Two Earths and Three Insights

Two Earths and Three Insights

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Greetings friends,

I find myself feeling, observing, integrating, and reflecting a great deal these days. 

The Old Earth Energies still feel palpably present in the daily news and in our daily lives to some extent.  And the emerging New Earth Energies feel powerfully present in my consciousness and greater awareness as well.

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This makes for very interesting times indeed, as these two earths and their corresponding frequencies continue to co-exist inside us and around us on the planet today. 

To give a very abbreviated summary to those of you who are unfamiliar with this “Two Earths” concept, or this “3D to 5D Shift” and cosmic phenomenon, most humans have essentially inhabited a 3D Earth Experience since the beginnings of what many understand as “recorded” history.  It exudes a lower consciousness vibration . . . one whose frequency can be characterized by energies and experiences of division, competition, suffering, win-loss scenarios, pain, lack, hardship, illness, violence, ego, density, and a Core Separation from Source.  A 5D Earth Experience is generally characterized by love, light, peace, unity consciousness, well-being, abundance, health, vitality, heart awareness, cooperation, higher consciousness, interconnectedness, wholeness, and Oneness with Source.  We are currently living in what the ancients prophesied to be the “Bridge” or “In-Between Times”.

More specific and detailed information can be found online about the 3D to 5D Shift/”Two Earths” phenomena.  For those interested, I have included some links at the end of this post for you to check out and review.

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But for the purposes of today’s post, I wish to briefly share my experience of the Two Earths unfolding in my own life.  

On the one hand, there are aspects of my human life that are very busy with a multitude of daily activities still rooted in 3D-type operations, events, bills, schedules, and overall, a more linear progression of time, space, and relative order.

Happy Girl in Blue Sparkling Light PhotoBut on the other hand, my Higher Consciousness and Inner Spiritual Life are filled with a vast newness, excitement, vibrance, and expansiveness that I feel birthing in every new moment now.  Energies of other timelines and worlds are communicating with inner knowings and the greater sentient awareness inside me . . . which include broader perspectives beyond the limits and confines of the Old World/Old Earth (that thankfully continues to release and dematerialize).  And they include insights emerging out of the New Earth Energies that are conversating, elevating, and activating within my heart’s consciousness, . . . calling me to explore, entertain, and potentially create projects and collaborations that previously seemed impossible.  These insights are more deeply aligned with my life’s greater purpose, passions, plan, and “inner ping” than anything I’ve known or felt to be true in my life before.

It’s a pretty wild ride at the moment for me and for many of us as we work to gain balance in this new energetic terrain and surf these new waves of multi-dimensional realities and higher consciousness . . . that are just beginning to percolate and potentiate into more languagable possibilities and forms of inspired creation. 

Through our sentience, some of us are experiencing enticing glimpses of a new awesomeness unfolding in the near future . . . that we see rising to meet us in our soon-to-be present life experience.  Perhaps that is why it feels like such a gift. 

The benevolent and higher-frequencied future we can feel IS
. . . little by little . . . becoming our present.  

And yet sometimes I find my human self saying, if only I could grasp it a little more clearly.  Or feel it a little more nearly.  Or spend time with it a little more dearly.  For its energies of goodness precede it’s manifested reality at this point.  And it can feel just beyond my reach.    

But the higher consciousness “me” knows that simply appreciating and enjoying the mini visions and versions of the Good that we can see, in this In-Between Time that we are collectively inhabiting right now, helps this bridge time immensely . . . for all of us.  

From this lens, we can find joy in what we can still only squintingly see on the horizon line . . . because the New Earth Energies unfolding and increasing every day . . . are birthing and bringing this deeper, exciting, and “already known” part of us into being.  

It is our higher heart beliefs that we can feel, and our efforts to consciously love these higher frequencies into form, that will ultimately help us to merge these timelines into an extraordinary new world for us all.  

Because in the All-Timeness of the Universe,
the Past-Present-Future is really One Time. 

One Now.   

