The Greatest Show on Earth, Epic Revelations & Illuminations, Its Time to Speak and See Truth, We Came For These Times!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.8.2020



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Lion’s Song coming through the Portal of the Lion’s Gate on 8/8/2020, and it is bringing a harmonious and profound celestial balancing frequency to this beautiful Earth Star Planet.  This Lion’s Gate is Roaring Truth, Light, and Invitations to Wholeness, Grace, Unity, and Activating your 2020 Soul Sight and Soul Skills in exponential ways.  We invite you to breathe in a Sacred Conscious Breath from the Heart of Source, from the Heart of the Earth Mother, and through your Perfect Sacred Heart Centers . . . as you give yourselves permission to access and to receive this brilliant Lion’s Gate Portal Energy . . . that is so beautifully singing you all awake.  For as we shared in the last transmission, the Time for Sleeping and Sleepiness is Over.  This is True in more ways than you can presently conceive right now.  But rest assured that your Divine Breath, your Sacred Breathing, and your Sovereign Presence on this Earth Star Planet Is Assured, in the Higher Dimensional Realms and the Greater Galaxy that many of you know deep in your soul ancestry to be A Home Frequency inside you.  In our Conscious Breathing together, we do deeply and profoundly Breathe An Inter-Dimensional Union once more in the Hearts of Humanity ready to receive this . . . as well as within the Hearts of Humanity on the Pathway to Awakeness ~ preparing in some level of their being ~ to receive this as well. ~ august energy update 2020 ~ lion majestic medicine power

This Lion’s Heart Energy streaming through today and throughout the month of August . . . and bathing your world in this Universal Heart Consciousness and Golden Light . . .  is here for a very powerful reason at this time. It is activating you in the Higher Vibrations of Unity Consciousness from which you all once emerged, and to which you all shall return.  This is a Clarion Call through the Ethers to Rise, to Stand Up, and to Embrace the Light Pillars and Pioneers you are.  For it is Time to Reveal and Unveil a New Earth inside you.  It is Time to “Golden Light” the Masses in the Energies of Awakening Truth and Joy at the Return of your Celestial Song of Unity Within.  Can you feel it?  Some of you listening to this transmission today . . . can you feel the Energies of what is being returned to you?  Your Grace?  Your Divinity Codes?  Your Passions?  Your Awareness of God’s Bounty and Divine Sovereignty?  It is an incredible and almost divinely intoxicating frequency for many of you!  And for those not drinking in the Joy of this Golden Energy of this New Golden Age and Era of Peace, give yourselves time and permission to experience it as your own Divine Blueprints and Divine Matrixes come online with the Divine Design that was always meant for you To Be and To Breathe again.

This is a Timeline of Christ’s Second Coming Dear Ones.  And in many ways, you are that Living Christ Consciousness and that Living Christ Light ~ Embracing Itself in Form once more!  The Freedom Codes have been pouring through and activating many of you over the last many months in 2020, and truly, over the last several years.  For some, they have been rising in you for decades!  

Isn’t it amazing when the Full-On Flow of these Higher Dimensional Unity Codes of Light supersede the energies that were once embraced in the cycles of separation and fear? Are you experiencing a tipping point inside you, where the Eagerness, Anticipation, and Exhilaration of the Light is actually what powerfully begins to neutralize and dematerialize the fear, within your own energy fields?  Within your own operating systems?

There are many still caught up in the illusion of the dark wolves.  We are aware.  And yet the illusion is only as good as the acceptance of its projections, yes?  What happens when more and more Light pours into your Earth Theatres?  Projections fade and ultimately release, because the True Story of the characters in those false stories become much more engaging than the lived experience of the show, or the lie, in many cases.  

As we said in the last transmission, what happens when you wake a Sleeping Collective?  They Roar!  And Leo the Lion is here in the month of August to show the stealth, strength, courage, agility, and Golden Light through which many courageous souls are awakening to the Greater Truth . . . because they simply no longer see the projections of the lie.  Therefore, the Ego’s projections, that any one is projecting, offering, or manipulating onto others . . . simply become self evident to those with Awakening Soul Sight.  So much so, that they can increasingly discern this for themselves.  

When people are shown what the True Truth is, and the Light of the Lion’s Gate pours in to illuminate the false narratives and lies of the illusions, more and more people rise into their own Sovereign Power on their own.  The Light does its perfect work in timelines like this . . . because the projectors only work in “dark theatres.”  And thus the work of the dark wolves only works in dimly lit 3D structures and shadows of corruptions. ~ august 2020 energy update ~ man woman holding hands sunrise sunset

Humanity’s Heartsongs are ringing bigger and broader tones of Oneness, Awakeness, Alertness, and Deep Soul Attunement now.  The channels, speakers, messengers, etc. sharing and shining Higher Vibrational Tones of Truth and Light may be being banned from one platform or another, and may be experiencing shadowy projections from others.  Yet eventually, the Light always does what the Light does best!  It shines!  Nothing can stop the Unity Unfolding.  Nothing can stop the Sun from Shining.  And nothing can stop the Lion’s Gate Activational Frequencies from Awakening the Heart of Humanity at this time!  For it is Time to Rise and Shine in the Power and the Presence of your Divinity Codes again!  And when everyone takes their place in the Light of that Brilliant and Radiant Sunshine, nothing of the shadow world can thrive in that level of Luminosity and Light. 

