The Arcturian Collective: Change Is Coming and Change Is Here

The Arcturian Collective:
Change Is Coming and Change Is Here

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.13.19




Dear Ones,

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective, frequencywriter.comIt is Mother Earth, El Morya, Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Light for Humanity as the Arcturian Collective.  We invite each and every one of you to take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Allow this Sacred Breath to fill all of the places inside you with Love, Light, Peace, Ease, and a Deep Sense of Well-Being.  For things in your every day lives on your world can seem a bit up-ended at the moment, yes? Lots of energies bringing change are streaming in every day, and while some of you cannot literally see those energies, you can certainly see their effects.  Change is coming, and change is here, to restore the Earth and All Sentient Life living upon her, to its original 5D+ Essence of Divine Light.

So we firstly come through today, to remind each one of you that any time you feel overwhelmed, lost, vulnerable, afraid, or off balance in some way, we would invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Remain conscious for just a few moments of that Conscious and Light-Filled Breath coming directly from Source, from Creator, from the All That Is, to reset your Original Codes of 5D and Higher Light, and re-setting your Heart Chakra to an Amazing Inner Space of Well-Being, Balance, Safety, and Harmony.

We would like to speak to you today about the Energies and Essence of Change.  We know you understand change as an inevitable reality on your world, but we also know that the Concept of Change has been reduced to a very small container, in the mental body’s attempts in 3D to manage this very large energy.  And in reducing it to this smaller understanding, you often are missing the core point of it, and thus, acting subconsciously, in resistance to it.

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective, frequencywriter.comWe would suggest that another understanding of change, through the Broader Perspective and Lens of Non-Linear Time, is EXPANSION. And to the Soul, that lives in every one of you, there is nothing more delicious than the opportunity and precious living experience TO EXPAND.  Because this is how the Soul merges and unifies its Light with the Heart of the Divine.  And when the Soul is Aligned with the Living Essence and Pure Heart of the Divine, and with the Extraordinary Light in the Infinite Expanse of the All That Is, there is nothing sweeter.  Nothing more perfect.  It is a Frequency that simply must be experienced in order to be known. 

And any one feeling as though they are not having that bliss, or that magnificent alignment and fusion with the All That Is, or if you feel you may never have quite felt this level of Soul Light Expansion and Unity with a Much Greater Light inside you, we invite you today to make that an Inner Destination and Intention, for that is ultimately, at the end of the day, why you all have come here.  Into these lives.  Into these bodies.  Into this earth experience.  You desired to feel that supreme level of joy when your Soul Light activates and joins with the Perfect and Pure Positive Energy in the Infinite Heart Light and Expansive Divine Essence of the All That Is.

Now, how does one get from where you might vibrationally be today, at any point on that Scale of Energy, from Despair to Bliss, to that Essence of Joy in the Infinite Expansion of Pure Source Light?  It first requires us to take another look at the Living Essence and Vibration in the word “Change.”

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective, frequencywriter.comOn your world, the word change and its daily realities are something that many of you don’t like.  Or, you think it is something you don’t like. And why is that?  Well, change is an energy, much like time;  it is happening all around you, all of the time, but there is no substance to it that you can grab or hold, in order to control or manage it.  It is invisible to you.  It is an etheric force, in all of your lives, isn’t it?  Continuously pulsing a Power and Presence in your world, and activating shifts on an individual and collective basis, but you cannot see, feel, hear, smell, or taste it with your 5 worldly senses.  And yet, you know its there.  Because you can feel it.  Time is this way, and so is the Energy of Change.  It is a Consciousness.  It is a Living Life Force, and it in many ways induces a certain level of fear or discomfort, because it is not easily controlled.  That is because it is an other-worldly energy.  It is an essence built into the very fiber of the cosmos.  And it can only be felt, in order to be known.

On your world today, there is an inherent effort to reduce the impact of change.  Living on a 3D planet for as long as many of you have, through many cycles of time, the focus in order to survive in a 3D Separation Consciousness has been to avoid change or at least attempt to contain it or control it, the best way you can, to create the most positive trajectory in your life as possible.  So there has been this inner battle ongoing in many of your relationships with the cosmic energy of change.  Either to avoid it ~ and thus resist it, or to attempt to in some way to control it ~ either by suppressing it, driving it, or consciously manifesting aspects of it.   

What we wish to suggest to you today . . . is to consider expanding your understanding of it.  So that you can Partner More Fully WITH It.  So that you can ultimately . . . more completely . . . embody it.  For it is a Living Life Force that desires to move within you . . . and to assist you in that Ever-Unfolding Process and Impulse to Expand your Unification and Infinite Experience of the All That Is.

Your 5D Operating Systems recognize the Energies of Change as Literally . . . Food for the Soul. It is literally a frequency that the Higher Light of this Broader Aspect and Operating System Within You . . . converts as Soul Fuel.

