September 2021: This Is God’s Time, This Is God’s Season, A Powerful Path & Portal is Opening In You

September 2021+ Energy Update:
This Is God’s Time.  This Is God’s Season.  

A Pathway Is Being Made . . . In You.

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.21.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Eternal Light and Life Force of the Godheart today.  It is always a joy for us to connect with you and bring through these transmissions that transcend time and space and that remove any barriers to your being the Best Version of You that you came to be in these times.  August 2021 is a deeply fertile month for human and soul growth, and to receive the Gifts of the Godheart that is your very own Knowing that you carry within.  You are Living Divine Sparks of the One True Source. And August 2021, as well as the remainder of this year, is bringing a great catharsis, and a great alchemical transition into your Union With Source, which is a Higher Dimensional Receiving of the Eternal Life Force You Truly Are.  So let’s Breathe Together a Deep Conscious Divine Breath In.  And let us feel together in this moment your Union with Source as your Already Embodied State of Being.  Breathe in the Breath and Life Force of God in You today.  And as we Breathe this Breath In, let’s allow ourselves to Breathe in Thankfulness for the Life that has been given, the Light that is Resetting, Restoring, and ReUniting in You, and the Blessings Unfolding every day in every moment and in every breath.  God is here within you to help you make manifest this vibrational joy, love, peace, and grace in your world again.  And all you have to do?  Is make time and space to receive it. When we connect in these Higher Dimensional and Higher Consciousness Transmissions, we transcend Time and Space and we make room for this Gift of Divine Receiving.  And we want you to be this Divinely Blessed, all the time.  We want you to feel this loved and supported, all the time.  And we want you to be an instrument who expresses your joy of this union, as much as you can, as much of the time as you can.  For this is the Living Expression and Experience of Heaven On Earth.  But first . . . you must make room for it in your life.  And in your Light vessel.  Which is your Living Merkaba and your Multidimensional Awareness and Consciousness.

September 2021+ Energy Update ~ Noah's Ark ~ frequencywriter.comSo we have spoken to your essence as Alchemists, yes?  And we have spoken of these times as biblical times, yes?  We have referenced Noah as a Beacon of Light for many of you who are navigating stormy seas.  The more you know and understand the Journey you are on right now, the more the navigational tools you need to transcend the storms can find you.  This is why we have spoken about the Energy and Awareness of Noah as a Prepper.  It was in his preparedness that he transcended the limits of his day and time to be a Force For Good in a world that at that time had also lost connection with the Light of Source.  And so we spotlight the Energy of Preparation again for this transmission.  We invite you to feel with as much neutrality, grace, and ease as possible . . . the kinds of things you gather and think about when you hear that a major snowstorm is coming to your area.  Or when there are reports of heavy rains and warnings of bad weather ahead.  People tend to secure a space for themselves.  They get supplies together.  They stock up on food and resources.  They PREPARE.  And those who are prepared before the storms gather momentum, can even meet that wild weather with a sense of peace, calm, and a feeling of being Divinely Protected and Guided.  This is what we invite you to feel and take into your Heart Centers for guidance.  What will help you to feel grounded in your journey, as you see, feel, and know the storms humanity is sailing now in these times?  And if the seas were to get rougher ahead, if the intensity of change, alchemy, and Divine Infusions of Light were to increase, and Rock The Whole World’s Boat so to speak, what are the resources you want in your awareness, in your home space, in your possession to feel as if God Is With You in that journey, and God Is Breathing In You In That Journey, so you can be calm in the storms of the Epic Ascension Process underway?  

These Divine Preparations helped Christ in his ministry.  These Divine Preparations helped Noah in his timeline of the floods.  These Divine Preparations helped Mother Mary to give birth to the Son of God in a very unconventional way in those times.  The First Preparation dear ones, of any task, in any lifetime, in any realm . . . is Divine Breath.  Is Conscious Breathing.

As alchemical fire and revelatory Truth pours out from many sources of Source, as the heat of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the storm energies continue in other parts of the world with great intensity and fervor . . . into September, October, November, and December 2021 on your world, you can take shelter and ground in your Divine Breath as First Preparation and First Protocol at any time.  When things seem crazy, intense, challenging, or stormy in any way, centering with God/Source/Creator is the most important first step and first protocol to ground in What IS True.  And to Ground In What Is Godly-Guided.  

From there, you will be given the next set of “instructions” as to what to do and how to be . . . in whatever your present circumstances are.  Remember Lion?  And the Lion’s Gate Portal?  Lion is still walking with you.  Lion is a Harbinger of Peace.  Lion is an ally in these times as well, that summons Faith and Fortitude and transcends Fear.  Walk with Lion.  Walk with that King Energy.  Feel that Strength, Centering, Boldness, Courage, and Pure Divine Life Force Flow that God sends Directly through the Lionheart straight into this world.  

