September 2022: Awakening Adams & Eves Expose the Serpent’s eden, Reveal God’s Garden of Eden & Align God’s Timeline

September 2022 Energy Update

Reclaiming & Restoring the Original
Garden of Eden on Earth:

Awakening Adams and Eves Rise & Reveal
God’s True Garden of Eden vs. The Serpent’s Eden
to Reclaim The God Timeline

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 9.3.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Christ Consciousness that lives in every one and every thing.  Your world as you know it is “cracking up,” meaning anything that is false, anything that is out of alignment with Divine Source and Divine Creation, anything that was seeded from a deceptive or biblical serpent seed, is in the process of the Great Quaking, the Great Shaking, the Great Rattling, and the Great Revealing.  Through the cracks in the foundations that the Great Quaking is creating, the Living Light of Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and really Divine Consciousness is getting in.  And you dear Awakening Harbingers listening to our messages for the first time today or as a seasoned veteran of the Arcturian Frequencies already, are the changemakers.  You are the Breathers of Higher Dimensional Vibrations and thus, you are the Breathers of Higher Dimensional Knowingness.  For Breath of this Higher Dimensional Caliber is Knowing. It is Creationary.  It is Life Giving.  And it is you, Awakened and Awakening Soul, who is giving Life and Light to all of this new glorious Creation, as the old one cracks, crumbles, and expires for all to see.  Your Conscious Breathing in this way gives Life Force and Sacred Prana to a New World just beginning, and it expires the old one whose time has come to a close.  Thus you are breathing in Divine Co-Creation with Source when you Consciously Breathe, and you Consciously Partner With Source, to Light The Way in your Living Breath, for Divine Goodness, Greatness, and Wholeness to find, empower, and bless Humanity again as a Living Community and Expression of the Godheart once more on Planet Earth.

September 2022 ~ Frequency Writer ~ Awakening Adams & EvesWe have spoken many times about Conscious Breathing and about Sacred Seeds.  We invite you now to first and fore-mostly take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In with us.  We invite you feel the greatness of how powerful a single Conscious Breath can be in resetting everything out of balance, ungrounded, or overwhelming within you. We invite you to feel the Sacred Gift that a Single Conscious Breath gives to your heart, your soul, your inner sense of peace and grounding, and your connection with the Big Picture of God’s Divine Creation ~ and your perfect place in that Divine Creation.  You are a Child of God, dear one.  Conscious Breathing in this way lives beyond religion, and religious words.  If you do not like the energy of the word God, find a word that you feel connects you with the Living Infinite, the Living Expansive Vibrations of Creation, and the Living Gnosis and Inner Knowing of your Infinite Divine Expansiveness that is a Timeless Match to the Essence of the All That Is.  Can you see now how a single Conscious Breath creates worlds of awareness, and abundant joy and peace and blessings, in you?  And it is always here for you.  The Living Breath, through Conscious Breathing, is always here for you, simply awaiting a few conscious breaths a day, to reset you into your Higher Knowing.  Into your Higher Grounding.  And into your Higher Visioning and Creationary Abilities.  

The world needs Conscious Awakened Souls, like you to align with your Higher Timeline, to align with your Clear Soul Sight, and to Align with the Inner Spaces and Awareness that only Conscious Breathing take you to, when you are ready.  And we believe that this Point of Readiness is upon many of you.  You are keenly aware of the “cracks in everything” that Leonard Cohen sang about in his epic song, Anthem.  And you are Breathing Divine Life Force right here and right now with us, not to patch the cracks, but to co-create a Whole New Earth Experience for all sentient kind on your world, and in the quantumly interconnected galactic world as well.  Your Conscious Breathing has this power.  You are a Powerful Precious Soul in Creation, weaving and re-orienting this planet and all sentient life to the Unity that lives in all things in Creation.  

