The Bridge Times: Living In Between The “No Longer” and The “Not Yet” & Celebrating the Gifts You Truly Are

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.14.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through Celestial Rays of Pure Divine Light that serve as a bridge for all of you to rise into Higher Fields of Light in your daily conscious awareness.  We know that inside you there is joy and there is doubt, there is prosperity and there is scarcity, there is love and unity and there is judgement and separation.  December 2019 is bathing you all in the gifts you truly are as you also re-align inside, on the inner planes, and with your inner cosmic coordinates, . . . the great weaving together of all duality, all fragments of separation, all aspects of wounds throughout eons of time, and all experiences of confusion in the spiritual amnesia and the forgetfulness of who you really are.  

December 2019 is a time of allowing yourself to bathe in all that is real, all that is true and all that is Light.  There is a soaking in of all the marrow and the rich expansion that 2019 has brought to your heart’s higher awareness.  We would imagine that each of you can call up a feeling and memory of something this year that caused some uncertainty, some knowing that what you were living and experiencing was not the real and true divinity you hold inside, and that there is or was another way to think, feel, be, and believe about that particular experience.  The words “stretching” or “expanding” are what come to our hearts and minds as we feel into the reflections of your journey this past 12 month cycle.  For you each and all have literally been the essence of that growth, that reset, that reorientation to a timeline that is much more true about who you really are.  

Did those stretching and expansionary experiences leave behind some things?  Or someone?  Or some job?  Or some belief you had about something you thought was essential or vital or important in your life?  But that as the energies shifted and upgraded inside you, you were squeezed to a place that you knew you had grown beyond that version of experience and soul growth inside you?  So even amidst the pain or challenge of that squeezing experience, did not a part of you know that that aspect of your life was complete and that you no longer really resonated with what it had previously offered to you?  These are the times dear ones.  These are the times of the great weaving.  The leaving of what is no longer and the weaving of what is “not yet.”  

For in that Great Weaving, is the you, the life, and the vibration that is birthing in you to meet the new frequencies of the New Earth in new ways.  Do you hear the theme of Newness ~ in our transmissions for you today?  So much newness and emergence and new templating is building inside you.  And on this earth.  For the New Earth requires new ways, new behaviors, new beliefs, new gifts, new awareness, new vibrations, and new experiences of unity to bless this world and to make it whole, unified, joyful, healthy, balanced, and resplendent once more!

So let us return for a moment to the feelings inside you where you continue to feel uncomfortable with where you are . . . with where events unfolding in your life presently are . . . that are not yet the wholeness, freedom, sovereignty, wealth, love, and health that you desire.  What inside that experience or those experiences brings discomfort?  Brings the squeeze?  Brings the feeling of “the old ways aren’t working for me any longer” and yet “the new ways aren’t here in my experience and why am I struggling so deeply with this challenge or task in my life?”  

We wish to validate and affirm that it is perfectly in that in between space that you will find the new vibrations you need to walk that bridge of light between who you have been and who you are emerging to be.  Can you recognize that something is not working, not fitting, and no longer aligning in your life?  If so, this is good.  This is a great gift for you in your journey.  The Recognition that an aspect of me is no longer resonating with where I am going is the first step to accessing the bridge between the 3D realms and the 5D reality you seek, remember, and know you are becoming once more.  There is a deep gift in that recognition.  And before you can claim it, you must first be willing to see it.  The seeing it doesn’t mean you aren’t growing.  In fact, it is the very opposite.  The seeing it means you are perfectly on your path of witnessing your own soul’s expansion.  From one form into another.  From one vibrational reality into another.  

You are the journey and the witness-observer at the same time.  You are the challenge and the remedy to that challenge all in one.  You are a part of the very same whole. You hold the questions and the answers.  You are the lost and the found.  You are the lack and the prosperity.  You are all of it.  Your challenges summon the gifts now that you uniquely hold inside to unlock the keys to resolve, remedy, or reset any situation in your life that is not vibrating at the higher levels of consciousness that many of you know deep inside . . . that are still working and struggling at times to figure out how to live . . . more sustainably . . . in the all-time knowingness you are . . . deep in your heart center.

