The Reset Is Upon Us:
 BE Cosmic and Quantum Wealth Now

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 16, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, shining through the ethers as The Arcturian Collective. We are delighted to bring through a Transmission of Light today, through the Sacred Portals of the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun ~ that collectively bless our Light Coded Messages for All of Humanity.  

Today, we ask each of you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us, to allow a Reset of your Energy Field and your cascading Soul Color Codes, by breathing deep within . . . the Light of your Organic Source Energy.  Good.  And now let’s take another Deep Divine Breath In, allowing it to flow to any and all parts inside you that need or desire this soft and soothing Reset of Pure Positive Energy within your body temple and your conscious awareness today.  Good.  

We have shared in the last several messages a core theme and thread in your present timeline . . . about dematerialization, crumbling, exposures of old energies and old systems within the matrix that do not serve the collective good, and releases of old energies that are not in alignment with the Higher Light of the New Earth’s Light Codes and Blueprint for Life. Many of you may agree that signs and symptoms of these shifts are all around you. And a good many of you are also presently in the experience ~ at some level ~ of continued clearing, releasing, crumbling, discerning, re-evaluating some things or some aspects of your lives, . . . while you also engage the process of consciously re-integrating new parcels of energy, awarenesses, possibilities, truths, and insights that do more accurately and authentically align with who you are becoming and emerging to more expansively be.

We wish to talk with you today about Wealth. 
And Wealth Management.  

And what “Wealth” really means to your heart and to your soul. 

So much is releasing, re-integrating, and thus RESETTING in your world today.  And this is unfolding on the Inner AND Outer planes of your experiences.  

As the clay continues to crack and release from the buddha in the story we have referenced over the past several channelings, what is left . . . but the Golden Light and Golden Essence of the Golden Buddha.  And we would ask each of you now . . . can you feel your Essence as Living Gold?  As Living Golden Light?  As the Great Cosmic Wealth that you are Divinely Designed, Templated, and Wired to be?  

Who in your world today can say that they are tapped into that Abundant Stream of Organic, Joyful, and Immense Cosmic Wealth?  And what might they describe this “wealth” to be?  

We would describe wealth in your world . . . from a 3D perspective . . . to be a glittering shiny object that often represents something many of you feel you are not having. It is a great object of desire, but it is not very often the energy of having it fully in your experience. And so wealth in its 3D sense often represents energetically . . . the essence of something that is wanted. The mere word “wealth” often conjures up feelings of its opposite or its contrasting energy . . . which is lack.  For by tuning into the Essence of Wealth, it often very quickly generates a very natural trigger of lack and the not having of abundance in your daily lives in the myriad of ways that many of you might seek and desire.

We would describe Wealth from a Higher Dimensional Perspective or Broader Cosmic Lens in this way. Imagine you are right now in a perfect place of paradise, wherever that may be. And imagine what you are feeling in this perfect moment, as you breathe in the energies of being All That You Truly Are . . . which is . . . Magnificent Golden Light ~ Knowing Itself as a Living Essence of Source Energy and Knowing Itself as One with the Core Heart of the All That Is.  In this indulgent vision we are describing, imagine yourself as feeling utterly Whole, Safe, Happy, Satisfied, Fulfilled, and Connected to a Much Greater Light that Unifies All Things. In that Heart Space of Dreamy Interconnectedness and Bliss, and the sheer enjoyment of what that feels like inside you, You Know you are Home and Re-united in the Realms of the Infinite, in the Realms of Sacred Harmony, and in the Higher Realms of Profound Wholeness, . . . that you just don’t get to experience often enough in the 3D realm of daily reality, duality, endless obligations, time constraints, schedules, and ever-increasing demands and commitments.

And we would say, in this way, that Wealth is a State of Being. 

It has nothing to do with doing.  

Wealth in this way is a place inside you that feels itself, and that knows itself, as ENOUGH.  

It is a vibration of joy and contentment within that knows itself as Sovereign, Fluid, and Interconnected with All Life in All Realms. 

It is a feeling of completeness, that you can have, be, do, or access whatever it is that you most desire. 

