September 2019 Energy Update:
 Welcome to Hyperspace 
Where Time is Spinning Itself Into No-Time

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received August 25, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing a message of Hope and Light from the Higher Dimensional Realms and the Heart of One to the Heart of Humanity at this time.  The Energies of August 2019 are exciting, cleansing, overwhelming, restructuring, re-orienting, and reseting.  If you feel like you have been put in a washing machine, and put on the “heavy soil” cycle, and tumbled about in every which way, you would be describing the energies of August.  And what will you emerge out of that wash cycle to be?  A better and brighter version of you than you had previously known or conceived yourself to be.  So if you have experienced intensity in relationships, pressure in your job or finances, turmoil in your own convictions or conceptions of what you believed to be true that may no longer resonate as true, increasing inquiry into world events and the swirling of a myriad of exposures and simultaneous significant events, and more, we would say, Welcome to Hyper-Space where Time is spinning itself in this cosmic wash cycle into No-Time.  

And what exactly is The Time of No Time?  It is a Time in which many of you are leaving any identification and/or resonance with 3D density.  For the 3D matrix itself is what traps you in the perception of time.  It is what mires you in the linear world of time.  When you are engaged in the realms of time, your access to the Higher Dimensional Realms and insights that have the power to create worlds is at best limited and in the most extreme, non-existent.  We are speaking today in terms of Consciousness Perception . . . and more importantly . . . your ability to Perceive other layers and aspects of Consciousness that do not exist within a 3D paradigm and 3D timeline of time.  

To literally free yourselves from yourselves, and from this heavy, dense experience of life on planet earth, many of you have chosen the fast track to cosmically wash away your attachments or beliefs in linear time.  Time is in many ways the greatest of illusions.  For with that one single illusion, an entire species, humanity, has found a way to corrupt and distort most of the perfection, harmony, sacredness of all life, and oneness with all things in nearly every possible way.  This was all part of the Grand Experiment of Separation.  And yet, it is the Illusion that is being reset to Higher Truth Vibrations and Greater Alignments now with the Center of the Universe and with the Central Sun Portals that carry the Cosmic Records if you will of Divinity in Form through All Time and All Space.

What does this mean?  You are remembering what it is again to BE YOU.  You are remembering your place in the Greater Cosmic and Divine Design . . . to be Extraordinary.  Infinite.  Limitless.  Free.  Sovereign.  And Love, Abundance, Creativity, and Joy Incarnate.  

So what we are speaking to today on the heels of August 2019 . . . a month that is nearly complete in its own unique cycles . . . and on the cusp of September 2019 . . . is this Energy of Consciousness Perception, Time Relativity, and thus, Shifting Timelines, within and without, as you each and all continue to claim the timeline you wish to most consciously occupy and experience, as the world of 3D continues to disintegrate and dematerialize before your awakening and activating eyes.  

We spoke in the last transmission about your Vibrational Emissions.  We spoke about the invitation to Be the Timeline you wish to see and to experience.  We spoke about the Essence of your Vibrations . . . and the literal power they have to co-create the Timeline and Life Experience you wish to have.  

We now wish to speak in this transmission as we enter the Energies of September 2019 . . . the importance of keeping your Time-Space locomotion . . . your Soul’s Inner Starship . . . which is your Divine Merkaba . . . oiled . . . unencumbered . . . elevated . . .  aware . . . and in a state of flow. 

An example that many of you might relate to from your own fields of 3D perception . . . is an Elevator.  When you walk into a high rise building of 10, 20, 30, or 40 floors . . . most of you do not opt to take the stairs to get to floor #37.  You can, but it will expend alot of energy and it will re-route the timeline of your day to take the TIME to climb those many stairs to arrive at the same destination that taking the elevator up to floor #37 would achieve.  Alternatively, in this example, imagine if you get on an elevator to go to floor #37, and you find it is not working due to needed repair and maintenance.  Now you are even more frustrated because you feel you have no other option but TO Take the Stairs as your way UP.  And an even third scenario that is still quite feasible in your every day 3D lives, you get on the elevator and it rises to the 16th floor, where all of a sudden, the elevator stops, and malfunctions.  And you are trapped on the 16th floor, unable to move, to get off, or to fix the problem.  And so you are trapped in that moment in that timeline.  On the 16th floor.  Calling for help on your cell phone, but still having to wait until help can arrive.

