This Little Light of Mine: A Song, A History Lesson, and A Divine Heartbeat

This Little Light Of Mine
A New Earth Version

Expansive Light Show 2017

Out of the pushing, pulling, churning, exposing, and birthing energies of 2016, we have arrived in a new expansive light show and the new playing fields of light energy in 2017.  What a ride!

As I reflect on the upgrades, releases, and ascension journeying that I did over the past year, and that all of us have been going through in our own unique ways, it gives me pause to stop and appreciate the growth that has unfolded, the gifts that have come, the insights that have been gleaned, the clearings that have washed through, and the mystery of the emerging shifts and the mystical realms that still lie ahead.    

As I paused for this reflection this week, the week of a new presidential inauguration in the United States, a week of new waves of energies coming to the planet, a week where all planets are direct (and thus none are retrograding at the moment), I am reveling in this opportunity to see what wants to emerge through me for inspiration, integration, review, and/or release. 

And this particular memory came to mind.

A number of years ago, late 2009-early 2010, I lead a small, local, soul seeking, and new earth consciousness group called “New Earth Living”. Several beautiful things occurred in that experience.

Firstly, prior to each week’s meeting, the universe and my higher self seemed to joyfully conspire, and certainly to collaborate, to stream a new song through from my soul, literally from the ethers of the cosmos and the heart of Source Energy.  How can I say or know their Source?  Because I have no conscious musical ability whatsoever, other than a general awareness that we are all inherently musical.  We all create sound every day.  And sound is music.  Brushing our teeth is musical.  Writing thoughts on paper makes sound, and therefore is musical.  The drumbeat or shuffle of our feet as we walk or move in our day makes us musicians.  But beyond the natural sounds of daily living and daily functioning, I do not have any practical or notable musical or choral skills by any stretch of the imagination.

And yet, here I was, in 2010, where “two or more were gathered” in the name of higher consciousness and soul seeking, . . . and songs were coming to me, coming THROUGH me, complete with melodies and soul stories about humanity through time (which became the lyrics, or what I call, the written aspect of the “scroll songs”). 

Over a period of about two years, approximately 60 of these “New Earth Soul Songs” came through me.  It was really quite extraordinary.  Usually, they came while I was in the shower.  And I have come to believe that the water helped to conduct the energy for me to hear and to fully receive them. 

The earth elements have been helping us to connect with our divine gifts and perfect instruments all this time.  We just have to take notice when it happens.  And appreciate it regularly.  And I believe that appreciation alone could begin to transform our world.  For we would know through nature’s nurturing . . . that we are never alone.  That the messages lie within us.  And that support is ever present all around us. 

Cosmic support for me to become a New Earth Soul Song Writer and a New Earth Soul Song Singer shined steadily through for those couple of years.  And I recorded all of the songs as best I could with the equipment that I essentially already had. 

Since these songs were not from me, or of me, and simply came through me, I had to record them quickly, or they would be lost to me.  And to the world. 

So record I did. 

And I have these 60+ soul songs recorded for humanity – for a time when they will be of greater use vibrationally to the greater unfoldment of this New Earth. 

For now, I believe the tones in the songs are designed as cosmic attunements.  And therefore, they are here to help each of us to tune our individual instruments into a higher integration and soul understanding, into the coordinates of the highest good of the collective, and into the coordinates of the Infinite Loving Essence and Energy of the Divine. 

The songs are here to assist us, guide us, inspire us, and lead us into the new playing fields of 5th dimensional living and higher. 

The songs, to me, are skeleton keys that can open the sacred energy centers of our chakras, and that can unlock divine doorways and mystical windows inside us, that have long been shut and locked throughout the eons of this “separation experience.”

Yet it was through this weekly gathering that I was called to facilitate for a short time, that the universe cued me to bring these core songs through, and to sing them with those present, to sound a sampling of their own soul’s light codes, birthing in song – and in their heartsong, to elevate their personal experiences . . . and ultimately to anchor some higher frequencies on the planet.

