The Duality Game: The Larger Legend & Lesson of the Two Wolves ~ Duality Vision, Zero Point Vision, & Whole Soul Mastery

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 6.14.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here and we are delighted to connect with each and every one of you listening to this transmission today.  For you are reclaiming your Divine Sovereignty in the frequencies of every transmission, and receiving Divine Prana, Light, and Life Force as you connect and breathe with Source Energy, with the Heart of the Mother, and with the Heart of Creation in these very profound conscious connections now.  So let us celebrate this union and re-union of the Godheart and the Godspark in YOU in this moment, and let us breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath to acknowledge Who You Really Are as this Light and Divine Breath from Source and from the Cosmos fills your lungs, your heart, your awareness, and your divinity codes right here, right now, at this time.  It is joyful, yes?  And so very soul-fully refreshing, yes?  This is among our most poignant messages to you in these times Dear Ones, the Essence and Soul Remembrance, that You are a Shining Spark of the Godheart here in this realm, at this precise time on planet earth, to reclaim the Sovereignty, Soul Gifts, and Soul Mastery that you have always been through time.  Breathe and Remember This. Breathe and Attune to the Divine Essence and Soul Avatar You Are. 

So we have been journeying into the Greater Conscious Awareness that on your world . . . a Larger Legend of the Two Wolves is playing out on Center Stage.  One might think it is about divisions central to humanity’s lifetimes of experiences, yes?  Black versus White, health versus disease, Republican versus Democrat, Christian versus Muslim, or any other myriad of illusions that separate the human essence from its divine essence and the Oneness that All Truly Are.  Because today, we will say that all of those divisions and all of those dualities are designed to draw your attention and your inner energetic focus away from One Thing . . . your Wholeness, Completeness, Divinity, Light, and Arisen-ness in the Heart of your Being.  And that in essence is the True War waging in all of these manifestations of distraction on your world . . . the Spiritual War for the Recovery, Re-Activation, and Re-Claiming of your Spiritual Sovereignty and the Liberation of your Divine Selves and Divinity Codes of Light.  The Dark Wolf, in this Legend of the Two Wolves, is designed to ensnare your consciousness in 3D Vision . . . where Duality and Polarity reign supreme in the Consciousness of the Collective.  And where each of you is invited, summoned, and often manipulated by a larger 3D matrix and its black wolf puppeteers in the metaphor of this legend . . . to draw you off course, off center, and out of the Zero Point Frequencies that offer the Gateway to the Higher Realms, Higher States of Consciousness, and Higher Frequencies of Light, Oneness, Unity, and Harmony.  And the Light Wolf, and the lightworkers of this realm, represent the Essence of Light and Truth, Justice, Harmony, and the Unified Field of Oneness Consciousness that is a Bliss, Prosperity, Joy, and Ease that many remember . . . but that feel more fantasy than a lived, accessible reality in your world today.  

And we wish to share several insights in this transmission today, to help you navigate the True Battle or War unfolding on your world right now.  The first is this concept that you are being summoned now to an ever increasing awareness of what the War on this 3D Earth has always been about.  It is a Spiritual War, of Good versus Evil, the Light versus the Darkness, and Unity or Christ Consciousness versus the Luciferian Consciousness. This has been the backdrop template of all wars fought in all of human history. Whether you are religious or not, these are the energetic underpinnings of anything that has ever manifested in your life experiences or the greater collective.  It may look like the internal struggle for the health and welfare of a person or a group of people or a battle for the right to freedom and well-being or between nations or groups of people.  It may look like one sports team playing or challenging another.  It may look like one religion fighting or attempting to suppress another. But it all leads back to one underlying global war in all 3D timelines that have existed . . . which is a War of the Spirit . . . or more accurately . . . a War for the Spirit of Humans and Humanity.

