September 2021: God’s Great Miracles, The Ultimate Baker & His Ingredients, God Is Revealing It All

September 2021+ Energy Update:
God’s Great Miracles:
The Ultimate Baker & Ingredients Manifest
The Bread of Life, The Breath of Life,
and The Breadth of Life
God Is Revealing It All

A Message from The Arcturian Collective
via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.3.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, connecting with you through the Godheart and the Christ Consciousness in all realms that makes us all One. Breathe these Divine Frequencies with us a moment. Breathe a Deep Divine Breath In with us today, and feel yourself connected to this One True Heart from which all life began and to which all life ultimately returns. In this time of the Earth’s Ascension, humanity is returning to the One True Heart as a collective consciousness, having lived outside of Unity Consciousness for a long cycle of growth and evolution that you know today as the 3D matrix or the 3D earth. How can a collective so deep in separation rejoin the greater galactic and etheric Oneness, after so much discord, division, and spiritual amnesia over such a long span of time? God’s Miracles. That is how. And you are here to witness some of these Deep Divine Miracles in ways inconceivable still to you today as this message streams through. And yet, they are already underway. Miracles are flooding the earth. God’s Miracles. And in that flooding, that is reseting dark to light, that is healing and alchemizing pain into peace, and that is ascending all sentient life here from a sleeping world of illusion into a wakeful world of divinely aligned conscious and awakened creators, discomfort is present. Uncertainty is present. Confusion may also be an emotion that is experienced. And stress may be at an all time high. And yet, this entire mix of expansive energy is the ingredient list for God’s Great Miracles.

September 2021 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ The Ultimate BakerFor you see, Source takes a pinch of this and a dash of that, already knowing the ultimate manifestation of what is to come, for it is already present in each and every ingredient. And dear ones, you are those key ingredients. Each and every one of you. Your pain, your sorrow, your forgetfulness, your egos, your confusion, your division, and your separation. They are all part of the One True Light that God/Source/Creator is knowing for you, while you are in a time of planetary amnesia and forgetfulness. God is baking into this world once more The Bread of Life. The Breath of Life. And a New Breadth of Life and Light. And this is one expression of the miracles unfolding. For he is taking all that is raw, unhealed, and divisive, and he is making One Whole. That is something that only a Supreme Creator, THE DIVINE CREATOR, can manifest at this epic and expansive level. And yet, we invite you, to Trust deeply in this process. For you are this process. You are one with this very same process. All of you are.

So let us now turn our attention to the energies of September, while we continue to ride the waves of change in your world through the eyes and heart of a Lion. Shall we? For Christ Consciousness shines and reigns on your world with the accompaniment of the Lionheart, who is a Great Harbinger of Peace and the Restoration of Sacred Balance in your world. Christ walks with that Lion Energy and Lion walks with that Christ Energy so much so that at times they feel one and the same. The Lion King is the Christ King, and that Kingly Energy, is Source Energy. And so Source is walking with you in the Lion Energy and the Christ Energy, in your day, in your experiences, and in your challenges too. You are never alone. Wherever you are, God is. And this is a very poignant time to remember this. To hear this. To allow yourself to experience this. You are so deeply loved, known, and seen for Who You Are . . . because God is with you and within you always, in all ways. And this too is a Miracle Knowing that is returning to you, through the Lion’s Gate Portal Energies and the Lion Medicine shining through the Sun Signs and Portals of Leo in August. As you increasingly sync up your Heart Centers with the Godheart, you will begin to feel events in time as distinct in their own timelines and simultaneously all part of the One Time, or the Timeless Unity, that all truly is.

In September, you will see more ingredients for God’s Miracle in the mixer. For they are the ingredients most needed for the Greatest Alchemy and Miracle ever seen. Heard. Witnessed. And lived. No ingredient can be left out of this Miracle-In-The-Making. Or it would change what is being created. Right? Have you ever baked something before? And left out an ingredient? It is very clear when this happens. Something very evidently is missing. And the bread or the baked good that is produced . . . just isn’t quite right. Something is askew. And you know this. Well, God has the foresight to know this. And God assures us and now God assures you that no ingredients will be left out or left behind. For God in this way is The Ultimate Baker. Every ingredient has its right time and its right space. And September is going to accelerate the Great Mixing of Events, Ingredients, and Global Participants in ways that Shake up the Illusion that the serpent has managed to manifest through humanity, and ultimately through the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. God is setting things right. God is righting an upside down world. And God is returning ALL to the Law of One and the Living Light of All of Creation.

