We Are The Ones ~ A New Earth Soul Song

We Are The Ones

A New Earth Soul Song
via Channel Marie Mohler

Fall Equinox ~ September 22, 2017

Greetings Friends And Happy Equinox to All!

Its been a big week, for me and likely for many of us.  So much is happening in our world today. In our Inner Worlds as well as our Outer Ones. Storms are rising. People are displaced. Changes are underway. Cellular upgrades are silently unfolding. Consciousness on the planet is shifting. And aspects of our soul journeys are coming into our daily lives and awareness in these times, showing up as timeless themes and patterns seeking healing, acceptance, cleansing, release, and/or integration now. It is a Time of Many Timelines merging in and around us.  And it is a Time that we are ALL being called by the Life Force of the Universe and the Light Force Within Us to STEP UP and BE the Brighter Light We All Truly and Innately Are.
As was mentioned in my most recent post, and shared via Mother Earth,

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.
We Are The Ones We Wish To See . . .
We Are The Ones Who Have The Abilities . . .
To Divinely Now Set Ourselves Free. 

We are Truly the Ones we are seeking, to help bring this world into Greater Balance and Peace.

We are Truly the Ones who have the gifts and the rising consciousness now to step up to see.
We are Truly the Ones who have the Heart Centers of Light that can breathe healing and unity.
And We are Truly the Ones who have to consciously claim our Divine Sovereignty to Fully Set Ourselves FREE.
The Dark and the Light exist today on this planet.  The Darkness and the Light also exist here inside each of us.  We ALL have Painful Shadow Traits as well as Gifts of Light, Wisdom, Brilliance, and Well-Being within us.  And the True War going on inside us is really a Deep Wrestling of our Higher Consciousness trying to break free from Many Eons of Slumber, Energetic Enslavement Programs, and Outdated Belief Systems that somehow the Suffering, War, Division, Separation, and Struggle that all Sentient Beings experience to one degree or another here is what we are meant to experience;  That these manifestations of pain and struggle are just the way that it is.

The GOOD NEWS IS . . . That this is NOT the Way It Is.

We are literally in every moment now ~ LIBERATING OURSELVES ~ from these antiquated and indoctrinated belief systems, patterns, institutions, and structures.  For they are NOT who we TRULY ARE.
Yes, there is discomfort.
Yes, there is intensity.
And Yes, there is suffering on the planet right now.


Yes, there is Higher Consciousness Within Us.
Yes, there is Immense Divine Power Within Us.
And Yes, there is the Ability to Transcend, Transmute, and Alchemize anything less than the Goodness, Wholeness, Peace, and Light we were born to be, experience, live, and have in our World today;  In our Personal Inner Worlds and in our Outer Collective Worlds as well.

We ARE the Ones we have been waiting for.

It requires AWARENESS, and a CORE WILLINGNESS, to dig deep inside and take a good look at whatever storms WE are carrying and fueling inside us.  To take a good look at whatever wars WE are carrying and fueling inside us.  And to take a good look at the outdated belief systems and perhaps unawareness of the bigger cosmic picture in our world today, that is asking all of us now, to AWAKEN . . . to the more challenging energies that we have all been at one time or another in this last world age and cycle . . . and to rise into the Conscious Awareness of the energies of Light we are increasingly emerging to BE.
In the Power and Presence of our Divine Essence Inside Us, we have ALL OF THE SKILLS, TALENTS, STRENGTH, CLEAR VISION, and EMPOWERMENT to Release the Darkness and the Shadows from this World, and to send them back to the Light.  To be healed, cleansed, transmuted, and forever alchemized into the Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom of the Universe of Light once more.  These are Shadows in the Greater Collective, as well as Shadows from our Own Unique Soul Histories as well.

We are ALL of It.

And it will require ALL OF US to find our way now into embracing this more holistic self-awareness to help to heal the tensions, divisions, tragedies, pain, and suffering of this world.  And to truly QUANTUM LEAP us into a New Dimensional Realm and True Experience of Unity, Wholeness, Health, Joy, Peace, Love, and Light!
May Blessings Shower Us ALL, Comfort Us ALL, and Enlighten Us ALL . . . as we ride out these next Waves of Change, Within and Without!
Thank you for every effort (big or small, size doesn’t matter), willingness, and conscious action step you take . . . to be a Shining Star . . . of your own Sacred Talents now . . . and your own Soul’s Sacred and Committed Willingness . . . to Heal Your Shadow Traits, to Love and Integrate the Brighter Light that you are, and to Send that Positive Energy into our World . . . that is ready to take its place and BE a Bright Star of Peace and Unity Consciousness in the Cosmos Again!
It IS Time.
Love and Blessings,

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