And that you can have, be, do, or access whatever it is that you most wish to experience in any consciously chosen “perfect now” moment.  

And that is why many of you now in your world today ~ are not living in the ecstatic experience of Divine Wealth in this way on your world at this time. Because the Essence of Being, of Simply BEING, is not a value that is embraced and engaged enough as a Core Essence or Living Life Force in your world today. Those that try TO SIMPLY BE, are often re-routed and highly encouraged TO DO, in some way, shape, or fashion. There is an energy that is very frequently called out in each of you, from the time you are very small, to do more, in order to have more, and then perhaps secondarily, to eventually be more. But the key elements that are so regularly summoned into your life experiences are . . . to do more . . . in order to have more. And maybe for a very few lucky individuals, they might rise to that blissful level of actually being more.

But at one point in time, it once was.  It once was a trait, an aspect, a living expression of the Divine in Form . . . for you all . . . to simply BE the Organic Light you truly are.  That was your wealth.  And we would say, that IS your wealth.  Still today.  That is your Greatest Wealth.  

The ability to BE with yourself, in the Energy of Simply BEING Light in Form, is one of the most precious aspects of being a Soul, in any timeline and in any space in All Time.

Conscious Breathing invites you all back into that Reset Point . . . into that Re-Union Point . . . where you sync up your own Inner Light . . . with the Divine Light and the Core Heart of Source Energy.  When you breathe in harmony with that Living Pulse in the Universe, your Whole Body and your Entire State of Beingness aligns itself with the Living Heartbeat of Source Energy. And there is something so truly spectacular in feeling the Simplicity of that, and to feeling the Extraordinary Ease and Grace of syncing up within that Profound Light. And really feeling the Soul Replenishment ~ that a Divine Soul Breath offers to each of you.  

Now many of you would say that a Conscious Breath does not equate to the acquisition of material wealth on your realm.  And we would beg to differ.  For we know that a single Conscious Breath, filled with the Intention of Unifying your Light Body with the Light of the Godheart, can literally create worlds. Worlds Within and Worlds of Experiences within and around you.

The Power to Create Worlds lives in One Single Complete Breath . . . enjoyed from that Inner Divine Place of Complete Union with the Allness that the Universe was Born and Created From.  And it is in the Feeling of that Level of Light, it is in the Knowing of Yourself as that Light, it is in the Being of that Profound Essence of Light . . . that you can Reset yourselves from any circumstance, challenge, pressure, stress, compulsion, or drive to have more.  To race for more.  To covet more.  Or to own or acquire more.  

The “More” Mentality that has run rampant on your world has become

And it therefore, leads to exorbitant desires for stuff, and more stuff.  

In our world, and our worldview, from a non-physical perspective, stuff is akin to debris. And debris is akin to clutter and to misalignment.   

And in our world of non-physical energy, the only thing we “have” is our vibration, which is our Etheric Expression of Light.  

We can be a color, we can be a feeling, and we can be a Living Essence of Knowing,
or of Wisdom and Knowledge.  

This is why many of us choose to project our Light into your world and offer a higher perspective on the world you are presently living in ~ in 3D.

This is why many of us choose to shower you and your planet with Immense Love and with Deep Belief in the Essence of Perfection that You All Truly Are.

We are tapped into a much Greater Wealth, Meaning, and Fulfillment than any debris or stuff could ever possibly achieve.

And today, we invite you to consider yourselves through the Broader Lens of Time, as BEING an Organic Spark of the Godheart . . . that Breathes Wealth.  

That breathes Unity.  That breathes Love.  That breathes Abundance.  And Joy.  And Harmony with All Living Things.

A Time is coming on your world that will shake the constructs and systems of “wealth” and “wealth management” to its core.  A loud rumbling and crumbling designed to shake up the status quo of seeking and acquiring wealth for “wealth’s sake” . . . is on its way.  Wealth in your world . . . is another word in our world . . . for “lack.”  And what is actually be shaken up in the coming “roar” in world markets and in earthly assets . . . is actually then . . . a shaking up of the energies of global lack and limitation.  For these financial systems and these “systems for wealth acquisition in the old matrix’s ways,” are actually structures that manifest a chronic state of lack and limitation.  