September 2021 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Catalyst for Quantum ChangeGod is the Ultimate Grand Creator who knows how to make the Impossible Possible. And September is a window in Cosmic Time where the Ball or Catalyst for Quantum Change is going to gain momentum in how and where it rolls. Sometimes this Ball for Quantum Change will be a wrecking ball, and buildings and structures and organizations will be demolished according to Divine Will and Divine Plan. Sometimes this Ball for Quantum Change will exponentially create freedom for people worldwide as the prison bars that contained humanity’s soul and humanity’s vast eternal consciousness are torn down. So expect this time of demolition. Expect this time of God’s dematerialization of all that is Not True and all that is Not Of God to be part of your experiences now.

That which was falsely created must come down. That which has enslaved humanity must come down and clear for all time. That which has led to earthly manipulations and the trap of karma must release. And that which has led to the spiritual amnesia and imprisonment must be cleaned and cleared for all time.

For humanity is on the Precipice of A New Creation. Humanity is on the shores of New Light. New Life. And New Quantum Consciousness. And there is no room or place for Serpentine Energy in the 5th Dimensional Realms and Higher. The Serpent simply can’t exist in Realms of 5D and Higher Frequencies. So the wrecking ball is tearing down the 3D structures that support the serpent to maintain a 3D existence here, in a consciousness and realm that lives just beyond the consciousness and lens of sight of the human beings that reside in that realm of consciousness as well.

Fear, dear ones, is what will imprison humanity long after the serpent is exposed, seen, and alchemized through the Heat of Revelations and the Prophecies long foretold coming to fruition. And thus, fear is the self work required of all beings now on the world at this time. The removal of old structures will be a catalyst for change, yes? And yet it will also be a trigger of an age-old fear mechanism in humanity as well. Yes?

There is no way for God/Source/Creator and those in Spirit and in Higher Dimensional Civilizations existing now today to make this journey easier for each and all of you, except through Divine Principles and Divine Ingredients, which are your Tools for Transcendence in these times. Think back to many of your superhero characters. Ponder for a moment the heroes through time in your mythologies that were not saved by something outside of themselves, but rather who were triumphant because they accessed a part of themselves, their skill set, or their tools in a pivotal and critical moment. Yes? Each one of you will face fear this month and as God’s Alchemy gains steam and momentum throughout the remainder of 2021. You are in a Season of God where change is required. Where ascension is required. Where great things are required from each and all of you. And you are the avatars and the heroes of your own journeys. You will learn this by becoming this. You will learn this by being and doing this. You will learn this by trusting this. And you will learn this by alchemizing your own darkness and re-joining or uniting with the Living Light You Truly Are.

In the metaphor of God as The Ultimate Baker that we are sharing today, God has God’s tools. Some you know about or can imagine. And some you cannot fathom. What is yours to do is to allow the grace of what you comprehend and what you do not to be what is. Allow Source to perform the miracles needed on this world at this time, trusting God to do what God must do at this time, to bring balance to All Of Creation, and in God’s Timing, whatever that is.

Your job is to see yourself as your own Sacred Baker. As your own Alchemist. And you have your own set of tools, skills, awarenesses, and abilities. Some you know about and some you cannot yet fathom. But all will be summoned to the surface for this level of transcendence. Attachments that do not serve you will be tested. False idols in your life, whether you see them now or not, will be exposed and have to be cleared out with the tools, soul skills, and ascension abilities you have and hold within. Some things you may first face and feel as if you don’t have what it takes to deal with them. But you will, eventually, realize you have it all within you. And that it is ONLY YOU who can summon what it takes to address those unique tasks, issues, relationships, revelations, and awarenesses.

Humanity is at the Precipice of Immense and Epic Change. The world will never be the same when more God Moments and God Miracles begin to more Overtly Unfold.

Can people try to outrun it? Out-smart it? Out-hide it? Bury it? Deny it? Debate it? Of course they can.

But how often do you see someone successfully outrun or outwit an avalanche? A tsunami? A hurricane? Forces of Nature (literal forces and cosmic or etheric forces) have a power, stamina, and stealth that few humans can reckon with, and come out of it alive and unscathed.

What do most people do when storms of this nature are forecasted? They Prepare.

