The Great Awakening & Planetary Liberation: Illusion ~ The Ultimate Virus, Shelter In Place Metamorphosis, & 2020 Clear Sight

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.21.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through a glistening, cascading, comforting, and affirming Light of Christ Consciousness shimmering through the Grace of Dragonfly’s Wings.  These are the Times dear ones where you are activating All That You Truly Are.  These are the Times dear ones where all that you are not, as individuals and as a collective, is being shaken and rattled to the surface of your very conscious awareness and the Collective Consciousness’s awareness and attention.  Would any one of you want to miss this Grand Event?  Of course not!  And this is why a global event is unfolding on your world at this time, in this perfect now, to access, activate, and engage your full attention on what is REAL.  What is Truth.  What is Light.  And what is NOT the Light.  What is not the Truth.  What is not Real.  Your Higher Sensory Perceptions and Abilities are awakening to shimmer and glisten like the Grace of Dragonfly’s Wings and the brilliance in the Divine Technologies within your Sacred Heart Centers.  And it is through this present global experience of a virus on your world that much is being activated that has been dormant within you and within humanity for a very long time.  

So let’s explore today this Awakening Process Within.  Let’s take a deep look at what it means to Awaken to Higher Truth.  Higher Light.  And Higher Love and Liberty.  For all of you.  Liberty is one of the values originally held in high esteem within the United States of America.  When this country was forming, as a melting pot of the highest ideals held in the hearts of many extraordinary and brave pioneers who came from many different countries, cultures, religions, and creeds, people desired a new life.  A New Light.  A New Freedom, than perhaps what they were experiencing previously.  And so it offered a New Hope.  There were seeds of divine potential that they sought to create in this new land and this new life.  And those pioneers came mostly by boat to this new land.  So there was a journey to even arrive there.  Were there dangers and obstacles faced by some of them, or by many of them?  Yes.  All journeys worth taking will have their challenges to summon and evoke a higher level of sight, courage, confidence, discernment, growth, and expansion, won’t they?  So of course these pioneers from many different countries and backgrounds would face some incredible challenges and yet they would also glean many great rewards.  In their quest for Newness, Freedom, and Expansion, they were seeking a new Liberty and a new experience of Sovereignty, which in its own right is a type of Cosmic Wealth for the Spirit.  For the Soul.  

Now you see, this planet in its 3D slumbering state for many, many thousands of years and many, many millenia, that Freedom, Newness, Lightness of Being, Liberty, and Sovereignty was usurped through the conditions and vibrational contracts of this false 3D matrix that was installed here.  And so, even while humanity forgot its natural, organic, divine origins from the stars, and it forgot its essence as a cosmic pioneer and divine vessel of light, it still experienced calls to explore, to dream, to try on new things, to vanquish dragons and darkness in this world, and to create a way to once again be free.  This is a soul quest.  A soul summoning that never, ever ceased in all of you.  Maybe it went more dormant in some, but it never disappeared entirely.  For you have the Spark of the Divine Creator within, and Creation is never stagnant.  Never truly dormant.  Never truly dehydrated where new life cannot create itself, no matter the circumstances upon this world, and no matter which timeline we are speaking to at this point in time.  Renaissances have always occurred.  New explorations have always unfolded.  Quests for Freedom, Wealth, Health, Joy, Love, Community, Self Expression, and Expansion have always channeled through and within the Collective.  As a Seed of Divine Grace from the Creator and from Creation itself.

2020 is the Time of the Planet’s Great Awakening, dear ones.  Can you feel its rumblings?  Can you see the crumblings of the old matrix that no longer serves the Dream of Separation?  Can you feel and sense the rising of something entirely new?  Can you see the seeds of New Life seeding themselves in this recent turn of events in 2020 as the world as most people know it comes to a quantum halt . . . and the gears of an old 3D matrix . . . are literally shut down.  Is that not the Dream of Reunion revealing itself to you?  Do the Gears of the Old 3D Matrix Shutting Down indicate to you that something is up?  Something is shifting?  Something is changing?  In Divine Timing?  

2020 Is That Divine Timing. And this is the year of the Planet’s Global Reset.  And this is the year of the Collective’s Mass Awakening.  To the Greater Truth.  The Higher Light.  The Spark of Creation and the Creator within your very own Heartbeats.  And the very pulse of Mother Earth.  

Now, as we speak about Liberty, Truth, Light, Awakenings, and Pioneers engaged in a Quest to Remember and Re-Activate their Divine Essence, Sovereignty, Joy, and Unity Consciousness that emanates from Divine Creator and Creation Itself, we are also aware that in a matrix of duality that is cracking, crumbling, and sputtering right now, there are also triggers and offerings of fear, illness, agitation, scarcity, lack, discontent, and discouragement.  For these are old seeds of the old matrix that have dried out but still need a day in the sun to be seen.  To be witnessed.  To be acknowledged by a Global Collective who no longer wishes for that creation and that experience to be part of the Human or Sentient Experience here on this world.  