The second gift that emerged out of that New Earth Living group included insights that I was called to share in the gatherings.  These were insights that sometimes came from my spirit guides.  And they were sometimes insights or teachings that came directly through my sentient awareness.  My own earth record keeping system.  My own inner library of higher senses and soul memories.

One of those teachings was the sentient picture of an earlier time in human history on the earth than is presently taught in routine textbooks/history books.  A Way Earlier Time. 

It was a time early in Lemuria, a civilization that was created and established based on principles and laws of Light.  It was a Golden Age in our collective soul timelines, where The Light Led All Things.  It was a time and civilization where we lived in Unity Consciousness, flowing freely as sovereign beings, and experiencing life on earth for the Betterment and the Highest Good of the One.  Here, in this particular example, we experienced the Total Oneness that All Sentient Life Truly IS.

During one of our New Earth Living gatherings then, I described our collective soul journeys through time, first in the english language, and then using the language of sentience . . . and “feeling pictures”. I first shared how in this earlier earth timeline, we had traveled to this heavenly place called Lemuria and experienced this expression of Golden Grace.  And then, I shared how over time, we traveled great distances and through several significant consciousness shifts . . .  to other civilizations, continents, countries, states, and all corresponding inner states of being as well.  This led us over a great deal of time into the depths of consciousness (or the lack thereof) of our current collective planetary experience, where we have ultimately journeyed an inner and outer globe, through many, dense, separation-spawned experiences and the resulting distortions and challenges that separation consciousness can bring.  

Essentially, this collection of soul journeyings through time, for us as a collective, was then described by using a simple sentient example of a Ball of Yarn.

ball of multi colored yarn photo

While sentience is vast, it can also be incredibly simple . . . due to it’s energetic accuracy or ability to convey deep concepts with a single energy feeling impression or image.

So through the lens of sentience now, when we lived together in this Incredible Energy of a Golden Age of Higher Consciousness, Love, Oneness, and Light, we were a Whole, Full, Rich, Colorful, Interconnected, and Brilliant Ball of Yarn.  And when I say, “we”, I mean the whole civilization living this experience at that time.  Enjoying the Bliss of Living in Oneness. 

If you can imagine this Ball of Yarn then, not solely as literal yarn, but also as a Living Heart and Heartbeat on the planet; Existing as Part of the Planet;  And as One Consciousness Aligned and Unified with the Planet.  Then you can allow yourself in this moment to see, feel, sense, breathe, imagine, touch, taste, and vibrate together with the Living Essence of that Divine Heartbeat.  You could do this THEN.  And you can do it NOW. 

Because the Records of All Time are accessible in All Time. 

And that means, you could feel it then, and you can also close your eyes today and activate your inner remembrance of your own experiences in Golden Ages like this one, in order to recall that gorgeous energy of Living Oneness.  Of Pulsing in the Rhythms of Sacred Desire, Abundance, Manifestation, and Perfection in All Ways.  And where each and every one of us Shined Our Brilliant Lights, Talents, and Soul Blessings in the world, embraced fully by the collective for the unique gift and light we truly are. 

That was our Ball of Yarn.  That was our Divine Heartbeat. 
That was our Connection of Life Force and Heart Centeredness
– to the Earth Mother – and to us all. 

We were One Breath.  One Light.  One Life . One Prosperity.  One Joy.
One Wholeness.  One Love.  We were ONE in all ways.

And then, a powerful Fall from Grace occurred.  And energies began to shift on the planet.  And in human civilizations.  And in human experiences, consciousnesses, and desires.

This Fall from Grace launched what we know today, and throughout our abbreviated and censored history, as Separation Consciousness.  Divide and Conquer Consciousness.  Duality Consciousness.  A Belief in a System of Contrasts.  And an Acceptance of Denser Frequencied Living all around.  Where polarized energies like . . . Light.  Dark.  Love.  Hate.  Good.  Evil.  Cold.  Hot.  Wealth.  Poverty.  Wellness.  And Dis-ease . . . were present on the planet . . . and in all ranges and stages in between.   

