September 2022 Energy Update: September’s Forge of Emancipatory Alchemy ~ The Light Is Getting In!

September 2022 Energy Update

September’s Forge of Emancipatory Alchemy:
In the Cracks in Everything,
The Light Is Getting In

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.21.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Fire Frequencies of August, the Alchemical Energies of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, the Inpouring of the Central Sun’s Illuminating Light, and Lion and Eagle Harbinger Energies today, as we begin to open and allow the Energies of September 2022 to alight in our Heart’s Consciousness throughout the Cosmos.  A New Earth Is Dawning.  A Great Unity Is Rising.  Awakening Lions Are Roaring.  Activating Star Seeds Are Gathering.  And the Stealth Eagle Harbinger Is Rising to take its place in the Higher Consciousness of the Earth’s Grand Ascension now.  Freedom, utter and epic Freedom, is near and is at hand for all who embrace it.  Your Higher Sensory Perception Knows This.  It Feels This.  For Freedom, Sovereignty, Clear Vision, Joy, Love, and Abundance are Who You Are.  And September 2022 is ringing in and bringing these Epic Vibrations into more of the Collective’s Experience more than ever before.   

September 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Conscious BreathingSo let us Breathe a Conscious Divine Breath In.  And as we breathe . . . let us Know the Freedom that 5D and Higher Dimensional Sovereignty feels like within our bodies.  Within our vibrational vessels, our physicality.  Let us Know the Life Force Within Us that has been degraded, downgraded, descended, and devalued for millenia . . . that is Rising and Awakening now to forever take its place in Union with Source again.  A New Independence Day is upon you.  A New Independence Era and Age is emerging within you.  You are the Awakening Harbingers you have been waiting for.  You are the Awakening Lions and Eagles you have long been seeking, only to remember, they have always been residing IN YOU.  You are the Awakening Lions.  You are the Awakening Eagles.  You are the Awakening Star Seeds and Divine Souls all across this Great Globe, remembering what life really is.  You are remembering the Garden of Eden again.  In your Hearts.  And in your Minds.  And in your Souls.  Its a Remembrance that is Bigger than Words.  It is felt in the Heart to be Known again within you.  So breathe it in.  Call it in.  Embrace it within your Heart’s Consciousness, and carry those courageous, stealth, strong, and faith-filled frequencies with you as you rise up and through the culmination of August 2022 and as you enter September’s Forge of Emancipatory Alchemy.  

The Lion’s Gate Energies of Fire, Purification, and Alchemical Heat are still within you, as you rise to embrace the elements of Water, Air, and Earth this next month, for all Elements will be in your conscious awareness now as more of the illusions of the old paradigm are pushed to the surface, and as more of the Truth of God’s Original Template for Creation here on Planet Earth resurface in their Timeless and Eternal Glory.  Nothing can stop the Truth that is unfolding.  Nothing can stop the Revelations of Creation unfolding.  Nothing can stop the Reorientation to the Living Light that is happening.  And everything in this Grand Creation is supporting all Sentient Life to Rise and Take a Deep, Divine, Quantum, and Conscious Breath with all of your Galactic and Etheric Brothers and Sisters who have been cheering for you, supporting you, empowering you, guiding you, and anchoring profound faith in you All This Time . . . for the Time that is Now.

For it has been a long journey to Now.  It has been a long journey to Know Yourselves aligned with Source again.  It has been a long journey to Know Yourselves as part of the Greatest Harmony and Humanity that ever lived.  That ever was.  And that ever will be.  And yet, this, THIS, is the Precipice you find yourselves upon.  This is the Living Echo of the Unity Star’s Vibrations, pulsing into your hearts, into your lives, and into your experience of Divine and Soulful Freedom and Sovereignty again.  

Why then, on the cusp of this Epic Emancipation, and this Vast Breath of Cosmic and Quantum Fresh Air and Divine Renewal, does it seem that people are more unconscious than ever?  That the vast majority of humanity is more asleep than ever?  You have heard the expression, it is darkest before the dawn?  Well we might say it is sleepiest before the dawn!  Those sleeping . . . have to work harder to sleep.  They have to distract with greater distractions to stay asleep.  They have to tune out the tuning in . . . more than ever before.  It is work now to stay asleep.  The ring tone of God has been chiming and sounding into your world for some time.  And yet, those awakening codes and those trumpeting sounds still do not yet reach the ears and hearts of those committedly not listening.  But they will.  For the Celestial Bells of Earth’s Grand Awakening, and the Celestial Trumpets of Earth’s Grand Anointing into this New Era will not cease.  They will only ever increase.  Try as each soul might, there is no hiding from this Epic Light.  There is ultimately no avoiding this great Sounding of the New Earth’s Birthing into Multidimensional Union again with the remainder of the Galaxy.  