They do not actually support True Freedom and Liberation for anyone.  Because even in the acquisition of “more” in the way your world portrays that “success,” there is always, always, always an inherent lack.  To have more, you must also have a concept of less.  For someone to have more, someone else has to have less.  To be able to purchase any of the things you want, you have to have more financial power and financial resources that you spend on that which you want.  But once purchased, in many cases, you now have less financial power and less financial resources than you had previously, now that that money is “spent.”

In Divine Systems of Wealth, or in the Divine Consciousness of Abundance
we would say, there is always more, there is always MORE than enough, and there is always an endless supply of whatever is needed, desired, or wanted.  

Because in the world of the Infinite, Everything ALREADY IS.  

There is never any lack, any limitation, or any not-enough-ness, EVER.  

Divinity as Wealth is an ever-flowing, replenishing, and rejuvenating fountain.  

That fountain is filled to overflowing by the Living Energies of the Godheart, and thus the Living Energies of the All That Is, . . .

and thus there is more than enough for everyone, everywhere, and in every time and space that exists, including the Infinite Realm of Timelessness.

The Fountain of Youth is one such fountain.  Sought after by many throughout time, it has been elusive in your world, because of the “not enough” mentality and frequency that seeks it.  Thus, it is because of the very vibration that pursues it, that it can not be made manifest in your time and space at this time.  It is sought from a place of “not having” enough time, of “not having” enough youth, and of “racing time” instead to acquire it.  To access it.  To have it.  

We would say that the Fountain of Youth is a State of Being.  It is a vibration that comes from the non-physical realms, of being it, versus having it.  Do you live in the Youthful Realms of Joy and Light, and play throughout your day, like an Eternally Youthful Soul would?  If not, then the seeking of the Fountain of Youth in your world is then a state of acquiring, a state of having, a state of striving.  And all of those things wind the clock faster, and create the very opposite effect of what those of you seeking greater youth actually desire.

The same is true for the Fountain of Wealth.  It is a vibration that comes from the non-physical realms, of being it, versus having it. When you live in a Joyful Sense of Abundance, Playfulness, Youthfulness, Happiness, and Eternalness, Wealth becomes a Living a State of Being inside you, that you can’t help but to simply BE. Because its very playful, youthful, joyful, and plentiful energy Lights you up ~ from the inside out.  And thus that Fabulous Light Energy seeks to manifest its way into form, because you adore it so much and so well, from the inside out, that it must manifest where?  On the outside of you, for it is expanding, thriving, growing, and flowing so much on the inside of you.

This is when Wealth Manifestation and “Wealth Management” become SO MUCH MORE FUN.  

The only thing you have to “manage” in terms of your own Inner Divine Wealth Generation . . . is tapping into the Essence of Harmonic Wealth and Joy from the inside out.  

And this is why you are invited, ever increasingly so, to attune your Light to the Vibration of Bliss.  To the Consciousness of Soul Purpose.  To the Living Essence of Joy in Being What You Already Are.  Which is . . . the Living Essence of Golden Divine Light!

Because the quickest, easiest, and fastest way possible to summon and to experience more Wealth and more Abundance in your life, is to Joyfully Live, Breathe, and Be what Wealth looks like in your life, through your Unique Talents, and your Unique Enjoyment and Expression of those Talents in this physical world.  

The 3D world of money, wealth, having, acquiring, and all of the wealth management efforts, measures, and action steps taken every day on your world ~ is about to go through its own RESET process.  

This 3D world of strictly monetary exchange for goods and services, along with all of the resulting profits and losses, is about to go through a major upgrade.  The sense of “to have more” ~ you have to work more and harder, ~ or you have to walk away with less, ~ is an old construct from an old matrix that doesn’t exist any more.  

And so if the energy structures that once supported that old matrix ~ no longer exist, then that matrix and system of exchange can no longer do whatIt can no longer exist as well.  

This is a calmer, quieter, more introspective message and transmission today than some that we have released in recent weeks.  And yet, its power is just as mighty.  

