A Storm Is Coming: Use Higher Discernment ~ You Already Have the Answers Within

A Storm Is Coming:
~ Use Higher Discernment and Remember ~
You Already Have the Answers You Need

A Message from Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya,
and the Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler
Received September 8, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today.  We come through today as a Collective of Light, to inspire each of you to reconnect with Your Own Inner Light. For that is where any answer you seek and desire . . . already is.

You already have the answers, the remedy, the prosperity, and the opportunity you seek inside you. 

frequencywriter.com ~ the storms are coming: use higher discernment and the answers are already within youFor we will say again, as we have said before, that Your Light, your Divine Essence and Purest Spark of the Infinite, lives outside the confines of time.  And it is there, . . . in that Brilliant Stream of Energies of Pure Light that inside at the core you all truly are . . . that magic and miracles happen.  And that answers to every inquiry are already known.  Because in the Infinite, in its Timelessness, All Time Knows Itself Already.  And therefore, all versions of you from any realm or physical incarnation, already knows itself and all outcomes of such experiences lived.

Given this, as each of you on your world today, prepares for a Global Shift and literal Re-set of the Core Structures of your World . . . you are reminded of your Timeless, Infinite, and All Knowing Wise Inner Light, that lives inside the Higher Frequencies of your Heart Center.

The skills that many of you are not presently awakened to, but that you will need to call on and call into form in the coming shifts ~ now presently unfolding, are within you.  You do not incarnate into any lifetime . . . void of what will be needed to successfully meet the learning and expansions of that lifetime. 

And therefore ~ you have within you ~ in Perfect Divine Order and Perfect Right Timing and Alignment ~ all that you need to rise and be a Greater Version of You . . . A Greater Version of You that is connected with this Amazing, Infinite, and Extraordinary Wise and Wonderful All-Time All-Knowing Version and True Organic Essence of your Divine Nature. 

Dear Ones ~ the Time for the Physical Manifestation of the Release of Humanity from the 3D Control Grids and thus the structures that enforce it ~ is upon you.  You are loved, supported, and deeply guided from within, to now step up into the Greater Essence of Light and Soul Gifts you really are.

Typically, incarnated souls do not reach for what makes them “more” or “brighter” or “wiser,” without a Catalytic Invitation to Engage that Greater Inner Rising Process. 

It is because sleeping in the cultural norms is a very comforting cocoon . . . it supports you to stay in survival consciousness.  And to do what others around you are doing, for that pack mentality in theory is what is believed to keep you safe.  And to keep you strong.  To be able to make it here on Planet Earth and to live another day.


Awakening from our cocoons to our Higher Light ~ frequencywriter.com

And we will now say . . . the pack is now catalyzing to more collectively AWAKEN.  And to do this successfully, a turn of focus, awareness, or conscious attention will need to be placed within you, on your Core Inner Light, that pulses now with all of the New Codes, Downloads, Soul Skills, and Guidance you each need, to thrive in the New Terrain that 5D Earth is requiring. 

A storm is coming. That storm, in your world and terms, is the Invitation to Catalyze, Alchemize, and Quantum Leap and Shift now into a Higher, More Integrated, More Liberated Version of You. ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.com As some say on your world, a storm is coming.  That storm, in your world and terms, is the Invitation to Catalyze, Alchemize, and Quantum Leap and Shift now into a Higher, More Integrated, More Liberated Version of You, your Soul Self, than you have remembered actually being ~in a very long time.

And it is that Soul, that Higher Awareness, and Greater Light in You, that is emerging now, in you, if you consciously allow it to, and embrace its requests for conversation and reconnection again. 

Your 3D Human Self and Operating System is more and more invited to commune with your 5D Soul Self and Operating System.  In this connection, 2 Worlds of Awareness are merging into 1.  The storm, or the catalytic invitation, is the path through which all of the old density will expose itself to the Collective Consciousness and to the Individual Consciousness in Sweeping Streams of Energies now.    

It is Time to Awaken to your Higher 5D Soul Awareness and Power Portals Within.

For it is Time TO BE FREE.

Freedom often isn’t chosen, when needs are met by systems
that keep you comfortable and in routines of familiarity.

Familiarity is not Freedom. But you have been conditioned to believe it is.   

The storm or re-set occurring is a shake up of that very tenet,
that core belief that also lives in the heart of the pack mentality. 

We are here to cheer you on to reach for a much Greater Belief inside you.
We are here to remind you that ~ in your Fields of Divine Light Within ~
you have access to all that you can ever need.

It is a spiritual practice, a summoning to reconnect with your Soul’s Light, that will perhaps best assist you as the old foundations and terrain of conditioned thinking crumbles before your collective eyes.  And it is making time to get quiet within long enough to hear its voice and its greater guidance ~ that you will begin the journey of consciously bringing your Higher 5D Consciousness and Operating System actively online. 

This sometimes may seem to be something out of a fantasy or fiction book.  This notion of activating some Higher Dimensional Operating System now for the Greater Awakening of an entire planet.  And we would say ~ YES! ~ it is a story.  It is your story.  You are the soul incarnated in this timeline at this time.  And it is through the mechanism of a failing 3D Earth Terrain that you the main character of your story, are going to rise through the adversity to seek a more solid shore . . . that new shore (sure) . . . is the merging of your 3D and 5D energy bodies and thus operating systems into One Whole Soul System again.

Michael recently shared a beautiful message about calling the consciousness of the Sword of Light and Truth within you.  You may wish to refer to those insights if or when you have needs arise. 