The key to successful movement in the new timeline of no-time, and hence, in timelessness, is to partner with the Divine Feminine.  For the Feminine Frequencies are where the Flow lives.  Its where Faith lives.  Its where Timelessness and Divine Perfection in All That Is lives.  

How many on your world today are practiced in the Art of Divine Feminine Frequencies?  100?  1000?  1 Million?  We would say . . . definitely . . . a small fraction of the greater whole. 

Now, if we go back to the example of that office building and that high rise in a big city, let’s see each floor of that building as a particular timeline and distinct consciousness.  And as you rise to each next floor, you are rising in consciousness.  What would it require of you to move fluidly between each timeline?  What would it take to open to that fluid, flowful state of being, state of consciousness, and state of resonance within, that could effortlessly manifest the timeline you desire to be in . . . without having to take any stairs or elevator at all to get there?  

This is what your Conscious Awareness is.  This is what your Vibrations are.  This is what your 5D Operating System is.  This is what the Divine Feminine is inside you.  This is where admission to any timeline, connection, or experience IS BY VIBRATION.  Your mind-body-spirit matrix within is wired to move this fluidly through time.  It always has been and it always will be.  Only now, the Central Sun Portals are pouring their light codes into this earth atmosphere to help you remember.  And the Earth Mother herself is receiving those light infusions and even higher activational codes from the center of the cosmos, and reflecting those higher frequencies to the surface of the planet as well.  And your own Inner Light Codes are being upgraded by the Central Sun Portals and the Infinite Intelligence in the cosmos, to rise and feel the greater Truth of Who You Really Are.  

So much so that you can literally begin to feel where you desire to be, you can summon in your heart-mind’s eye that vision of your destination of that inner feeling place you most desire to be experiencing right now in this moment, and your Divine Merkaba, your Galactic and Divine “Elevator” or “Star Ship” will get to work to simply align your inner coordinates at a frequency level to “take you there.”  The “there” in this New World of 5D Frequencies is a Feeling Place.  It is a Connection Space.  It is a Home Space of Unified Energies around “wherever” it is you most desire to be.  

And wherever your frequency is vibrating to be, there you shall be.  So in many ways, your locomotion and pathway of movement in these Higher Dimensional Energies is through your feelings, your frequencies, and your chosen inner vibrations.  To more quickly and seamlessly deliver you to the “floor” or “timeline” or “life experience” that you are most strongly and deeply desiring.  

Those that don’t understand that their Merkaba, their Inner Elevator, or their Inner Frequencies are literally giving Spirit and the Cosmos the Living Coordinates of where you desire to be . . . will still be moving according to those Inner Coordinates by default.  

And there are those who will be new “Cosmic Drivers” so to speak in these new fields of energies, where you will be trying out your new vehicles, your new multidimensional vehicles, and your timeless merkabas once more.

For those of you familiar with the story of Harry Potter, can you recall the scenes in which Harry and his classmates were learning how to ride their brooms for the first time?  A few crashed.  A few spiraled out of control and needed to go to the infirmary.  A few wobbled but eventually got the hang of it.  And a few very intuitively and instinctively soared.  That will be some of the spectrum we would expect to see of the human collective engaging their “broomstick” frequencies . . . and beginning to engage the new timelines . . . with the best consciousness and awareness they have in these times.

How to be among those new “flyers” . . . who move fairly quickly . . . via intuition, instinct, and grace?  How to be someone who finds a sense of ease and grace in the shifting landscape within . . . and finds their inner coordinates fairly easily to hear and to move toward?  It requires this awareness and steady commitment to nurture your Divine Feminine Energies within.

It is the Sacred Divine Feminine that can navigate within and through a feeling of outer darkness or blindness . . . by following the inner compass and map within.  It is the Divine Masculine that will help to provide the structure that stabilizes your experience of the world around you.  The Divine Masculine gives you a sense of having physical destinations to seek and find.  But the Sacred Divine Feminine is the engine if you will, the heartbeat, the sensor, the visionary, and the fluid frequencies that help you nearly effortlessly FEEL your way into being what you most wish to experience.  

That feeling is your coordinate.  That sense of connecting with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions is what is “driving” and “escorting” you to the vibrational timeline you most wish to experience.

So in the old 3D earth and paradigm, most of you relied on your cars, or on trains, buses, and airplanes to literally get you where you needed to be.  What we see unfolding fairly rapidly for many of you, this next month in September 2019 and accelerating into early 2020, is that it is where you place your conscious attention and your inner feeling states that sets the course more vividly, more directly, more clearly on where it is you will be living, working, thriving, struggling, suffering, or somewhere in between.  