For we invite you in the coming weeks to simply notice and witness your own beliefs and belief systems about wealth.  We invite you to take inventory if you will ~ of your own attachments to what your “wealth portfolio” consists of.  

If you had to leave the country, or the planet for that matter, and you had 5 minutes to grab 5-10 things that are most precious to you, what would they be?  

If you had to leave this earth, and/or leave this physical body behind, and thus if you had to leave this physical incarnation behind, what are the top 5-10 intangible things, feelings, gifts, or aspects of wisdom and your life experiences . . . that you would want to bring through with you, for your next adventure?  

We are asking these questions not because the sky is falling or some apocalypse is going to befall the earth.  But we do ask these questions to get you thinking from a new perspective about the constructs and beliefs systems you may have around money.  Around finances.  Around security.  Around safety.  And around what you really believe sustains you, your family, and your ability to live your life in the ways that most bring your joy from the inside out.

Does your job fulfill you? Does the income you make provide for you in the way your soul desires provisions? What seems to satisfy your human self’s needs, wants, and desires in this realm? What are the activities that he/she seeks funding for . . . to do, to live, to have, and to express in the world, that help define who he/she presents to be? 

What are some things that you have longed for, but just have not been able to have?  What are some things that still today . . . remain a dream, or even a disappointment to you, . . . that is something not-yet-made-manifest?

In the New Earth Light, as frequencies continue to move faster through new quantum technologies and cosmic speeds, manifestation is going to be quicker.  And eventually, it will be instant.  So there will be no time delays between thought and manifestation.  

Wouldn’t it be an essential Soul Skill to be able to tap into your Soul Light as this Omnipotent Divine Presence that can . . . be, do, have, express, or manifest anything it desires?  

Wouldn’t it be an essential Soul Skill to have the Inner Clearing, Cleansing, Discernment, and Creationary Skills and Abilities to clear out vibrations that you really don’t want to manifest . . . as well as . . . to amplify those you do?  

The old world of working hard, struggling, suffering, clocking in and clocking out of work, working for other people’s dreams, feeling disconnected and separated for much of your day on a daily basis, and struggling to still make ends meet ~ after all of those herculean efforts . . . is over.  

The systems that support that oppressive grind, that support separation, and that suppress people’s knowing and understanding their abilities to access this very real and very accessible quantum and soulful information . . . about how powerful You Really All Are . . . are over.  

And so, the crumblings of those systems must occur, to make room for the New Systems of Wealth Generation, Cosmic Abundance, Fountains of Youth, Joyful Co-Creation, Soulful Sovereignty and Freedom, Health and Wellness, and so much more . . . to come online and in-line with who you are all emerging . . . Light Code Activation by Light Code Activation . . . to become again.  

It is a Re-Turning to your Extraordinary Divine Innate Essence that You All Truly Are that is unfolding here, beyond the crumblings, dematerializations, and upside-down-ness of the world you can see with your physical earthly eyes at this point.

We invite you to BREATHE IN your COSMIC WEALTH, your INNER ABUNDANCE, and your GOLDEN LIGHT WITHIN . . . as the storms continue to crumble and release the old energies of this world ~ in order to make way for the Reset and New Template of WEALTH in this world. For it is the New Light and New Life that you uniquely signed up to come and to see . . . and to BE a part of.

Are some days arduous?  And on some days ~ does time seem to stand still?  With little motion or progress being made, when viewed through 3D eyes?  We imagine so.

But . . . if you join us . . . and begin to see with 5D Vision . . . the Quantum Level of Exponential Shifts unfolding . . . within and all around you . . . you will be amazed at the progress, motion, and light-filled Resetting occurring in so many magnificent and miraculous ways!  

You are this Quantum Vision.  You are this Quantum Light.  

You are this Quantum Wealth.  But it will require Quantum Sight to see it.  

And it will require your Conscious Embrace of your Quantum Light to BE it.  

Take the inner steps and do the inner work to see your wealth differently.  

Take the Inner Conscious Breaths to allow the Abundance of Spirit to move through you, as you, and to manifest that Fountain of Youth and that Fountain of Wealth in you.  