And we encourage you to continue to expand your Spiritual Vision, your Clear Soul Sight, your Zero Point Vision in the days, weeks, and months ahead . . . to see more clearly where the distractions are in the dualities of this dimension . . . and where the True War is being waged in the minds and hearts of people around the globe.  Many of the distractions and divisions are mere smoke screens to cover up the tensions and the real battle playing out . . . between Good and Evil . . . and between the Light and the Darkness . . . on your world and within each of you at this time.  The Two Wolves in many ways exist within you.  And as the Legend of the Two Wolves states, the wolf that wins, is the one you feed.

So what wolf are you feeding?  What energies in The Duality Game of the 3D World do you feed, seed, and engage in your daily life?  In what ways does it call to you?  In what ways does it successfully get your attention?  What are the hooks of Duality that live inside you . . . that respond to the calls to the Dance of the Two Wolves?  And where do you find yourself the most susceptible and vulnerable to the Duality Game . . . that only in the end creates lose-lose outcomes for both the Light and the Dark Wolf?  When one has to lose, for the other to win, that is ultimately a lose-lose scenario, for it leaves the participants and the audience of that battle or that dance . . . aware of a True Loss.  For the Essence of Light, the Spirit of Unity, the Grace of Christ Consciousness ~ loses in the hearts of all in battles like these.  God/Source/Creator, the Pure Positive Omnipresence and Omnipotent Energy in the Cosmos did not design a world of losers.  A world of winners versus losers.  A world where anyone experiences themselves as lost, broken, beaten, defeated, or worse.  The 3D matrix that is illusion did.  God/Source/Creator, the Pure Positive Omnipresence and Omnipotent Energy in the Cosmos, designed the Organic Framework and Template for all of Creation to be a win-win-win-win-win for All.  You are designed to win, to be victorious, to channel and express Source Energy in form in your talents, your gifts, your heart, your beliefs, your challenges, your growth, and soul expansion processes in all ways.

So the Dance of the Two Wolves that you see playing out right now is the Greatest Show on Earth, for it is the culmination of the Greatest Illusion ever manifested in any realm.  Because it is a Culmination of many Star Races who seeded humanity here many eons ago . . . and the Opportunity to Set Things Right, in Divine Alignment with Source, in Divine Alignment with the Cosmos, in Divine Alignment with the Central Suns, and in Divine Alignment with the Heart of One once more.  

So when you feel called to judge, to hate, to anger, to join energies of violence, pain, and suffering, to polarize a situation, to antagonize another to feel better about the positioning of yourself and your age-old, 3D, well-worn pathways and beliefs in duality and The Duality Game and in duality consciousness in general . . . witness it.  Witness the call to the Dance.  Witness The Duality Game rising up and through you to engage those lose-lose dynamics in the 3D realm that have only ever perpetuated more war, more unrest, more suffering, and more pain for the entire collective.  And know, that even if there appears to be a victor of that fight, in Truth, there are only losers.  For the Spirit of Oneness and the Living Essence of the Light of All Of Creation was once again edged out and trampled on, to perpetuate the agenda of Duality Consciousness for this realm and all who live within it.  

The Truth is . . . when you begin to expand your vision to see it . . . and your open your eyes to a greater and more infinite consciousness than duality consciousness and The Duality Game allows . . . you begin to see that everyone is hurting.  All are losing in this fight.  And you begin to see that the only way for the Light To Reign Again, for the Light to Win again, for the Unity Consciousness that many desire to Win again . . . is to see through the Portals of Zero Point . . . and to see through Zero Point Vision . . . where the tension between the White Wolf and Dark Wolf can guide the Human Collective . . . and can guide you ALL back to Wholeness Vision and Integrated Vision once more.

So know that anything other than a Return to Wholeness Vision . . . is Duality Vision.  Is Distraction Vision.  And it entails and requires individuals and groups of individuals to see through the eyes of polarity, opposing forces, wounds, pain, suffering, lack, distorted power, disempowerment, and scarcity. 

Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Wholeness and Light Consciousness . . . know how to flow beyond the limits of Duality Vision, and into more Integrated Sight.  And more Integrated Light.  These Higher Consciousnesses represent the Freedom, Liberation, Emancipation, and Sovereignty that lives beyond the Duality Game.  For you will never see clearly, through Soul Sight, through 5D Higher Light, if you are caught in the game of duality, separation, and division.  These lower vibrational elements are what cause the spiritual amnesia, spiritual astigmatism, and spiritual fragmentation and confusion of your time.

So where can you see with this Wholeness Vision?  Through your Heart Centers.  Through your Chakra Systems.  Through the Third Eye.  Through your Intuition.  Through your Guidance System.  Through Feelings of Faith.  Trust.  Awareness.  Neutrality.  Soul Presence.  Unity.  Oneness.  Service to Others.  Connection with the Light.  And a Willingness to Engage Clear Soul Sight.  No Matter What.

No matter which side, group, faction, community, religion, age, race, skin color, IQ, sexual orientation, and more appears to be marginalized, oppressed, offended, abused, enslaved, judged, abandoned, disgraced, and more.  All of the Division, All of that Divisiveness, All of that Pain, and All of that Lower Vibrational Energy is the hallmark of Duality Vision and the 3D Energy Game of Duality and Separation Consciousness Itself.

All of that is so disempowering to Shining Avatar Souls like yourselves.  

And do you know how easy it is . . . in a realm conditioned by Duality through Time . . . in this 3D Realm to get one group to fight another group?  To get one individual to spark the seeds of hatred, distrust, animosity, abuse, and ultimately polarization between the people and the sentient life of this earth?  Too easy.  So easy . . . that it happens every day.  On the mainstream news.  Through the voices that bring the intel of what is happening around the globe through their lens of duality . . . right into all of your homes.  Right into all of your heads.  And right into all of your hearts.

And do you know how and why that is so effective?  Because most are truly unaware that is happening, to anyone, and least of all, themselves.  

The Duality Game has been so effective in this realm as a platform and stage of human experience, evolution, and really, devolution . . . that many do not even know they are participants in that Sea of Vibrational Soup as this channel would say.  Because they don’t remember the difference of what it looked like and felt like . . . in the Higher Realms of Living and 5D Unity Consciousness-Oriented Operating Systems.  For it has been so long since that was integrated in your Hearts and Minds in your physical bodies.

The New Earth is an Invitation
to Leave the Duality Game.  

To see it for what it is. 

And what it was. 

And how it has played on your wound-strings,
your tethers to all lifetimes lived where any
suffering of any kind was experienced.  

Those Duality Strings that link each of you to Wounds that have played out on this 3D Earth are feisty.  They are persistent.  They are relentless.  And with the advent of TV, and the mainstream media, and the platforms of communication that communicate through various media sources, . . . the escalation of Duality has only increased.  Because the multi-sensorial nature of film, video, audio, sensational story telling, and even the propagandizing of false information and even lies has been so easy to seed in the belief systems, judgement systems, thought systems, and all systems of humanity . . . because they respond to the power of stories.  

Those who get to tell the stories . . . get to control and manipulate and manage the narratives.  What happens when the diversity of stories becomes censored?  What happens when the effectiveness of the media moguls and machines that they have become . . . becomes the omnipresence on a planet in lieu of Source Energy . . . to tell people what is true?  What happens when the media centers and mainstream sources of news become the perpetrators themselves of false narratives . . . sold as Truth . . . but being very far from Divine Truth, Source Truth, and Sovereign Truth?  If all else is conditioned into the human collective to be Conspiracy Theory, Fake, and False as the new facts of the Human Belief System . . . and the Human Sentient System . . . and the Human Operating System . . . then an entire planet begins to run on a false engine of belief . . . and it begins to run on a false pretense and template . . . that wasn’t necessarily of their full and conscious choosing . . . but that ultimately required complicit-ness and a lack of heart-centered connection in order to achieve in this realm.

The Black Wolf in this Legend plays the role
of the Greatest and Biggest Deceiver.