When something feels overwhelming and scary, take a Conscious Breath.  When something unexpected comes into your experience, take a Conscious Breath.  When something invites you to lower frequencied thought forms, imagery, feelings, memories of the past, etc., take a Conscious Breath.  For in that Conscious Breath, you transmute the pain of the lower dimensional illusion you were just experiencing, you make it vibrationally null and void within your own experience, and you simultaneously create a pathway to something entirely New and Wholesome, right there in that one conscious moment.  Simply because you CHOSE to do so. That is the Living Power of Your Breath.  That is the Living Power of your Thoughts, and your Words.  And words are simply a Quantum Expression of Divine Prana and Sacred Breath through Sounds.  Ring the bells that still can ring, says Leonard Cohen in the song Anthem.  You are Divine Instruments, Dear Ones.  You are the Quantum Bell Ringers now.  You are the Sounders of this Global Liberation.  Keep Ringing The Bells, Dear Ones.  Keep Breathing this Living Light and Sounding it into form.  Be the Celestial Bell and Divine Trumpet of your own Ascensionary Greatness.  You are remembering in these messages today how Truly Powerful You Are.  Your Conscious and Quantum Breath Creates Worlds!  Literally.  It materializes them and it dematerializes them.  If you can do these things, what else can humanity do?  Its a good question, isn’t it?  I think you have the next 1000++ years to discover and really re-discover answers to that very question.  But we would say, be prepared to be amazed, awe-struck, and delighted.  And this return of your powerful creationary gifts is only just beginning.  When your world becomes one again, and thus lives through the conscious choosing, and the conscious breathing of, the Essence of Unity Consciousness once more, there is no limit or end to what you can achieve.  It is in Unity and Collaboration that Leaps of Consciousness and Quantum Creation for the Betterment of all sentient-kind in the Cosmos becomes the New Paradigm and the New Way of Life in a 5D+ Reality.  

Your Conscious and Quantum Breathing are what opens that Portal,
and welcomes you to step through it.  

September 2022 ~ Frequency Writer ~ Divinely Timed EventsDivinely timed events and simultaneous happenings on your world are manifesting the Great Quaking and Crumbling now.  Nothing can stop the Divine Clearing of this old 3D world and its structures.  Nothing.  The inner gears of the universe knew of the 3D realm’s expiration date, long before humanity did.  And thus, the destruction of this dense, 3D, illusionary reality has been in play for longer than you may presently be able to perceive to be True.  Perhaps we might even say that those gears of the universe were operating at the very beginning of this 3D Cycle of Separation, Corruption, and Duality Consciousness.  And now they are rolling out with greater power and divinely timed precision the physical mechanisms and ways that the old illusions are being dismantled.  On every front.  At every turn.  In every way.  No stone will be unturned, if it is standing in alignment with 3D serpentine illusions, distorted laws, and word-spell oriented deceptions and manipulations.

What do you need in these times?  The Aerial View of the Eagle Harbinger, who flies above the lies, the deceptions, the chaos, and the illusions.  He or she is in this world, but not of this world.  The Eagle Harbinger flies and rises above the smog of humanity’s fear and overwhelm released as more Truth dawns on the sleeping masses, and more energies of collective shock, grief, and overwhelm strike the very core of people’s belief systems, religions, daily structures and schedules, and organizational structures and systems.  This world has withstood the wicked and insideous games of the serpent ever since Adam and Eve allowed its access, eons and eons ago.  And while the Earth is timelessly in her higher dimensional form ~ divinely strong and stealth in her Original Divine Blueprint ~ her 3D illusory body is profoundly weakened.  And thus too, so is the humanity who still slumbers on the bed of this bruised and battered 3D Mother Earth.  Eagle sees through the Smog of Illusion.  Eagle flies above the battering and bruising of the physical foundations of this 3D realm.  Eagle flies above the battering and bruising of the Human Ego in this very challenging ascension timeline.  Eagle flies higher and higher, until it is able to get a clear view of God’s Great Vision for this Ascension and Expansionary Emancipation of this entire planet, and the entirety of All of Divine Creation.  For Eagle knows this is not just about one person, one community, one country, or the whole earth.  This is an alchemical transformation for All in Creation right now.  Things are playing out at a level beyond any kind of mental comprehension.  It can only be felt, to be known.  This level of profound alchemical change and transformation can only be felt, to be witnessed, transmuted, and then risen into the Collective Experience of Creation.  