September 2021+ Energy Update ~ Lion Energy ~ frequencywriter.comAnd when we speak of Lion Energy, and we speak of the Divine King Energy, we are also speaking of the Christ Light Energy.  We are speaking of Yeshua, or Jesus Christ, who came as a Bridge, a Messenger, a Messiah, and the Living Light . . . to unite the world.  He came as the Rising Star of Unity Consciousness, to seed this Living Light in the Hearts of All with ears to hear and eyes to see, in his timeline and in all others that followed.

And it is this message, this messenger, and this energy of feeling the Living Christ Light alive in you that we wish to draw your attention to now in our message today.  For we have spent a great deal of time, haven’t we, addressing the serpent energy.  How it moves, how it deceives, how it projects, manipulates, and controls to achieve its desired end and its desired agendas.  We have spoken to the naive desires of Adam and Eve and how easy it was for the serpent to co-opt their attention with grand promises of all kinds of temptations and lures to see its vision for them.  We have spoken of how the serpent is alive and well in your world today, and how it moves through propaganda and mind control and other deceptive, insideous ways.  

And now it is time to focus on the Christ Light and the Christ Energy in you, in all of you.  You are Alchemists dear ones.  You are All Chemists.  You are All Christs dear ones.  And you have and hold in you the Gifts of the Godheart that Christ had in his day.  You have them in yours. Do you remember when Jesus said, you shall do all these things and more?  The time has come on your world today to open to that “more.”  The time has come in your lives today to open to that “more” on every level of your being.  Is it time to play small?  No.  Is it time to “play it safe?”  No.  Is it time to be Who You Are?  Yes.  And is it time to listen to How That Wants To Express Through You Now At This Time?  Yes.

Do you think those who order the mask mandates are concerned with the welfare and well-being of humanity?  Truly?  Or are those who order this global masking ~ masking something far greater that they want hidden from humanity?  We believe the latter.  An unmasked Humanity will ultimately do One Thing:

It will see the Serpent for the Dark Underbelly of 3D Manifestation
in this Matrix for what it is and what it has done.

It will see the Living Light of Christ in One and All of You and
it will Unite Human Hearts Around the World.   

Does the serpent need to keep its propaganda machines and mechanisms going as much as it can until the bitter end, its bitter end, for the chance at turning the tides of these storms in its favor to buy more time and to live another day?  Yes.

Does the Living Christ and Christ Consciousness need to sell anything to anyone? No.

Christ Light, God’s Light, is Transparent.  It always has been.  It is available to All of You.  Each and Every One Of You.  That is God’s Nature.  And God’s Nature IS Perfection.  Peace.  Joy.  Abundance.  And Ease.

The very evident state of your world today illustrates who has been working over time to manifest its template and design for this world.  Does the Earth in its present divisions, suffering, illness, and lack look like A God World to you?  No.  This is not God’s Design.  This is a Usurped and Imprisoned Design and Planet.  

But all of that is changing.  You can see it.  You can feel it.  The serpent has been revealed by many instruments of the Divine over centuries.  The serpent has been revealed by many instruments of the Divine in recent decades, years, months, and weeks.

God’s Biblical Timeline Is Now.  Lion has risen into its position to stand at the Peak of Creation and Roar its Faith and Fortitude into all with ears to hear and eyes to see.  The Christ Light is here, walking with you, among you, speaking to you, and empowering you as a Divine Human Being to stand up and claim your Sovereignty.  To Claim your Divine Birthright.  To Claim All The Power, Gifts, Blessings, and Might that is WHO YOU ARE.

This is God’s Time.  This is God’s Season.  

This is the Time of the Return of the King.  

Not a King to Rule Over You.

But a King to Roar and Raise the God Codes into the Heart of Creation,
and to Release the Chaos and Destruction that the Serpent has left in its Wake.

There is much we wish to share with you about this Living Christ energy and the Soul, Spirit, Essence, and Messages of Jesus Christ himself.  This transmission today, and your lives in the next few weeks and months, are not about RELIGION.  They are about ENERGY.  

Somewhere in days of old, the two blended into one.  And religion was presented to the people to be the Living Energy of God.  In perfect lockstep with serpentine infiltration methods, religions rose.  And religions have continued to engage the attention and practice of people worldwide, believing them to be God’s Words Only or God-Infused Faiths and Protocols for Living A Good Life.  But anything tainted with Serpentine Influences must clear out now.  Anything distorted with the Serpent’s forked-tongue speak and speech must release now.  