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So we may still be in the beginning stages of opening up our sentient systems to this new higher frequency language, the expansive nature of our multi-dimensionality, and this vast amazing world of light, unity, and possibility. 

And patience, courage, openness, and inner discernment will certainly be required.

Along with a commitment to witness and discipline the ego’s tendencies to judge, distract, dismiss, invalidate, and/or devalue this essential process as well. 

But we will get there. Together. On Time. With Precision and Perfection.

In my own life, when I try with my mind to make sense of what is happening inside me, and in our world today, . . . given my awareness of these vastly vibrationally different worlds simultaneously existing in different realms of consciousness, a sense of overwhelment often inevitably ensues.

But when I go deeper within, and I open to the Greater Allness of Me, the Higher Essence of Soul Presence in me, I find I am much more easily able to relax back into the Affirming Arms and Loving Heart of Source . . . in order to tap into the Energies of the Infinite and the One True Light that knows All Things, All Time, and the Divine Perfection in the Allness.   

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It is there in the Greater Allness and the Higher Soul Presence and Perspective that I CAN feel a palpable emergence of Higher Consciousness that is infusing every one and every thing with a Vibrant Harmonizing Love Frequency . . . that supports the Greater Whole . . . so that we can ALL enter this Divine Space of  Light that we were always meant to be and always meant to experience together as Unity Consciousness in Form

In that Expansive Space of the Infinite, that exists Within Us All, we must remember that this special frequency is that place inside us where we are FREE to step Outside of the Confines of 3D Linear Time as we have known it. 

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And it is here that we can open to embrace a much Greater Playing Field
of Light, Love, Truth, Miracles, Inspiration, Abundance, and Benevolence.

We have everything we need inside us.

We always have.

We just need little reminders like these to find our inner maps,
scrolls, guidances, truths, and sacred timeless abilities within.

I hope this message today serves to remind YOU . . . that you are a living compass and soul map to this much greater, free-er, more loving, and more vibrant YOU than you may currently know today.

But he/she is here waiting to reconnect with you on these deeper levels.
To lead you into the Higher Frequencies of the 5D New Earth Experience that is inviting us all.

This week, as I traveled Outside the Confines of Linear 3D Time, I felt called to remember and revisit a channeling that I received in 2013.  It is a message from Creator Source Energy itself, sharing a story of the soul . . . to illustrate 3 Core Insights that I feel are perfectly attuned to the needs, challenges, experiences, and inner inquiries that some of us are having now.    

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, read with discernment.  Listen for resonance. 
Keep the best and release the rest.

With Love and Luminous Light,

~ ~ ~

Creator Source ~ 3 Soul Insights for Today’s Timeless Now
Received 3/10/12 via Channel Marie Mohler

Dear One,

It is I, Mother/Father God, breathing Perfect Breath with, and within, you tonight. 

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Your Spirit is Eternal Breath.  And thus, in connecting with the Rhythms of Breathing, you connect with the Rhythms of the Eternal Heartbeat of All That Is, . . . through the perfect rhythmic grace you are, in all directions of time.  That is powerful breath and breadth indeed.  And yet, this is who you really are.

Dear One – if I were to tell you a bedtime story, I would ask you to get into a comfortable position to receive the gifts of all that I wish to share with you tonight.  So please . . . do this. Get as comfortable as you like.

Breathing is the Grand Breath of Life . . . and Breadth of Life . . .
All Part of the One True Light. 

Breathe in the Light of Peace, the Light of Joy, and the Light of Love. 

All are Strands of the Same One Source Light. 

But each adds a perfect hue to the energetic tone of this Grand Light. 

Allow yourself to breathe in now . . . its perfect colors . . . so that you are bathing in their frequencies whilst you receive the luxuries of my bedtime story. 

