The Sword of Truth and Light Strengthens Us as Exposures of Misaligned Energies Continue

September 2018 ~ Archangel Michael:
Find Strength through the Sword of Truth and Light
as Exposures of Misaligned Energies Continue

A Message from Mother Earth and Archangel Michael

via channel Marie Mohler
Received August 25, 2018





Dear Ones, ~ Archangel Michael and Mother Earth September 2018 Energy UpdateIt is Mother Earth and Archangel Michael here today, to bring you a Special Light and some Fortifying Insight as you close out the Energies of August 2018 and you enter the Portal of September 2018 on your world at this time.

Archangel Michael is a Profound Helper and Supporter of Higher Frequencies in the Earth Realms.  He is empowered and divinely gifted with the ability to cut through negative energies, cords, attachments, or anything binding you to energies or connections that no longer serve your Higher Soul Path and that do not serve your Highest Good. 

Archangel Michael is a Tremendous Protector and can be called upon any time you feel afraid or uncertain about your next steps in your life or what to do in any given situation. 

A lesser known ability of Archangel Michael is that he can assist you with “all things electrical.”  Therefore, if you have a temperamental electrical gadget that likes to work intermittently, or that funks out, and won’t start or perform its expected duties at the most untimely of times, call in Archangel Michael to give it an energetic or electrical re-boot if you will.  And watch in amazement as the previously unresponsive, electrical item, . . . now begins to snap to attention and function properly.  Michael has the ability to be an etheric jumper cable if you will, to energetically catalyze or ignite the proper power source to your electrical gadgetry when needed.  He thus helps with your own electrical and electromagnetic clearing, re-booting, and re-igniting as well.  For you are electrical and light-powered beings.  And the powerful Archangel Michael reminds you of your Light-Powered Wings any time you desire.  But you must ask for his assistance if you want it.  Free will is respected and honored in this Earthly Realm.  So support like this is granted only, and especially, when requested.  Once asked, Archangel Michael is delighted to assist you in any and all ways he can to serve your Highest and Greatest Good and the Good of this Beautiful Earth Star Planet.

Archangel Michael Sword of Light and Truth ~ channeling
We are here together today to talk about the Sword of Light and
the Sword of Truth that Michael embodies and represents.

For a long time on your world, before this most recent world age and cycle,
the world lived in the Light of Love.  The Atmosphere was filled with the Light of Truth.  It was your Oxygen.  Your Nourishment.  And your Soul Sustainment. 

Truth of this magnitude permeated everyone’s Heart, Mind, and Soul, as LIGHT.

Its Transparency, Vibrancy, and Organic Sacred Harmony was All Encompassing.  It was the Essence of the Light of Truth and Transparency that created and lined the Vibrations of Unity Consciousness on your world at that time. 

In this last experimental age and world cycle, the Light of Truth was essentially banished.  Its frequencies were incompatible with the density and dense matrix overtaking the planet.  And so ~ it went underground.  And it diffused itself into the ethers.  So that Sparks of its Light could be discovered and called back into the Hearts of One . . . by any Soul . . . despairing or troubled by the vastness and weariness of this cycle’s journey.

So even by feeling or calling in the faintest degree of Light from these Etheric Sparks of Truth and Light, one could summon the Ascended Masters and the Archangels . . . to help your human experience during this time of the Great Forgetfulness and this Time of Spiritual Amnesia. 

The Light of Truth is an Organic Energy that lives inside the Etheric Matrix of the Soul.  And thus, it always lives and exists within YOU . . . even on the darkest night of the soul.

Those “external” flashes of Light and Truth are merely your own Inner Light sensing itself in the much Greater Universe and finding itself in the much Greater Truth of All Time . . . that exists beyond this false web and dense realm and timeline of the 3D Earth.

You are here now on the Earth in August and September 2018 . . . to continue to awaken within . . . these “flashes” and “reconnections” and “re-bootings” with the Original Source Light to be your own Original Swords of Light and Truth . . . that ignite the Inner Sense of You . . . as SOUL . . . and as Spiritual Warriors . . . in this realm and timeline at this time.