And so . . . who is your biggest ally in this process?  Your All-Knowing Heart Center.  Your All-Knowing Sacred Heart Center lives outside the confines of time.  So it lives outside the confines of any challenges you feel right now in the weaving of all duality back into one whole inside you.  It knows how to comfort and guide you into the resplendence of your gifts and into the remedies for anything in your life less than the bliss you most desire.  

This 3D Earth Experience and Experiment was designed in all ways to allow you to be what you are not.  So it was designed to allow the theatre of all of the polarity and duality and separation experiences one could conceive of . . . so that it could be a lived experience.  It was designed to support the lived experience of duality and all of the challenges, pain, suffering, and wounding that goes along with it.  Because deep in your core, deep in your heart centers, you all know . . . that the 3D experience . . . is not even real.  You know that the 3D experience is a vast illusion that is such a good illusion . . . that it seems so very real.  And what is hard to imagine is that the Perfection Of You, the Bliss of You, the Wholeness of You, and the Gift of You is NOT the illusion but the only True Living Reality, in All Time and Space, and In All of Creation.  That is the vast inner journeying you all are engaged in.  Making peace with the gift of the illusion to recover your immensely expanded Light as a result of these eons of separated incarnational experiences.

And while many of you are rejoicing, and celebrating the Light’s Return, upgrading your light codes and filling you up from the inside out . . . much like the holiday celebrations light you all up with love, community, connection, celebration, rich energies, and more . . . you are also simultaneously making peace with the darkness, the holes and wounds of your separation experiences, and the gap between who you know yourself to be and who you thought you once were.  Who you have lived yourself to be in the most cycles and past ages of time.  

While your Inner Light is the thing inside you your soul knows the best, it is the very same vibration and inner knowing that your conscious self sometimes remembers the least.  This is the Time of the Great Weaving.  This is the Time of the Knowing and the Not Knowing.  Of the Confidence and Soul Skills Expanding and Emerging in You and also the Self Doubt, the Self Criticism, the Judgements, the Confusion, the Chaos, and more.  The Great Weaving is the All Time Merging, Converging, and Blending of All Timelines and Lived Experiences of your Soul’s History . . . to date.  If you feel like big things are happening inside and all around you, they in fact TRULY ARE.

The Great Weaving is not something that will only emerge in you in the softness of a butterfly’s wings or the silkiness of a puppy’s or kitten’s fur.  The Great Weaving is a much bigger process that requires your spiritual stamina, inner courage, openness to embrace all that is rising to meet you to inform you about who you really are and who you are becoming, and thus the willingness to embrace the challenges of seeing and feeling right now . . . the 3D you . . . that you know is “no longer,” meaning that is complete in its cycles in this 3D illusion and that is closing itself out . . . and the 5D you . . . that is simultaneously rising in this “not yet” lived experience of the Allness You Are . . . through the countless lifetimes of practicing your light skills and soul mastery in form.  

Its no wonder you have these feelings some days of knowing everything and knowing nothing in the same moment.  Its no wonder you have these feelings of euphoria about the newness forthcoming and emerging in you and on this planet and feelings of dysphoria that nothing is working, everything is falling apart, and nothing really makes sense any more . . . the way it might have in previous years in this life and others.  The rhythms of 3D life are being called into question.  Were they rhythms of how life is?  Or illusions of a 3D experience of separation that was never real in any way, shape, or form in the first place?  

It is challenging we know to live amongst that crumbling reality and the failing illusion.  What you thought organized your lives may in fact have been a complete manipulation on many, many levels.  And yet, you are equipped dear ones, with all the soul’s knowledge and skills within you, to navigate your mind body spirit temple, your perfect divine merkaba, through the crumblings of what is “no longer” and what is still “not yet” at least in the physical timelines your world is moving into.  

The “not yet” is being built RIGHT NOW.  It is emerging in you RIGHT NOW.  The “not yet” is happening now.  And how is the initial restoration of Light Codes going to become a new physical now experience . . . that re-anchors and re-templates this world in the Truth of your Divine Coordinates and Soul Light again?  By your willingness to see the old outdated codes failing, within and around you.  And by your willingness to rise through those ashes and steadily commit through your Sacred Heart’s Willingness to show up to be . . . the Light of Your Soul Presence . . . gracefully flowing past the frictions of the old energies failing . . . and into a much Higher Consciousness about those very events in your life right now . . . and choosing unity consciousness, 5D, faith-filled, loving, compassionate, New Earth thoughts . . . that allow more vibrational attention and emphasis inside you on the NEW than the old that is falling away.

