A Soul Reading For Humanity ~ December 2017

A Soul Reading for Humanity ~ December 2017

A Message from Mother Mary, Mother Earth,
and Mother/Father God

Received via Channel Marie Mohler
December 18, 2017





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary here, with a message from Mother Earth, our Divine Mother, and Mother Father God, our Divine Mother/Father Source Energy.  We are here to bring a message of Immense Light, Vast Support, and Infinite Blessings, to all tuning in today to this Sacred Soul Reading.  

dove earth light imageFor today, we wish to do a Soul Reading For Humanity.  We will do a Soul Reading of the Time Before Known Time and Journey With You through this Last Known Timeline . . . A Cycle Spanning Approximately 26,000 Years in Earth Timeline Understandings . . . And Yet a Time Spanning a Vaster Amount of Time in Other Worlds and Dimensional Realities.   Needless to say, it has been a long journey to this present Now.  And we wish to share a message today from our Heart Centers and Understandings of Time . . . to illuminate  your own.  

We will use the term “Soul Readings” for today’s communication because as some of you may know this channel does soul readings in private sessions that essentially offer a scroll through time of an individual’s soul patterns, themes, lessons, gifts, and expansions through time. 

What we will now provide today, this 18th day of December, 2017 . . . is a Soul Reading and literally a Scroll Reading of Humanity’s Soul Patterns, Themes, Lessons, Gifts, and Expansions Through Time. 

Let us begin.

Dear Ones,

In a Time Before Known Time, there was a vast Field of Light surrounding the Earth.  It held a Frequency of Homeostasis and a Frequency of Pure Light, that was a Beautiful Cocoon of Light Energy that Breathed in Harmony with the Living Energy of the God Spark.  The Sacred Ember of the Universe.  The Purest Frequencies and Creationary Tones of Light, Sound, and Divine Ether that you can imagine.  earth in field of light image 

In this way, the Earth Herself was Cradled in Light Energy, and All was Divine.  Balanced.  Grace-Filled.  And literally . . . Resplendent Starlight Energy . . . that Streamed from the Heart of Source to the Heart of the Earth Mother in Rhythmic, Loving, Synergistic Breaths of Energy.

Through this Cradling Energy, all gifts were granted.  All needs were supplied.  All manifestations emerged through Light and Wholeness.  And the Earth was Joyous.  Perfect.  And a Vessel of Divine Love and Light.

As physicality in a physical universe would have it, some other realms in this physical universe were not in such balance.  They had agreed to house evolutionary experiences, and those evolutions into various degrees of light and darkness had worn the physical bodies of those planets thin and somewhat threadbare.  Resources grew scarce.  And other suitable home sites and planets were scouted and sought.  It didn’t take long before the earth was found and determined to be a good resting place.  A good home for the next phase of evolutionary experiences to occur.

human being dna imageThe Earth, who herself had been able to be a Beacon of Light and Balance in the Cosmos, for many many millennia and eons of time, agreed to house this next experiment in Soul Evolution. What was proposed was a kind of “Noah’s Ark” experiment.  Whereby, in some ways, metaphorically speaking and in some ways quite literally, different races of Star Nations all over the Galaxy . . . contributed their genetic material . . . to make of the Earth Experience . . . a Blended Cosmic Culture . . . of all the Light and Darkness existing in the Broader Spectrum of Time and Experience in the Galaxy.

Thus you had Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, and more contributing “pairings” of their unique genetic and soul consciousness material . . . to a new civilization forming collectively from beings all over the greater cosmos.  And we called this collective . . . Humanity.

Now, fast forward a bit from this initial conception period . . . a few hundred thousand to a few million years later (depending on the dimensional realities of time that you compute) . . .

And you see civilizations on Earth acting out their Soul Ancestry from their unhealed wounds in the stars . . . on the physical Earth. 

Each incarnated soul being wired with vast amounts of their Organic Divine Light, the Blessings of their Divine Gifts and Blueprints, and the Song of the Godheart in their Hearts.  And also wired equally with a Second Key DNA Structure with the Potential for Darkness or what we would call . . . the Opportunity to Play in Evolutionary Experiences in which they forgot their Connections with their Divine Light and their Interconnections with Each Other.

