Welcome to 2020: The Time of a Planet-Wide Renaissance of Talent Expression, Clear Sight, Merkaba Activation, & Soul Mastery

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.29.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through Crystalline Frequencies of Divine Light, Soul Codes of Light, and Inertia Frequencies of Divine Alignment and Quantum Change.  As we all enter the Portal of the January 2020 Codes of Light, we see and feel the Energies of Alchemy, the Elixir of Truth, and the Effervescence of your True Soul Gifts rising to the surface of your Higher Consciousness and your daily Conscious Awareness.  

Like bubbles rising to the surface, your Inner Knowings and Divine Blueprints are rising too.  2020 will be the Ultimate Year of Clear Sight, dear ones. Like it or not on the surface level of daily living, the Soul Presence inside each and all of you has summoned this day forward through eons and eons of time, to align you all once more with the Light Codes and the Divinity you truly are.

And what will The Ultimate Year of Clear Sight require?  It will require extreme flexibility in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, movements, and actions. It will require a willingness to let go of any and all attachments that truly are not serving you.  It will require a commitment to vibrationally focus on what you do in fact desire to be creating and experiencing, on an individual level and on a collective level.  Choosing your timeline, with your inner vibrational focus on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expressions, will rise to a whole new level in your conscious awareness.  And what will come through that incredible learning process . . . is the awareness that now in these new frequencies . . . if you don’t like the timeline you are in . . . you literally can jump to a new one . . . with a brand new thought and a brand new energy coursing through your own conscious and creative choosing!  You will be the thought leader, the light leader, and the vibrational leader of this New Earth Energy . . . the more you learn how to move and flow with the frequencies 2020 and beyond are bringing to all of you.  

In these Bridge Times between the “No Longer” 3D paradigm of human experience, and the “Not Yet” 5D paradigm of unified light and daily divine experiences, you are learning how to reconnect with your inner starships, dear ones.  You are reconnecting with your Divine Merkabas.  They are your celestial starships inside you, that are based in many sacred geometry principles.  But for the purpose of your present understanding and transitions at this time, it is not necessary to study the geometrical structure and history of the Divine Merkaba to activate its gifts inside you.  What we do recommend is that you allow yourself this opportunity right now . . . to embrace the awareness that you even have a Divine Merkaba of Energy and Celestial Inner Coordinates flowing and floating inside you . . . that is your transportation system in the new frequencies of an emerging 5D reality!

So this 2020 ~ The Ultimate Year of Clear Sight ~ is summoning your soul skills that we have been talking about through this Frequency Writer channel for many months, and even years, now.  The willingness to engage and embrace Conscious Breathing is one step in this much greater unfoldment.  It is an ally and it is a mentor all in one.  Your conscious breathing can soothe any upsets or misalignments in your physical bodies, your thought patterns, your daily habits, etc.  Your Conscious Breath can literally support your Divine Merkaba to instantly shift vibrational timelines, when you commit to breathing through any experience that is energetically denser than what you desire to be experiencing.  As you get more and more skilled at Conscious Breathing as a tool and ally in this Ascension Process, you will over time begin to see it manifest in you . . . a quantum shift or timeline shift altogether in your own lived experiences.  You can be in one inner vibrational experience in one moment, and then you will instantly be transported to another vibrational or dimensional energetic timeline, while your feet haven’t moved even an inch.  This is Vibrational Movement of the Highest Order.  This is Vibrational Alchemy returning to your Heart’s Awareness and therefore returning to your lived experience. 

And there are many more soul skills such as these that will be returning to you in this New Year of 2020.  So if something catalytic, catastrophic, overwhelming, or challenging comes into your awareness on a given day or in a given moment, remember that a first option for you . . . a very first vibrational step for you . . . is to BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY into that energy and then to invite the Light of the Central Suns and of Pure Source Energy to reset your inner coordinates . . . to re-align your inner feelings and emotional states . . . with what it is that you do know so very well about your Divinity, your Soul Gifts, your Inner Cosmic Compass, and your Divine Merkaba’s Abilities to quantumly shift you from where you just vibrationally were into a completely new or different vibrational experience that you desire to be in ~ instead!  