Pause a moment now and breathe.  Breathe it in.  Your Everlasting Life Force.  Eternal Breath.  Source Life Force.  See your lungs rise and fill with this etheric sound and song of the Rhythms of the One.  In and Out.  Out and In.  Pump – pump.  Pump – pump.  North and South.  East and West.  All directions.  Synergized.  In One Breath.  In One Breathing Movement.  Fluid as One.  Cooperating, Uniting, Healing, Rebirthing.  All flowing.  Synergized as One.  Feel it.  Feel the air tunneling within, bringing New Light and Life to every particle in need of Source Nourishment.  It is here, always, in every molecule of oxygen.  In every Life Breath . . . Source is Within It.

raft boat colorful sail ribbons photo

Now . . . Picture yourself . . . on a tiny boat . . . a raft really . . . that you have crafted and built yourself.  The Life Breath is not only breathing You, the Captain of your Ship, but it is breathing the Ship Itself. The Life Breath is filling all of your sails.  And your raft is moving in a steady fluid movement, away from the shore, and out to sea. 

This is the natural process of the sailor.  Trusting the Life Force Winds to adequately fill your sails so that you can arrive at your new destination. 

But this is no ordinary boat. 

It is actually only a raft.  And the only thing you have taken with you on this raft is the Life Breath, yourself, and the raft itself. 

Now, you can stop to wonder why. . . . And try to remember farther back in a story . . . that you don’t remember writing. . . . Or you could allow me to continue to share this journey with you, one peace at a time. 

So yes, on this journey, you left the shore, with only a raft, a sail, and yourself.  That would seem to most anybody to be meager supplies, yes?  Yes.  Not so.  But it appears so. 

As your raft ebbs and flows itself beyond the breaker waves, and out into the vast ocean, out at sea . . . you awaken a First Insight

Alone on this raft, at the mercy of this vast sea,
you awaken to the Truth that YOU are the Breather of this Craft. 

That each time you notice yourself breathing, you will the sails on the exhale.  You have just now evolved from Captain . . . to Wind Whisperer.  And this ability to Whisper to the Wind, and harness its energy, to guide your direction, makes you feel powerful.  As you breathe this Life Force Breath into your sails (your own lungs . . . and the physical sails of the boat) . . . you see a storm brewing at the horizon line. 

So you keep breathing, trusting the Life Force Winds to blow
a solution your way, to the next task or challenge at hand. 

The storm is gathering, and thunder begins to rumble its fury through sound transmissions in the water.  You can feel the amplified sounds through your feet, and wonder what this has to do with you.  Why are you in this situation in the first place? 

You’re not really a sailor.  Just someone out for a nice boat ride on a sunny afternoon.  Only . . . it’s not a boat.  It’s a raft.  And now . . . it’s not sunny.  It’s stormy.  But you’ve had an insight.  You have Life Force Breath . . . you are a Wind Whisperer. And you will trust it to its core. 

sailor in storm photo

There is something in this journey for you.  You can smell it.  You can taste it.  You can feel it in the very core of your being.  And so, you breathe yourself . . . right into the heart of that storm.  You saw it coming.  And with great faith, you delivered yourself to it, through the very Life Breath you commanded to seat yourself right there.  At that place.  The crossroads of a new horizon.  There . . . the storm is raging.  Yet through it, you can see . . . a new horizon . . . a new energy . . . a new opportunity. 

And so, there, in the midst of this battering, shattering storm, through the Breath, you are given your Second Insight. 

A new home awaits you.  On that new horizon line, is a New You, waiting to be discovered.  Amidst the storms, you see yourself on that new horizon line.  The storms are now all around you.  You’re in the center of all that chaos.  And what are you doing?  . . . Breathing . . . Life Force Energy.  And knowing your destination . . . a new horizon

yellow orange sunset with sailboat facing horizon image

And in this Second Insight, you align with the Truth of your Inner Traveler

So, with the power of Wind Whispering, and the new knowledge of the Grace of your Inner Traveler, your coordinates and motor mechanisms align . . . and begin guiding your raft toward that new horizon. 

As you travel forth, leaving the storms to do what storms do, which is . . . to power out to peace once more, you have moved merely degrees within . . . but steadfastly . . . miles without! 

Those hairline shifts within have moved mountainous passages for you without. 