So it did not take long, as Evolutionary Cycles go, for the same challenges and war-ings that had occurred on other planets and in other realms, . . . to replicate themselves . . . here . . . for they were already passed along at the cellular level when things began here.  Potentials for Pure Light and Potentials for Great Darkness were Seeded Here from the Beginning.  Through the Ark.  And the Grand Experiment Began.

Would a Humanity gain traction and continue to grow and sow stronger Seeds of Light . . . and heal the Greater Rifts and Wars that were still occurring in other timelines simultaneously to the Earth Experience . . . even if the “Earthlings” became less and less conscious of their Larger Connections to Soul Family in the Stars and the Greater Cosmos?

Or would Humanity slip down that slippery slope of Evolutionary Experience, and lose Greater and Greater Levels of their Conscious Awareness and Connections to the All That Is, as survival needs and challenges continued to present themselves, as heart centers dimmed and closed one by one to the Perfection of the Source Light Within?  Fear is a powerful motivator, in the absence of conscious light connections, of greater and greater fear.  Desperate actions and fear-based beliefs become justified when the Inner Templates and Impulses of Light no longer function at their full wattage.  The impulse then becomes to survive, and separation then becomes the course.

dna family tree imageAnd so, here you have a humanity, who was indeed a new Ark of the Covenant so to speak, and indeed, a Noah’s Ark of Soul History, Consciousness, Talents, Wisdom, and Abilities, landing here on Earth to play out at first . . . consciously . . . and in later generations over a great deal of time . . . quite unconsciously . . . a Vast Family Tree of the Cosmos . . . complete with drama, anger, separation, division, and competition, as well as Impulses of Light to try to cooperate, collaborate, and unite to live in love, peace, and harmony.  And embedded in this Family Tree, is thus a Greater Duality of Light and Dark, and all degrees in between.  In this One Sacred Melting Pot and Human Family.

Fast forward many many thousands of years and world ages into the future . . . to This Now . . . This Present Day . . . And what do you see?

Can you still see the Same Core Seeds playing out their Germinations on this Earth?

Can you still see the Turmoil entrenched in the Human Psyche of the Eons of Separation Consciousness, Survivalist Mentalities, and the Justifications of All Versions of Desperate or Mass Abuses of Power . . . to maintain little domains of power or on a broader scale global domains of power?  In an Evolutionary Attempt to Re-Gain some Sense of Equilibrium Again? Some Sense of Greater Holistic Prosperity Again?  Or in some ways . . . to Gain or Re-Claim a Sense of Retribution or Revenge for All “Wrongs Wronged” and All Things “Owed”?

In all of these larger Grabs for Power, generally at the expense of many, is a Core Common Seed.  Do you know what that is?  It is a Seed of Light seeking to know itself again . . . as its True Core Light.  Is a Seed of Light seeking to know its Connections with the Heart of Source Light once more.  In all of these Seeds of Darkness, Despair, Abuses of Power, Manipulations, Controversies, Competitions, and Painful Planetary Dramas, is One Core Powerful Impulse.  Which is . . . to Feel the Light of Source . . . Pulsing Life Force and Conscious Connection . . . within the Central Operating System again. 

dandelion light on blue background imageSo, Dear Ones, as much as this is a vast story . . . a vast tale of a much grander Family Tree than many can imagine . . . the Truth is . . . that in the Seeds of All you are witnessing in this Powerful Planetary Experience right now . . . are Truly Seeds of a much more Ancient Origin . . . that originated in the Stars.  In Timelines well beyond many people’s conscious awareness.  And yet, the Seeds still Pulse the Im-Pulse . . . or the Pulse Within . . . to now . . . as much as you can muster . . . rise . . . and remember . . . that the Light is your Greatest Seed . . . your Greatest Asset . . . your Greatest Resource . . . and your Greatest “Internet” of Knowledge . . . to help each one of you re-gain what has always been yours . . . .