The White Wolf in this Legend plays
the role the Greatest and Biggest Believer.

Deception can only move through the mind,
because the Heart knows.  It Knows Everything.

Believing and Knowing Truth, with a Capital T,
can only move and be conducted through  the Heart. 
Because the Heart Knows.  It Knows Everything.

So whether or not you LIKE the events unfolding.  Whether or not you LIKE the actions taken by who you perceive to be the Dark Wolves in your realm.  Whether or not you LIKE the actions taken by who you perceive to be the White Wolves in your realm.  There has been an other-worldly and vast amount of manipulation in your realm.  And that is the invitation in all of the “crazy” you see in your realm right now . . . to admit and to embrace an awareness . . . that each of you may not yet know . . . or even have begun to know . . . who the Wolves are.  What their roles truly are and have been.  How long and how many generations of Wolves have fought this battle at the Highest Levels.   

We can admit and acknowledge right here and right now that it has been very hard for any and all of you to TRULY KNOW what the wolves and wolf agendas have been in this spiritual war through time . . . with the 3D conditions that require the separation or severing fully of Heart Consciousness and Divinity Consciousness.  

Religions don’t give you this Level of Heart Consciousness and Divinity Consciousness.

In fact, many religions do the opposite.  They give you rules, governances, and guidances that fit the narrative of the human beings that have implemented this or that religion.  So even religions worldwide have been infiltrated by the wolves of this matrix.

Do you know what has this level of Heart Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Wholeness Consciousness, and Divinity Consciousness? 

The Sacred, All Knowing, Pure, Divine, Heart Center in one and all of you.

All Hearts at this level Beat the Same.  And they Beat the Same Inner Knowing.  And they Beat the Same Oneness Song, that All Know Today, and In All Realms.  Simply by the Source Life Force that lives within it.  

Each and all were conceived as human beings ~ to be imbued with the Divine Spark.  And thus the Divine Codes of Truth.  That withstand scrutiny and even spiritual amnesia through time.  Because these Divinity Codes are Life Giving.  Life Supporting.  And Life Leading.

And Source Itself has trusted the Divinity Codes in each and all of you . . . to Lead and Guide the Way, even in times of the Greatest Darkness, in this realm, and in others.

Because Source Itself knows that the Light Always Leads.  Even in the Timelines that it appears non-existent.

Because Source Energy is imbued in every one and every thing.  

And Human Beings, True Human Beings, are wired with these Seeds of Infinite and Immortal Light.  They have the God Codes inside them.  For All Realms of Time.

And it is the Heart that is the first organ to come to life when a being births into life, after conception.  It is that pulsing reminder of What Organizes and Seeds All Life. The God Codes, the Divinity Codes, of Light seed All Life.  

It is why every life is precious.  It is why every heartbeat is precious.  It is why every beat of every heart is precious.

And your heart today is no exception.

Human beings, star beings, infinite beings of Source Energy that you are, KNOW this Strength, Vitality, Timeless Essence, and Eternal Wisdom of the Heart.  

You have been conditioned, manipulated, seeded, controlled, censored, distorted, fueled, fed, and managed away from this All Knowing Heart Center Within . . . by the agendas of some very dark wolves . . . who have passed the torch of illusion and delusion and confusion through time . . . to impair, impede, interfere, and manipulate what you can see and believe and know to be true in this life and in this realm.  

But many grew and journeyed above those manipulations and distortions.  Even with the most wicked wolves controlling and distorting this matrix with incredible technologies and other-worldly dark councils.  Whole Soul Masters have still lived and thrived here.  And that is the time that is coming for all of you!  

It is your Heart Center that we wish to activate and awaken once more with our transmissions to you now and in the future.  For you will need every pulse, beat, and wisdom from your heart centers to help to guide you through what is still yet to unfold on your world in 2020 and in 2021 and this whole decade.  

Your Heart Center is your
Navigation System for these times.

Without it, you are highly susceptible to manipulation, propaganda, technology that you wouldn’t even believe, and collaborations and efforts on the part of some very dark wolves to pull off a mass manipulation of EPIC proportions.  