Your inner coordinates have aligned you not only with the new horizon, but a new timeline, as well.  For in traveling to this new destination, you’ve left behind all organizing structures of the shore you last anchored yourself upon. 

Your new coordinates have set forth . . . a brand new shore . . .
in a brand new timeline . . . in a brand new day. 

As you enter this new timeline, you see that every thing has its own time.  The trees are ripening in this new land in perfect timing . . . only when you desire to pick the ripened fruit. 

The rest of that tree remains on this perfect harmonious schedule, only ripening each fruit, that is chosen to be picked.  The people in this new timeline have everything ever to be needed.  They ask and receive in perfect synergy, just like the ripened fruit.  Asking and receiving only what is needed.  Thus, time is of no essence in this reality. 

rainbow raft with moon on horizon photo

Everything simply IS, when it needs or desires to be.  And this is your Third Insight. 

Along with discovering that you are a Wind Whisperer, and an Inner Traveler,
you discover your Perfectly Met Needs . . . right on time and right on schedule . . . according only to harmonious desire with All That Is and All That Shines. 

In this perfect richness, there is great abundance of well-being . . . for all storms have passed . . . and you have entered the Portal of Eternal Bliss. 

Every thing is and every thing does according to harmonious desires of each one in the greater aligned Whole. 

And in this moment, through your Breath, you realize that this is not just a dream but a daily experience now for you. 

You are the Wind Whisperers Dear Ones, able to harness the power of the Life Breath, to breathe your Spirit wherever it most deeply desires to go and to flow. 

This can be to etheric places as well as physical ones.  And . . . you are the Inner Travelers, able to transcend all present perceptions in limitations of time and space. 

On the Inner Planes, all destinations are a mere thought away. 

One only needs to see their present Perfect Storms as Cosmic Reminders of their Inner Traveler Intelligence, that has always resided within, before (literally) the Advent of Time as you know it. 

Your Inner Traveler can deliver you any where you wish to go. 

And lastly, Great Islands and Oases are thus available to you, and more importantly, are calling you to align your Inner Coordinates now to these literal Divine Destinations. 

Where the fruit is literally awaiting your arrival, for it has your name specifically
on it, to ripen perfectly at the moment of your arrival. 

The Harmonious Essences of this Living Bliss are such a Celestial Sound that the fruit and bounty of every imaginable variety pings with ripeness in the perfect quantities always and ever needed. 

Your belief in these energies is what brings them into existence. 

They are the magical twinkling stars of every heart’s most sacred dreams. 
Dream them now.  Dream them in full color.  Dream them awake. 

Keep dreaming their light and color, for it is through you that their very fruit and abundant richness can manifest into perfect ripened form.  Just for you.  Just what you need.  And be perfectly harmoniously aligned with the Greater Whole.   

This is Dream Automation.  Not robotic manifestation.  No.  But cosmically-geared, dream-inspired manifestation.  And it is all Wind Powered . . . through the Life Breath . . . of Soul Activation and Inner Traveling . . . Flowing by any perceived Storms . . . and into the Bliss of Harmonic Resonance with All That Is in this Divinely Interconnected Universe. 

boat with oars facing bright sun photo

Your raft has just arrived on this new shore.  Inspired faith has led you here. 
And Life Force Breath is your Source Power.

Raise your Heart to the Bliss of the Dream.  Inspired from within.  From before the Advent of Time. 

Remember your Bliss. 

It knows the Inner Coordinates to this new Divine Destination.

Rest well, Beautiful Children of the Earth. 

Make time to dream, and to breathe this ancient sailor wisdom within. 

You are all the cosmic coordinates you need. 

Simply whisper them within, and the dream already ripely awaits. 

Breathe deeply, the breadth of all my Love for you in this beautiful visionary story tonight. 

Let the breath lead the way. 

Dream and rest well, Wind Whisperers. 
All is dreamily and manifest-fully well. 

* * *

Here are several links about the Two Earths and the 3D to 5D Shifts referenced above . . . that I found in a quick google search on the topic.  I hope they offer support and/or insight. 

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