And we would distinguish that if done with this Pure Heart’s Intention and Awareness, this method for surfing the waves of emotionality and the 3D realm’s systemic destruction is not escapism but rather . . . Conscious Creation and Soul Alchemy.  As this channel wrote in one of her books, entitled Cosmic Wealth, many years ago . . . “we are not divinely designed to suffer . . . but we often suffer because we have forgotten the divine design.”  Suffering is a frequency that lives, exists, and expands in the 3D energetics of separation consciousness and duality consciousness.  The structures supporting that duality and separation consciousness are what are crumbling.  Those crumblings will create a version of 3D instability . . . for that entire world . . . and that entire consciousness is dematerializing and cannot support or sustain the new 5D frequencies and codes of light required for living in a new, higher dimensional light.  

So as the earth beneath your feet literally shakes, quakes, and crumbles, and as the structures and systems that kept you all in a state of duality and separation consciousness crumble, you will want to have some new Soul Methods of Mastery returning to you to stabilize the energies within and around you . . . until the New Light Codes template a rapidly expanding Higher Consciousness into the Heart of the Entire Sentient Collective on this planet.  It will happen very quickly, but not quickly enough for each of you to avoid feeling the disruptions, the density being exposed, the drama of 3D Truths emerging out of the 3D fiction that has been told and sold to the human collective for millenia, and more.  You will feel it, see it, witness it, and know about it for Truth is unavoidable in a 2020 Year of The Ultimate Clear Soul Sight.  

What can help your sense of self as you journey this Ascension Path through Space and Time over this next 12 months . . . is consciously deciding ahead of time . . . what your 5D coping strategies and soul mastery skills and tools will be.  So that when more crumblings occur (which could mean a key relationship in your life, a job you depended on, a company you believed in, a political or authority figure you put your faith and trust in, etc.) . . . you have a real time, in the moment, emergency preparedness plan in effect to go to your soul skills and soul mastery toolbox and draw out what is needed to alchemize and rise above whatever it is that is grabbing your 3D human self’s limited abilities to cope with in these transition times.  Remember the 3D human self’s toolbox has one thing in it . . . The Ego.  And the Ego has been maxed out since the 3D experience began.  It has gotten better and more skilled at its tactics and defense structures . . . creating more complex systems of defense mechanisms through time.  But it is NOT equipped to manage a 5D Realm of Light Consciousness, Merkabal Time-Space-Quantum Energy Travel, and the release of all attachments to people, things, circumstances, and beliefs tied to a 3D world reality.  It simply doesn’t have the skills.  It was not ever designed to have the skills to function in the higher dimensional realities.  It is a low level, entry level worker, that only understands how to steadfastly try to avoid pain, deflect pain, run from pain, or inflict pain in order to avoid further personal pain to itself.  The Ego is the fight element in your Divine Circuitry’s Fight or Flight pattern.  It is your 5D Chakra Systems and your Divine Merkaba and your Conscious Breathing that are Higher Dimensional Tools that can truly lift you up and through into a new dimensional reality when all is falling or failing in your present life experiences and cannot be resurrected or repaired.

In a word or two, It is the Time of Ego Death.  The Ego in your personal life is dying to itself.  And the Ego in your global world and collective consciousness is dying to itself as well.  It has been a courageous and valiant soldier in a realm of duality that lost its moral compass, that lost its connections with the Heart of God, your cosmic and celestial compass.  In the absence of other higher dimensional guidance in this very dense reality, the Ego has fought valiantly for you, and for all of you.  But the time has come for its retirement.  The time has come for it to leave this space of occupying your mental mind and your mental body’s in the way it has.  It is a time of release.  A time of retirement.  A time of inner alchemy when the Ego knows it cannot keep up with the rising demands of the New Light.  It doesn’t have the fire power.  It doesn’t have the skills for the job.  The Light of the 5D New Earth requires the Soul Skills of Mastery of your Divinity.  It requires a reconnection with Source . . . as Your Source . . . for All Of Creation.  It requires a reconnection and recalibration to the Frequencies of this New Light.  The 3D density and the realm of the Ego are quickly becoming relics in the New Timelines of the New Earth Light.  Having your Soul Skills prepped, powered up, accessible, and actionable will be key in your own personal experience of the shifts forthcoming and in your own personal ability to surf the waves of the coming collective ego death, the failing 3D structures that go with it, and the New Light that is bursting forth all of the chaos, corruption, and destruction as the new leader and templater of Divine Experience in a New 5D Earth.