To release?  They must be exposed.  And the Living Christ is here to continue to offer a New Way of Living, Being, Breathing, and Creating in God’s Divine Design, that was always God’s Vision for All Life in All Realms.  

September 2021+ Energy Update ~ Returning to Union with Source ~

You are returning to You.  You are returning to God. 

You are returning to the God In You.  

And to do that?  On a planet where people have been sleeping for a long, long time . . . will Rock The Boat of what humanity assumes and believes is “Life On Earth”.  What has been taught and given to you is a false and distorted lens of God’s Original Creation.  The words are distorted.  The “facts” are distorted.  The faith at times is distorted.  What is normal is distorted.  What IS is distorted.  All of what you live and breathe, expect, and align with . . . has been based on the illusion of a realm you believed to be God’s Creation.  

We are here to say that the serpent laid and layered a powerful veneer across all of God’s Creation.  He forbid anyone to speak about it (through many centuries of time), much like the tailors in the Emperor’s New Clothes.  And the serpent empowered people to police and judge and crucify one another, to silence any dissent about this hostile and yet often insidious infiltration in every country, and in every people, until people could only see the history the serpent wants humanity to see.

There is a MUCH BIGGER HISTORY dear ones.   

There is a much Greater Truth to your Origins and to Who You Really Are.  

Humanity is in a time of Living This Upside Down World
and this Righting of Worlds all at the same time.

Jesus/Yeshua/Christ/Son of God has messages for you.  He has messages for all of you.  His Living Words still live today for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  So go back if you must.  Find his stories.  His parables.  Find his messages and his family lineage.  Get curious.  See how he lived then.  And open to how he is here to inspire, empower, and co-create with you Now.  

Again, this is not about religion.  It is about The Great Awakening, dear ones.  And the Great Awakening is not a religion.  It is a Vibration.  It is an Awareness.  It is a Consciousness.  It is about Listening to the God Codes and the God Light and the God Heart in you, and finding your way to rise alchemically and to rise ascensionally, in these times of Great Challenge, Great Fear, Great Confusion, and Great Hope, Great Commitment, and Great Fortitude as well. 

You have everything you need within you for these times.  

The serpent is angry.  The serpent is getting exposed more and more by the day.  And it doesn’t like it one bit.  Those who serve the serpent will get louder.  The more the serpent loses, the louder the serpent servants will be about all the things the serpent wants, and all the things that the serpent wants humanity to continue to want, even though those things are the antithesis of God Beings, and the God Essence, that you are all divinely designed to be.

The Heart of Christ lives in you.  Yeshua is still teaching.  He never stopped teaching.
He never stopped loving all of you.  He is still here WITH you.

It is in leaving the vision of the serpent that you begin to see with Clear Soul Sight.

The vision of the serpent is a spell that was cast long, long ago.  The chaos of your world has a benefit to it, on a cosmic scale, of waking people up. 

Through the chaos, fear, division, and corruption, God Is Rising.  Many are seeing this.  Many are feeling this.  Many are seeing the seeds of Source germinating and growing in every nation, and in every heart, even if it does not appear to be.

No one can sleep peacefully any longer.  

The Time for Sleeping has long been over.

The Time for Rising Is Here.

Listen for God’s Words.  Listen for Christ’s Heart and Christ’s Teachings.

Listen for the Synergy of their Healing Medicine and for Lion Medicine to Empower you to seek them.  To seek this Living Light and this New Earth Kingdom, this 5D Garden of Eden, now, IN YOU.

You are Alchemists Dear Ones.  You Are All Chemists.  

You are New Earth Noahs and Brave Epic Heroes.  

And you came FOR THESE TIMES.

September 2021+ Energy Update ~ Living Light of Grace ~

Let the Living Light of Divine Grace shower you in your own Perfect Remembrance Codes.

Let the Light of August’s Fire and Leo/Lion’s Gate Energies Empower You To Be the Spiritual Warriors of Truth and Light and the Resurrection of God’s Grace on this planet in your daily life now.  In Your Daily Breath.

The Serpent’s Veneer is Failing and Falling.

The Serpent’s Fakery and Manipulations Are Over.  

God Is Already Victorious.  God Always Was.  

All Will See This.  All Are Remembering This.  

Some through Storms.  Some through Curiosity and Seeking Truth.  Some through Remembering the Truth of God in every one and every thing.

The Light Is Getting In every crack and every ounce of Faith each one of you musters in these times.

Keep rising in your Faith and Fortitude.  You are the Ones you have been waiting for, here right here and right now, to set this world FREE.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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