September 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Sounds of the AscensionThe Leonard Cohen song, Anthem, mentioned many times is a song that rings Freedom into your world in these Ascension Times.  Ring the bells that still can ring, bring your perfect offering, there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.  That stanza is an Ascension Song.  You are the bell ringers dear ones.  You are the living bells. You are the Sounds of the Ascension. And therefore, you are the Creators and Co-Creators of this Grand Ascension.  Ring the bells that still can ring . . . that is you, Awakened Ones.  Sound your Light. And Light your Sound.  Be your Divine Instrument as best you can in these Powerful Times.  Breathe the Light of Faith and Knowing more than ever before, dear ones.  Sound your Faith.  And Light your Faith.  So that the other Bells can see you, hear you, sense you, and mirror to you . . . their own Sacred and Celestial Bells.  You are Making the Music of the Spheres.  You are sounding the Cosmic Song of Unity Consciousness Rising on Planet Earth again.  You are the Ringing and Rising Bells of Ascension, Dear Ones.  And you are bringing and being your Perfect Offering, as best you can, in the intensity of the Ascension Weather right now.  Keep rising.  Keep being You.  Keep Knowing Who You Are, beyond din and doldrums of fear.  There’s a crack in everything, meaning there are cracks all around the globe in the illusion’s games and gimmicks. Those cracks are exposing themselves.  And those cracks, in their exposures, are letting more, and more, and more Light in!  There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in.  

While the cracks may appear to be breaking everything, they are in fact letting the Light in.  So the Earth requires this Great Cracking, this Great Shaking, and this Great Quantum Quaking.  The greater the Crack, the greater the Shake, and the greater the Quantum Quake . . . the more luminous the Light that is epicly getting in.  

Eagle and Lion are rising right now in your Heart’s Consciousness.  Feel their stealth power and strength in you.  They know how to see within the storms.  They know how to ground in the chaos.  They rise beyond the sleepers, and never doubt their powerful presence amidst those who reside in the fields of poppies right now.  Their Union with Source makes them nearly immune to the calls and games of the 3D matrix.  Its as if their Union with Source gives them X-ray vision, and thus their ability to see through the haze and density of this 3D world’s smog of illusions and serpent tricks.  

And so too then, dear Awakening Soul, and dear Awakening Lion-Eagle Soul Essence, must you awaken more of your Spiritual Vision now.  To see beyond the illusion.  And to see if you can beyond the Ascension Timeline itself.  For those that are willing to see deeper, and broader, and bigger, what do you see beyond the Veils of Illusion?  What do you see beyond the Chemtrails and Smogs of Forgetfulness and Spiritual Amnesia, from the other side?  What is the New Earth like?  What does it feel like to you?  From Spiritual Amnesia to Divinely Gifted Spiritual Ambrosia, can you sense the Life of the Higher Frequencied God Beings that You Truly Are?  Can you feel your Sovereign Divine Essence connecting and communing with nature on a whole new level?  Can you, with a few more conscious breaths, can you feel and Know your connection with the Great Mother?  How far can your conscious breathing lead you into Divine Communion and Reunion with the Great Mother?  What a True Divine Blessing it is to breathe in Living Prana like this again?  What a True Sacred Energy it is to feel the power and presence of Source Energy in all that you do, think, hear, say, and sense again?  How incredible it is to breathe freely and fully on the other side of lack and constriction again!  And how incredible it is to create and co-create in the Spirit of Unity Consciousness again!

Humanity will be living this.  Humanity is already practicing this, in some small soul groups at first.  But it is emerging.  It is happening.  Never underestimate the Power of an Awakened Collective Presence on this planet.  And this is what seeds new worlds.  This is how God Seeds and Good Seeds get into those cracks in the matrix.  And once in those cracks, and nooks and crannies, through the Lightwarrior and Lightseeding Energy You Are, housing those God Seeds . . . the more Good Seeds and God Seeds that grow.  And before long?  What do you have?  The Original Garden of Eden again.  Only refreshed.  Renewed.  And wiser than before.  

You are the Changemakers, dear ones.  You are the Sacred Instruments.  You are the Seeders of what is New and Sacred for all of humanity now.  The Change Is You.  The Light Is You.  The Awakening Codes Are You!

Lion walks with you.  Eagle soars and flies in the much bigger picture with you.  How do Harbingers like these become daily companions in your life?  By your allowing.  By your embracing your spiritual lenses and higher sensory abilities through your conscious breathing. You are playing in the Quantum, dear ones, when you do this.  You are rising in the ethers beyond the tethers of the old 3D world’s filters.  

Who needs filtration when you have Higher Sensory Abilities that see through God Vision?  And that Know through God Knowing?!

September 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Duality & Apples

Let’s apply this principle to a daily 3D earth phenomenon.  As more of the world awakens to the Living Light of Source, simply because the new divine atmosphere is making it harder and harder to find duller, dimmer vibrational pockets and clouds to hide in, . . . which will your Higher Sensory Perceptions (your Sentience!) desire:

A GMO’d, Color Enhanced, Wax Coated, Monsanto-Altered, & Serpent Seeded Red Delicious Apple (notice the Seductive Naming and Propagandizing of this 3D product)


B.  An Organically, Bio-dynamically, Thrive-fully, God Seeded Original Apple from Creation’s Garden of Eden and God Blueprint that has always lived on through time since the beginning of time?

