A Sprinkling of Universal Love to Light Up Your Holiday!

A Sprinkling of Universal Love to
Light Up your Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to All

Love and Blessings,
Marie Mohler ~ Frequency Writer


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Greetings my friends!

I have shared several videos in the past week, including my latest blog post on the Solstice.

This holiday season is rich with love, light, and sprinkles of family togetherness.  And it is also filled with frequencies of change, new beginnings, and the closing out of all that no longer serves us.

As the Universe would have it, I reconnected with an old friend yesterday, named Paul Luftenegger.  He is a Kindred Spirit and Incredible Light Seeder on the Planet Today.  Paul’s music touched my family’s life in an immeasurable way, and his messages inspired my son Joseph several years ago now . . . to create a series of 3 videos that arranged Joseph’s nature photography to beautifully compliment the light messages about love, hope, light, freedom, faith, and peace in my friend Paul Luftenegger’s Music.

On the Eve of Christmas Celebrations around the world, and in the Spirit of Lighting the Christ Consciousness, or the Living Essence of Unity and Love Consciousness, in Hearts Worldwide, I found myself called to tune into the videos my son Joseph made when he was 11-13 years old . . . that still carry a Light Message for each one of us today.  And I felt called to listen to the lyrics and the celestial voice of Paul Luftenegger singing this Light to Humanity . . . to remember the Gifts of Universal Love this Christmas . . . and throughout the Unfoldments in the New Year ~ 2018.

We each will be called to find this Organic Light inside ourselves, and inside others we meet, connect with, and come in contact with, in whatever ways our highest heart wisdom knows how.

I invite you to tune into the Frequencies of Light in these Songs by Singer/Songer Paul Luftenegger and in the Amazing Frequencies of Nature in Joseph’s Nature Photography, in this photographically illustrated message of Universal Love today.

May Blessings, Prosperity, Well-Being, Joy, Love, and Peace be Gifts that shower Humanity’s Collective Heart, Your Sacred Heart, This Beautiful Earth, and All Sentient Beings on this Planet through the Holidays/Holy-Days and into the New Year ~ 2018!





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