The Truth of Your Ancestry in a Divine Family, a much greater Cosmic Family, who seeks to Know Itself Collectively As Light Again.

The Time of the Great Experiment has come to a close.

The Cycle of Separation Consciousness and Denser Frequencies has come full circle.

And it has brought each one of you back to the Heart of the Most Powerful Soul Choice in the Universe . . .

Are you ready to go Home Inside Yourself now . . . to the Light you have always been?

And in that Light ~ if you choose to consciously reconnect with your Heart Center at this Time ~ is All of the Access to Soul History, Soul Family, Soul Gifts, Soul Talents, Golden Ages of Soul Connections, Soul Wisdom, and more . . . that all will need . . . to clear and clean up this planet from the toxins that denser living and dimmer consciousness breeds.  And in that Light, is the Blessings of Cooperative, Collaborative, and Unity Consciousness Seeds . . . that already know how to live in Divine Balance, Divine Harmony, Divine Love, and Divine Well-Being and Prosperity with All Living Things in All Dimensional Realities. 

The Choice is ours now . . . to go into our Heart Centers . . . and to listen to which one we will now choose to feed.  To nurture.  To expand.  And which one we will allow to release back into the Ethers of Alchemization into the Godheart. 

What is your Heart Center inviting, asking, and guiding you to be or to do in this Moment of Planetary Shifts and Greater Cosmic and Ancestral Healing?

Many other Star Nation Civilizations have faced this choice as well . . . as individuals within a Greater Collective.  And many have made the Conscious Choice to embrace the work required within . . . to Re-cultivate that Sacred Inner Light . . . that is woven in all Physical Forms and in All Realms . . . in All Time.  It has not always been the easy choice.  Or easy path.  But it has been a Divine One.

sun beam of light photoAnd this is the invitation calling to All Sentient Beings now. . . on this very Sentient Planet Earth . . . The Invitation to Return Home to the Greater, Timeless, Infinite, Loving, Healthy, Creative, Divine Light, and Sacred Spark You that you all have always been.   

To make the Choice to Return to the Light ~ is also a Choice to make Peace with the Darkness and Density that has reigned for so long . . . that appears to be “reality” and “the way life is”.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.  You are God’s Sacred Light in Form.  Each and Every One of You.  The Darkness allowed you to simply see the Many Facets of Your Light . . . through experiencing its contrasts.  The Evolutionary Lessons have been gleaned and the Earth is rising now into a New Evolutionary Frequency . . . An Enhanced Version of her Original Divine and Perfect Light.    

We, Mother Mary, Mother Earth, and Mother/Father God, along with a host of Master Guides of Light, are here today to support your Greater Ascension and Return to Fully Integrated Light once more.

We are here to support your choice and intentions to Return to a Heart Space of Joy, Oneness, Balance, and Bliss.

If releasing, cleansing, and alchemizing the darkness is not something your soul is ready to do, and to choose, ask for help from us in guiding you through your next steps and your best alignments for soul path in these times.

It is the Light’s Time to Return to this Planet, in full power and with full privileges of Freedom, Sovereignty, Balance, and Unity once more.  It is Time for those ready to harmonize with the Full Light to do so, and in so doing, to become Frequency Specific to the Earth Mother’s Ascending Heart Frequencies and Impulses. 

Yet all souls have Choice about their Conscious Participation in the Earth Shifts and these Frequency Alignments occurring now.

red cosmic angel imageWe are here to support all of you with the Greatest Light and Love Imaginable . . . and thus to support these next steps in Humanity’s Evolution.

Fill your Heart with the Joy of Knowing the Golden Light of Source and the Golden Light of your Star Home’s Frequencies. 

And these Frequencies will take you Home Within, to where you are Truly Destined and Designed to be. 

Humanity as a Whole is Returning to its Core Organic Light.  Listen for the Light Pulses Emerging Within.

In the Light, you are Whole.  Happy.  Healed.  And Star-moniously Magnificent.  For simply the Perfect Light and Essence You Truly Are.

All Our Love.

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