For a time, can the wolves still dance and gnash their teeth within the collective, as one side of a particular duality attempts to engage another side of that very same duality?  Sure.  But the Light is bigger than any team of wolves.  Source is bigger than any team of wolves.  And Creation is bigger than any team of wolves.  

This Lion’s Gate and this entire year of 2020 is summoning you to Enter the Spherical Frequencies of the Zero Point Portal . . . where all becomes ONE again.  

To become ONE again, the Energies are pushing up to the surface . . . any intel and any suppressed information and realities . . . that are simply dark illusions that live outside of the Light’s Inclusion.  

Illusions are confusing only until the Luminescent Nature of Light transparently reveals their projections into the consciousness of a world ~ that no longer really exists.  The 3D world cannot withstand the Luminescence of the Light . . . and keep the barriers of shadow intact.  It is the Light streaming forth inside all of you that will remove the dark wolves ~ one by one by one.  Collapsing centuries and entire timelines of corruption in their wake.  

And isn’t it interesting that in their wake, of that level of Light Exposure, that people will themselves WAKE up . . . as a Living Activational Light on a planet reclaiming her True Living Activational Light.  

It is calling a Deeper Divine Sense of Team Work.  Out of the polarity of war and division, Unity Is Emerging.  Out of the duality of separation and competition, Co-Creation Is Emerging.  Out of the conditioning of illusion, complacency, and mind control programs that have spanned this earth for lifetimes, Truth and Clarity Are Emerging.  

Dear Ones, you came for these times. You, your unique soul signature, knew what would be “going down” in these times on planet Earth, and You Signed Up!  Because this would be a Light Show of Epic Proportions, and you wanted a front row seat.  And this meant, for you and for everyone physically incarnated here, that you would see the villains in this incredible centuries-old, docu-drama series . . . finally come to Light.  Dark to Light.  You would be a conscious witness of this vast Darkness Coming To Light ~ Collective Experience . . . where Jesus, Yeshua, and essentially The Christ Consciousness would rise in the Hearts of All in this realm . . . and shine for all to see!  

There would be storms.  Yes.  There would be mass corruption.  Yes.  There would be wolves battling for the Heart and Soul of Humanity and this planet.  Yes.  There would be heat, exposure, disclosure, cleansing, compassion, duality, division, and more.  It is why this Timeline is referenced by many, in this realm and others, as The Greatest Show On Earth!  For it is!  It is the ultimate reveal!  It is the ultimate unveiling!  And it is the Ultimate Ride into the Rise of Light, Unity, and Christ Consciousness again!  

All Will Unite in the Transparency of the Light,
even when it looks the Darkest before the Dawn

in these times.

The Light is Already Victorious. 
Oneness has already won. 
Christ Consciousness and the

Unified Field of the One is already who you are!   

And you came for these times!

So when a part of you feels confused, or doesn’t understand the Sea of Vibrational Soup swirling around you, or when you can’t discern who is a dark wolf and who is a white wolf, know that deep in your soul codes . . . you signed up to be shown.  You signed up as a witness and participant in the Time of the Great Reveals!  You are here as a Divine Witness and Participant in The Great Awakening!  

You are the boots on the ground going through the Greatest Mass Manipulations ever wielded on any sentient race through time.  And you are the boots on the ground going through the Greatest Mass Awakening to the Truth of the Light through all time at this time.  

If you feel a bit weary, it is understandable.  If you feel a calling to nurture more, and prioritize self-care more, it is understandable. If you feel triggered by your ego’s engagements in The Duality Game, it is understandable.  If you question why the heck you would have chosen to be here in what seems like utter craziness some days, it is understandable.  Have compassion for yourselves and others.  It has been a wild ride for 26,000+ years and more!  It has been one of the longest journeys into a realm of darkness ever successfully manifested in All of Creation.  If you are listening to this, we want you to know that we see you.  We appreciate you.  We see the Light in you.  And we Trust the Light in you.  For we know that the Light ALWAYS leads, even in the Greatest Darkness.  

You are emerging from this Deep and Dense 3D Earth Planet.  Know that the Time of the Great Reveals is upon you.  Expect them.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect some twists and turns of epic revelations and battles between the wolves, dear ones.  It is that gnashing of the teeth that the wolves will continue to bring to your world . . . that will summon the Zero Point Portal closer for All of Humanity to see.  

Those villains posing as heroes will be seen for who they are.  Those heroes posing as villains will be seen for who they are.  The Zero Point Portal awaits all those rising to acknowledge this entire Paradigm of Duality . . . and who are ready to jump through . . . into the Quantum Light of Unity Consciousness again.  