For now, we will say . . . that from now until the end of 2018 . . . the terrain from which you all have lived many lifetimes . . . is now crumbling . . . and the New Terrain (and the compass for that terrain) lives inside your Soul Light and your Higher 5D Consciousness. 

Do not worry.  You all have access to your 5D Consciousness and Systems.

But some of you may need to work more committedly to reconnect with it, depending on the unresolved soul fragments or densities still in your own personal fields and Merkabal Structures of Light.

The tools you need and will be desiring to step into the New Terrain, as the old paradigm and terrain visually and in real time fails, exist within your willingness to open your hearts to something new and yet something ancient, and something Infinite and Timeless within you. 

It is Spiritual Archeology 101, in these times, for you each to feel the call in the Shifting Terrain, to quest, to search, and literally unearth these Greater Soul Aspects and Abilities Within. 

Be willing to look at what initially may seem uncomfortable . . . to see if fighting to preserve the old energy in fact does, truly, support your Higher 5D Light.

We as a Sentient Species have immense abilities to bond, to build relationships, and to adapt to routines ~ in order to continue to strive for harmony, safety, and survival.

And yet ~ this very same essence of Sentient Species is also what makes us vulnerable to false matrixes and illusions that don’t serve our Highest and Greatest Good.

We bind to comfort, and often as a result even to our captors, if we think that will help us establish a degree of safety, routine, and security in this unsafe and denser realm.

Souls seek experiential freedom, sovereignty, and infinite creative freedom. ~ marie mohler, frequencywriter.comDo Souls truly desire comfort?  Or do they seek more to feed their Higher More Expansive Spirit?

That “more” is Experiential Freedom.  Sovereignty.  Heart Center Awareness.  Infinite Creative Freedom.  That must also meet the vibrational requirement of the New Earth Light Codes . . . that all manifestations . . . serve the Highest Good of the Collective!

The old 3D earth served the agendas and desires of a few.

The New 5D Earth serves the Source Reality of Highest Good for All, in All Ways, Always.

We welcome you each day into the expansive expression of your more Infinite, 5D, Higher Soul Light.

Stay aware.  Be prepared.  Listen for the Truth amidst the dying and decaying false world.  Align with Light and Truth, and release the need to be loyal to one person, party, project, or paradigm.

Truth is your Guide now.  Listen for it. 

Feel where Truth pings in your body.

Notice where misinformation incites the old need to fight one pack to serve the needs and agendas of others. 

Truth Is Unifying.
Truth Is Unity.
Light Is Unifying.
Light Is Unity.

These Living Source Essences have been distorted through time to justify dark agendas and rally cries for perpetual wars and separation. 

But True Truth, Source Truth, and Source Light, . . . simply ARE.

They just beam what they are.

They don’t need introduction . . . or explanation.  Or Interpretation.  They just are . . . Expansive Source Energy in Form.   

And they reveal Peace.  Purity.  Unity.  And Love Consciousness.

Witness your response to the coming exposures of energy.  Just witness them.

Ask your Higher Self to re-set your awareness to see, feel, and know the Light of Truth in the revelations.

Practice peaceful, pack-less, agenda-less listening. 

Quiet your busy, conditioned, mental bodies.

And allow your Higher Spiritual Awareness to emerge its skills of Higher Soul Discernment . . . that DOES KNOW . . . beyond the confines and conditions of 3D time, what True Truth looks and feels like from our space and perspective of Soul Light and Infinite Divinity. 

We Are Light.

The Revelations this year are here to release what is not the Light.

Trust the Light to Lead, even on the dark nights of the Collective Soul.

These releases and revelations are paving a new path forward ~ for All to Re-Unite with the Core Light in the Cosmos, flowing from the Great Central Sun, and truly from the Heart of God, Source, the Infinite of All That Is.

Together ~ we will remember. Together ~ we are re-setting the Light as the Foundation of All Things. ~ marie mohler, frequencywriter.com

Together ~ We Will Remember.
Together ~ We Are Re-Setting the Light as the Foundation of All Things.

You are loved, dear ones.
You Are Love.
All Our Love.    

5 Responses to “A Storm Is Coming: Use Higher Discernment ~ You Already Have the Answers Within

  • Beautiful. Thank you. Namaste.

  • Thanks for the awakening,

  • Abby/Abigail
    6 years ago

    Thanks…Arcturian council members please help me on my journey…this is quite the challenge for me…I am still trying to figure out what to do and who I am. Help me please and thank you so much for everything!

    • Hi Abby ? The Arcturian High Council and the Arcturian Family of Light are here to help us all on the journey. So you are brilliant to call in their Light and Support. ?If you want any further support for your life path or soul purpose right now, and desire a soul reading, email me at frequencywriter@gmail.com. Remember, truly, it is our mental mind that doens’t know what to do or who you are. But your Heart, which has ALWAYS been connected to the Divine (even in this time of separation consciousness and last world age and cycle), already and forever knows who you truly are. And what your sacred gifts are. And what your purpose is here on the planet at this time. So tune in and listen to your Heart and its wisdom. Take a deep breath. And allow the Divine White Light of Source Energy connect with your Heart Center. And see what you feel in that perfect stillness. In that timeless Sacred Heart Space. What does your Heart most want you to feel or to know through your Heart’s Awareness, and not your mind. Allow that to come through you. You have all that you need in that sacred space. It just takes some practice to listen. That’s how it was for me too. When I first tuned in to consciously channel many years ago now, a deep feeling came over me, and a single letter came. 🙂 In time, full pages and pages of insights and channeled messages came through. Listen to your heart Abby. And if you find you still desire a reading or some coaching support, email me. Blessings and Light! ❤️