Your Soul’s Story, The New Language, and 3 Steps to Activate Your Innate Sentience

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What if . . . we all have a story that transcends time? 

What if . . . there are true stories of our soul’s travels through time

What if . . . we simply don’t presently have the language or context
for our deepest wounds or our greatest gifts? 

And what if . . . that story, our story, requires a New Language to
activate and awaken a much greater understanding and broader
picture of ourselves than we previously thought imaginable? 

These are the stories and this is the language that my soul has been able to read and speak fluently since childhood. 

These are the stories that I aim to bring through as a channel, scribe, and writer of frequencies, to inspire YOU to seek, to uncover, and to re-discover your own special story . . .  

Your Own Soul’s Journeys, Adventures, Gifts, Challenges,
and Lessons Learned throughout the Portals of Time.    

To begin to re-collect your soul’s stories, you must first begin to understand the “basic alphabet” of the Soul’s 1st Language, known as Sentience.   

Mother Mary, an Ascended Master and Beautiful Avatar Guide, is here now to offer you a timeless message that can: 

1.)  Help you practice Your Innate Sentience and

2.)  Give you 3 Core Steps That You Can Take Right Now . . . to activate and align your New Operating System with the Higher Light Codes powering up a New Story and New Age Experience of Harmony, Peace, Oneness, Abundance, Joy, Well-Being, and Light on Planet Earth from this day forward.



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Dear One,

It is I, Mother Mary, here with a message to all souls awakening and beginning to return to your Divine Origins. 

The Earth is going through many shifts, to raise her frequency, and to join the other planets in your solar system . . . in a Higher Frequencied Plane of Light. 

This means that her entire molecular structure, her energetic anatomy, as well as her physical anatomy, is going through some massive changes in a relatively short period of time.

blue star light and energy photoBecause you, and the earth, originated from the same “star stuff”, and thus were created from similar organic compounds, . . . your frequency is changing too.

The Earth’s Ascension Requires Your Ascension.  It is that simple.

As your molecular nature shifts, to vibrationally align with the New Light supporting the earth’s position in the galaxy, your consciousness is shifting as well.

This means that a new language, a new conversation, is required, between your core energy bodies. 

This New Language is called Sentience

It is something that you have always had, but it went dormant if you will, like the “extra” or “unused gray matter” in your brain that scientists have yet to figure out. 

It is an operating system that essentially was dismantled, or turned off, for a time, during this most recent evolutionary experience for many of you on the earth.

light shining photoNow, it is coming online again.  The earth’s new frequencies are turning it on again.

Like a string of holiday lights that was long forgotten in grandma’s attic.  They are being found again.  Plug them in, and amazingly the circuitry is all still there to light up the world again.  With energies of hope, anticipation, remembrance and excitement.    

Your sentience is super excited to wake and work with you again. 

Think of it as an old friend that you haven’t seen in 50 years. 
You are about to have quite a reunion. 

Now, what we want to share with you, is how essential this new language is, in helping – and doubling – as your operating system.

It is the language that interfaces with the operating system – informing and instructing on what to do and how best to function. 

It is also the operating system itself, that functions in multiple tiers of consciousness. 

So it is the gateway to your multidimensionality. 

If we understand sentences as a core part of how languages are structured, in order to communicate vast amounts of information from person to person, and group to group, we can also understand that sentience is a core part of how the new language is being structured

To begin your very first contact and reconnection with your sentient system, we will do 3 things together. 

Step 1 involves BREATHING


Close your eyes and allow yourself to rest in a quiet inner space inside yourself for a moment.  And simply BREATHE.  Consciously feel your breath moving in through your nose.  And really feel the air filling your lungs, gently, but to full capacity. 

And then notice as your body (when filled with breath) naturally knows to release the air and empty your lungs again.  This is a natural rhythmic part of the Gift of Life. The Gift of Light.  And the Gifts of Sentience.

Breathing connects your mind, body, and spirit with the Universal Mind Body and Spirit, with Source Energy itself, and with ALL other Living Breathing Beings on the planet and in the cosmos. 

Breathing is the first step towards remembering how interconnected EVERYTHING IS. 

And it is a first step in remembering that everything desired is only a BREATH away, since the breath is at its core a divine mechanism of Interconnection With All Life and All Time. 

The Power of the Breath cannot be overstated
and should not be underestimated. 

Whenever you want to tune in to Light and Love that is REAL, just BREATHE with conscious intention to do so.

You can connect to Source Life Force and Soul Light any time with your Breath. 

Thus the Breath is Step 1 in reclaiming your sentience. 

Step 2 involves LIGHT.


When you breathe conscious sentient breathing in this way, you then allow yourself to call in Pure Source Light and Mother Earth Light into your Heart Center.  You can imagine this core Source Light and this Mother Earth Light to be a color you feel attracted to (i.e. blue, green red, white, purple, etc.) OR you can invoke simply a pure stream of Divine White Light or Golden Light Energy.  Flowing to you in the Exact Amount and Frequency of Light that you need most in any given moment. 

This Light serves as a higher oxygenated cosmic light that feeds your sentient system essential micronutrients that your “gray matter” needs in order to awaken and function fully in its highest potential. 

So as you Breathe consciously, massaging your airways and the Life Force energy inside you, and as you Bathe in the Frequencies of this Higher Dimensional Light, you will then ask your Heart Center to communicate a feeling, desire, message, or instruction that it wants you to know you are having, or wanting to have. 

Step 3 involves Consciously Activating
This Heart Centered Conversation


So Step 3 involves you consciously opening up a conversation with your Higher Self, your Soul Self, through this Highly Oxygenated, more Light-Filled Sourced energy, that you have just activated.

In this Field of Light, and this Divine/Star/Soul-filled Etheric Energy, you are literally asking your Heart Center and your Higher Self to make itself known to you. 

Ask it to show you a feeling.  A sentiment.  A color.  An instruction.  A memory.  Or maybe a knowing that you can feel as distinctly different than one your mind would conjure and send to you. 

Ask your Heart Center, the Seat of your Sentience, to give you this message in whatever ways you would like to receive it.  Be it clearly, gently, softly, visually, auditorially, or even, in whatever way your Heart Center feels it BEST to transmit it to you.  That is HIGHEST GOOD for you. 

And then . . . LISTEN.

Listen with the Ears and the Eyes of your Heart.

And just see what message your heart has for you. 

When you receive whatever message it wants you to know in this first moment of reunion, simply allow it.  And appreciate it.

This is not the time to judge it, compare it, second guess it, devalue it, or discredit it. 

It is simply time to say to your old friend . . . Welcome Back. 
Welcome Home. 
I’ve missed you.
And I’m happy to reconnect with you. 

In time, if you nurture this living breathing life force-filled connection, you too can begin to send messages and questions TO your heart center.  And to your Higher Self that lives in your Heart Center.  Language, and conversation, are a two-way exchange. 

These 3 Steps form the beginning and the basics of
activating your sentience into your active consciousness
and your daily operating system. 


You have just begun the 3 Core Action Steps (via Breath, Light, and Conscious Conversation) to know your deeper, more vibrant, more sovereign, and highly talented Soul Self once more.

These are 3 core steps and structures to initiate and resurrect the Infinite Life Force that you truly are!

Welcome back to YOU.
Welcome Home to Source.
Welcome to the New Earth unfolding in YOU!


We send All Our Love, Always