So in your New Divinity, what do you want to feel?  How do you want to experience yourself in this New Light?  In this New Light-Filled Birthing New Earth Experience?  What are your “happy thoughts” that can ground you ~ no matter the storms that may come?  What makes you feel whole, solid, alive, divine, and aligned with Source Light inside?  Nature is always a good place to start.  Nature is a soul skill.  Knowing how to breathe and connect with nature through heart-centered appreciation is a soul skill.  The ability to even see nature as this resplendent gift from God/Source/The All That Is is a deep soul skill.  Nature in its pristine perfection can reset you.  It can reorient you to the Divine.  It can reorient you to the Divine Blueprint that exists beyond the reaches of 3D human separation consciousness.  There is a spirit in nature that 3D can’t even touch, disrupt, or distort in any way.  That is a soul presence that exists in nature.  And that soul presence mirrors your own soul presence ~ where both are divinely perfect, whole, and filled with infinite light.  

Connecting with your Guides . . . be they Ascended Masters and Avatars, Angels, Archangels, Wise Elders and Ancestors, Animal Essences and Wisdom, Source Energy, and/or Mother Earth herself . . . is a soul skill.  Breathe and connect with your Team of Guides, as the New Light infuses more Truth and Accurate Divine Blueprinting into this world again.  Breathe and connect with your Team of Guides as your ego, or world ego, continues to die to itself . . . and the sacred heart center within you expands and summons your conscious awareness again.

Connecting with your Chakras . . . at least your core 7-9 main chakras in the center of your being from the Earth Star to your Soul Star Chakra . . . is a soul skill.  Breathe and connect with your core Chakras for they are your vibrational map in this new world of living energy and conscious connection again.  And it is these chakras who will connect, communicate, inspire, and innovate with all other beings on this planet . . . in a kind of soul to soul medium of communication and connection for many thousands of years to come.  Your chakra systems are thus awakening too. Be gentle.  With them and with yourselves . . . for the journey into forgetfulness about who they are and how precious they are to you and your living energy body.  Be gentle and appreciate their patience with you and this soul process over this great many centuries of time. They are still here and ready to be nurtured awake and in full working order once more.

Connecting with your Talents . . . your Soul’s Greatest Gifts . . . is another very powerful soul skill for these times.  In your Talents are where you are blessed to see your Divinity looking back at you.  In your Talents, and your Soul’s Gifts, are where you are blessed to feel Source Energy Living In You.  As the 3D world around you struggles to pay the bills, find resources, sustainably support the amount of life that lives on this extraordinary planet, . . . the 5D World . . . and the 5D New Earth knows only abundance.  Your Talents know only abundance.  True Talents will never empty.  True Talents never burnout or become extinct.  True Talents are the Expression of Infinite Source Energy Living and Thriving in you.  So you will see the expiration date coming up for many 3D illusions and illusionary jobs, roles, tasks, positions, and more.  But you will see the timeless life force of Light-Filled Talents rising to your Heart’s Greater Awareness . . . in your own life and in the lives of others around you. There will be a Planet Wide Renaissance of Divine Talent Expression . . . emerging in the new year of 2020 . . . and emerging ever more joyfully in the next 5 to 10 years.  The Time for the Great Renaissance is upon you.  Embrace it as a Soul Skill.  Embrace it as a gift of Divine Soul Mastery, Wholeness, Wealth, and Light in your new New Earth life that is rising steadily to meet and greet you.

In 2020, you will rise to meet yourself . . . your 5D Soul Self.  Your Divine 5D Soul Ancestry and your Soul Family that has been with you all this time, but simply out of sight, heart, and mind during this time as well.  

What is on the other side of the Great Ascension Path and Process for you?  

We would say . . . YOU!  You are what you will find on the other side of the Ascension Path and Process now presently underway.  You are in the time of the Great Ascension now.  And it is YOU you seek the most, to feel the God Essence in You again.  Without barriers.  Illusions.  Or conditions of separation.  It is the God In You that you seek the most now.  The God Expressing as You, Within You, and Through You is who is on the other side of this intense, immense, and galactic shift inside you and throughout this planet.  