Train your outer vision to merely witness the dematerializations and crumblings of the old world . . . as part of the Greater Re-Turning and the Greater Re-Set process unfolding.  

Its all part of the new and larger story unfolding to create a New Earth and a New Planetary Experience for All Beings in this world.  

You are that New Earth and New Planetary Experience that is emerging as a New Source Light Manifestation and Dream, straight from the Godheart.  You came to be here now.  You came to be a part of all of this now.  You came to be a participant in the great shifts unfolding now.

And so, you came to also experience the release of the old and the birthing of the new . . . now.  

This is the time that is upon all of you.  The Old is rapidly leaving its roost.  And the New is rising to take its place . . . to empower the people and all sentient life on this wonderful planet . . . to reclaim their Light.  Their Sovereignty.  Their Joy.  Their Talents.  And their Sense of Divine Wealth. Their Cosmic Wealth.  Their Holistic Wealth.  

Which is so much more than the balance in your bank account.  Or the debt you believe you owe.  

In a World of Light and Abundance, there is no debt.  

In a World of New Light Codes and Pure Source Energy, there is no hunger.  No disease.  No despair.

It is time to shift and reset into these New Frequencies and Light Codes, because we have simply forgotten how to be them.  But we knew them before, and we will be them again.  That reset is upon us.  That experience of living light and living in light is here.

The question is . . . will you choose it?  Will you allow it?  Or will you resist it?  How do you wish to experience the current Quantum Shifts . . . and the Reset of Power Structures from the few ~ to the many?  

Power is Re-Turning to the People.  Wealth is Re-Turning to the People.  Light is Re-Turning to the People.  And thus JOY, ABUNDANCE, and Bliss are Re-Turning to the People.  

How do you want to live your wealth in the coming shifts?  What ways might you protect your current wealth now, to grow and expand your harmonic wealth in the new systems and structures? What talents do you carry within that are your new wealth to live, breathe, and be? How can you more accessibly, readily, and steadily live and breathe those talents in the world today, to help the upgrades and the transitions unfold more smoothly?

Are you are teacher, who knows knew innovative ways to empower students to live up to their fullest potential? Are you a transmitter of wealth, who desires to fund other projects, that are launching in Light and that aim to elevate joy, wellness, peace, and innovation on this planet?  Are you a singer, whose song and voice amplifies messages of hope, healing, and the powerful rising occurring in humanity?  Are you a carpenter or builder who knows how to build more sustainable, more affordable, more harmonic, and more inspirational structures for people around the world to live in?  

Whatever your gifts are, your Divine Light within your Core Essence is made up of the same star stuff and the same Divine Spark that the person next to you is.  

Bring your Talents . . . Shine your Light . . . Open to the New and Extraordinary Wealth and Golden Light flooding your world ~ more and more every day.  Envision New Ways that you can manifest the Living Experience of this Divine Sovereignty and Freedom in your daily life.  And find new ways to discipline your inner vision to focus on the new and the positive energy this is generating in you like that Fountain of Wealth and Fountain of Youth we described earlier.  

Joy is Contagious.  Abundance is Contagious.  Freedom is Contagious. 

Spread the Light in the Version of You ~ that is this *New* . . . to Invite Others to BE it too.

Breathe through these powerful shifts coming up at the end of June and into July . . . and onward through the remainder of 2019.  

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Breathe out the old, and breathe in the New.

Breathe out the old, and breathe in the New.

Consciously and Quantumly Breathe in this New Wealth and New Joy into your Life Experiences!

And Consciously and Quantumly Breathe Out and Fully Release any of these old energies of Lack, Limitation, Struggle, Pain, and Suffering that no longer serve you, the Greater Purpose and Path now of Earth, and the Greater Path and Purpose of all of her inhabitants.

You are Wealth Incarnate!

You are Health Incarnate!

You are Light Incarnate!

You are Resilience Incarnate!

You are the Godspark Incarnate!

There is NOTHING you can’t be, do, or have.  

For You ARE Divine Possibility and Divine Potential In Form.

