heal the broader wounds now, that simply are asking to come back into the Circle of Light, Hope, and Wholeness.

Together, we can do this.

You are here for a brilliant divine purpose.  And sentience will be your guide.

In Love and Luminous Light,


2 Responses to “Sentience: A New Language for the New Earth

  • Akil Day
    6 years ago

    I was forwarded this by a couple that I “ran into” (our paths were indeed meant to join) just yesterday. The connection was beautiful- soulful. Thing is- I was thinking about our original languages, etc. I won’t even say anymore that this is blowing my mind, because i’ve come to expect it. THANK YOU for this?

    • Thank you Akil ?? I am delighted to hear this message about Sentience resonated with you. And I too love soulfull synchronicities and connections. Yours sounds lovely! Thanks for the connection here today! Blessings and Light to you! ✨