And that is a Reunion you don’t want to miss!

The Reunion of your 3D Human Self’s Presence with your Divine 5D Soul Essence and Presence is one of the greatest Coming Home celebrations there ever was.

So we invite you, as you walk through the Portals of the January 2020 Archways, to know who you truly are.  We invite you to know a little bit more about what this soulful process really is about.  

There is an Individual and Planetary Death of the 3D Ego Process underway . . . and there is an Individual and Planetary Awakening and Reunion with your 5D Soul Presence and Essence underway as well.  

Making peace with the process, utilizing your soul skills (and we have merely mentioned a few ~ there are many more) . . . is a powerful key to your ability to embrace and engage these new energies with positive life force, with grounded stillness within, with a knowing of the Light that leads all things deep in your conscious self’s awareness. 

With fewer soul skills, and less soul mastery awareness and engagement, the journey will be bumpier and more challenging.  Remember the 3D ego is tapped out and maxed out.  So it only has its anger, exhaustion, projections, frustration, fear, etc. to offer to you.  It does not have the keys to the experience of inner peace that we have described above.  It is not designed to know peace.  It is designed as a soldier really to strategize and deal with duality and battle.  Your 3D egos cannot lead you into this new world in the way the Earth’s Frequencies are now requiring.   Only the Light of Source Reunion can lead you into the New Expanded Version of your Divinity that you truly are.

Choose your vibrational focus well in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Discipline your Mind to listen to your All Knowing Heart Center.  Your All Knowing Heart Center is already aligned with the 5D Frequencies of Light.  It always was aligned with the 5D Frequencies of Light.  It was the reduction of the Heart in human consciousness to be a simple life-blood producing organ and just a physical organ at that . . . that deeply activated the 3D realm’s existence.

To awaken to the Truth of Who You Really Are, you must reawaken your soul’s connections with the Infinite and Timeless Wisdom of your All Knowing Heart Center . . . that organizes your 5D Operating System and All That You Desire to BE and to Become again.  

It is time to fall back in love with Who You Really Are.  It is time to feel your 5D Sacred Heart Center that knows Who You Really Are.  It is time to Be and Breathe Who You Truly Are.

2020 will bring tests and challenges to all . . . and it will also bring unity and light consciousness back to the Sacred Heart Center of the Planet . . . and the Sacred Heart Center in each and all of you.

2020 is a Time of the Great Reset . . . from Dark to Light . . . from 3D to 5D . . . from Mind and Ego to the Sacred Heart Center . . . from Duality and Separation to Unified Light and Unity Consciousness again.

Welcome to 2020!  The Ultimate Year of Clear Sight! 

Welcome Home to your Divine Soul Sight!  Welcome Home to your Conscious Breathing, your Divine Merkaba, your Connections with your Guides, Chakras, Gifts, and Talents.

Welcome Home to your Living Light Center that lives in the Timeless Grace of your Sacred Heart Center. 

Welcome Home, dear ones.

You are loved so very much.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

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  • Michel j onclin
    4 years ago

    beautiful my heart is ready and me 2.
    what a amazing ride.
    thx thx thx much love

  • Thank you for your amazing messages. I have been listening to you for some time. I feel the truth in your words. Sending much gratitude and love 💓 🙏💓🌟💓

    • Hi Zoey! It is a joy to connect with you ✨😊🙏 Thank you for your beautiful energy and appreciation. I send blessings and resplendent light to you! 💕✨🌎🌸

  • Kellie
    3 years ago

    Hi there, I’m so grateful for you and your writing! I had a dream recently that introduced me to the merkaba for the first time. I have been exploring, looking for information related to that, and found you! Thank you for your beautiful writing and energy 🌻🌿

    • Hi Kellie! I am so glad you found these transmissions and inspirations. Ask and you shall receive, right? We live in an amazing and magical universe! It is a joy to connect with you! Let me know if you would like some additional resources about the Merkaba. Feel free to email me at frequencywriter@gmail.com! Blessings to you Kellie! ✨😊