For it is in activating your Electrical Fields of Light, and Pulsing in Harmony with the One True Heart that breathes Life in all Sentient Life in all Realms and Timelines through the cosmos . . . that you will each and all reconnect with the Organic Divine Spark You Truly Are.  That Organic Divine Spark is Eternal, Perfect, Whole, Timeless, Courageous, and Light Everlasting.  We are that Living Light Essence.

The Time has come to Shine our Organic Source Light from within ~ ~ September 2018 Energy Update

And the Time has come to Shine that Organic Source Light from within,
despite the topsy-turvy waves of discordant energies tumbling all around
the world and lapping up on everyone’s inner shores right now.  These blasts
of energies can be disorienting, if you don’t know how to keep your inner
focus on the Lighthouse you organically have within.

Archangel Michael is here today to first say . . .

You are this Lighthouse.  And I am a Warrior of Light who has timelessly believed in each of you from beginning-less time.  Your Light lives outside the confines of time.  It is not subject to the Laws of Time.  And it is the reason why you can recall lifetimes upon lifetimes where you were young, old, and young again once more.  Because you are Living Light’s Eternal Expression of Perfect Harmony in Perfect Balance.  And you are not the physical bodies you might from time to time over identify with, and thus, over-attach to, for millenia.

Michael is here to say Shine Your Eternal Light from Within, and in doing so, remember Who You Really Are.  Remember beyond the argument you just had with your son over breakfast.  Remember beyond the test score or evaluation you just got back, that you might presently believe will hinder your life path.  Remember beyond the looming diagnosis, or the difficulties in your closest relationship with someone you deeply care about right now.  Your Light is so much more than the funds in your bank account, the dramas playing out at school, at work, or within your families stories right now.  Your Light is so much more.  And . . . it is the Pathway out of a Deep Dark Forest that really is a tangled web of illusion, density, and that which you are not at this point in the Earth Timeline and Evolutionary Story.

You are this Lighthouse. Your Light is here, as a Guidepost and Sword of Truth ~ Frequencywriter.comYour Light is here, as a Guidepost and Sword of Truth, to help you, yourself, cut through any cords of negativity . . . or binding energy of any sort . . . for Light by its Nature is Pure, Transparent, Powerful, Sovereign, Abundant, and FREE.


Archangel Michael would like to say this brief message to you today:

Dear Ones,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I am able to speak to each and every one of you through the Light and Frequencies of the Godheart ~ The Heart of One ~ The Greater Oneness that we all truly are.

I am a Lightwarrior, and thus, an Energy Clearer.  Light has a way of Exposing the Darkness, when we know how to see and embrace its True Gifts.  Very often, people may say to themselves, I just want peace. I pray for Peace and Light to free and bless this world and restore harmony back to the Heart of the Planet.  And yet, inside that prayer, is a subverted fear of that very Light. 

For the Light of Truth and the Light of the Law of One must first cut through and cut away the frequencies of darkness overshadowing its core Nature of Light.  It’s a kind of Psycho-Spiritual Surgery we are describing here.  The Light can of course cut away any darkness and toxicity anywhere at any time.  But the key that must be seen for this healing work to work properly . . . is . . . that we have to be willing to see the roots of the darkness ourselves in order TO cut them out and clear them fully from our energetic fields. 

Peace is only possible, truly, in individuals willing to see their own cords of darkness and attachments to the old matrix, to know what it is that they are psycho-spiritually surgically removing.  If we were to do a physical surgery in the modern world, and the physician doing the surgery were to say right before surgery, “To remove the tumor, I will open you up, but I can’t look at the tumor.  Its just too ghastly to see.  So we will just either:  A.  Blindly start snipping away with our surgical scissors and hope to get the source of the tumor as best we can . . . without actually seeing it . . . OR B. We can open you up to see if its there, and if it is, we will just know that can close you back up to rest with that confirmation.”  Can you truly rest at that point with either option?  My suspicion is no.

The same applies then to spiritual cleansing, clearing, and healing. The Sword of Truth and the Sword of Light that I bring to any requested healing or prayer for assistance is a Pure Light.  A Divine Light.  And it exposes the Whole Truth.  And the Depth and Origins of the Wound or Problem at Hand. 

So I say this to share . . . that those praying for peace and light are doing an amazing job of calling in the Light Frequencies to this Planet.  It is Time for Their Return.