And in our sentient imaging exercise, I now would ask,
what happened to our Ball of Yarn?

How did we go from a Unified Field and Divine Heartbeat to where we are today? 

It’s as if a Great Cosmic Scissoring shredded it.  Our Unified Field, Sacred Heartbeat, and Cosmic Ball of Yarn was fragmented and sliced into hundreds, thousands, millions, and eventually billions of pieces and parts.  All became separated threads from the original Whole . . . deeply lost and disconnected from their Original Ball of Yarn Homeostasis and this Divine Homeland

In disconnection, separation, and duality consciousness, along with “survival of the fittest” vibrations and threads of thinking, we did whatever it took to survive.  Each segment, piece, and /or “cutting” if you will, from the Original Unified Ball of Yarn, went off in different directions, seeking experiences, creating a pathway of seemingly endless journeying, and a pathway farther away from this Eden-like Homeland.  Once separation consciousness splintered into the hearts and minds of the masses, the Unity, Love, Light, and Sacred Heartbeat of Sentience and Interconnectedness quickly became a distant memory.  A hazy story.  A fantasy of fallen hopes and dreams.  Until in many, it wasn’t a possibility, hope, or dream at all. 

Life became a simple, one time, 3D, linear, series of challenges and at times blessings, . . . to live, be, try, do, experience, act out, corrupt, control, destroy, dominate, manifest, and acquire . . . whatever we deemed necessary or desirable for our survival and our consciousness level. 

While there have certainly been Renaissances and Respites in the darker aspects of this Separation Experience and Experiment, there has been a great deal of war, suffering, exploitation (of all life on the planet, including the earth itself), for as long as most people can remember, and as long as the majority of our current history books can recall.  Because of this, this is the way earth life has been depicted for centuries.  More or less.  In this way, most of our history books affirm this as a kind of Anthropological Status Quo.  As if this is the way things always were.  

And what I am here to say in this moment . . . is look deeper.

It’s the ones who look . . . who ultimately find.  Seek and ye shall find, right?  There is a vast amount of information available today, that shares a much deeper, broader, bigger, better, and truer story than the one we have been told.

And the Truth is . . . We are living in powerful and extraordinary times on the Earth right now.  A Great Many Planetary Upgrades, Consciousness Shifts (Upward!), and an Extraordinary Flooding of Light back to the Planet, it’s People, and all Sentient Life Forms . . . is contacting that original Unified Ball of Yarn, and calling ALL of it’s essential and original parts Home

The Earth’s Brilliant Heartbeat is literally calling us Home, tuning us into the Divine Pulse of Oneness and the Golden Ages of Grace. Love. Abundance. Wellness. Wholeness.  And all of the Riches of the Divine Creator’s Highest Imaginings.  For all of us. 

So what were the energies of 2016?  Really? 

They were a HUGE part of the calling and the invitation . . . to all of the separated segmented pieces and cuttings of yarn, threadbare and worn in many cases from their separation experiences, distortions, wars, competitions, dominations, and spiritual amnesias, to begin to more firmly, committedly, and holistically come Home. 

How does that occur? 

In this quick metaphorical and sentient story today at least, the yarn threads literally must re-weave wholeness, oneness, kindness, truthfulness, integrity, compassion, brilliance, richness, light consciousness, awakeness, transparency, vibrational awareness, and most of all, LOVE, back into the unified field.  And the yarn threads must invite the Light to Lead in all the Organic, Divine, Sacred Heartbeat Ways that it perfectly knows how to, for it is what created the Universe, and all Universes, from the Beginning of Time.  The Light Knows How To Lead.  It is our individual and collective threads, who must align once more . . . to trust it.  To engage it.  To believe it.  To participate in it.  In order to manifest it fully as the Earth’s Experience Again.   