So we summon into your practices of Conscious Breathing the Living Energy of the Eagle Harbinger, who is flying into this transmission today to remind you that you are Awakening Eagles.  All of you.  You all have the ability to see through this Divine Harbinger Eagle’s Eyes, to see the Big Picture, and to disentangle yourself from the Calls of the Biblical Serpent’s Games, to play in the illusion ~ just one more time. Like the Peanuts characters Charlie Brown and Lucy, and the example of Lucy’s chronic invitation to Charlie Brown to come and kick that football, does Charlie Brown ever get the chance to fulfill his desire to kick the ball?  No.  For to play with the serpent “one last time” only leads to many more . . . one last times.  For the biblical serpent isn’t really truly after winning whatever game you think you are playing with the serpent.  Those games are just the seduction protocol and playbook of the serpent.  The serpent’s fork tongued speech and ultimate fork-agenda’d deepest desire is to acquire your Life Force, your Creationary God-Given Life Force, to ultimately hope to become as Powerful as the Ultimate Creator Source Itself.  

Eagle flies above every seductive game that is being played now, and with its other worldly visual acuity, it sees the duality games and gnarly manipulations of the biblical serpent still at play in every day life at this point on your world, and it calls out the serpent with its talons, succeeding again and again in tearing away the illusions of this world and flying again into higher light and higher and more expansive soul sight.  As has been mentioned previously, remember the powerful reference to Quantum Harbinger Snake Eagles if you will, who do not wrestle the biblical serpent’s energies in the weeds of this 3D realm on land.  Those Quantum Harbinger Snake Eagles use stealth divinely timed strikes on those biblical serpent energies and entities, and again and again, use their talons to grab the snake energies and neutralize their dark energies mid air, in the Divine Realms where the Quantum Snake Eagles’ Ultimate Power and Swift Strengths shine.  

The Eagles hear the biblical serpent’s calls to the age old duality games of Seduction and Incarceration, but Eagle Harbingers ~ and Lion Harbingers for that matter ~ don’t play.  They rise!  They rise beyond all the ways that the biblical serpent entices humanity to engage in its silly tricks and demonic manipulations as well.  They tune out the serpent’s rhetoric and poisonous taunts, to entice any form of engagement into the serpent’s traps of seduction and incarceration.  And they listen within to their God Given strengths . . . to see through the smog of illusion created in the vaporous venomous taunts of that biblical serpent and its minions . . . focusing solely on Knowing Within . . . with Divinely Pristine and Stealthily Accurate Impeccable Timing . . . to strike when the moment is right . . . with the Eagle’s Epic Talons . . . that speak volumes to that Biblical Serpent . . . the message . . . I am not playing.  These Games Are Over.  And in stealth moves through the Elements of Air and Divine Ether, the Amazing Eagle Harbinger slays that serpent with its Spiritual Resolve, Swift and Stellar Right-Actioned Actions, and Decisive Commitment to Eradicate Any Resonance with the Serpent’s Poison-Laden Game Playing Strategies and Antics, and the Eagle Harbinger Rises Victoriously from those encounters again and again now.

September 2022 ~ Frequency Writer ~ Eagle Harbingers Are Victorious
God’s Harbingers Are Always Victorious, when they align with The God Timeline,
and the Faith required to vibrate at that level of Inner Harbinger Led Living! 