When the Gears of the Universe and a Collective Manifestation unfolded to co-create a 3D Separation Consciousness experience and experiment, the Energy of Change itself . . . Changed.  And it became something that the 3D Operating System was threatened by . . . and often . . . attempted to avoid at all costs.

What was once a Soul Ally, . . . and Soul Nourishment that fueled your Light Bodies and Infinite Connection with the Great Expanse of All That Is, became an essence to be feared, avoided, resisted, and rejected.  Doing that “successfully” in some ways meant that your body temples could live another day.  For Change as a Living Energy in some ways deep in the human psyche . . . was incompatible in this realm . . . with the impulse FOR life . . . because change in the deepest recesses of the Collective Psyche  . . . threatened your very survival and triggered a sense of chronic Root Chakra Levels of Living.  Whereby your consciousness could focus on solely surviving and getting your most basic needs met.  Food, clothing, shelter.  Perhaps in that order.  And that drive has been all-consuming.  And all-encompassing.

Now, take another look around at your world today, through this 3D lens of the activities on your world.  Fearing change for as long as humanity has in this last world age and cycle . . . has actually perpetuated the very fear . . . of living the survival issues that initially linked to the negative effects of change.  Can you see that?  Famine, poverty, homelessness, lack, greed, imbalance, pain, and suffering can in many ways be linked back to this fall in human consciousness, from a Higher 5D Frequency and Union with this Light Embodiment of Energy, to a 3D Frequency of Separation from the Light and a Dis-Embodiment of that Light Energy.  And change became an energy that people only “liked” when it produced desired results.  Otherwise, it is deeply feared.  And hence, like all other things, our Cosmic Partner in the Higher Realms of Consciousness, our Cosmic Partner in our Soul Expansions, our Soul’s Deepest Nourishment and Desire, got relegated to a polarity too in this realm.  Something that is loved or hated.  Something that is relished or despised.  Depending on an individual’s conditioning, patterns, or experiences.

As the Earth Mother Rises in Frequency, to get up to speed with the
Light of 5D Frequencies, and Higher, and to take her Rightful Place
in the Cosmos once more as an Infinite Being of Light herself,
so too, must all of us.

And what does this mean?

We are being invited to CHANGE.
Into New and Brighter Versions of Ourselves.

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective,
This means ~ too ~ that we are being summoned back
to our origins in the Higher Realms where CHANGE
becomes our Ally again, our Partner,
our Soul Food, and our Soul’s Nourishment. 

Presently, as this impulse to continue to rise effects and upgrades all things on your world, you are seeing and experiencing a Time of Tremendous Change. Things, and really systems, that seemed like pillars of modern society, are falling apart. And falling away. Beliefs and structures that have been running and ruling your world are shifting;  and some, are crumbling.  To make room for a new, more expansive understanding of life, and your place in it. To make room for a Greater Partnership with the Living Energy of Universal Love and Light, that is meant for each of you.

But what is the cellular memory and response to this level of change?  In a 3D World Consciousness?  Yes. It is seen as dangerous. Unsafe. And it triggers feelings of anger, fear, or resistance, perhaps at all costs.

When change comes to a collective consciousness the way it is on your world, to us, it is saying . . . Its Time To Let Go.  It’s time to let go of what you thought was the core organizational structure of your world and the way you thought it would always be. In order to embrace the Gifts of Change which ultimately are . . . The Soul’s Expansion.

Earth’s Consciousness and Light Body is expanding.  Humanity’s Consciousness and Light Frequencies are expanding. All Sentient Life and Living Life Forces are expanding in Light.

And that means ~ that ~ Yes . . . Things are changing.

Governments are changing, ecosystems are changing, people are changing, and everything that is essentially out of alignment with the New Light Flooding your world, planet, and governing structures is changing.

We often desire to hold onto “the devil we know” because there is a fear of the one we don’t.

And to that ~ we would say 2 things:

Is every one in your world today living safely, living well-being, living goodness, and experiencing proper nourishment, positive health, and joy?

If not, the system that created this world is out of balance with the Higher Light. 

The cycle of learning from Separation and Division is complete.

And an invitation to come together in Greater Unity now is offered to each and every one of you.

The impulse inside you is changing. From that of sole survival to that of Collective Soul Revival and Thriving.

All Cosmic Coordinates, on the inner and outer planes in your lives, are recalibrating. Restructuring. And resetting to this New Light Code Expansion and Trajectory.

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective, frequencywriter.comAs this occurs, will there be changes in your daily lives?  Yes. 

Will they all be comfortable changes? Not necessarily.

But they will be changes that are designed to align You, and the Whole of your Soulful Essence, with the New Timelines, the New Soul Food, and the New Light Codes Imbued with Expansion Frequencies in each and every one of you. 

