The Light’s Expansive Return: A Call to the Heart of True Believers

The Light’s Expansive Return:
A Call To the Heart of True Believers

A Message from El Morya, Mother Earth, Mother Mary,
the Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler 
Received January 2, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, El Morya, Mother Earth, and the Arcturian High Council here today.  We come through with a Message of Light to ignite the Hearts of those still doubting the Light’s Expansive Return in 2018.  For in Truth, more Light exists in physical and etheric energy on your world today than has existed for eons of time in many realms.

And do you know what one of the most catalytic factors is ~ of this ignition, expansion, and emergence of Great Light Energy on your world?  Belief.

candle image on wood There have been those on your planet who have held the Light of the Sacred Heart of One’s Flame through the Ages.  Many of these Light Bearers have lived in Indigenous Cultures.  They have had to find creative ways of keeping this Light Magic alive through a very dense and dark world and through many world ages of time and separation experiences.


And yet, they did.  The Light of Belief has still burned Bright . . . in the Hearts of Humanity, even if it was held at times by only one member of the Whole Human Race.

Even if only 1 of you has the Heart Energy to channel the Light of True Belief in the Godheart, of True Belief in the Golden and Violet Flames, of True Belief in Christ Consciousness, and True Belief in Blessings, Prosperity, Joy, Peace, and Bliss for All Sentient Beings of this World . . . That Belief contains enough Light Magic, enough of the Original GodSpark, and enough Soul Light of the Infinite Power of Universal Light to wake up worlds in the deepest states of darkness and slumber.

So yes, there have been times that a mere 1 of you has held that Belief for thousands.  And there have been times when small councils of elders have held that Light of Belief for Whole Countries.  And there have been times when clusters of 2 or more Light Warriors and Light Weavers have shined with the Grace of Unified Light and Whole Heart Belief to summon its Creationary Forces and Goodness to shine in this world.  When all evidence of life on earth would illustrate the opposite.

golden candles with golden flames photoAnd we are here today to say . . . Keep Shining.  Keep Believing.  Keep Tuning In to that Great Light.  That Great Heart.  That Essence of Hope in the Knowing of Who You All Are!

And in that Call from the Heart Center, to summon the Courage and Joy to Believe in a Better World, to Believe in the Power of Joy and Unified Light again in this Realm . . . is a Divine Ember . . . imprinted with God’s Pure and Perfect Design and Template . . . for a World to Birth Anew . . . into 1000 or more years of a Golden Age.  A Time of Peace and Prosperity.  A Time of Remembering and BE-ing the GodSpark.  Touched down in the Heart Centers of All.  And in the Unified Field of Divine Experience Again in this World.

True Believers are not those who have never doubted.  Never been tested.  Never waivered in their Path of Light. 

True Believers are those who have reached for the Light when tested.  They are those who have believed when hope was gone and only darkness surrounded them.  Despite their physical eyes seeing the darkness, and their souls being tested and tempted by darkness, True Believers are those with a special code inside to seek the Light even when it seems to have ceased to exist in their own awareness and experience as well.  Still, they seek. 

And today, on your world, in its Wobbles of Transition and Catalytic Calls to Massive Change in all ways, on all levels, in all systems, and in every Heart Beating in this Collective Evolutionary Experience, . . . is That Call

Is That Call to the Heart of the True Believers . . . at a Time when it is in the Darkness that the Light Must Be Seen . . . at a Time where Uncertainty, Disinformation, and Manipulation has reached a Deafening Pitch. 

That Call, That One, is emerging for many of you now. 
To Believe ~ Even Without Seeing.

To Believe, and to Lead, and to Inspire, and to Rise, even while many still slumber and even while some distorted hearts still seek to expand and control through fear.

heart with tree and sunset backgroundThat Belief is the kind we will call attention to tonight.  It is found in the Heart of the Buddha.  It is found in the Heart of Christ Consciousness.  It is found in the Native Peoples all over this globe.  It is found in the child on the playground who stands up for Goodness and Kindness in a moment when conformity or even silence would be the more popular choice.  It is found in the Heart of Special Needs children and their parents, believing in a better way, a better day, and in more support in our world today, for what many cannot yet understand.  It is found in the Heart of Teachers, who still believe in igniting passion in the hearts of those still desiring to grow, learn, express, and expand ~ regardless of age, race, color, or creed.

That Essence of Belief of which we speak does not come from This World. 

It comes from the Realms of Ether.
It comes from our Collective Source and Spark of Divinity.
It comes from a Place Within, that Knows how to Create that World Without. 

etheric feminine energy image

It is from the Inner Planes that such Belief lives.  And thrives.  And serves to grow New Tomorrows of Light Magic, Hope, and Joy in this and all realms. 

And it starts with a Spark.  A Single Spark. 

Can you recognize it?  Have you seen it in others?  Can you see it in you?  Yes.  For It IS You.  Each of you holds this Divine Essence in your Heart Light.  It is a Frequency of Light that has pulsed, for eons and countless ages of Time.  Timelessly.

It has Pulsed the Codes of Light that All Eternally Have Been.  For those with Ears to Hear, Eyes to See, and Belief to Shine.

And its Eternal Call is Pulsing Now to All. If you can hear it, through our message today, there is a special power and purpose that only Your Unique Lantern and Frequency knows how to Be.  And to Pulse.  And to Share.

Your Attunement to that Living Essence is so very needed at this time.  And by a mere willingness to tune into that Sacred Light, that Heart Lamp of Divinely Inspired Belief, . . . you help this Earth raise itself into a Whole New Dimensional Experience . . . one your soul remembers . . . from a Time Before Known Time . . . and one your Soul’s Inner Compass, Codes, and Light Coordinates know exactly how to create.  For You ARE that Perfect Divine Blueprint.  We all are.  On both sides of the veil. 

multi colored lanterns photoAnd it will take as many of us awakened and awakening souls as possible ~ to believe beyond the exposures of darkness still yet to come . . . and to believe us all ~ All the Way into that New Golden Age of Light.

It is because of the Darkness, and our transcending of its Separation Frequencies, that we will gather the Great Collective Momentum to catapult the old world and quantum leap our Soulular Evolution into this New Powerful Age of Experiential and Living Divine Light. 

And it is with the Heart of True Belief, through the Unique Heart Centers of as many who can muster this Love and Appreciation for the All That Is, that we will ascend and birth anew ~ a Stronger Spark and a More Luminous Light than we have ever been.

person next to boulder absorbing light photoThe Joy of that Homecoming of Light is what we bring to your Heart’s Today.

The Power of Belief is more vast than you can presently imagine.  And the Light Codes flooding this planet are wired to partner up with those Sacred Heart Molecules of Belief to give this Planet its Ascensionary Wings. 

We are grateful to each and every one of you participating in the Great Elevation of Belief and Light Code Expansion, occurring in Greater Quantum Leaps by the hour now.

Welcome Back to your Home Star Within . . . and Welcome Back to your Home Star Ship . . . Mother Earth . . . the Incredible Living Host Being and Mother to All Physical Incarnational Experiences in this Realm.

In that Sacred Heart Connection and Powerful Pulsing Light, is the Grace of the Heart of One and the Grace of the GodSpark, ready to set a New Course and Destination for Gaia . . . where Unity Consciousness, Freedom, Peace, and Joy reigns for All.

All Our Love.

heart star light photo

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