A message this channel heard a long time ago . . . about Spider Medicine or the Spider Animal Totem . . . is appropriate here.  Spider says . . . the web we weave is the reality we experience.  And we know that Spider is the Great Weaver.  Spider moves between worlds with the different webs he weaves.  Spider literally creates the cosmic fabric that cradles the reality he experiences.  Spider in this way, in this metaphor, is a multidimensional being and good example of quantum physics and the quantum mechanics that are literally becoming a more evident part of your daily life experiences.

Remember in the last transmission when we shared the old adage, wherever you go, there you are?  To us, that speaks to Spider’s messages and medicine very clearly.  Wherever your consciousness flows and goes now, ever more clearly, and directly, will it be the reality you more rapidly will experience.  

So now is the time for each of you . . . if there is anything in your life . . . that is a belief, an experience, a challenge, a struggle, or a vision or dream you hold deep inside, now is the time to get in touch with the vibration you feel about that belief, experience, challenge, struggle, vision, or dream, . . . and either witness it and release it . . . from the inside out . . . with the many tools so widely available to many of you through the internet today, through this channel’s transmissions, or through teachers and other channels like her . . . OR . . . to step up the feelings you feel about those visions and dreams.  How can you more clearly feel the reality of where you wish to be and to grow?  And how you more clearly release the reality of what no longer resonates with where you want to be?

This is the beginning of time relativity, in lived experience now dear ones.  No longer is this simply an Einstein insight and theory.  It is a lived experience on your world, inside each and every one of you.

If you like the timeline you are experiencing, keep thinking the thoughts that keep and sustain you there.  If you love where you are, make time every day to appreciate some of the big and small things about it that you love, enjoy, and cherish the most.

If you don’t like the timeline you are experiencing, embrace the wisdom of Spider.  Weave a new web of experience . . . to create a new reality to experience.  Acknowledge the vibrations in the old web you are leaving behind.  And then . . . choose the new thoughts, new feelings, and new desires you are literally weaving into your new web and new reality, that is in every moment, unfolding now.  

Choose the Timeline you wish to experience.  Never has that been more true on this planet in the past 26,000+ years . . . than now!

Be the vibration you wish to see . . . for it is the vibration you will be!

September 2019 will bring many opportunities to look at unpleasant exposures of other people’s conscious and unconscious creations.  It will also be an opportunity for YOU to review your own exposures of aspects of you and your own conscious and unconscious creations . . . to see what you wish to keep and to continue to be and what you wish to release . . . for all time now.

It has been said that a portal has opened wide ~ since December 21, 2012 ~ to a new world.  A new 5D reality.  A New Earth.  Many of you can feel the palpability of this Truth even more now than you could December 22, 2012, and every day since.  

Something is very potent in the year 2019.  And something is going to be even more potentizing in 2020.  You are all in the Great Cosmic Wash Cycle . . . Spinning and Getting Up to Speed with the Vibrations you now MOST DESIRE to experience.  You are the amazing Cosmic Weavers . . . stirring from a deep 3D slumber ~ even if you’ve been awake these many years.  Because . . . the Energies are Different now.  They simply ARE.  They are more oxygenated with 5D Grace, Love, and Light than ever before.  They are more cohesive and organized, than ever before.  They are more prevalent, than ever before.  They are more accessible by so many more of you, than ever before.  

Ascension is an Energy Wave.  Ascension is an Essence of Light and Sound that moves and transforms worlds in Waves of Energies. You are these Energy Waves.  You are these Octaves.

Your Light is Musical.  Your Light is Immense Consciousness.  Your Soul has Extraordinary Abilities that you are just beginning to tap into again.

See what that conversation and inner dialogue wishes to be with you.  Move within that conversation and that inner connection . . . to listen with your Sacred Divine Feminine’s Ears to what it is your soul most deeply desires.

If in your inner web and your inner matrix of energies, you see corrupted codes or distorted beliefs that no longer serve you physically, financially, health-fully, emotionally, and more . . . then Weave a NEW WEB.  Move your feelings on the inside to align with the picture and the vision you DO wish to experience within and all around you.

Alignment isn’t hard.  Flow isn’t difficult.  Your egos and your conditioning in a 3D world for lifetimes makes it so.  