So all must see the seeds that have been sowed in past 3D gardens.  ALL must see the structures and hidden matrixes now come to Light for what they were, and for the cure of what ails this 3D planet to reveal and unveil itself to this world.  

The illness that is surfacing on your world . . . is that of Spiritual Disconnection, Separation, Manipulation, Dark and Density-Based Structures and Control Systems, and Humanity’s Subjugation and Compliance with that old system.  When all that is NOT the Light surfaces within each of you, which has been unfolding since December 21, 2012 with great fervor, velocity, and powerful vortexual energy, it ultimately summons an activation in the Greater Collective . . . surfacing all that is NOT the Light within the Greater Collective Experience as well.

When costumes are removed, and curtains are opened, a bare naked Truth exists on the Stage of the Collective Human Experience.  And this is the Time now dear ones where you all are activating as an awakened audience.  The Virus has gotten the attention of All of Humanity, and thus all Sentient Life on your world as well.  The Virus that has plagued Humanity for the entire duration of this 3D Matrix, the Virus that templated a false, sick, dense, illusionary reality for this entire world age and cycle, is now Center Stage for all to see.  And very rapidly now, the veils of time are pulling back the layers of illusions and clouded sight of the Human Collective, clearing away the Spiritual Amnesia, clearing away the 3D Astigmatisms, clearing away the contractual consent required of all to incarnate in this realm . . . to accept the terms of a prison planet . . . in order to enter the Earth’s Field . . . so much so that nakedness on that Grand Center Stage is all that will soon remain.  

Right now, in the confusion that many of you may feel, we can say that that nakedness is being assembled on that Center Stage.  No longer will Americans, or any other Earth Citizens in any other country on this world, accept the illusion, the lack of Truth, the manipulations of the masses, and the theft of your very life force and creative Source power and energy that we would call your Living Light.  Those energies that have sought to prey on the hearts, minds, and consciousness of this Sacred Earth, and all who have incarnated here (human, animals, plant, fish, etc.) are being rounded up and exposed as the soul-less, life-force-less, and manipulative beings and controllers that they manifested to be in this lifetime and timeline.  

To move forward, as a Conscious Collective, how could all members of the Human Collective, the Conscious Sentient Collective, NOT see what had transpired while they were conditioned into submission and subservience to a much greater, vaster, master plan of manipulation and density?  How could or can Humanity evolve and transmute this “virus” if you will that has infected and invaded this beautiful Earth Planet for eons . . . if the masses never awaken to its presence in the first place?  If it is not seen, and acknowledged, it will simply run its cycles and repeat itself, as it has for many, many millenia, certainly since Atlantean times, and we would say . . . even before that.  

It has been a long, long journey to arrive here, now, in this timeline of 2020, where all are poised in the cosmos, witnessing, watching, supporting, and affirming your Collective Higher Dimensional Rising and Reunion with the Divine Matrix, with the Divine Mother, with the Divinity of All of Creation in All Realms and All Universes, once more!  And no one is more excited and elated at this Grand Awakening and Reunion of Mind, Soul, Body, and Spirit than each and every one of you.  

Some of you may think you know who the bad guys or “dark ones” are.  And we will simply say, in a deeply entrenched, dark matrix, based in separation consciousness, division, tyranny, illusion, scarcity and suffering, remember, there have been many today, and throughout history, who have played roles as sheep, and as wolves, and wolves, and sheep, and it will require all costumes removed, all gloves off, and only pure nakedness on that grand center stage to ultimately reveal the true wolves and manipulators of this 3D matrix and the true sheep and leaders of this entry into a new Field and Planetary Experience of Divine Christ Consciousness and Unified Light.  

For the illusion is long and deep.  And the layers supporting it run deep.  Even deep into the Earth, where tunnels of dark deeds were hidden from the eyes of humanity and could not be seen, to therefore, not be successfully stopped, until now.

Some of the technologies of your day and time, in 2020, are finally up to speed with humanity’s readiness at deep unconscious levels to rise from the old matrix and dream of 3D separation and into the Higher Light of Conscious Activation, Awakening, and True Truth Transparency.  All Timelines in many ways are merging into One, in 2020.  

The Virus is a real virus on your world today, as a literal manifestation of the dark ones attempting once more to control and coral humanity to do its bidding and serve its agendas.  And yet the Greater Virus on your world today, is the 3D control matrix itself, and the those that serve its agendas, appetites, and apparent lack of value for human life, plant life, animal life, earth life, and all sentient life and light on this world.  