The Light Codes are wired much more intricately and effectively now ~ September 2018 Energy UpdateBut I can also say . . . now . . . when the Light Floods in . . . or the Light is called in . . . it has to do more than merely comfort.  The Light Codes are wired much more intricately and effectively now to do more than comfort all particles out of alignment presently with the light. They are wired to go to the root of the destructive, ailing, or failing energies.  And they are wired to clear them out at that root point.

Therefore ~ by summoning me ~ and the Light of my Sword . . . you also summon your Inner Light Codes as well . . . to search out and find the Source of Discord disrupting the Organic and Natural Order of Peace, Flow, Well-Being, and Abundance in this world . . . in order to extract the malignant energy . . . and return its corrupted codes to Source for Pure Alchemization and Transformation now.

I am another you.  My Light is your Light.  The Sword of Light and Truth is your Sword of Light and Truth.    

Summoning the Light to Heal this world will thus also summon the Exposure of all that is malignant, and in a way ~ a false cancer, overlaying the Pure Perfection of this world.   

I am here to honor every wish to bring more Light to this world.  Know now that every prayer to increase the Light and the Light of Truth, is also for a time, simultaneously exposing the underbelly of Truth . . . it is exposing the darkness that has been able to thrive in a ripe 3D Earth environment.

5D Earth is a Vibrant Living Light and Higher Oxygenated Living Harmonious Collaborative Ecosystem and Home for All Sentient Life that exists here now.

It will require Great Strides of Light to free the 5D Earth from the tentacles of the Dark Matrix.  But this is what is occurring.

Light Frees and Leads All Things.

The choice was made to end the cycle and experiment of the old paradigm energies.  And so it shall be that the Light will be the Restorer of Harmony, Peace, and Bliss.   

Allow with Courage and Awareness ~ the Cosmic Surgery that must take place . . . to restore the Whole Earth now . . . to a Place, Planet, and Home of Synergistic, Cohesive, Thriving, Loving, and Organic Light.

The surgical storm may look worse at times before the wounds can heal ~ permanently ~ and for the Goodness of All!

Breathe in Light to all of the places of discomfort as the Old Energies get exposed and rise for all to see. 

For as they release, a New Oxygen and Template of Light fills and flows in . . . to Reset the Codes for a New Golden and Pure Age and Cycle of Harmonious New Earth Light.

I am Archangel Michael, and I come from the Highest Realms of Love and Light to Reset and Restore the Greatest Illuminating Light and Love this world has ever seen.  All My Love.”


We together are here to ring in this message today and all days going forward of the Light's Expansion, Restoration, and Re-Activation ~ ~ September 2018 Energy Update
We together are here to ring in this message today and all days going forward . . . of the Light’s Expansion, Restoration, and Re-Activation in all Highest Good Ways for All Sentient Life and All Souls choosing to remain and rebuild this 5D New Earth Star Planet. 

Together ~ our Pure Heart Lights have the Power to Create this New World ~ based on Light, Hope, Illumination, Harmony, Peace, and Joy for Everyone.

We are a Group Soul of Light returning to its Divine Destiny of Light.

We are Collectively One Heart.  One Soul.  One Brilliant Starlight in the Cosmos . . . returning to its Original Source Coded Light for All To See.

Let’s come together and Be the Brightest Light We Know Ourselves to Timelessly Be.

Thank you Archangel Michael for the Gifts of your Wisdom, Your Sword, and Your Light.


spirituality and soul light ~
Together ~ in the Month of September 2018 ~ and through the remainder of 2018 ~ let us remain strong in the exposures of misaligned energies as we also simultaneously regain more and more perspective on the True Truth, the Source Truth, of our Perfect, Organic, Divine Blueprints of Light. 

We Are Light.

September – December 2018 will continue to flush out that which is not a match to this Powerful Presence and Truth of Light.  And it will continue to pave the way for the New Expansion of Light that is here to restore and reset the New Earth and Sovereignty and Sacredness of All Sentient Life here as we move forward.

The Light can lead us, comfort us, and show us the way forward ~ if we openly choose and embrace it. 

I welcome all Beautiful Souls into the Warm and Extraordinary Return of the Heart of One’s Light and the Law of One’s Light into my own Sacred Heart Center.

In that Brilliant and Beautiful Light, We Are Home.  We Are Well.  We Are One. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

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