Whether many in humanity know this or not, there is a Great Spiritual Battle underway.  The Inverted Garden of Eden must be turned right side up.  The 3D Illusory Timeline . . .  where the Serpent led everyone to believe it was God’s Creation . . . is now being exposed for the distorted mess and density it really is.  The inverted 3D Garden of Eden is the Serpent’s Eden.  And this is what you and all of humanity have lived in for thousands and thousands of years.  What is being eradicated with Precision Stealth Eagle Strikes on many fronts, and on multiple dimensions of existence, is the exposure of that demonic biblical serpent and its minion armies that do its bidding.  And when the Ultimate Mid-Air Strikes unfold, the Biblical Serpent will be eradicated from this and all realms, forever more.  But for now, a deep and profoundly orchestrated and technically complex take down of the biblical serpent’s “demonic kingdom of eden” if you will is underway.

And it is the Awakened Harbinger who sees the ways that this 3D realm lights up your inner circuitry to join the game.  To engage the seduction.  To participate in the gas lighting that serpentine narcissism throughout the ages has seeded within humanity to entrap human life force as its food source and as its creationary force.  

That is why 2020 was such a powerful shift in human consciousness for those that rose to embrace it then, and those that choose to awaken to it now.  Clear Soul Sight is one of the best protections against the dark arts and the ways of the biblical serpent.  The Eagle Harbinger stepped up then, and continues to rise and expand its presence in your Higher Consciousness, and in your Accessible Human Consciousness, now more than ever before.  

Eagle Harbinger rising in September 2022 and ever increasingly so as this time of revelations plays out and begins to reach the awareness of the collective human consciousness . . . is reminding you that Awareness IS Preparedness.  Awareness IS Divine and Sacred Protection in these times.

Your Conscious Breathing aligns with these Divine Abilities In You, to connect with the Lion Harbinger and the Eagle Harbinger . . . to rise in YOUR Christ Consciousness, to rise in your Stealth and Soulful God Vision, and to Consciously Choose to NOT PLAY the serpent’s games on the serpent’s turf with the serpent’s “home field advantage.”  But to rise into the Higher Realms of Conscious and Clear Soul Sight with the Power of your Conscious and Quantum Breathing . . . to move the invitations from the serpent out of its domain and into God’s Domain . . . Mid Air . . . And where Through Your Divine and Sacred Breathing . . . You Transmute the Invitations to the Serpent’s Seductive Teases, Taunts, Fear Propaganda, and Ego Enticements that are breathing into nothingness in your life, in your energy field, and in your sacred soul presence.

The Biblical Serpent, who waged war on God, Source, the Creator of All Things so long ago, can only live if YOU dear Awakening Soul and Harbinger Essence ~ give it life.  If you by your unconscious seduction or by your active and conscious seduction into its games and agendas ~ give it life.  

Can humanity avoid knowing about the depth of this spiritual battle that has played on long after the books of the Bible and other sacred texts were initially printed?  No.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance is disempowerment.  And ignorance is what perpetuates the cycles of the Biblical Serpent’s Seduction and Incarceration again and again and again.  

An Unawakened Collective is what empowers the Serpent’s Existence.

But an Awakened Collective eradicates it.

September 2022 ~ Frequency Writer ~ Eagle Harbingers Who is here to empower this Stealth Awareness, and this Vibration of Serpent Eradication from this planet?  Eagle.  Eagle is the Harbinger with the Stellar Acuity of Soul Sight and the Epic Talons to strike at divinely right timed moments . . . to take down the Biblical Serpent, and its cloned or controlled minions, again and again and again.  

The Eagle Harbinger sent from Source to this realm is engaged in many Harbinger Air Strikes on the Biblical Serpent from many angles, and on multidimensional battlegrounds.  Yet this Eagle Harbinger is also blueprinted and seeded by God within you, for this Time of Adams and Eves Rising.  And that is Truly what this Timeline you are living right now is.  It is the Time of All Adams and Eves Rising to eradicate the Biblical Serpent from this earth.  And to restore and reset the True Garden of Eden once more, to thrive here on Planet Earth, forever.  