Returning to the metaphor of being a Conscious Baker, if we were to emulate and embody the qualities of The Ultimate Creator and The Ultimate Baker, . . . can you bake a cake if you have no eggs, no flour, no sugar, no water, etc? Lacking ingredients that are vital to the ultimate creation you are making makes it nearly impossible to engage the task at hand.

This is True for the storms unfolding on your world. Preparation is key. Increasing self and soul awareness are key. Waking up to the storms long denied or distorted on your planet by narrative spinners and serpent servants does not make them not exist. It makes them even more virulent in many ways because they have time to gather their own momentums, leading to the ultimate battle.

Humanity has knowingly and unknowingly participated in the State of the World, as you know it. The sons and daughters of Adam and Eve have been creating in a realm of separation consciousness and spiritual amnesia since that Great Fall From Grace that happened many eons ago, when offered the temptations and lures of the serpent. Will the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve have to rise and reset now the distortions in this world and in their own inner worlds? Their own energy fields? Yes.

September 2021 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ The Light Of The WorldIs Source rising to bring the Light of the World back to this World . . . in order to transcend and alchemize the energies of separation back into Union once more? Yes.

Will Source be working through the Divine Empowerment and Sovereignty of the Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies still impacting your world now in September+++ 2021? Yes.

Will Source work through the Energies of Lion Medicine as a Healing and Empowering Harbinger of Peace and Faith, in these times? Yes.

Will Source be illustrating and demonstrating the Power of Spiritual Alchemy and Transmutation and Transfiguration in these Times of the Greatest Revelations ever told and experienced in any realm in this Universe? Yes.

Will this be a Time where an Epic Multidimensional Storm takes place while simultaneously exposing the Great Epic Spiritual Battle of All Time? Yes.

Would it be prudent to PREPARE? Would you benefit from listing some ingredients you might need or want accessible in these times, as you “bake” (or create) your experience of the Shift of the Ages in your life right now?

Will the serpent use its main weapon, FEAR, to attempt to prevent the mass exodus from its usurped and fake 3D matrix back into the God Heart, the God Spark, and the Living Garden of Eden that is imbued with God’s Laws of One, once more? It sure will.

Is this a time when Faith and Fortitude will be required to breathe through any storms you might face? Yes. Can Conscious Breathing be FIRST PREPARATION as this Epic Battle and this Epic Moment of God’s Miracles manifest to triumph over the evil and the darkness of this 3D matrix? Yes.

Floods are here dear ones. Literal floods. Wild weather patterns. Floods of fire. And even more notoriously, floods of information. Floods of false narratives. Floods of false public servants. Floods of faux actors in all industries, organizations, and governments around the world.

God is revealing IT ALL.
For God Knows All, God Sees All, and God is Alchemizing All.

Does that make each and every one of you immune or excused from doing the work? Doing the Spiritual and Ascensional Work? Not one bit.

Those that have chosen to sleep the longest . . . will have the Greatest Awakening to do in the Quickest Span of Time now.

Those that are on the Path of Awakening, Ascension, and Divine Union, understand that there is deeper and deeper and deeper Faith and Fortitude to cultivate. Now, not just for yourself, and your soul path. And not just for your family and close friends. But also for the Greater Whole. Who never thought to prepare any ingredients for the multidimensional journey all will soon realize they are on.

It will be the compassion of those Divine Brothers and Sisters who will find ways to express compassion, care, and resourcefulness when their challenged and perhaps shocked sisters and brothers are caught unaware and unprepared in these powerful interdimensional and intergalactic battles, and the awakening process now REQUIRED to live on Planet Earth . . . en route to The New 5D Earth.

This requires physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and vibrational stamina.

The Floods are here. The Revelations are unfolding. Slow drips lead to gushing streams or wild seas, at any time. This is God’s Time. This is God’s Season. And the Serpent is ready for battle as well. While there is a great deal of sentient life on this planet, it is Humanity that has incredible sentience to reconnect but also the gravest spiritual amnesia and unfortunately the deepest mind control, and thus it is the most vulnerable to the serpent’s attacks using humanity as either its pawns or its shields against God and each other.

September 2021 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Truth Is The Light and The Light Is God

So let us all remember together in this moment that Truth Cannot Be Shielded in Higher Vibrational Realms where God’s Living Light Codes Reign and where All Structures of Illusion have been demolished by God’s Almighty Omnipotence.

Truth is the Light, and the Light is God. Truth, Light, and God are setting Humanity Free.

This 3D Earth is alchemizing and ascending before your eyes into a 5D New Living Loving Abundant New Earth.