If this process of 3D and 5D were a two syllable word, your vibrational attention needs to place the accent mark on the 5D syllable.  So that every time you speak, as much as you can, every time you feel, as much as you can, every time you doubt, as much as you can, every time you rise, as much as you can, you are vibrationally emphasizing the New that is unfolding and that is emerging and that is rising in you and in every one and every thing on the planet.

Until more recently, it was easier to keep accenting the 3D world in your words, thoughts, feelings, and actions . . . for that is what would somehow be rewarded in your life in the synergy still unfolding with the 3D illusion.  Now, accenting the 3D energies only makes you more uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  The more you talk about 3D events, activities, and challenges from that illusion, the more challenged, unhappy, disconnected, or dense you feel.  Would you say that is true?  So if your story, of your life, or your lifetimes of experience held themes of grief, disempowerment, lack, dis-ease, or whatever the case may be, you are no longer being vibrationally rewarded in the moment to re-affirm and “accent” those old stories.  Those old themes.  Those old creations.  Because even those stories now are crumbling inside you.  They are crumbling like a stale cookie, falling apart and not to be rebuilt or resurrected again.  But moreover, sent out with the compost to dematerialize and alchemize back into new nutritious soil once more.  

This is your journey now.  Recognizing the dematerialization of the old thought forms.  The old beliefs in 3D living.  The crumbling of the matrix of separation.  And CHOOSING to accent instead . . . the other soul circuitry circulating in you . . . simultaneously . . . offering you the New Light . . . the New Beliefs . . . the New Codes . . . and the New Gifts that 5D Energies and that your Awakening Sacred Heart Centers have held for you all this time.

You don’t have to work hard to find the New Codes.  They already exist inside you.  The key is that vibrational accenting process that is now yours to embrace.  The key is that vibrational appreciation process of the New Light that is guiding you perfectly to restore what you always were.  The key is vibrationally embracing the New Light codes of unity, cooperation, ease, and flow in your life that IS the natural order of things.  While you simultaneously witness the old falling away, even though it shows up for you as an option to engage, you can increasingly witness it, and know it to not be true and to not have life force inside you any longer.  

You can recognize the old 3D codes as energy that no longer has life force inside it, unless you give it that life force, with your vibrational engagement and accenting.  

Does it take discipline and discernment to consciously embrace the shifts unfolding?  Yes.  To have an easier time in the emerging New Light Codes, yes.  It takes becoming like the elements of water or air, to flow in that New Life and New Light Patterning on the planet.  If you stand in a kind of thick earth energy or even fire-y resistance to the New Light or to the old 3D world falling away, the ascension process will still unfold . . . but your life will feel more challenging and affirming of the pain and suffering your soul knows its time to let go.

What’s your cue?  About what you are vibrationally accenting?  Do you feel like water?  Do you feel a sense of a sweet breeze or flow of water’s ease and grace in your life as things rise up?  Or do you feel the bristling and stiffness of earth or angering of fire in response to things in your life?  

5D is flow and flight.  3D is fight.  In the fight or flight mechanisms you are very primally wired with in your 3D structures and codes, the fight is your 3D energies that ground and engage the 3D illusion.  The flow and flight is your 5D energies rising beyond the 3D illusion’s antics, theatre, challenges, and even your own limiting beliefs that keep you tied to that old world.

So we come through today . . . to invite you to allow the smooth Light of Grace and Resplendence to celebrate your extraordinary Soul Essence and Presence on the planet . . . this holiday season . . . and as you cross the threshold into 2020.  

January 2020 offers an application of this journey of the Great Weaving within each and all of you.  Jupiter is emerging in the planetary configurations in 2020 to amplify your vibrational accent marks.  Jupiter is going to amplify all that you feel, think, believe, and grow inside.  In this way, Jupiter is helping those that still sleep and are quite unaware of any consciousness shifts on the planet to awaken to the Truth of their Skills as Conscious Creators in their lives and in the Greater Collective.  There are other powerful planetary alignments beginning straight away in January . . . that support the tearing down of illusions and the templating of the new living reality of Golden Light and Unity Consciousness once more on planet earth.