That is the True Virus that the Light is exposing now on your world.  So know that two worlds are coming together, the 3D and the 5D energies at this time.  Wolves and sheep are rising . . . into their True Nature . . . and will continue to reveal who they really are . . . as the nakedness becomes clearer and clearer on that center stage.  Witness your own layers of 3D and 5D energies rising in your conscious awareness. Witness your own wolves and sheep versions of yourself . . . where you have manipulated perhaps yourself into believing or doing some things to yourself or others and at one point believed in that choice or experience you had.  ALL have been manipulated in this 3D matrix, because the matrix itself WAS and IS a VAST MANIPULATION and ILLUSION.

2020 is offering you Clear Soul Sight.  Clear Soul Sight has deep riches and cosmic treasures and divine blessings in store for all of you.  For the Entire Creation as a whole.  But it also has its challenges and “coming to terms” moments, where the Truth of all that has transpired here must be seen, exposed, and acknowledged in order to collectively integrate it into the Timeless Experience of the One.  Wholeness is where you are returning.  Truth is what you are reclaiming.  Peace, Joy, Liberty, Sovereignty, and Tranquility are what are returning to you in this Grand Process.

And yet the crumblings of the old will shake up some really old 3D debris for all of you to see, en route to that beautiful, shining, glistening, glimmering 5D New Earth, your Dragonfly Wings, and your Activated and Clear Sighted Sacred 4 Chambered Heart Center.  

This is the Hero’s Journey dear ones.  It is the Ultimate Hero’s Journey.  Ascension is the Ultimate Hero’s Journey.  Where you all remove the costumes, beliefs, agendas, conditionings, and contracts of that which you are NOT, and you rise to fully embrace that which You Truly Are.

Typically heroes have a few challenges to navigate before they rise triumphant in some way, shape, or form, over a feared foe, dragon, storm, calamity, or catastrophe.  This virus is in a way multidimensional.  And so it is physical and nonphysical.  It is the hero within that has the soul skills to courageously pull back the curtain (to pull it back even on those beliefs and ideas that were once held and that he or she may still want to believe in for the comfort or perceived security they bring!), to accept the naked Truth that lays in its place, and to rise with others grieving, struggling, and desiring healing and integration through it all.  

Your Ascension Process dear ones is unfolding while you are incarnated, in real time, on planet earth.  No longer are the life reviews at this level completed when you pass from the earth.  The Life Review Process, and the Planetary and Matrix Review Process, is happening, NOW, while you are alive and incarnated.  So much is being transmuted in this process.  So much is being released forever.  The 3D Experiment of a 3D Matrix is over.  It is Lesson-Gleaning Time.

As you step up as the Soul Heroes or Spiritual Warriors and Pioneers that you are, you clear a dark matrix off this planet and out of this cosmos, and uplift the Greater Whole as One Creation and One Light in extraordinary ways.  

Ground in your Conscious Breathing dear ones.  Know that your 3D structures that were designed to enslave the people and all life here are leaving and clearing in this process.  Fill yourself with Light as much as you can, and trust those leaving this planet at this time ~ it is in their Highest Soul Alignment at the deepest levels to do so.  You are returning and rising into a Perfect Divine Matrix.  Nothing is an accident. Through the lens of Divinity, through your Higher Sensory Perceptions and Abilities, you can see that all is an aspect of Perfect Divine Timing, Perfect Divine Order, and Perfect Divine Creation.  The 3D Enslavement Experiment and Matrix had its time in the Perfection of All That Is.  And now the 5D Liberty Expansion and New Earth Experience is rising for ITS time in the Perfection of All That Is.  

You will want to connect with your Heart Centers.  To access your Sacred Heart Centers.  To start or to continue conversations with your Inner Light.  Your Inner Guidance System.  Your Sentient Operating System.  Thank it for journeying with you all this time, even when you couldn’t see it or access it in this old timeline.  And thank it for activating now, to help you see through clearer and clearer soul sight, what is yours to clear, heal, witness, grow through, and embrace now . . . as you participate as a Global Citizen and Cosmic Citizen in the Heart of Oneness that we all truly are.

You have all the soul skills and higher sight inside you to ride these waves of change, uncertainty, exposure, and personal and planetary transformation now. 

Witness more.  Judge less. 

Tune in more to your Soul Light and your Soul Presence, and allow or indulge distraction less.

Create and intend ways to appreciate some thing or some one every day for the goodness you do see in your life and in the world.  And release the ways you participate in generating or supporting energies of drama, trauma, lower vibrations, and fear.

Ask yourself how you can add your Light each day to make someone’s life brighter.

And trust yourself to step up and be that Light energy in service to the Light and this Planetary Awakening each day.

We often judge when we don’t know what else we can actively, consciously, and constructively do to help this world, and all life in it.

Judgement is an easy loop and tool of the 3D ego to keep us on track in a 3D mindset.

Service to the Light is a one way ticket off that 3D loop and into the Higher Vibrations of giving, helping, and unifying in the Greater Collective Light with others.