Flow is your organic state.  Wave particles in the cosmos don’t struggle to be waves.  The sun doesn’t struggle to shine.  The air doesn’t struggle to “breathe” and to be.  Trees and plants don’t struggle to soak in the sunlight.  Its their essence.  Its their light codes.  Its their divine design.  

Alignment is YOUR Divine Design.  Flow is your Organic State.  The Sacred Feminine is the Essence inside you that knows how to engage and synergize with flow.  

You have become accustomed to vibrations like “hard work,” labor, struggle, lack, limits, coping, and just getting by . . . which have created emotions like fear, suffering, despair, anger, frustration, resistance, doubt, sadness, and more.  

That was the way the human spirit responded to the Separation Cycle in the first place.  With a release of your Higher Soul Gifts.  It was an Ejection, Loss, Disconnection from the Consciousness of Merkabas, Inter-Dimensional Travel, Immunity to Lower Dimensional Vibrations, Invincibility in All Realms in the Cosmos, and more.  

Your Divine Masculine Aspects and your Divine Feminine Aspects gradually dematerialized in your conscious awareness, and you became more of the duality of 3D-bound male and female aspects.  And through even more time, you became nearly predominantly 3D-bound male aspects, with some of you still carrying some female aspects within.  

The Truth is . . . you can choose a Vibrational Timeline
where your Sacred Divine Masculine and your Sacred Divine Feminine Energies are reunited.  Where they are in Sacred Partnership in Full Vibrational Union again. 

In the etheric and in the physical.  

Each of you has these Divine Masculine and these Divine Feminine traits.  Each of you is being invited to reconnect with both of these aspects in your conscious awareness, and invite their flow into your living reality on a daily basis.  

The Divine Male Aspects are not wired with the Wisdom of Flow, Faith, and Frequency.   It is the Divine Feminine that creates worlds through the Wisdom of the Flow, Faith, and Frequency.  It is the Divine Masculine that partners with that wisdom and that can manifest the physical structures and resources that make the Vision of the Divine Feminine a living reality.  

The egg, the Feminine, the vision, the heart essence . . . is the flow.  Its the womb.  Its the creationary space where all life in all living dreams, visions, and realities form!

The sperm, the Masculine, provides more of the blueprint, the materials, the structure of the living creation-to-be. 

Just as the male sperm determines the sex of a newborn baby, in that way of divine structure and divine design, the female egg adds the Sacred Feminine via chromosome X . . . the Divine Feminine Chromosome . . . to all new life that is formed.  

Everything is templated with the Divine Feminine within itIt is the mark and symbol of Creation.  And we are all Divine Creators.  

And somewhere deep in the 3D journey, the Divine Feminine’s wisdom and creationary energies were X’d out.  They were cancelled out.  They were removed from the wisdom of sacred texts.  They were removed from parables and stories as having value.  And the male energies were sold to humanity as the way forward.  The way of life.  The way of having a good life.  

And you see where that has gotten your world?  Things are significantly out of balance. 

So how do you very simply return to Sacred Balance?

You acknowledge the Divine Feminine inside you.  Inside yourself.  Inside your Heart.  Inside your Energy Field.  And you thank her.  You pull her close inside your Heart’s Awareness and you thank her for her patience and her timeless love for all that you are . . . while you journeyed far and away from her Sacred Compass and her Sacred Guidance.  And you thank her for being willing to Love, Guide, and Partner with you now.  You thank her for her womb, and her fertility of amazing wisdom and light, that is going to help you create your new world.  Your new life.  Your new light.  And your new vibrational field inside you. That will serve inside the Collective as a Higher Dimensional Light in the Anchoring and Birthing of the New Earth.  

It is a Re-Uniting in the Field of Oneness, Wholeness, and Unity Consciousness again.

It is a Re-Uniting in the Field of Christ Consciousness and the Law of One.

The Law of One is re-seeding itself on the Earth once more.  It is coming Home to be what it always was.  A Unifying, Sovereign, Consciousness of Light and Love ~ that humanity feels and knows deeply as Source in physical form.  Expressing through each and every one of you.  

September 2019 is sure to bring a greater acceleration of frequencies in all directions.  The speed of information, of events, of shifting timelines is only increasing.  The Cosmic Wash Cycle continues.  The Earth Mother is spinning out the old 3D matrix and creation out of her physical body.  She is going through her own Cosmic Wash Cycle.  