Many of you who wear glasses or contacts today understand the power of astigmatism and skewed lenses to distort or blur the vision through which you perceive even just your 3D physical world around you.  You understand how much can be distorted, diffused, confused, and blurred out . . . without corrective lenses.

Your Sacred Heart now is your Cosmic Corrective Lens that is rising in this transmission
to meet you and greet you again.

There is an invitation to consider a willingness that what your current lens is . . . might not be the Whole Truth, the Divine Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.

And we know how hard this might be for some of you.  For you might believe right now that you think you know the Whole Truth.  Or a big chunk of it.  

Because you have watched.  You have witnessed this world.  You have experienced pain, oppression, confusion, distortion, grief, and sadness yourself.  In this lifetime or another.  And so you think you KNOW it.  Better than anyone.  And you are prepared to at times join forces with others who know this pain.  And want to rectify this pain.  Or expose this pain.  Or fight this pain.

Yet we will say to you that pain is part of the distortions themselves.  Pain is part of the Legend of the Two Wolves that will live in perpetuity if polarity is not integrated from the Higher Vision and Wholeness Vision of a Re-Activated 5D Sacred Heart Center.  

Even your lower vibrational 3D hearts can be manipulated, subjugated, controlled, and distorted to be believed as a True Heart.  As a Clear Soul Sight.  As a Clear Vision and Divine Knowing.  3D hearts can be put under spells with other-worldly technologies too.

So we come through today with a pathway forward, or many pathways forward, that will shine through the Insights and Clarity of the Sacred Heart Center within that connects all people, all life, all beings, all races, all religions, all communities, all countries, and continents and waters in between.  It is the Pathway of the Heart.  The 5D Heart.  The All Knowing Heart, that lives in Higher Dimensional Frequencies beyond your 3D operating systems and your 3D heart’s awareness and belief systems.

All that vibrates in alignment with a 3D earth is largely an illusion.  Because the 3D heart was entrained to the 3D illusion.  And therefore it only sees through the 3D Illusion’s Vision.  

It is the 5D and Higher Vibrational Heart
and Operating System that can see
the 2 wolves in the ways we convey them today.  

The 5D Sacred Heart Center is the Zero Point Technology inside you required for this journey now into a new vibrational consciousness, that is the New Earth.

In the Vision of the 5D Heart Center, you can see the two wolves clearly.

You can open to allow what the True Truth is . . . in this 3D realm . . . to unfold . . . without attachment, without polarity, without duality, without thought shaming, without ideology shaming, racial shaming or battering or fighting, without a loss of hope, light, soul, and center!  Because you begin to see the illusion that it totally and Truly Is!

And therefore, you begin to be a part of the vibrational solution to the duality game . . . and the 3D engine that is The Duality Game . . . that is the only thing that can power that level of density, drama, and pain.

And you therefore begin to see that the dark wolves must continue to create displays, stories, narratives, events, atrocities, and divisive and angry hate speech that pits one side against another.  One skin color against another.  One belief system against another.

And do you know why it is all a lose-lose language and perpetration on the sentient world of 3D earth?  Because duality requires losers.  And duality requires victors.  And duality requires teams who will fight to the death so as not to lose.  

There can be no winners in systems of duality, ever.

It is a Zero Sum Game, where for one to win ~ another must lose. 

The dark wolves know this and play it for all of us, as if it is the music and harmonizing force of this dimension, and as if that low vibrational energy is all there is.  

In the Higher Dimensional Knowings of the 5D Heart that you all have . . . there is Zero Point Spiritual Technology, Sentience, Feelings, and Understandings that, where everyone WINS, because the LIGHT WINs.  And you are all seeds and sparks of that original LIGHT.