There are times to speak your Truth with others.  Right now, during the 8/8 Lion’s Gate and in the days that follow as the remainder of 2020 plays out, we are going to invite you to Speak your Truth with Yourself!

What are you most afraid of?  

Where is your fear leading you to project and to perpetrate some of your perceived power onto others?

What happens if you let others right now ~ be themselves?  To expose themselves?  To shine who they are ~ themselves?  

What happens if Diversity is allowed in the coming months to reveal where Unity has always lived?

And what happens if the Diversity is allowed in the coming months to reveal where the Illusion has always lived?

When you can postpone the policing of each other, as minions of a 3D army that was formed and amassed ~ only to ultimately perpetuate the frequencies of war and duality in this realm, you begin to look for what you all truly do have in common.  

You begin to listen for where ALL CAN THRIVE, when the Highest Good of the Whole is set in motion as one of the most valued assets that this world has, as a Sovereign Sentient Collective within the Greater Collective.

Attachments create duality.  Attachments create divisions.  Neutrality allows for self and soul expression.  Neutrality allows the Light to Lead, without a 3D need for control, manipulation, or any other lower frequency structure of distorting the power codes inside people and the Greater Collective.

It is The Heart that Sees through the Creator’s Eyes.  It is The Heart that Knows how to let the Light Lead.  It is The Heart that Sees with Truth and Light.  

The Ego can be fooled, and the Ego can play the role OF the Fool.  

It is Time to Return to your Heart Centers.  This is where your Zero Point Vision, lives today, in YOU.

The Lion’s Gate is here to Usher you Home to the Universal Heart Frequencies that you always and truly are.

The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is here with a Double Infinity Message within you . . . that you are the Infinite Divine Masculine Aspects Of Source Energy, and you are the Infinite Divine Feminine Aspects of Source Energy.  And you are the Infinite Grace of Wholeness and Unity Within.

Listen for where Truth Is Speaking.  

Listen for where Truth and Self Expression are being shut down.  Censored.  Shamed.  And abused in a false matrix that exists without the full understanding of the True Light.

Listen for the Child of God inside each and every one of you that desires to go Home in your Cosmic and Quantum Awareness . . . to reunite with the Divine Light of Source and All of Creation again. ~ marie mohler ~ august energy 2020 ~ woman sunshine arms up celebration

It is not Time for Silence.  It is not Time for Sleeping. 
It is not Time for Censorship.

It is Time for Expression.  It is Time for Truth. 
It is Time for Expansive Light and the Richness
of Christ Consciousness to Return to the
Hearts of All in this realm.

Allow the Energies of Lion’s Greatest Medicine
to flood your world.  

Allow the Energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal’s
Greatest Light and Medicine to flood your world.

Breathe Union in Its Highest Light into Form as much as you can, within yourself, and within the Collective too, as a Mirrored Reflection of the Return to Unity Consciousness happening all around you.  

You are Breathing Union into the Heart of this Planet each and every time you allow the Diversity within the Human Collective to expose the Greater Truth of the Illusion whose time has come to a close . . . and to expose the Greater Light that always emerges through the Darkness in timelines of Ascension in Incredibly Epic Ways. august 2020 energy update lion medicine lions gate portal

Prepare for Epic Revelations.  

Prepare for Epic Illuminations.

Prepare your Holy Vessel to be an Instrument
of this Expansive Divine Golden Light and the
Lion’s Gate’s Illuminations in the days, weeks,
and months yet to come in 2020.  

There is a Lion’s Song and a Lion’s Heart
in Each and Every One Of You.

You can, through a 3D Ego Presence and Essence, Roar Censorship and Fear into a rapidly dematerializing 3D realm.  

Or you can, through a Higher Dimensional 5D Quantum Soul Presence and Essence, Roar Light, Christ Consciousness, Courage, and Self Expression of Light and Truth into this Newly Birthing, Sovereign 5D New Earth Realm.  

The Choice to Live the Truth is Yours.

The Choice to Remember your Desire to Be Here in this Realm AT THIS TIME is Yours.

The Choice to be an Activator of Divine Truth in All Beings on this planet is Yours.

Set Yourselves Free in this New Light of the Divinity Codes of this New Earth!

For the Light is steadily working its Magic here . . . to Set the Earth Herself Free!

Open your 2020 Soul Vision to see in new ways!

Open your 2020 Sacred Heart Center to see with Neutrality, Unity, and Light in new ways.

Open your Sacred Lion Heart and your Whole Soul Mastery to see, heal, integrate, and rise in the Light and Grace of 2020!

It is Time for the Great Awakening!

It is Time to Speak Your Truth!

It is Time to release censorship worldwide.  

It is Time to Embody the Grace of your Perfect Living Light Codes . . . that are your Perfect Bread Crumbs ~ guiding you each and all HOME. 

Welcome Home to the Living Light activating inside you in all Highest Good Ways in August 2020 and beyond!

The Lion’s Gate, The Light of Truth, and the Light of The Great Awakening shines bright in One and All!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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