And if each of you can let go into the Soul Light within your cellular and Soulful DNA, if each of you can become willing to embrace the Energy of Expansion, through the Expression of Planetary Changes, and trust that you will be guided perfectly through those changes, to live, breathe, and be your perfect part in those changes, magic can happen in the midst of the most up-roaring, up-ending, and unbelievable changes than your consciousness has ever seen.

It is in understanding the Soul’s Deepest Desires for Expansion as that which keeps your Soul Light LIT, that each of you can consciously begin to work with your responses to the changes unfolding inside you and all around you in these times.

Yes ~ there can be what feel like negative consequences of change. We aren’t saying that the changes will all feel rosy and joyful. But we can say ~ if you tune into your Soul Light ~ and just witness it in these times ~ it is highly activated and engaged in the “coming online” process with the Higher 5D Aspects of Who You Truly Are.  Partner with that energy. Focus on the Inner Expansion and the Goodness and Light realigning inside you to a Greater Truth, Harmony, and Unity than your souls have lived in a very long time.

You can ride the Waves of Change, and Soul Surf Your Way into the Light of your Higher Heart’s Expansion, if you can more consciously release resistance to change.  And if you can consciously let go of your fears OF change. 

When the Great Fall in Human Consciousness occurred, landing you on 3D Earth, change was associated and paired with fear.  The polarity at that time partnered fear and change together. We invite you now . . . to open . . . to allow . . . an Inner Partnering on new levels. 

To allow your Conscious Mind to Release the 3D Equation:
Change = Fear

And to Re-Write a New One:
Change = Blissful Expansion

If you can do that, and surf the waves to a better Shore of Light, you are going to feel better and better, and increasingly more grounded and joyful, despite continued system failings and crumblings in global structures.  As one falls away, a new more aligned structure and guidance system will rise to take its place.

Consider what we have shared today.  Allow yourself to, without attachment or judgement, simply witness old structures being removed, failing, or falling away.  Instead of allowing the “Change = Fear” paradigm and circuitry to activate in your field, we invite you to first . . . catch yourself.  Witness the old 3D response to change, as you’ve known it, activating.  And then . . . take a Conscious Breath.  In that Conscious Breath, ask your Higher Self to help you, to support you, and to more easily align you, with the LIGHT OF EXPANSION.  With the Joy you feel in your Spirit about Expansion.  With the Light of Freedom that Expansion fills your Soul with.  And ask your Higher Self to help you re-member, re-fuse, and re-partner with the Light of 5D+ Expansion and Understandings of THIS Version and Level of Cosmic Change once more. 

We are ascending into our Lighter, Brighter, Higher Selves once more.

This means ~ we are changing. 

This means ~ we are expanding. 

This means ~ our Souls are ready to go Home to the Truth of the Great, Resplendent Light we’ve always been.

We can’t do that, if we are holding on to the fear of being What We Truly Are. 

We can’t do that if we are afraid to let go of what isn’t working. Because it prevents, or at least it creates a greater struggle within us, to allow IN what IS meant for us.

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective, frequencywriter.comBreathe Light into the feelings that rise in you about what news, information, or unfoldments trigger Awareness of Change.  Breathe Light into the places inside you that don’t understand the crumblings, the dissolving of misaligned structures, and the fear of what may seem chaotic or different for a time.

Truly ~ each of you upon the earth is a Change Agent.  You are a Warrior of Change.  Because it was known long ago in Spirit that the Earth would be in tremendous transition at this time.  This Time Has Come.

The Time for Change Is Here.

You are witnessing and simultaneously co-creating history.  It is in the making!

This means ~ The Time for Soul Expansion Is Here.

Breathe in the Light of all the Blessings of the
Deepest Soul Expansion Joy you can let in right now. 
Allow your Higher Self to help you take that Deep Inbreath In.

Breathe out the fear that was formerly paired with the Energies of Change.

Breathe In Expansion.

Breathe Out the Fear.

You can do this.  You are this Living Soul Light who is ready to Breathe the New 5D Oxygen.  Who is ready to Breathe a New Unity.  Who is ready to release fear and all of its 3D Limitations.  And who is ready to embrace the New Soul Understanding that CHANGE = DIVINE EXPANSION.

Its time to be your Bigger Light and to allow the smallness of fear to dissolve into the ethers to be alchemized perfectly by the Light of Source Energy.

Change in the form of Soul Expansion wants deeply to partner and to play with all of you again in this Higher Field of Awareness and Consciousness. 

Breathe the Light of this Awareness into any lower frequencies and experiences that call your conscious attention.

Soon ~ you will more fully embody your Role and your Joy in being a Conscious Change Agent and a Spiritual Warrior of Soul Expansion Energies once more. 

We are going Home.  One Conscious Breath, one release of fear, One Conscious Embrace of Soul Expansion ~ at a time!

Mother Earth delights in her own return!  And she welcomes all of her amazing children Home to Higher Frequencies and Expansive Light once more!

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective,

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

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