So watch where you fall prey to the dark wolves zero sum – duality game and duality consciousness.  Witness it, without judging it.  Just observe it activated in you.  As you watch the news.  As you talk to people sharing their wound stories of duality through time in the vibrations they speak.  Where hunger, hurt, horror, shock, pain, suffering, etc. are part of the duality they speak, and that are part of the duality they seek to reconcile through engaging the duality speak that has been taught since the beginning of this last world age and intense cycle of separation.  

Healing will not be found in the Duality Speak.  

Unity will not be found in Separation Speak.  

Wholeness will not be found as a Human Race through Division Speak.

Healing, Unity, and Wholeness will only be found
through Integrated Heart Vision, Speech, and Language.

This is that Zero Point Portal. 
That will begin with this New yet Ancient Language . . .
of Wholeness Vision, Wholeness Speech,
and Integrated Polarity now going forward.

The Deepest Darkness will continue to manipulate duality, separation, and division until all wake up their Clear Soul Sight in 2020 and beyond.  

Watch for Wolves that appear to be speaking Light but who actually are perpetrating games and tricks of division and divisiveness.  What are their actions?  Not their words?

Dark wolves can say and speak duality, masquerading as light.

Dark wolves however cannot hide from their records, their lives, their actions, their deeds, their energy trails through time.  For THOSE speak for themselves.

That is how Truth withstands scrutiny very well.  

That is Light withstands scrutiny very well.  

Those same records, lives, actions, deeds, and energy trails speak for themselves.

Watch the distortions of language playing out.  Witness it.

Watch the emergence of a Wholeness Language rise up and through the human collective and shock the world.  First with Light.  Second with Higher Sight.  Third with exposures of the True Darkness and True Dark Wolves.  And Fourth, with the disclosures and transparency of the True Light and the True Light Wolves.  

From a 5D Lens of Higher Soul Sighted Vision, that FIRST LIGHT, that FIRST BREATH, that FIRST TRUTH will be a life giving and soul resetting shock that rings through the earth. And liberates this world.  

And it will be a New Birth templated on the original divinity codes that will bring a new vibrational organizational Light to this world to free all sentient life upon it.

It all begins in the Heart.  The 5D Heart.  And the Soul Sight required to know the difference . . . between the 3d heart and the 3d illusions . . . and the 5D Truth and the 5D Vibrational Harmony with the Heart of Source and the Heart of One.

We will continue to speak about the wolves and the Higher 5D Heart now in the coming transmissions.  

Welcome back to a Greater Conscious Connection with your Divinity Codes that know the Truth, the Light, and a Divine Pathway and Portal Forward into the New 5D Earth and the Consciousness and Heart Song that it sings!

You are One.   You are Whole.  You are Light.  You are Unity and Christ Consciousness in form. 

It Is Time to Step Up Bravely, Awakened-ly, Truth-fully, and see the illusion . . . so that you can reclaim your Divine Sovereignty, Freedom, Authenticity, True Galactic and Divine Heritage, Light, Well-Being, and Joy! 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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2 Responses to “The Duality Game: The Larger Legend & Lesson of the Two Wolves ~ Duality Vision, Zero Point Vision, & Whole Soul Mastery

  • Vickie
    4 years ago

    Thank you Marie …I had a Profound dream after this channeling as I listened at bedtime… This 3d matrix feels like a spell or a curse that I’m tapped in and can’t get out of …much love ..xxxx

    • Hi Vickie! Wow! I’m glad to hear that the transmission resonated and perhaps activated some higher awarenesses inside you. So much of 2020 is inviting us to clear the “wound-tethers” that have had such a grip on us in past lives and even in this life. To clear them, we most often must first see them. Seeing them sometimes is a huge part of clearing them. From that witness-observer and soul presence perspective. We are all emerging out of this spell, matrix, and illusion . . . known as 3D earth. How amazing that you are aware that it IS an illusion! Because it helps you to affirm what is REAL! It offers you the Power and Presence of Conscious Choice! Thank you Vickie for sharing this and for the connection! I send you Happy Quantum Independence Day Frequencies of Joy and Light today! Many Blessings ❤️🤍💙