How does that “Coming Home” feel to millions and billions of separated pieces and segments in this new leg of the journey? 

It feels like a lot of squeezing.  Pushing.  Pulling.  Churning.  Exposing.  And Birthing.

Just like we had in 2016.

It is literally a New Birth of a New Earth. 

And All of Earth’s Children are Coming Home in that Process.    

What was lost, must be found.  What was hidden, will be exposed.  What was denied, will be embraced.  What was stolen, will be returned.  What was disavowed, will be integrated. 

All Aspects of the Journey are Coming Home to Roost in Us, so we can become the Light of Union and the Light of Source Energy again.  So we can become an Interwoven Thread, a Ball of Yarn, and a Divine Heartbeat of Divine Oneness and Golden Grace again. 

This is a Time that we Re-Unite with Source Energy.  And our Divine Origins.  Within ourselves.  And our collective.  And it is a time where we remember our Sacred Sovereign Birthright to experience, breathe, in-joy, and live in the Garden of Eden again.        

My channelings that I post here on the Frequency Writer blog, the New Earth Soul Songs that I share here and through the Color The Magic YouTube portal (and potentially some new socially conscious social media sharing venues in the coming year), and the sentient scribing that I write here as well are all designed to support this Light Code Activation and Source Unification Process unfolding in us all. 

Regardless of the levels of consciousness we each bring to the Re-Unification of Light and the Expansion of Love that is now hugely underway on the planet, this is the impulse we all are feeling (consciously or unconsciously) and are called to be now again.    

As Mother Earth raises her Frequencies of Light and Elevates her Experience of Unification with Source Energy, in these New Higher Dimensional Fields of Light Energy, so too must we.

The Ball of Yarn that we once were, and that we are becoming again, is literally, a Living Heartbeat, growing new Life Force in all of us in new ways for a New Earth Experience.

Listen to the Light Leading Us. 

Remain aware of the exposures unfolding, clearing and releasing the darkness that has forgotten it’s organic and original Light. 

Pray for Peace-filled and Highest Good Passage into the New Earth Frequencies.

And Remember, to feed your Inner Light with positive experiences, appreciations, talent inspirations, and creative energies for the Highest Good of You AND of All . . .

. . . as we journey into New Fields and Light Coded Energies.  Daily.  Hourly.  And in every moment now.

I share with you now a New Earth Version of the song . . .“This Little Light of Mine” . . . that originally streamed through in 2010 for our local New Earth Living gathering.  It’s time has come to share it here with the New Earth Living Global Community.  Have a listen to this sweet soul song.    


It is a New Earth Soul Song that everyone can enjoy.  Remember: I am not a trained singer.  Or a trained musician.  But I AM a Sacred Scribe.  Bringing and singing this through, to share with all of you. 

My daughter sang this with me when she was just 5 years old.  Her voice, light, and heart add a bit of extra magic into the Healing Work and Light Work of this song.  And the light and heart that we are each being called to shine and to embody more fully Now. 

Remember, that the larger spiritual or consciousness benefit of these Soul Songs is gleaned . . . when each person takes the positive vibrations of the songs and the lyrics/scrolls into their own instrument and heart, . . . and sings them themselves into the World of Form and New Creationary Light. 

The larger benefit thus occurs when we each literally become the Instrument of Light that Source Knows Us To Divinely and Infinitely Be.   

Our instruments can literally, every day, sing this new Heartbeat into full manifestation on the planet, . . . one song, one heart, and one activated heart-song at a time.

Thank you for consciously joining me in singing and re-uniting us back . . . into Wholeness.  Aliveness.  Thrive-full-ness.  Peace.  Prosperity.  Wellness.  Well-Beingness.  Joy-full-ness.   And Integrated Oneness.

In Love and Luminous Light,

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Thank you.


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