While this virus is a real biological negative manifestation in the human collective right now, there can also be a Love Virus, a Service to the Light virus, a Collective Energy of GOODNESS, that goes VIRAL in your world today, as a result of this dark agenda alchemized back into Divine Collective Light.

So we invite you to think about and tune into how you can be a Servant of Conscious Living Light in easy, accessible ways, every day.  There is something that each and every one of you can do to elevate the frequencies of this planet, despite all of the fear still circulating on one channel in main stream news media outlets or another. 

The Real News and the Real Truth is inside.  You have had it within all this time.

Your Heart Center knows the Truth.  

Allow your Physical Eyes to catch up in consciousness with the Soul Vision and Higher Sensory Abilities your Higher 5D+ Heart Center has. 

You are on your way dear ones to activating more of your Clear Soul Sight in 2020.

Breathe.  Ground.  Love.  Engage Self Compassion.  Engage Earth Compassion.  Engage Compassion for the Entire Human Collective’s Ascension right now.

Be the Seeds of Liberty, Freedom, Sovereignty, Joy, and Peace you came to grow, water, nourish, and manifest for a New 5D Earth Garden to rise, thrive, and flourish.

And BE the Light you came to shine at this time!

That Time Is Now!  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

6 Responses to “The Great Awakening & Planetary Liberation: Illusion ~ The Ultimate Virus, Shelter In Place Metamorphosis, & 2020 Clear Sight

  • Thank you so much,Marie, for the work you do!

    Its crazy, I have been awakening a long time, and it stepped up the last 2 years. But this, I have been resisting this. That which we have all been working toward for so long.

    Its Like I have been holding on to the old, worn out, dirty shoe, while I in a funnel cloud, headed for paradise

    I have had alot of survival fear since this started.

    But this transmission has shown me , that we are exactly where we have all been working so hard to attain. Yet, I never could have imagined it could happen in my lifetime.

    With this transmission and your thoughts, I feel I can stop resisting. I dont know where that will lead,

    I can no longer run from embracing these changes, and the virus, no matter how much of my life lives in survival.
    I truly appreciate you, your work and the sacred Council. Much Love to you all!

    • Hi Mary! Thank you for your beautiful heart sharing and appreciation here 🙏💕 What a great description that many can relate to, when you say you have been “been holding on to the old, worn out, dirty shoe, while in a funnel cloud, headed for paradise”. We often do hold on to the comfort of the familiar don’t we, so hesitant or resistant to letting go of what we know (or think we know) . . . when incredible blessings await us on the other side of the fear that holds us back. It is often when we do step up and move through our fear, while trusting in the Light to lead us, that we amazingly can transform that fear and allow in the bliss and the blessings that are meant for us. We are all cocooned in now, sheltering in place, and summoned to an earth review process on various levels inside us . . . while our soul skills are simultaneously activated to help us see with higher soul sight and higher sensory perceptions the Truth that has awaited us within . . . all this time.

      These fears that accompany us like those old worn out dirty shoes . . . are all part of the past wounds we’ve experienced through time. And they trigger current survival fears in us because it is so a part of our individual and collective memory bank!

      We are truly perfectly on time, perfectly in the right place, and perfectly activating now to release more of the old illusions as they rise for us to see them more clearly now. And we are perfectly aligned now with the Greater Cosmos to accept, allow, and reclaim the Higher Aspects and Living Truths of our True Divinity, Joy, Well-Being, and Light.

      Like my partner says in our recent Whole Soul School and Foundation podcast (Grounding in the Storm ~, from a sailor’s perspective, we can successfully now turn and face the wind . . . which actually protects a boat from getting battered in a storm . . . and ride it out in peace and with a greater sense of empowered calmness. It is in the facing of these higher winds right now that I do believe we are setting ourselves and the planet truly free!

      Thank you for this beautiful connection today. I am so glad the transmission is supporting, comforting, and empowering you in your inner rising process now! For we truly are all rising together! Blessings to you Mary! 🙏💕✨🌎🦋

  • Superb as usual…

    • Thank you Tito 🙏Thank you for your awesome positive energy! I send blessings and luminous light your way ✨😊

  • In the middle the day I had an urge to lay down for a transmission/download. I have never experienced this consciously before. I instead searched for “meditation transmission” but felt I needed to add “arcturian” a term with which I am only vaguely familiar. I felt urged to narrow the search to videos released this week. The only video was yours and was related to this very post.
    There is so much to absorb.

    • Hi Sven! How amazing that you listened so perfectly to your guidance . . . to rest, to search meditation transmissions, to add Arcturian in your search, and here you arrived to receive this message . . . that had some activations or inspiration in it just for you. That is the power, synergy, and interconnectedness of our Extraordinary Living Conscious Loving Universe. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the connection here today. I send you blessings in your journey! ✨🌎🦋