Deep, deep compassion for yourselves and for the Earth is essential now.

And deep commitment to where you wish to vibrationally BE is essential now.

Both will serve as your cosmic rudder, your soul’s compass, your spirit’s map . . . in these shifting timelines.  

Feel inside where your heart is guiding you to be.  Listen.  Listen for the whisper and wisdom of the all knowing Divine Feminine heart center.  It won’t be a loud voice.  It will be an inner, calm, and knowing voice.  Listen for it.  

The Sacred Feminine is asking you to partner with her again.  She asking for your Conscious and Compassionate Attention again.  She is desiring your Heart’s Open and Willing Participation again.  

And when you join her, she has worlds and creations beyond your wildest dreams to show you and to share with you.  And to co-create WITH you!

So have tools to ground and center in your heart center this next month.  Connect with your crystals, with nature, with trees, with the elemental realms.  Connect with Source, with the Earth Mother, with your Guides.  

You don’t have to have your psychic sight activated to connect with your Team and Council of Guides.  You simply need to invite them in.  You simply can ask for their conscious presence and guidance in your life.  You can invite their support, their strength, and their wisdom to bathe your Light in these New Frequencies of New Earth Light . . . to help smooth the vibrational transition from 3D Density to 5D Light.

Remember . . . the Feminine is Feeling.  The Feminine is Knowing.  The Feminine is Trusting the Light without having to see it.  The Feminine is Faith.  The Feminine is Unconditional Love for you and for this journey.  The Feminine is ready to support all aspects of your Reunion with your Divinity.  

And the Masculine is ready for its partner.  It is tired.  It is weary from the journey.  It is tired from the Separation Cycle and the Solo Road without Sacred Partnership informing the journey.

This is a call to Wholeness.  This is a call to Integration. 
This is a call to Re-Union of Sacred Light and Insight.

So be aware of your vibrations.  Listen for the timeline you are choosing and manifesting from the vibrations of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, and actions.  If something or someone unpleasant comes into your experience, witness it.  And then choose the timeline you wish to be in that experience.  Moving into a higher octave on the inside can dramatically shift the experience that is unfolding.

You are all learning how to ride this new vibrational timeline of co-creating your world much more directly and vividly.  It is a new “broomstick”.  It is a new way of light and life for all of you.

Keep your vibrational focus on the coordinates where you wish to be.

Shower any lower density vibrations you may feel and have in response to the 3D worlds’ dematerializations . . . with compassionate light.  

It is a process, not a destination.

It is a vibration you seek to live and to be, not a destination.

Your vibration is more rapidly becoming your destination.  

So simply bring your vibration steadily back to the vibration you most desire.  

And simply witness vibrations as they rise in your awareness as old versions of you and timelines of you – you no longer wish to be. 

You are becoming your own Cosmic Washer.  As you witness the old.  Send it love to release.  And as you embrace the vibration of the new you most wish to be.

Its the inbreathe and the outbreath.  It is the ebb and the flow.  It is the 3D and the 5D, dancing in the new frequencies to become One.  To become Whole.  To become Source Light again.

Deep breaths in September.  Ground in nature.  Love who you are now.  The struggling parts and the rising parts too.  Love that all of it is bringing you and bridging you now into this Higher Consciousness.  And into the Reset of your 5D Soul Light on Planet Earth.

Keep choosing who you are by the timeline you wish to be.

Keep choosing who you are by the vibration you desire to be.

Remember Spider and Spider’s Messages to weave the web you most desire to experience in your daily reality.  

You can do this.  You Are this Higher Dimensional Being of Living Light.

Blessings Dear Ones,
You Are Loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

4 Responses to “September 2019 Energy Update:
 Welcome to Hyperspace 
Where Time is Spinning Itself Into No-Time

  • Martin Goldstein
    5 years ago

    Thank you! Love these messages.
    Here is a possible typo – correction..
    “Both will serve as your cosmic rutter, your soul’s compass”…
    Pretty sure you meant to write “rudder”.