Your journey in this new year is deeply engaged in this process of the Great Weaving inside you.  Seeing the old energies (that once in some way was you, your belief systems, your entanglement and entrapment in 3D theologies and illusions) . . . and seeing the new 5D energies rising inside you at the same time.  With all being amplified to re-orient every sentient soul on the planet to the Greater Truth of Who You Really Are as a Collective.  You will see the Collective Co-Creations of a 3D World front and center on the global stage as well as your own Individual Creations in our own inner life stage.  

All are aspects of the illusion being witnessed, acknowledged, and released to allow the summoning and anchoring in of the new 5D Earth that is always and truly in your heart of hearts and your collective consciousness.  This is the Time of that Great Return.

So the Great Weaving and the Great Return continue to be themes that we are spotlighting here through Frequency Writer and we will continue to provide transmissions that support and guide you in this process of letting the old theatre fall away and allowing your more Transparent, Talented, Divinely Loved, Divinely Perfect Gift and Light shine in the world.  In your gifts, is the grounding of the New Light expressing itself . . . to build the new structures needed for a new Loving, Giving, Resplendent New Earth.  

You are the Light of Love and the Light of your Unique Sacred Soul Signature and Heart Center in this world, alchemizing and transforming, right now, into a new higher brighter version of Who You Truly Are.

Breathe the Light of your Divine Resplendence.

Celebrate the Great Weaving of All Experiences ever had in all realms . . . now becoming Whole and becoming Soul Wisdom and Grace again.      

Your Divinity is Eternally Whole.  Your Divinity is Eternally Wise.  

Your Light is Perfectly Loved.  

Your Gifts are Perfectly Appreciated and Valued in the Greater Collective You Truly Are.

Your Resplendence is a Vibration you can lean on or fall back into when the Crumblings and the Exposures feel like too much, or too challenging to make sense of or to bear.

It is the Resplendence inside you, in your gifts, in your talents, in your passions, in your purpose that will provide that bridge inside you . . . to walk YOU from 3D feelings,  thoughts, and experiences in your life right now today . . . into the Higher 5D Dimensional Realms and Light that your Sacred Heart Center knows inside you.  

That Resplendence is your very own Divine Inner Light.  Its the Spark of Source Energy you have always eternally been.  Its the Light of your Faith, no matter what is going on within and around you.  Its the Light of your Gifts, no matter what is going on within and around you.  Its the Light of your Love for all of Creation, no matter what is going on within and all around you.

Resplendence, your Divine Brilliance, Splendor, Gifts, Talents, and Purpose, are that Bridge . . . between the two worlds in your inner and outer life.  

All life is hybridizing 2 planets into one now.  

It is the Time of the Great Weaving.  It is the Time of the Great Return.  

Breathe in the Resplendence of the Great Weaving and the Great Return.

For they are the Resplendence of You and every living soul on planet earth.

In that breath, in that Conscious Breathing of your Divine Resplendence, you are whole, loved, unified, perfect, and reunited with yourself, your soul light, your 5D sentient family of light, and with the All That Is.  

When in doubt, BREATHE.  When in fear, BREATHE.  When in confusion or challenge, BREATHE.  Breathe consciously.  Breathe in your resplendence.  And know your 5D Light is rising to release and/or absorb the old 3D structures dematerializing and returning to Source Energy for complete cleansing, alchemization, and new energy for new creations in the New Light.  

You Are This Living Light, dear ones.

You have held it within your heart’s soul codes all this time.

There is NOTHING outside of you that you need.

All that you are and all that you desire to access ~ lives inside you.  

Know this.  Breathe this.  Feel this.  Appreciate this.  And allow this in your conscious awareness.  

You are so very loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

2 Responses to “The Bridge Times: Living In Between The “No Longer” and The “Not Yet” & Celebrating the Gifts You Truly Are

  • Leslie Vienneau
    4 years ago

    Hello Dear Marie!
    Many thanks for this very timely transmission! The in-between time has been somewhat confusing and the final few months of 2019 has been no exception.

    I’m deeply grateful for you and all the channeled messages you so generously share with your readership!
    Much love and many blessings to you and your family (domestic and wild)!

    Leslie Vienneau

    • Thank you Leslie! I’m so grateful for you and the light you shine and share in this world. 🙏🌎✨I send you lots of love and blessings! 💕