Take the turn and make the time to embrace the miraculous, every day, in you.  And in your lived experience.

And release, release, release now . . . the old vibrations . . . and the old language . . . of lack, limits, losing, struggling, and more.  

They don’t fit or belong or align with where you are going.

We celebrate your Light today, and we celebrate our ability to shine through the ethers to remind you of the Magnificence of Who You Truly Are!

Open and embrace the Greater Light that desires to show up as you and to BE you, every day, in this new timeline of you. 

That is your Wealth.  That is your Joy.  That is your Gift from Source.

So BE It.

Be It Now.

And Be Here Now.

And Be the Energies of the New Earth’s Wealth Now.

And Be the Energies of the New Light Codes Now.


You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

6 Responses to “The Reset Is Upon Us:
 BE Cosmic and Quantum Wealth Now

  • Liliana B
    5 years ago

    Many thanks and heaven’s blessings!

  • Lucia
    5 years ago

    Thank you for a confirmation of my own sel realization I had a few months back. I was already awake but my mission became ever so clear and I am one of those teacher you spoke about. I always wondered why I didn’t pursue motivational speaking and now I realize that the time was not right then but that time is almost here now. I am ready now to do that and so much more. I am a LIGHT for this world and now I will be free to shine my light. It’s like we are being given our wings to fly with no boundaries except to where our heart desires. No restrictions on us. Just be who you came here to be. Your dreams made manifest. How special are we all. Blessings dear ones. May you all shine your Light brighter and bigger than ever because WE are limitless and abundant and being in JOY has always been our birthright. That time is upon us. Amen😇❤️🌹Luna.

    • Hi Luna! I so appreciate your heart sharing of your own sacred journey with listening to the inner nudges and summonings to harmonic wealth, purpose, and fulfillment. There is a divine timing where the right support, right resources, and right alignments come into play, and very often that comes AFTER we initially receive the call to purpose or to live in a different or more expansive way. I think of it sometimes as receiving the movie trailer from our Higher Self and the Universe . . . letting us know that a greater expansion or manifestation is on the way. And then there is a time for the actual, fully manifested, fully lived “movie” experience to unfold in our lives. In this way, we get a little forecast from our Higher Guidance . . . of what is yet to come and to be. And then ~ there is time in between the cosmic alignment of it and the notification or forecast of it yet to be. It is as if we get to consciously be aware of the incredible orchestrations the universe is manifesting for us and through us, as it builds the foundation within us and in the world around us . . . of the bigger picture. Of our bigger picture. Within the Collective Bigger Picture. 😊💕 The Time is Upon Us to shine our light and to share those gifts, in whatever ways we intuitively feel guided to more fully embody that vision of us and that vision for our lives at this time! No limits. No restrictions. We get to feel our wings, and they are being supported every single day now, to help us to fully fly! I’m so glad you wrote today Luna, and shared your experiences about your gifts as a teacher and motivational speaker . . . and the aligning of those gifts in a bigger vision now . . . about to unfold with much joy, light, and divine precision! Sending you love and blessings as you embrace all that you truly are and share your gifts in ways that delight you . . . and thus ensuring that they delight others who are seeking to learn and be inspired by you! Your joy and alignment then inspires their own. Its so exciting! ✨

  • Humanangel
    5 years ago

    Money is only energy and energy never dies nor can be created. We have to let go of the myths and lies that having financial wealth is bad but all other “forms” of wealth are better.Its all the same ENERGY. Never the less great article .

    • Money, or monergy, is energy ~ yes! But in this realm, our thoughts and beliefs about that energy are literally creating the world (or worlds) we live in. So this message inspires and invites each of us to move into a higher perspective and energetic vibration that includes a more expansive energy and belief in the greater essence of abundance or the greater cosmic wealth that indwells all of us! Expanding our perception and awareness of our own Light is part of that inner rising process, that provides a new foundation inside us and in the New Earth . . . that is based in LIGHT! These are very exciting times indeed. Thanks Humanangel for sharing your insights about money and energy here, and energy’s eternal infinite nature. So true ~ how energy is everything and everything is energy. Blessings 💕