    • Thank you Martin! 🙏 I appreciate your great energy and appreciation! And yes . . . that is a typo. I’m so grateful for the catch! I’m going to fix it now. Thanks so much and I send you blessings and light! ✨💕

  • Hello Marie and the Arcturian Collective,

    Amazing insights in this time of Virgoan energies and how this relates to the flow of Divine Wisdom. How important it is for us to realize the nature of this flow, and how spiritual knowledge manifests upon our Earth in a balanced state of masculine and feminine energies. This flow has been derailed perpetually by Hierarchy for ages. Ego’s intended purpose was to implement the knowledge that it receives from the Divine Feminine. As you say:

    “The Divine Male Aspects are not wired with the Wisdom of Flow, Faith, and Frequency. It is the Divine Feminine that creates worlds through the Wisdom of the Flow, Faith, and Frequency. It is the Divine Masculine that partners with that wisdom and that can manifest the physical structures and resources that make the Vision of the Divine Feminine a living reality.”

    It is imperative that we strive to balance these energies if our intention is to transform into something beyond our existential life. This world of isolation, competition, and chaos is wearing us out. Furthermore, our culture propagates the illusion of Darwinian ideals which suggests that we will not only survive, but succeed within an egotistical construct of conflict. A wise man (and I use the masculine gender intentionally) will eventually sense that the game he is playing is rigged, and that no matter how much power, wealth, and influence is accrued, he is still, and will always be, enslaved to this system of conflict and ego to maintain it. As you so accurately say;

    ”And the Masculine is ready for its partner. It is tired. It is weary from the journey. It is tired from the Separation Cycle and the Solo Road without Sacred Partnership informing the journey.”

    You rhetorically ask, “So how do you very simply return to Sacred Balance?” and in the answer we are to seek wisdom within ourselves by (re)discovering our relationship with our higher spiritual self which is within our heart-centered consciousness that manifests as the Divine Feminine within. This is the inner work that all of us must practice in earnest.

    Yet, this practice of mindfulness, meditation and heart coherence is just the beginning of the process because it will only take us so far. For if we could achieve enlightenment exclusively alone, then we would still be maintaining a self-centered, egotistical world. By design we must cross that bridge of isolation. The simple and inherent fact is that we can only evolve through the grace of others. What we are doing within must manifest into the world in the most significant way. As a great teacher once told, enlightenment is not a do-it-yourself project. I am referring to the Great Work, which is a reference to the Earth’s alchemical transformation not only through a balanced state of consciousness within the practitioner, but in partnership with others.

    Inarguably, there is a difference between human genders. We both have masculine and feminine polarities, but what we manifest into the world is innately different energies. As a person becomes more evolved, their polarities are in a greater state of balance. If we could completely balance our energies, we would be angelic, and then our world would no longer be a suitable place for us to existence. In this world that we are living within, by design, we will always be energetically incomplete. The most powerful, simplest, and direct way to fulfill our potentials is through our relationships of sexual intimacy. This is an open secret that needs to be acknowledged and fully understood.

    A unified couple potentiates their energies to an exponential degree, and through entrainment, are galvanized to weather virtually any storm. Together we are pulling spiritual love into this world and manifesting it through the relationship which inherently understands the flow of spiritual wisdom. This love energy is the foundational principle of being in the New Earth.

    Because of the intrinsic nature of human gender, by design men are more egotistically inclined and are less likely to understand the full nature of their sexual relationship. When we get to the point where we understand that there is no difference between the love energies of agape, eros and philos, but that it all comes from the same source and manifests to us through the soul of our consort, both internally and externally, then we will finally be on the road to significant transformation.

    This is what Hierarchy fears the most…


    • Hi Paul! That was so eloquently and masterfully articulated. I am still resonating with and absorbing your thought-full insights and deep soul understandings. I do for sure believe that the Hierarchy deeply fears our human empowerment, our connection with Spirit, our sacred inner balance, and our drive to seek wholeness. These aspects of our Soul Mastery are what make the Hierarchy tremble . . . because this is where our Divine Power and Empowerment lives. This is where our Sovereignty lives! In order to be free, we must know that are not ~ and have not been free ~ for untold eons. No matter any illusions of freedom and sovereignty, we must engage the energetic truth that we have not been free for many, many millenia ~ in order to change it and to co-create a pathway into something extraordinarily new.

      I do believe that it is in the coming together of our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine Aspects into one Conscious, Unified, Organic, and Divine Whole that we will collectively embrace our Infinite and Eternal Sovereignty, Empowerment, Light, Peace, and Grace once more. And it is in that space of extraordinary Grace, that we will rise, heal, integrate, and experience our profound reunion with Source and with the Unified Field once more! Thank you Paul 🙏for your incredible energy, insights, and reflections that you offer to us all! Blessings, Gratitude, and Light to you! 💕