When you pose the question this way, many would say, well you would be crazy to buy and even desire Apple A, in this scenario.  You know the apple was serpent seeded, number one. You know the apple is genetically tampered with, number two.  You see all of its alterations to serve its serpent’s agendas.  And even though it looks like an apple, smells like an apple, shines like an apple with that store-shine waxy glow, you know it is not really an apple.  Its synthetic.  From its crown to its root.  It is synthetic.  It is a false apple.  It is a poisoned apple one might say.  And yet, many buy it.  Many eat of this fruit.  Even when they know even just a fraction of its false nature.  Any fraction in its biological make up does not make any of its falseness and fraud any less fake, false, or fraudulent.  This apple purchase and consumption represents many on your world today.  Illusion is part of this matrix.  And they ingest it, without thinking of its much deeper consequences.  To themselves or the collective.

But some of you listening to this transmission today would have Known already . . . that Apple B is the Divinely Seeded, Divinity Infused Apple that your Sentience was clearly attracted to! And this comes down to one core difference between Apple A and Apple B.  Those with Higher Sensory Perception, and Perceptiveness Know that Apple B is God’s Apple.  They can smell it, feel it, know it, and trust it, with faith the size of a Mustard Seed inside themselves, because God’s Sight is always right.  Divine Sight and Divine Sentience always know the Way to the True Path.  Its the mind that is so easily deceived, again and again and again.

How does Charlie Brown of the Peanut’s Gang trust Lucy to hold that football, even though 10 out of 10 times, she has pulled it away?  Charlie Brown’s ego-programmed mind.  The ego obscures soul vision.  The mind simply cannot see.  It can only follow programmed instructions.  And once the program is activated, in this or another lifetime, it does what?  It runs. Charlie Brown can’t say no to Lucy and the football, because Charlie Brown is programmed to say yes.  

But if Charlie Brown listened to his intuition, his Heart Consciousness, he would KNOW that Lucy is programmed to pull that football away just as he is programmed to trust an untrustworthy program.  And he would simply not play that game any more.

Is humanity ready as a collective to not play the serpent’s games?  No.  Not yet.  

But will humanity be shown the depth of the serpent’s games?  Yes.  And in these revelations, the sleeping curse from that poisoned Apple A will be broken, once and for all.  

And Apple A will become Exhibit A in the revelatory trials and exposures to come.  

For now, we are speaking to the Awakening and Awakened Lions and Eagles on your world.  For now, we are speaking to those with Hearts Awakened and Intuition Rising.  

September 2022 will epicly illuminate those who served the Serpent’s Games and placed those “poisoned apples” around the globe.  September 2022 will illuminate those who follow orders blindly, and who do not open their inner eyes to see, preferring the dim lighting of the 3D matrix to the 5D cosmic light that illuminates the soul essence and sentience in every one and every thing.

Sleeping is a habit on your world, yes.  But it is not a divinely supported one at this point in time.  So awakening will soon be the only portal through which life flows.  And thus the New Earth Age and Era of Peace will be the only reality and higher dimensional pathway to live and breathe in a 5D Prana Filled Atmosphere and Co-Creative Multidimensional Planetary Awareness.

Know your apples.  Know the duality game of apples.  The serpent specifically chose an apple.  For that was another layer of how it played these manipulative games in a God Creation.  There are some bad apples.  There are some GMO’d apples.  There are some poisoned apples.  And there are also good apples.  There are many God Seeded Apples.  And there are some Divine Apples flourishing on your world at this time too.

September will expose more bad apples.  September will increase exposure of the Good Apples.  September will illuminate more of both sides of the Duality Game that is “serpent in origin,” and that must be exposed, deposed, and disposed of in the coming times.  

September 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Lion HarbingerFor now, take some deep divine breaths in.  Ground in the Stealth, Strength, Power, and Boldness of Lion, to stand in your Divine Truth, to honor your Sentience, and to embody your Living Light, no matter what storms around you.

Fly and Soar on Eagle’s Wings, with the Acuity of Sight, the Heart of Freedom in your Vibrational Vessel, and the Talons that Tear Away Illusion at every turn.  You are awakening to your Divine Blueprints dear ones.  You are remembering yourselves as sovereign beings who got caught in the serpent’s nets, and who have been captured prey for thousands of years.

It is a Long, Long Journey to this Now Moment, at the Precipice of Reclaiming your Wings and your Divine Strength, as Ascensionary Eagles and Lions in these times.  

And let’s say, . . .

that it is a Long, Long Journey to Now.

This Now Moment is your Point of Power.  

September 2022 Energy Update ~ Frequency Writer ~ Eagle Harbinger
Eagle and Lion Know How To Use it.  They Know How To Inhabit It.

Feel them guiding you to ring your Sovereign Bells and embrace the Living Light in you.  That knows how to fly free of the quagmires and incarcerations of the Biblical Serpent’s pitiful games.  

Eagle and Lion don’t play.  They RISE!

And so too, must you!

It Is Time!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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