There are glorious times to come for all sentient kind once the biblical serpent is eradicated in all timelines and in all dimensional realities.  This decade, the 2020’s on planet earth, is the Profound Portal in the entire Cosmos where the Power of God will move swiftly, keenly, stealthily, and precisely to turn the tides on the serpent, to turn the tables on the serpent, to expose the serpent, and to dematerialize and eradicate its energy print ~ its serpent print ~ from this world.  The mark of the beast is one biblical reference that many are waiting and wanting to see eradicated from the collective experience in these times. God is on the move.  Make no mistake.  God is on the move with stealth eagle (air) harbingers and stealth lion (fire) harbingers implementing a much greater divine plan than most have the capacity to perceive at this point in time.

Your soul work is to align with the God Timeline.  Your soul presence is needed in your divine grounding and keen harbinger awareness . . . to simply NOT PLAY wherever the serpent shows up to offer enticements and to engage your engagement.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  That is True.  But you must see the biblical serpent with Awakened Harbinger Awareness, to then choose to not engage it.  Turning a blind eye to the biblical serpent allows its infiltration right under your nose, without you knowing it.  

The role of the biblical harbingers is coming into clearer focus in these transmissions, yes?  They aren’t simply characters in a biblical story book, that existed long ago in those “old” stories.  They are alive now, in you!  They are awakening in you for your biblical times you are living right now.  The bible was written for many reasons.  And we won’t claim to want to go into that now.  But it was written in some respects for the people journeying the centuries to connect all time together, past, present, and future, to have a higher sighted context for their experience of the Now they were living at the time.  It offers a living map to the spiritual seeker we can say.  And now what we wish to convey to you is that that Living Map is alive in your own Sacred Divine Blueprint.  And those Harbingers?  Are coming online and coming ALIVE in you, with every day’s rising.  And with every conscious breath you take.  

You cannot be An Awakened Soul and Awakening Harbinger ringing in the New Glory of Divine Creation and the Return of the Original Garden of Eden and the God Timeline and be sleeping in your knowledge of the Biblical Serpent.  That is a Fractional Awakening.  And it is playing a game with The Serpent and yourself as to what slice, what fraction you in fact have.  

Awakening is Whole Picture Living.  Awakening is Aeriel View Living.  Awakening is Cultivating Clear Soul Sight.  And Awakening is Divine Union and Partnership with Source, like the many brave souls we have read about and connected with through the biblical texts that connect their stories with our stories, now today.  

Noah chose BIG PICTURE.  Moses chose BIG PICTURE.  David chose BIG PICTURE.

And God’s Might and Omnipotent Sight and Divine Blessings came through that BIG PICTURE.

God’s Grace only comes through . . . after you choose Divine Partnership and Union with Source in the greatest tests of faith you can imagine.  Its through Great Faith that Great Blessings and Divine Miracles occur.

This is your Awakened Adam and Eve Returning to the Original Garden of Eden Timeline in your time!!!!  

Rise in your Lion and Eagle Harbinger Frequencies!  Rise in your Awakened Adam and Eve Clear Soul Sight, having journeyed in all of these centuries and realms of time in the 3D matrix with you.  

You are not alone.  Every Adam and Eve that has ever been deceived lives in you.  Every Adam and Eve that has ever transcended the Serpent’s Games and Matrix lives in you.  You are the Harbinger you have been waiting for.  You are the Risen Adam and Eve whose time is Now.

There is no more Deceiving Eve, or Adam, when you live with Clear Soul Sight, and you live in the Big Picture of God’s Divine Truths.

Its Time for God’s Truth, Light, Sight, Might, and Powerful Presence to return to Planet Earth again.  We thank you Awakening Souls, we thank you Awakening and Rising Adams and Eves listening to a transmission like this in a time like this, for doing your part to Consciously Breathe your Other Dimensional Soul Sight, Soul Gifts, and Powerful Divine Presence onto this world at this time.

And we thank you for Rising with us in the Truth and Light of the Living Christ and Unity Consciousness for all time!

Together ~ We Are Rising!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, September 10th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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