September is another Great Alchemizer in this Biblical Time and Epic Season of God’s Miracles, Might, and Omnipresence.

The Summer Floods have been eroding the Structures that serve the Serpent.

The Fires in different parts of the world are incinerating the Structures that serve the Serpent.

Some floods and some fires are serpent warfare as well.

The more people understand the epic spiritual battle unfolding, the more they will have the confidence and commitment to align with Source, to rise in their consciousness to the New Earth Timeline of Grace and Goodness, and to do what is required of their Divine Avatar and Epic Hero Within . . . to transcend and transmute any lower 3D energies and duality games of this old matrix.

The serpent is losing more of its army, by the day. Its a mass exodus from the Serpent’s World and a great return to God’s Divine Design.

If you are hearing this and are unaware of much of these unfoldments and this spiritual intel, know that your hearing this message is a summoning from Spirit to Awaken from your own Spiritual Amnesia and to activate more of your 20/20 Clear Soul Sight, and thus to Prepare Like the New Earth Noah every sentient being is on this planet at this time.

No one is immune to the Extraordinarily Epic Changes unfolding on your world.

But there are those who choose to prepare and to be in the vibrational awareness of preparedness this month and going forward.

While certain events will happen in certain biblical timepoints, there is a greater energy underway now . . . to unfold the Glory of God during this Biblical Season . . . and to simultaneously eradicate the deeply nefarious and dark agendas and deeds of the Serpent whose time on this planet as an invisible enemy to Creation itself . . . is up. Its over.

This Biblical Season will continue to reveal this Quantum Clearing of these Age Old Darknesses and Deeds so that all of God’s Children, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms can ascend into New Earth Frequencies of Unity, Light, and Joy.

But we aren’t there yet, in that Planetary Experience of Global Harmony, Love, Unity, and Light.

This world is in a time of great transition and epic change.

In the cracks of everything, the Light is getting in.

How can you let more Light in this month?

How can you breathe more Light in this month?

How can you prepare more to receive God’s Miracles this month?

How can you participate more as an Awakened and/or Awakening Soul in the Earth’s Ascension and God’s Greatest Season, this month?

In the United States, it is National Emergency Preparedness Month. These are signs and cues from Source Creator and from the Living Universe . . . that Preparedness Is Empowerment. Preparation is a form of Prana, when engaged with Faith and Fortitude.

Breathe in God’s Living Light. Breathe in your soul’s knowings that you came for these times. Breathe in the awareness that your soul knows that you would be preparing at this time. For you have practiced for this for lifetimes. One and all of you.

Now is the Time to Rise!

Now is the Time to Prepare.

Now is the Time to Deepen Your Faith.

And Now is the Time to Call in The Light of Lion Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and The Creator’s Grand Design Consciousness.

They will fortify you as one world crumbles in front of you, and the New Earth rises in its place.

It is Time for 1000+ Years of Planetary Peace. Sometimes to reach the embodiment of Deep Peace and Prosperity, you walk through the Valleys of Pain and Epic Revelations that offer a Divine Springboard to the New Life that awaits you.

This Is That Time.

This Is Your Time. This Is Humanity’s Time. And All Have The Skills They Most Deeply Need to Play their Part. To be the Key Ingredient the Ultimate Baker Knows and Counts Upon, in these Times.

Be You. Awaken To Who You Are.

Fall Into Faith when Flames of Fear attempt to rise on your shores.

In Faith, God walks and breathes with you. And together ~ God co-creates with you what it is that you need to live your brightest and best Avatar Heart and Gnosis in these times.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.

All Our Love.

2 Responses to “September 2021: God’s Great Miracles, The Ultimate Baker & His Ingredients, God Is Revealing It All

  • Renee
    3 years ago

    I’ve read the transmission twice. It’s the really big picture in the big picture. Those words and baking metaphors give me clarity and help me focus on being the ingredient that I am in the mix. Powerful. Classic. Perfect. Living words that nurture, guide and lift up. Thanks so much. ♥️♥️♥️

    • Hi Renee. It is indeed a really big picture in The Big Picture. I love how it summoned in your awareness of being the ingredient that you want to be in the mix. That is profound choice. Conscious Creators live in the vibrations of Conscious Choice. And when we align in these higher frequencies and this deeper awareness, we become the change (and the ingredient) we wish to see and be in the world. Thank you Renee! Blessings and Appreciation to you! 🤗💙